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The FYI – For Your Innovation Podcast offers an intellectual discussion on recent developments across disruptive innovation—driven by research, news, controversies, companies, and technological breakthroughs.

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Best of 2020 — FYI Podcast Compilation


28 Dec 2020

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Best of 2019: FYI Podcast with Elon Musk, George Church, and more

As we wrap up 2019, we would like to thank everyone who listened to the FYI — For Your Innovation podcast. We received incredibly positive feedback for our podcast show and had some truly amazing guests in the past year, ranging from world class geneticists to founders and CEOs. In this final episode of 2019, […]


22 Dec 2019

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The Capital Market Space within FinTech

This week on For Your Innovation, we are talking to Morgan Dunbar, partner at Bendigo Partners, a firm that specializes in the global financial technology industry as both a principal investor and operational advisor. In addition to that, Morgan is managing partner at AIR Summit, a network and conference targeted at the capital market industry […]


5 Aug 2019

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Introduction to ARK’s Big Ideas 2020

Join James Wang as he interviews Cathie Wood (CEO and CIO at ARK Invest) on our recently published Big Ideas 2020 report. On this podcast Cathie will share her perspective on some of the biggest breakthroughs ARK believes should not be missed in the coming year.


14 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Analyzing the Data Center Business with Akram’s Razor (Part 2)

Last week was Part 1 of our conversation with Akram’s Razor where he gave his account of how the crypto crash of 2018 impacted Nvidia and AMD. This week, Akram and James go through Nvidia’s data center business in depth and assess the growing competitive landscape for AI accelerators, from cloud and startup companies alike. […]


22 Aug 2019

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What’s New In Cloud Computing, with James Wang

On today’s episode, James Wang, web analyst at ARK Invest, joins us again to provide his always valuable insights—this time about IT and the cloud. While these topics may not seem as exciting as more talked about tech topics, interestingly enough we believe enterprise computing is valued at an estimated four trillion dollars. James talks […]


22 Apr 2019

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What are Disruptive Innovation Platforms?

For today’s show we welcome Brett Winton, ARK’s Director of Research, to discuss his recent white paper titled Disruptive Innovation – Why Now? The main idea of the paper explores innovation today and how the convergence of five major innovation platforms compares to other innovation periods in our history. Brett details the five technologies that […]


25 Sep 2019

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A Different Type of VC Firm with Eric Vishria from Benchmark

On this episode of FYI we welcome Eric Vishria, General Partner at Benchmark. Benchmark is a one-of-a-kind venture capital firm based in San Francisco, opting to operate with a small team of just 5 to 7 general partners and no junior partners or other team members. They have helped to bring to market iconic companies […]


10 Nov 2019

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Adapting to Fintech, with Nicolas Grous and Max Friedrich

On this episode we share highlights from a recent event hosted by ARK Invest called “Adapting to Fintech”. Nicolas Grous, ARK’s Trading and Research Associate and Max Friedrich, ARK’s Fintech Analyst, are presenting clips from the event’s panel discussion and delve further into the topics explored. Adapting to Fintech offered an in-depth analysis into how […]


1 Apr 2019

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A Commitment to Bitcoin with Ric Edelman

Today on the podcast we are joined by Ric Edelman, the founder and chairman of Edelman Financial Engines and author of The Truth About Your Future. We also have our very own Cathie Wood join us for the conversation as we look at the current state of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, a decade after they emerged […]


18 Oct 2019

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An Exponential View of the Future, With Azeem Azhar

On the show today we welcome none other than Azeem Azhar, early stage investor and founder of the Exponential View newsletter and podcast. Azeem is here to talk to us about his own work in covering the latest and most innovative developments in technology as well as comment on the current startup and tech landscape, […]


26 Mar 2019

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The Beginning of Every Deep Learning Exercise With Manu Sharma and Brian Rieger

In today’s episode, we welcome Manu Sharma and Brian Rieger from Labelbox, a private company which we believe is leading training data solution for machine learning. We have had many conversations on this show about artificial intelligence from a hardware and algorithm perspective, but data is just as important. All production AI systems are based […]


16 Dec 2019

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HD Maps for an Autonomous Future with Ro Gupta

We are joined by Ro Gupta, the CEO of Carmera to discuss his contribution to an autonomous future. Carmera is a private company that makes real time HD maps for autonomous driving. We talk about his own history and early interest in transportation before diving into the development of digital maps and the apps that […]


19 Nov 2019

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Cerebras’ Wafer Scale Engine AI Chip with CEO Andrew Feldman

Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras, joins us this week to discuss the Wafer Scale Engine, or WSE, an AI chip that is 50 times larger than the largest chips produced by Nvidia and Intel. This radical design has raised a lot of eyebrows and it is already being heralded as the biggest breakthrough […]

1hr 3mins

16 Sep 2019

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The Future of Cultured Meat Production with Yaakov Nahmias

Today’s episode is part two of the discussion with Professor Yaakov Nahmias, the Israeli biomedical engineer and innovator. We discuss his startup, Future Meat Technologies, a company funded by Tyson Foods, which is poised to develop the next generation of cultured meat. Initially when someone proposed the idea of cultured meat to him, Yaakov thought […]


28 Oct 2019

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The Future of Food Delivery with James Wang

Food delivery platforms like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Meituan are taking over the world. In this episode, ARK Internet Analyst James Wang shares his insights on the food delivery business and why he thinks this industry is about to take off now. He talks about the changing nature of our food consumption patterns and admits […]


19 Mar 2019

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A World of Contactless Payments

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has saturated media across the globe. The information available to us is vast, expansive, and can be all-consuming. But a lot of this information is, understandably, geared heavily toward medical and social topics. In this episode, we explore the impact of covid-19 on fintech companies. We ask the question, what […]


9 Apr 2020

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Asking Different Questions Than Everyone Else, with Sean George

On this FYI episode, we are joined by Sean George, CEO and co-founder of Invitae one of the innovative frontrunners in the medical genetic testing space. (This episode was recorded: Sep. 10, 2019) Invitae is driven by the provision of affordable genetic testing, clinical-grade accuracy, and transparent reporting practices. In asking different questions than anyone else […]


5 Nov 2019

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Steve Forbes on the Market, Policy, and the Evolution of Media

On the podcast today, we are joined by Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media Group. Together with ARK CEO and CIO Cathie Wood and ARK analyst James Wang, we have a fascinating chat with Steve on the market, the modern media landscape, and the trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies. The podcast starts off […]


6 Oct 2019

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How Lululemon Broke the Mold, with Chip Wilson

This week’s guest is Chip Wilson, entrepreneur, philanthropist and most notably, the founder of apparel company Lululemon. Long before Apple and Tesla opened their owned stores, Lululemon pioneered the concept of vertical retail in North America. Unlike other sports apparel companies that sold to retailers, Lululemon designed products were sold exclusively in its own stores. […]


26 Feb 2020

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