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The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #12 (Guest: Michael Webber, Director of Elephant In the Living Room)

In Episode 13 of the podcast, host Joshua Ligairi is joined by special guest-host Malcolm Ingram. The Bear Nation director talks about the Kickstarter campaign for his new film, Continental, and together the two bears (one gay, one straight) interview Michael Webber about his new film, The Elephant in the Living Room, which features actual bears (along with lions and tigers) wreaking havoc in America’s suburbs. Michael reveals a lot of scary facts about wild animals living in domestic settings, which eventually leads Josh to admit his deep-seated fear of baboons. This episode also includes some recommendations of documentaries new to DVD and is jam-packed with discussion about documentary distribution, the current state of the independent film industry, and what Malcolm calls a “cruel cinematic Darwinism.” Enjoy! 00:00 INTRO Beauty Day at HotDocs 03:18 How was your weekend? (features lots of conversation about indie film distribution) The Elephant In the Living Room distribution Continental Kickstarter campaign The Cockettes 21:21 Recommendations Cool It If God is Willing and Da Creek Dont Rise Marwencol 27:35 Elephant in the Living Room interview 1:01:28 OUTRO Download the MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to our RSS Feed Links and clips after the jump Credits -Intro Music “Winter’s Love” – Animal Collective [i-Tunes link] -Outro Music “Animal” – Neon Trees [i-Tunes link] Elephant in the Living Room Website Elephant In the Living Room Facebook Continental Kickstarter Campaign (still accepting donations!!!) Bear Nation Website Malcolm’s Twitter Cleanflix Website Josh’s Twitter Beauty Day Website The Documentary Blog Twitter The Documentary Blog Facebook RELATED VIDEOS Elephant In the Living Room Trailer Howard Stern on Elephant in the Living Room Malcolm’s 2nd Continental Pitch Video Bear Nation Trailer Beauty Day Q&A Cleanflix Teaser Neon Trees Animal Music Video

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6 May 2011

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The Documentary Blog Podcast: Hot Docs 2013

This Hot Docs specific episode of The Documentary Blog Podcast was recorded in collaboration with The Film Junk Podcast. Listen to more episodes of The Film Junk Podcast here. 0:00 - Intro 2:44 - Dragon Girls 13:17 - Shooting Bigfoot 28:48 - 12 O’Clock Boys 35:34 - The Unbelievers 43:29 - The Expedition to the End of the World 51:17 - The Great North Korean Picture Show 59:18 - We Always Lie To Strangers 1:06:17 - NCR: Not Criminally Responsible 1:13:21 - Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys 1:16:21 - The Last Station 1:20:51 - Which Way is the Front Line From Here? 1:25:05 - Bending Steel 1:27:57 - The Crash Reel 1:31:56 - Caucus 1:33:42 - Blackfish 1:38:17 - The Circle 1:39:14 - 15 Reasons to Live 1:40:42 - Who Is Dayani Cristal? 1:42:57 - Searching For Bill 1:45:04 - Maidentrip 1:48:16 - Our Nixon 1:49:58 - Just the Right Amount of Violence 1:54:47 - Downloaded 1:58:30 - Outro Download the MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to our RSS Feed

1hr 59mins

14 May 2013

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The Documentary Blog Podcast: Hot Docs 2012

This special Hot Docs 2012 episode of The Documentary Blog Podcast is designed specifically for those of you who like listening to four guys talk about documentaries for nearly three hours. Other sites might consider breaking such a massive show into two parts, but we like to keep things LONG around these parts. On this episode, myself (Jay), Sean Dwyer (Film Junk), Frank Knezic (Film Junk), and Kurt Halfyard (Twitch, Row Three) blather on about 27 of the 198 films at this year’s festival. Even at nearly three hours, it feels like we barely scratched the surface. 0:00 – Intro 1:30 - Tchoupitoulas 16:30 - Indie Game: The Movie 44::30 - Meaning of Robots/Mechanical Bride 1:00:00 - Beauty is Embarrassing 1:07:09 - We Are Legion: The Story Of The Hacktivists 1:17:43 - GLOW: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 1:22:48 - Detropia 1:29:40 - The Ambassador 1:40:09 - Francophrenia (Or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is) 1:43:46 - Despite the Gods 1:50:46 - The Imposter 2:02:37 - Women With Cows 2:04:12 - The Tundra Book. A Tale Of Vukvukai, The Little Rock. 2:05:29 - China Heavyweight 2:13:43 - Marley 2:15:45 - Love Story 2:21:48 - Jeff 2:22:50 - Private Universe 2:23:57 - The Job 2:25:04 - Chasing Ice 2:26:36 - Shut Up and Play the Hits 2:28:02 - Dreams of a Life 2:29:48 - Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet 2:31:41 - Low and Clear 2:33:11 - Only the Young 2:36:45 - Platform Moon 2:39:16 - Family Nightmare Download the MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to our RSS Feed

