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Who Is Me, Who Are You?


12 Apr 2022

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A Message To Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron wants anyone that questions the covid vaccine to simply exist and no longer live a life worth living. Here's my message to him.


5 Jan 2022

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Covid Vs. The Future

The COVID economy has no sustainability. The masses are speaking and thinking in one fear driven voice but it’ll weaken. Like a lot of things it’ll become too hard to maintain because it isn’t part of regular human behaviour. Tapping elbows and separation won't last. Even governments want things back to where they were. Why? Covid Vs. The Future.


24 Sep 2021

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Are Politics Dead Are Governments Dying?

Has the way we run politics now run its course? Should we vote for huge egos that want nothing but power? Should we support liars? What is next and coming for you?


6 May 2021

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Are Lockdowns Forever?

Lockdowns are brutal. They are unproven. They damage humans. They are anti-human behaviour and anything but normal. Will they carry on?


5 May 2021

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The Age of Lies

Are we now living in the age of lies? Will truth become the new commodity? Let's peel back the layers and see how this affects you.


4 May 2021

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Christmas 2020 but Only If You Are Good

How you can have Christmas but only if you are good. A short episode from Alan Forrest Smith about Christmas 2020. For all Alan Forrest Smith books and podcasts visit www.alanforrestsmith.com 


20 Nov 2020

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How Do You Train a Human?

To train humans the number one tool is fear. You take the one thing humans fear the most - DEATH - and make them feel that death is imminent if they do x, y or z.  Once you tell them they might die you then hammer them with messages that will compound that message. Eventually, after just a couple of weeks, you have passive, obedient humans that do exactly as they are told EVEN IF it no longer makes no sense. Listen to the short episode from Alan Forrest Smith's How To Train A Human. 


12 Nov 2020

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Life as a daily pleasure

In a time when a pleasurable living appears to be challenging, it's never been a better time to discover life as a daily pleasure.  Alan Forrest Smith discusses some of the things that make us happy humans such as...   Making time for small things Why time is your friend Why doing the opposite to everyone else will only increase your happiness  Why the life of meaning means a meaningful life Why disconnected is a happier word than connected and more www.alanforrestsmith.com 


26 Jun 2020

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I Want To Feel Good

I want to feel good, I need to feel better. The things that make me human are being denied me. Why?


9 May 2020

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