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A bi-weekly interview podcast with talented music folks in Nashville, TN. Join host Matt Burrill as he talks with artists, singer-songwriters and musicians in the country music world. Hear stories of the come up, the grind and what a day in the life of someone in Country Music looks like plus off the wall questions and discussions you won't find anywhere else!

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Jacob Lutz

Hailing from North Carolina, Jacob Lutz is a special talent to say the least. Having only been in Nashville for 2 months this guy has already made some big waves in the scene. Find out Jacob's backstory, the road that led him to Music City and why co-writing is so important to being a successful singer-songwriter. All that and more on Episode 3 of In The Round! 


18 Mar 2019

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India Dupriez

On Episode 44 we talk with our first international guest AND our first pop singer-songwriter  guest, India Dupriez! India is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Gold Coast, Australia. A real talent, India has been back and forth recording and writing in L.A. as she continues to launch and develop what looks to be a promising music career.On the episode we learn about Australia, including the music scene that goes on down under. We also talk about India's 'American Experiences' and things that she needs to try and check out on her next trip to the states. India shares her Nashville story, we talk about Billie Eilish and other artists that have had an impact and influenced India. Last but certainly not least we talk about India's new single 'How' which is available wherever you get your music. Y'all enjoy this great quarantine Skype episode with our new friend, India Dupriez! Song of The Week: 'How' - India Dupriez

1hr 19mins

18 May 2020

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Garrett Jacobs

Our good buddy Garrett Jacobs joins us for episode 43. Garrett, only 20 years old, is a talented kid whose been crushing it in Music City. He tells us about life as a 'minor' in Nashville, what he's been up to during quarantine and about his new single 'Young Love'. Originally from Louisiana, Garrett speaks on the change he went through moving up to Nashville and leaving home at a young age. We also talk baseball, LSU football, the right way to enjoy Cajun cooking and the go-to spots for hot chicken and coffee in the Nashville area. Y'all enjoy this Covid-19 Skype episode hang with Garrett Jacobs! Song of The Week: 'Young Love' - Garrett Jacobs https://www.garrettjacobsmusic.com/


4 May 2020

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Alec Davis

Our buddy Alec Davis joins us over Skype. Alec shares what he's been up to while quarantining back home in Missouri. We also talk new music, Alec's journey into country and how he almost became a pro golfer! Alec shares some highlights and stories from the road, talks about the grind of being an independent artist in town and fills us in on his podcast 'Day Job with Alec Davis' (which y'all should 100% check out!)Song of the Week: 'Thank The Angels' Alec Davis 

1hr 4mins

20 Apr 2020

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Clayton Shay

Episode 41 and our 2nd episode since the start of the Corona virus pandemic features our good buddy Clayton Shay. A talented singer-songwriter and artist, Clayton also plays bass for country group Blackjack Billy. We talk about the crazy situation we're all in as 'music people' with the state of the world right now, the recent tornado that hit Nashville and of course get Clayton's story of coming from Illinois to Music City. Clayton also shares the many influences he had that have inspired him to create music that fits many categories from country to rock and even pop, what he likes to bring to his live show on the road and talk college stories from back in the day! Boodro does some twitter investigating and Clayton tells us about new material he's planning to release this year! Great hang with one of our great buddies, y'all enjoy this conversation with the very talented Clayton Shay! Song of The Week: 'Girl Like You' - Clayton Shay 

1hr 9mins

6 Apr 2020

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Sam Varga

Episode 40 we had the pleasure of hanging with our new pal, Sam Varga. Sam is a badass dude who can write, sing and play with the best of them. Growing up a self proclaimed 'emo kid' Sam has found a way to bring heavy riffs, lyrics and concepts into the world of country music. We go in-depth on Sam's new EP 'Light Me Up' doing a song-by-song recap with the man himself. There's also bourbon talk with Boodro, stories from the road and of course lots of quarantine talk as we get Sam's perspectives on all the craziness going on right now. Sam tells us tales from his time at UT Texas, including Matthew McConaughey stories, who some of his favorite people to collaborate with in town are and fills us in on his 'vision quest' that led him to Bozeman, Montana in the dead of winter! Great hang with a great dude during a very interesting time in our history. Y'all sit back and enjoy (with hand sanitizer of course) our conversation with Sam Varga. Song Of The Week: 'Like I Never Left' - Sam Varga

1hr 5mins

23 Mar 2020

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Hunter Girl & Joybeth Taylor

