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The Homeschool Planning Period: Quaranteaching and Homeschooling in 2020

The Planning Period Podcast offers easy to implement tips, tools, and tricks for new and experienced Homeschoolers. During this COVID -19 quarantine time, we are giving encouragement to parents that have been thrust into homeschooling due to school closings.Check out our website: www.thehomeschoolplanningperiod.comEmail us at quaranteaching2020@gmail.comFollow us on Facebook: The Homeschool Planning Period

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Episode 15 - Just One Thing: Getting to Yes

Let us encourage our children to be bold, never give up, and learn from rejection to possibly hear yes. Photo credit: Jon Tyson at Unsplash


23 Feb 2021

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Episode 14 - The Road to College

Getting into college does not require committing a felony, but it does requre preparation and planning.  During this episode, we are exploring the path towards the college application process.  When should you start preparing? How will your student know what to do?  What records will you need?  Listen in as we share our methods and our struggles.   www.thehomeschoolplanningperiod.com


19 Dec 2020

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Episode 13 - Just One Thing: Pay Attention

The benefit of homeschooling your kids means you spend a lot of time with them. The challenge of homeschooling your kids means you spend a lot of time with them.  Listen Linda...let's pay attention. This episode encourages us to use this time wisely.  photo credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash


3 Nov 2020

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Episode 12 - Trials, Tears and Tronics

Listen in as we discuss the trials of helping teens manage their interaction with electronics.  After reviewing the scientific effects of too much screen time on brains and behavior, learn how to set some clear limits with your own children.  


29 Sep 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 11 - Just One Thing: Read Aloud

In this first episode of Just One Thing, learn about the often forgotten benefits of reading aloud to your older children.  Reading to your middle schooler and sharing an audio book with your teens can unlock shared worlds and bring you even closer together. Photo credit by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash


15 Sep 2020

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Episode 10 - The Chore of Chores

Who really should be responsible for cleaning? -- During this episode, we share our struggles and strategies for keeping our homes clean and tidy even while homeschooling.  Learn some practical methods to get your kids involved with chores on a daily and weekly basis, and to ultimately take ownership of the cleaning and straightening of their spaces. Photo credit: JESHOOTS.com


31 Aug 2020

Rank #6

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Episode 9 - From the Parent's Perspective

You will enjoy hearing the lessons learned from two very busy households as they were thrusted into the homeschool bucket. As we get ready to start a new school year (most of us at home again), let's listen, learn and see how we can apply these nuggets to our families. 


30 Jul 2020

Rank #7

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Episode 8 - Summertime, and the Learnin' is Easy

Listen to our special guests: The Mr. D of MrDMath.com; and Steve Heimler, Advanced Placement exam specialist give us great options and insight into expanding our kids' horizons over the summer.  Visit their websites at www.mrdmath.com and www.heimlershistory.com.


13 Jun 2020

Rank #8

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Episode 7 - Young, Gifted and Black

Instilling Excellence and Empathy -- Our hearts are deeply saddened from the deaths in recent months. Although it is difficult, our focus is still to encourage our children in both excellence and empathy. In this episode, we discuss ways to engage your children in discussions, help them grow in compassion, and encourage their involvement in improving our Nation.


8 Jun 2020

Rank #9

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Episode 6 - What's for Dinner

Let Them Cook  -- Since sheltering-in-place, are you circling the kitchen wondering what happened to the food that you just prepared?  Do your children think food just magically appears?  Is home ec needed at home?  Follow along as we get our students really familiar with food prep and consistently feeding not only themselves, but also the family.


20 May 2020

Rank #10