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Ready to smash your inner glass ceiling & manifest a life and business that totally lights you up? If you’re a woman who has big ambitions on her heart and is ready to step into her wealthiest and most abundant self - then welcome! Listen in as your host, Helena Grace Donald (money mindset expert, success coach & author) and her epic guests dig in and share the real ins & outs, ups & downs, tips & tools to creating long lasting financial freedom & success in life and business. Each episode is designed for you to feel totally seen and heard but also majorly FIRED UP! Expect to experience big breakthroughs, total clarity, inspiration and a whole lot of “realness”.

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Running A 7 Figure Business As A New Mom - with Taylor Lee

One of the big money blocks that I see holding back women is the belief that you can't be successful AND a great Mom. I often ask my clients to find examples and narratives that flip that belief on its head. And if there's one woman who completely smashes through that story, it's Taylor Lee!She hit her first 6 figures as a new Mom and is now a 7 figure business owner (with another bubba on the way!). In this episode, she shares the ins and outs of what that has looked like and felt like for her and what "balancing it all" really means.I absolutely adored this conversation and I hope you do too!LINKS AND RESOURCES Download my FREE Money Magnet Meditation here. Come and connect on instagram @girl_unfiltered. CONNECT WITH TODAY'S GUEST Visit Taylor's website here.  Say hey to Taylor on instagram (@_thetaylorlee) Download her free checklist here.


6 Jul 2021

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Radically Transform Your Life And Meet Your Authentic Self - with Hayley June Lloyd

These are the kinds of conversations I live for! I had SO much fun chatting with Hayley June Llloyd who just happens to be a past client of mine and now my self appointed BFF. We managed to pack in SO much juiciness in this episode and I am so grateful to Hayley for being so open and honest with all of you. From completely turning her life around, releasing her fear of success, balancing a full time job while building her business and stepping into her authentic self...it's all in this episode (and so much more!). LINKS AND RESOURCES Doors are now OPEN to my powerful transformational 12 week Money Mindset Program! Learn more about this life changing experience (doors close on 29th June!): https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/money-mindset-magic/ CONNECT WITH HAYLEYHayley's website: http://hayleylloyd.com/ Hayley's instagram (@hayleyjunelloyd): https://www.instagram.com/hayleyjunelloyd/ Download her FREE journaling prompts: https://hayleylloydcoaching.lpages.co/journal-with-purpose/

1hr 11mins

22 Jun 2021

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It's time we break the "Good Girl" myth - with Majo Molfino

In today's conversation, we are breaking free from the shackles of having to always be a "good girl" and learning what that even means in today's society! It's time for us to reclaim our power and authenticity and show up in this world as our full selves! I'm joined by Majo Molfino who is the author of "Break The Good Girl Myth". She's on a mission to help women unleash their power and design a more purposeful life.   LINKS & RESOURCES {BIG NEWS} You can now sign up and join the waitlist for my epic signature program - Money Mindset Magic (doors officially open this Friday!) Everyone on the waitlist receives a discount code: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/money-mindset-magic-waitlist/ CONNECT WITH TODAY'S GUEST: Follow Majo on instagram: @majomolfino Head to her website: https://majomolfino.com/ Buy her book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062894056


15 Jun 2021

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A powerful conversation with a Shaman: how your perception alters your reality, connecting with ancestors, the energetics of money and SO much more - with Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser (The Royal Shaman)

Today, I have the honor and privilege of being joined by Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser (The Royal Shaman) who is our very FIRST Shaman on the podcast! We had a deep and profound conversation on fascinating topics; from the energetics of money, to connecting to the power of our ancestors and historical truths that totally shift things on their head.  But I'm just going to let the conversation do the talking! So press play and join us in this soulful conversation. LINKS AND RESOURCES I'm coaching LIVE in my EPIC 5 day Money Magnet Bootcamp from the 14th - 18th June and I'd love to see you there for powerful transformations and breakthroughs. Sign up here: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/money-magnet-bootcamp/ Say hey on Instagram (@girl_unfiltered): https://www.instagram.com/girl_unfiltered CONNECT WITH TODAY'S GUEST Makhosi's website: https://www.theroyalshaman.com/ Say hey on Instagram (@theroyalshaman): https://www.instagram.com/theroyalshaman/ Take Makhosi's Consciousness Quiz here


10 Jun 2021

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How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Current Reality And Your Big Goals And Dreams

Holding space and keeping the faith BEFORE your manifestations enter your reality isn't always easy. But it is one of the most powerful parts of the manifestation process. In today's episode, I talk all about how to bridge that energetic gap and hold space from a place of trust (without feeling like you should just give up!). PLUS...I'm making a BIG announcement. I'm so excited that I can finally tell you that I'm hosting a 5 day Money Magnet Bootcamp extravaganza between the 14th and 18th June. Join me for 5 days of live coaching, elevations, breakthroughs and manifestations. This is an experience that you do NOT want to miss. Plus, it's free! Click on the link below to claim your spot! Click here to join me for my free 5 day Money Magnet Bootcamp: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/money-magnet-bootcamp/ Once you've reserved your spot, be sure to head on over to instagram and tell me YOU'RE IN! 