On this week's episode we are joined by our good friends Hunter Girl and Joybeth Taylor. These two ladies are making big waves in music city and are an absolute pleasure to hang with! We talk moving to Nashville, late night stories out on the town, how Hunter and JB first met and ways to network in Nashville when you're underage. Matt shares the house's book of Fake ID's that him and the guys have collected working the bar scene, Hunter and JB tell us how they each got started doing music at a very young age and how singer-songwriters sometimes overthink which songs to release to the world! Great episode with some great guests. Lots of laughs, stories and food talk.Sit back and enjoy a great conversation with Hunter Girl and Joybeth Taylor on episode 39 of In The Round! Songs of The Week: Hunter Girl 'Better Than Mine' Joybeth Taylor 'I See Memories' 


9 Mar 2020

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Tyler Chambers

Had our friend Tyler Chambers pop by the studio for hang on episode 38! Tyler is a talented dude and great guy to know here in Music City. Lots of great conversation in this one including how Tyler found his way to Nashville from south Georgia, after taking a detour to be a rancher in Wyoming (yes we have some horse talk!)Learn how artists like Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert were big influences early on for Tyler, what his goals/expectations are for 2020 and why he considers himself a songwriter first, artist second. We also have lots of food talk, a conversation about chaw and Boodro's twitter reads! Y'all sit back and enjoy this one, episode 38 of In The Round with Tyler Chambers! Song of The Week: 'Dirt Rode' - Tyler Chambers 


24 Feb 2020

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Brian Fuller

Great hang with our buddy Brian Fuller. Enjoyed some of Matt's New York bagels, played with Brian's puppy Cobalt and learned lots about our talented buddy! Brian tells us his story of moving from Georgia to Nashville in March of 2019 and how music runs very deep in his family roots. We talk road life with the signature late night Waffle House stops, the crazy story of Brian playing his '1st gig' and why he's taking a brief break from touring to focus on releasing new music in 2020. Brian also tells the story of becoming good buddies with fellow Georgia boy Jon Langston and about the time his guitar player got hit on stage with a box of Kraft Mac N Cheese! Y'all are gonna enjoy this one with one of our favorites, enjoy this fun episode with Brian Fuller!  Song Of The Week: 'My Honey' - Brian Fuller


10 Feb 2020

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Jordan Fletcher

Episode 36 we've got the very talented Jordan Fletcher on with us! Jordan is a man who has worn many hats since moving to Nashville a few years back. From playing drums on the road for Jobe Fortner, to slinging merch for Muscadine Bloodline and now building his career as solo artist releasing his own music and touring the country, this man has done it all! Jordan shares the experiences from his early days in Nashville and what the move was like from Florida to Music City. Why saying yes to all opportunities and putting yourself in 'sink or swim' moments is key to finding success and growing in the music business. Fletcher talks about his team which includes Sea Gayle Music publishing and 50 Egg Music, which includes the legendary Jonathan Singleton who is producing Jordan's upcoming project. Learn how being the least talented writer in the room can make you better and why there is always something to learn from a writing session. Lots of food talk, so make sure you've got a snack ready for this one and as always be sure to check out the places the we mention our favorite pig out spots! This is a guy to watch in 2020 and a man we are proud to call a good friend of ours! Y'all sit back and enjoy this hang with the one and only Jordan Fletcher. Song of The Week: 'Me On' - Jordan Fletcher & Reid Isbell 

1hr 10mins

27 Jan 2020

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Muscadine Bloodline

Happy 2020 y'all! On episode 33 of In The Round Matt and Tyler are joined by Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, otherwise known as Muscadine Bloodline. By far the longest episode the guys have done so far this one is packed with great conversation and insight from one of country music's top rising acts.Gary and Charlie share stories and memories from their early days travelling around the southeast as solo acts playing bar cover gigs prior to forming Muscadine Bloodline. We find out just how important social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook were for the guys to grow their fan base and create 'lifers'. Hear the experiences the boys have had touring in new markets with acts like Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Koe Wetzel and Kip Moore. What makes their brand of 'Red Clay Country' so popular in places like Texas and Oklahoma. 2019 was a big year of new music and serious growth for Muscadine Bloodline, what's crazy is 2020 looks to be even bigger. New music and more shows than ever before. Since we recorded back in early December of 2019 their 'Boys EP' has dropped and they have gone into the studio at The Amber Sound to begin work on their first full length album set to drop later this year. Hear all about the new stuff and what the creative process has been for these new projects. Sit back and enjoy a great hang with your favorite podcast hosts and Muscadine Bloodline! 

