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The leading communications advisory firm Kekst CNC brings you a new podcast looking at current trends and hot topics in strategic communications. Guests and our own internal experts around the world will be sharing their insights on the latest opportunities and challenges relating to communications. With each episode less than 20 minutes long, there’s no excuse to miss it. If you are interested in communications and want to hear about perspectives from different countries - whether you’re just beginning your career or have three decades’ experience - tune in.

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Episode 11 - Digital (Dis)trust

In our 11th Global Thinking podcast episode, guests Simon Pfeiffer and Randolf Carr, Policy Advisors at the Munich Security Conference and Kekst CNC’s James Johnson discuss the findings of a recent European survey conducted by Kekst CNC on behalf of the Munich Security Conference on digital (dis)trust. The research finds that Europeans are deeply concerned about their security online and worry that their countries are too dependent on foreign suppliers of digital technologies. Tune into this episode to learn more about the research findings and implications for businesses, governments and regulators.


27 May 2021

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Middle East Insight: The Podcast Boom

Broadcast content in the Middle East is heavily regulated, regularly censored and has been quite stagnant for a while. The arrival of the podcast boom to the region has given a voice to content creators who are looking for new ways to express themselves. In our latest podcast episode, host Maram El Hendy, Senior Associate at Kekst CNC and Co-host of the podcast DXBabies, speaks with Leila Hamadeh from Finyal Media and Ramsey George from Sowt, who discuss the huge potential for diverse and cultural growth in the Middle East’s podcast space as barriers get broken down around taboo topics.


6 May 2021

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Clubhouse’s Rapid Rise in Germany – A Trend Here to Stay?

In our 9th Global Thinking podcast episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by colleagues from Kekst CNC’s German offices, Victoria Jodl and Dr. Jana Edelmann, for a quick chat about the rapid rise of Clubhouse in the German market, as well as the platform’s future potential. Is the audio-only social platform a trend that is here to stay?


12 Apr 2021

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One Year Later: What Are the New Rules for a Changed Workforce?

In the aftermath of working from home for over a year, companies have been presented with a unique opportunity to reshape their communications within the workforce. Our host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Charlotte Eaton, Chief People Officer at OVO Energy, and Joseph Heppenstall, Group Head of Resourcing and Talent at QinetiQ, who reflect on this evolution of comms and its impact on employee wellbeing, company culture, potential for more diverse hiring and a new path forward for a hybrid work balance.


18 Mar 2021

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A Crisis in Polling? Looking Back at the 2020 US Election

The ‘blue wave’ that many pundits predicted would come in the early hours of November 4th did not immediately materialise. But does this mean that pollsters were the undisputed losers of the 2020 US election? In this episode, our host Eleanor Cavill is joined by two of Kekst CNC’s Senior Advisers, James Johnson and Tom Lubbock. Having conducted focus groups with US voters ahead of the election, James and Tom have a unique appreciation of just how difficult it is to predict the voting behaviours of the American public. But why is it that the polls consistently underestimate the appeal of the Republican party? What does this mean for the future of the polling industry? And what needs to change ahead of 2024? 


17 Dec 2020

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The Critical Role of Data Analytics in Communications

In the sixth “Global Thinking” episode, host Eleanor Cavill is joined by Andrew Berkley, Data Science Lead, Strategic Intelligence Team at the World Economic Forum and Kekst CNC Partner and Head of Digital Engagement Lucy Cording. Together, they unpick how COVID-19 has altered the communications landscape, the global pandemic ultimately unravelling many of the process and accepted norms. With new paths continually being forged for stakeholder and audience behavior, the pandemic has led communications professionals to reflect on and challenge their previously held assumptions. The importance of data and insights continues to grow, as data analytics empowers users to steer communications and shape narratives. Our guests discuss why bridging the gap between data and technology and evidence-based decision making is critical for better and more informed choices, at a time where publics are demanding to see more visibility and transparency from the brands and corporations they engage with. Concurrently, the role of authenticity has never been more crucial, with the ever-rising danger of alienating ourselves as our use of data analytics increases looming in the background. Our guests also explore how evolving and adapting as an organisation hinges on effectively deploying actionable insights. But how can impact and reach be achieved, especially in an age of heightened data restrictions and increased scrutiny over analytics capabilities? Listen here to find out more. If you'd like to learn more about how Andrew Berkley and his team use data analytics to communicate relationships between global issues and help a global audience make more informed decisions based on emerging trends in data, please visit intelligence.weforum.org.


18 Nov 2020

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The Power of Narratives for Startups

In the fifth episode, our host Dominic Laurie is joined by Saeed Amidi, CEO & Founder of Plug and Play, who shares his insights from Silicon Valley’s start-up ecosystem. While most industries have come to a standstill in recent months, demand for digital companies’ offerings has skyrocketed in recent months. But what really sets successful founders apart? And what distinguishes a winning narrative from a good narrative? Join Dominic Laurie and Saeed Amidi, as they discuss the power of narratives, the impact of COVID-19 on Silicon Valley, and the single most important trait in founders.


28 Aug 2020

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Cyber Crisis Preparedness in a Remote Working World

In our latest episode our host Dominic Laurie is joined by David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Labs, Hans Allnut, Partner at DAC Beachcroft, Raf Sanchez, International Breach Response Manager at Beazley and Kekst CNC partner Ben Curson, who share their take on the changing landscape of cyber security. COVID-19 has displaced workforces and offices. The ever-changing environment, rife with fear, continues to create the ‘perfect storm’ for the cyber criminals poised to strike.  In this episode our guests discuss the vulnerabilities that have been exposed by remote working, now many are operating without the supporting office infrastructure we are accustomed to. They examine the notion that crises must be dealt with in person, and how the status quo and our dispersed workforces can actually play into the successful management of a crisis, albeit remotely. They discuss why prevention is better than a cure, exploring why companies must seize this opportunity of unscheduled change to adapt working practices to improve their cyber security. Listen here to find out more, and why investing time and resources in staff training means they become the unsung heroes in the fight against cyber security issues.


4 Aug 2020

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Approaching the Asian Media – An Insider’s Guide

Asia’s unique media landscape is often deemed an unfamiliar territory for Western audiences. Drawing on our global network, in our latest episode host, Dominic Laurie is joined by colleagues from across our Asian offices in Japan, Hong Kong and China, who share their insights and experience of their home media and the landscape they operate in. Jochen Legewie, Partner and Head of Kekst CNC’s Japan office, Senior Consultant Minako Otani in Japan, Partner and Head of the firm’s Hong Kong office Daniel Del Rey, and Consultant Nicole Liu in China offer their take on the unique world of Asian media, exploring the significance of etiquette and engagement, and the behemoth that is social media. Listen here as they delve into differing work practices, the fundamental importance of relationship building, and why you may want to think again before sending the Japanese media your press release.


6 Jul 2020

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Reporting the news during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this episode, our host Dominic Laurie is joined by Joe Miller, Frankfurt Correspondent for the Financial Times, Nadine Hani, Senior Business Anchor at Al Arabiya based in Dubai, and Suryatapa Bhattacharya, who is a financial markets reporter with The Wall Street Journal in Tokyo. They discuss how the nature of a story has changed, the stresses of the move from physical to virtual newsrooms, and how this crisis has changed the face of news for the future.


3 Jun 2020

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