4 Jun 2021

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From $0 to 6 figures in 6 months. The real & raw behind the scenes to jumping all in and going viral - with Barbara Kurmlavage from CurlVitality

I am absolutely buzzing for today's podcast! I am joined by an inspirational woman who completely uplevels the story of what is available to all of us, even at the beginning of creating a business. Just over 6 months ago, Barbara Kurmlavage left her full time job and created her own company and brand - CurlVitality. In that short space of time, she went viral, built a community of over 400,000 followers and customers, created a 5 figure PASSIVE income stream, has a waitlist of clients AND is about to hit her first 6 figures.  And she just happens to be my amazing friend and client! BUT...although her fast growth has been incredible and inspiring, it's also come with a lot of challenges, fears and uncomfortable mindset shifts. And I truly feel anyone in business needs to hear these raw and vulnerable behind the scenes journey and the things Barbara has learned and discovered in her first year of business. Have a listen to her full story in today's unfiltered conversation! LINKS AND RESOURCES Download my FREE money magnet meditation: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/money-magnet-meditation Tap Into Your Inner Rich Babe: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/tap-into-your-inner-rich-babe Come and say HEY on instagram: @girl_unfiltered CONNECT WITH TODAY'S GUEST: Barbara's website: https://www.curlvitality.com/ Barbara's ultimate product guide: https://www.curlvitality.com/the-ultimate-product-guide/ Follow her on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@curlvitality Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/curlvitality

1hr 14mins

19 May 2021

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Rewrite your money making story today

Growing up, we are total SPONGES! We absorb all kinds of programming, beliefs and ideas so that we can decide what this crazy world around us actually means. And some of that programming can serve us through life...but some of it totally limits us! And as you know, I am insanely passionate about supporting women in uncovering the limiting money beliefs that block them from earning and receiving the income and abundance that they desire and deserve. So in today's episode, I'm helping you bust through a MAJOR money belief that I see causes so many women to feel unworthy and burnt out. If you grew up in a house that taught you that you have to work REALLY hard to make ends meet, then this episode is for you!LINKS AND RESOURCES Apply for the Elite Money Mastermind HERE: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/elite-money-mastermind-application/ Download my free Money Magnet Meditation: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/money-magnet-meditation Follow me on insta for daily money mindset tips and tools: @girl_unfiltered


4 May 2021

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REFRAME: the more money you make, the more people you empower [here's why].

Beautiful souls, it's time for a deep dive solo episode! And in true Girl Unfiltered fashion, I'm getting open and vulnerable in today's episode as we discuss: how to deal with negative criticism online what happens when the rug gets pulled out from under you automated nervous system responses that don't serve you how to deal with fear when it's just trying to protect you why empowering yourself financially is NOT selfish how overflow creates more overflow for others It's time we tackle this money belief and block that I think a lot of people are walking around with but not enough people are talking about! LINKS & RESOURCES Tap Into Your Inner Rich Babe Here: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/tap-into-your-inner-rich-babe Download my FREE Money Magnet Meditation: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/money-magnet-meditation Apply for the ELITE Money Mastermind here: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/elite-money-mastermind-application/ And come say hey on instagram (@girl_unfiltered) and share your biggest takeaway from today's episode!


27 Apr 2021

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The Most Important Marketing Tips You Need To Know When Building A Six Figure Brand - with Ayse from Surge Social

This week I am joined by an absolute marketing QUEEN! Ayse from Surge Social makes marketing fun, sexy and sparkly! And in this episode, she shares so many incredible marketing tips, tools and hacks that will be transformational in upleveling your brand. We cover topics like: - How to stand out and make a splash when there's so much noise - How to instantly speak to your ideal client - The cringe-worthy marketing mistakes NOT to make - What makes or breaks a successful launch - The KEY marketing tool you MUST have in your biz - How to align your brand with your values And so much more! I honestly feel like we should all be paying her for this episode, that's how much value she shares in this! And I'm so grateful that I can call her a member of my team! LINKS / RESOURCES Download my free Money Magnet Meditation here: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/money-magnet-meditation Tap Into Your Inner Rich Babe Here: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/tap-into-your-inner-rich-babe Connect With Today's Guest Check out Ayse's website: https://www.surgesocial.co.uk/ Follow her on insta: @surgesocialuk If you enjoyed today's episode, screenshot this episode and tag us both in it! We'd love to hear what your biggest marketing takeaway was from the episode! 

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13 Apr 2021

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Break Free From Overwhelm And Stress With These Shifts

Have you ever sat at your desk, with your head in your hands, feeling totally on the brink of overwhelm and wondering how the heck you're going to break free from the stress in your body? I have. In fact, this was me not that long ago. I felt so overwhelmed and anxious that I didn't even recognize who I'd become. In today's podcast episode, I open up about this recent experience, why I let it happen and how I've totally shifted out of it. It's real. It's raw. And it's unfiltered. I'm sharing this because I am beyond fired up about us protecting our mental health and inner well-being and if this episode helps just one woman re-prioritize herself, then it was all worth it! LINKS AND RESOURCES Download My FREE Money Magnet Meditation: https://girlunfiltered.kartra.com/page/money-magnet-meditation Apply for the ELITE Money Mastermind: https://learnmore.girlunfiltered.com/elite-money-mastermind-application If today's episode resonated with you, head on over to @girl_unfiltered and say hey!


6 Apr 2021

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