1hr 25mins

20 Jan 2020

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Allie Colleen

On the last episode of 2019 Matt and Tyler sit down with up and coming country singer-songwriter Allie Colleen. Allie is young, super talented and above all a great hang! Hear Allie's story of growing up around the Red Dirt scene in Oklahoma, her experience of moving to Nashville and attending Belmont and the new music she has in store for 2020. The crew also plays a great game of 'Would You Rather?' and talks life on the road. Allie also shares her favorite must try food spots in Nashville and on tour. Song of The Week: 'Playing House' -Allie Colleen 


30 Dec 2019

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The Syryns

Alexis Cook and Bree Rawls from 'The Syryns' join the guys for this week's episode. This was a fun one that got a little rowdy at points so viewer discretion is most definitely advised. Find out how these ladies met, their backstories on getting into music, and what they've got planned for the future. We also learn that Matt is a closet fan of pop acts like Billie Eilish and Finneas and play a very interesting explicit game of 'Personally Incorrect'. All that and more on this week's episode of In The Round! Song of the Week: 'Alive' - Alexis Cook & Bree Rawls

1hr 11mins

16 Dec 2019

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Chad Bishop

Got our buddy Chad Bishop on this week's episode. Chad, a Florida native, is a man of few and select words and is about as country as they come for Nashville songwriters. Hear all about his journey from South Florida to Music City, the love and passion he has for hunting and fishing, what goes into his 'unique' songwriting style and why he loves touring the great state of Texas. This an interesting, reflective and chill conversation with one of Nashville's top up and coming singer-songwriters, y'all sit back and enjoy! Song of The Week: 'Somewhere I Can See The Stars' - Chad Bishop


2 Dec 2019

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Dylan Marlowe

Dylan Marlowe joins Matt and Tyler for this week's episode. Hear about Matt's 'Yankee moment' at Nashville Gun Club, Tyler's portrait from his drunk cruise trip in Mexico and all about our buddy Dylan. Originally from Statesboro Georgia, Dylan is still very young and new to the world of country music. With that being said he's off to a damn good start. Learn about what led him to picking up a guitar, how he got started writing songs, his love for hunting and Bulldogs football AND how fellow Georgia artists like Trea Landon have helped with his adjustment to living in Music City. We also play a fun game of 'Would You Rather?' and hear about new music Dylan hopes to have released soon! Song of The Week: 'Damn Good Dog' - Dylan Marlowe and Bryce Mauldin 


18 Nov 2019

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Hunter Jordan & Evan Mayo

On episode 30 we had the pleasure of sitting down with Hunter Jordan & Evan Mayo two singer-songwriters formerly known as the country duo 'Backroad Therapy.' This one was fun and rowdy to say the least. Also tried out a new segment playing 'Personally Correct, a wild card game that got dark pretty quick and Tyler dug through some old tweets. Also learned that Evan Mayo might be Post Malone's doppelgänger! Song of The Week: 'Coulda, Woulda Shoulda' - Hunter Jordan, Evan Mayo, Carly Rogers and Ethan Willis

1hr 11mins

4 Nov 2019

Rank #16

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Aaron Schilb

Singer-songwriter Aaron Schilb stops by the studio for this week's episode. Hear how Aaron made his way to Music City, what led him to pursuing a career as a songwriter and how his  'baby', The Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps got started and became such a success! The crew also shoots the shit on sports, things to do in Nashville and Tyler digs up some of Aaron's lost tweets. Song Of The Week: 'Rock & Roll Degenerate' - Aaron Schilb


21 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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Kellye Rather

Singer-songwriter Kellye Rather joins Matt and Tyler for this week's episode of In The Round. Hear Kellye's story of coming to Nashville from Colorado, how she balances working full time as a nurse while also pursuing her music career and what went into her new single 'Bad Boy'. The guys also do some Twitter digging and play 'Would you Rather?' with Kellye. Song of the Week: 'Dear Mistress' Kellye Rather

1hr 2mins

14 Oct 2019

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Connor Sweet

Singer-songwriter Connor Sweet, a native of Nashville (AKA Unicorn) came by the house for a hang. Hear how Connor got his start in music, what playing on Broadway has taught him and the mindset you need to be a regular performer in Music City, how he got on his publishing deal, new music and his go-to late night pig out spots! This guy is a great hang and very good at making things happen with his guitar, which he bought out from under David Lee Muphy! Enjoy this interesting episode with our buddy Mr. Connor Sweet! Song of The Week: "Drink In It' - Connor Sweet

1hr 1min

30 Sep 2019

Rank #19

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Matthew McSwain

West Tennessee singer-songwriter Matthew McSwain joins the crew on this week's episode. McSwain is very talented writer and vocalist who was brought up on Country and Southern Gospel. Hear how Matthew got his start in songwriting, the hot takes he has on Twitter and how Steve Moakler and Luke Combs have influenced his career. Song of The Week: 'She Got Over Me' - Matthew McSwain


9 Sep 2019

Rank #20