2hr 44mins

22 May 2012

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The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #15: Sundance/Slamdance 2012 Re-Cap

In this recap of the 2012 Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals, Joshua Ligairi is joined by Jeff Goldsmith of The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Jimmy Martin and Jeff Vice of Big Movie Mouth-Off, and Adam Palcher from A Damn Movie Podcast. The podcast features more than 25 mini-reviews and in-depth reviews of West of Memphis, The Impostor, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, and the Grand Jury Prize winning documentary film, The House I Live In. If you are looking for a review of a specific film, check the show notes because a couple of them come up multiple times with different guests. Filmmaker interviews conducted at Sundance 2012, including Stacy Peralta, Kirby Dick, Don Argott Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, will be saved for future podcast episodes. 00:00 Intro 04:05 Josh’s Sundance Reviews 04:11 The Atomic States of America 06:14 Chasing Ice 07:08 Detropia 09:51 The House I Live In 12:07 The Invisible War 15:06 Live Free or Die 19:07 Bones Brigade: An Autobiography 23:16 China Heavyweight 23:50 The Impostor 25:56 Josh’s Slamdance Reviews 25:58 Danland 26:58 I Want My Name Back 27:37 Getting Up: The Tempt One Story 28:57 Buffalo Girls 29:21 We Are Legion 29:58 Sundance / Slamdance Documentary Shorts 34:22 Jeff Goldsmith Introduction 39:10 The House I Live In 53:41 Adam Palcher Introduction 59:19 West of Memphis 1:05:41 Indie Game: The Movie 1:08:13 The Meaning of Robots 1:09:12 The Ambassador 1:14:59 Jimmy Martin and Jeff Vice Introduction 1:19:58 Big Boys Gone Bananas 1:22:55 Indie Game: The Movie 1:24:23 Chasing Ice 1:24:51 The Impostor 1:26:32 Bones Brigade: An Autobiography 1:29:18 China Heavyweight 1:29:36 Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap 1:30:49 West of Memphis 1:38:01 Outro Download the MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to our RSS Feed Credits -Intro Music “We Swarm” – The Glitch Mob [iTunes] -Outro Music “Bizness” – Tune-Yards [iTunes] Links The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith on iTunes Jeff Goldsmith’s Twitter A Damn Movie Podcast on iTunes A Damn Movie Podcast Blog Big Movie Mouth Off on Facebook The Documentary Blog on Twitter The Documentary Blog on Facebook Josh’s Twitter

1hr 45mins

24 Feb 2012

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The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #13: Hot Docs Special With Guest Kurt Halfyard

Well it’s been nearly a month since the start of Hot Docs 2011 and looking back, it was definitely a great year. In this special (and epically long) episode of The Documentary Blog Podcast, I’m joined by fellow blogger/podcaster Kurt Halfyard of Row Three and Twitch Film. We sit down and talk in detail about some of the films we caught at the festival, including Morgan Spurlock’s meta take on movie marketing, ‘POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’. We also dig into Rodman Flender’s hilarious tour film ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’, Jon Foy’s cryptic ‘Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Files’, and one of my favourite films of the festival (and the year), James Marsh’s ‘Project Nim’. It doesn’t end there; in total we discussed fifteen films across just over two and a half hours! Yikes. You guys are in for the long haul with this one. You can download the mp3 below (or listen via the embedded player) and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed to stay on top of future episodes of the show. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know which films you think were the best of the fest at this years Hot Docs film festival! 0:00 – Intro 9:00 - POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold 18:00 - Fightville 33:20 - Superheroes 48:40 - Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop 1:02:45 - Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles 1:18:00 - Wisconsin Death Trip 1:27:40 - Project Nim 1:56:40 - Eco Pirate: The Story Of Paul Watson 1:58:30 - Abendland 2:02:15 - Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey 2:08:10 - Hell and Back Again 2:13:30 - Position Among the Stars 2:17:20 - Hot Coffee 2:28:10 - Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo 2:32:00 - Boy Cheerleaders 2:42:00 – Outro Download the MP3 Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to our RSS Feed Show notes after the jump. Credits: -Intro Music “Speed of Life” – David Bowie [iTunes link] -Outro Music “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” – Neon Trees [iTunes link] Contact Info: Kurt Halfyard on Twitter Row Three The Cinecast at Row Three Twitch Film Jay Cheel on Twitter Beauty Day Website Beauty Day Twitter Beauty Day on Facebook Trailers: Beauty Day POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Fightville Superheroes Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles Project Nim Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson Abendland Being Elmo : A Puppeteer’s Journey Hell and Back Again Position Among the Stars Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo Boy Cheerleaders

2hr 43mins

30 May 2011

Rank #5