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There's an Elephant in my Paddock!

An agricultural podcast that brings together farmers, scientists, consumers, industry and thought leaders to try and answer those tricky but crucial questions everyone else is avoiding.

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There's an Elephant in my Paddock- Australia's rural vet crisis

Australian animal vets graduate knowing that several of their alumni will suicide during the course of their careers. Does that shock you? It shocked our host Nicole Bond when journalist Sally Cripps brought up the subject. In this episode we delve deep into the crisis facing our rural vets- a shocking suicide rate, poor rates of pay, emotional blackmail and a crippling workload. Join us for a candid conversation with Dr Libby Harriman, Dr Glenn Keneally and Ellen Buckle from the Australia Cattle Vets Association as they discuss everything from the changing roles of large animal vets, the bio-security of our nation and how to look after a crucial industry.

1hr 10mins

13 Sep 2019

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There's an Elephant in my Paddock- political disconnect

Renowned Australian rural journalist Peter Lewis asks about a rising level of frustration about existing political representation. What needs to happen to the Australian political landscape to address the big challenges that the bush faces now and that they will face in the short to medium term?It's a big question but our guests tackle it with fierce passion and intelligence.A daughter of a Singaporean migrant, author and journalist Gabrielle Chan grew up in Sydney but followed her heart to a rural area to live. Her latest book Rusted Off delves deep into the issues and disgruntlement with rural voters with their political representation.Vaughn Johnson was the member for Gregory in Western Queensland for 25 years. A staunch National Party member, he sometimes flirted with controversy when towing the party line. He says things will get worse before they get better.He's also a grazier and not only grew up in the bush, but has lived there ever since.Dr Kim Houghton is a co- CEO of the Regional Australia Institute.Having worked on regional economic development in Australia for almost 20 years, he has a passion for advocating for people who live in remote and regional Australia. He says politicians and policy makers need to take more risks if they want to reach out to their rural voters.

1hr 8mins

14 May 2019

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Should we maintain a national core breeding herd and flock?

Mike Stephens from Meridian Ag has asked a particularly sticky question in this episode. It turns out everyone is thinking about it, but no one has the answer... or do they? Join host Nicole Bond as she chats to Chris Mirams, the executive chair of the Sheep Producers Association of Australia, Stephen Moore, General Manager - Corporate and Commercial for the Northern Australia Pastoral Company and the Cattle Council's Olivia Lawson.


29 Nov 2019

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There's an Elephant in my Paddock- Rural Towns

What measures can be taken to taken to stop people leaving small towns? It's a question that bothers many small communities all over the World, but in this episode of There's an Elephant in my Paddock we shine the spotlight on a small town in Western Queensland has come back from the brink. Matt Bennetto is a grazier and small business owner in Charters Towers and also chairs AgForce North. He joins our host Nicole Bond to ask the tricky questions about the PR problems in rural Australia and what can be done to keep businesses in the bush. They are joined by Jane McNamara- the Mayor of the Flinders Shire in North-Western Queensland. She's taken an innovative approach to diversifying industry in the area and it's paying off dividends. Neil Argent is a Professor of Human Geography at the University of New England. He's done extensive research on understanding the factors and processes that make robust and sustainable rural communities and Ross Maclean is the managing partner of Maclean Partners in North Queensland, who financially advises and services a huge rural and regional client base.

1hr 3mins

10 Apr 2019

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There's an Elephant in my Paddock with Julia Telford

Julia Telford is one of the most influential women in Australia in 2018, according to the Australian Financial Review. She's also the founder of Engage & Create Consulting- working with rural and remote businesses, industry groups and community organisations across Australia.Her Elephant in the Paddock is about making difficult decisions... and really honing in on exiting the rural industry gracefully.To talk about- and hopefully answer her question, we've enlisted the expertise of •Alison Larard- an agribusiness and finance specialist. She's on the board of the Rural FinancialCounselling Service and has recently wrapped up a Nuffield Scholarshipfocussing on better business management and succession planning in northQueensland beef businesses. •Mark McGovern- visiting fellow at the school of economics and finance at the Queensland University of Technology with substantial experience government, trade and rural industries. •Dr Lisa Patterson Kane- a psychologist, specialising in regional and remote issues for over a decade.

1hr 17mins

5 Feb 2019

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