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Your favourite sports-adjacent trashcast with your boys Wogan and Andrew Allen, masterfully navigating the biggest stories in Football and Not Football each week on Left Field. Inexpertly walking the line between journalistic integrity and irrational fandom, the boys debate the big questions from the Premier League, NBA, NFL, curling and any other weird sport you like. Critics call it 'online', 'downloadable' and 'a podcast'. Listen now, subscribe and tell your friends!

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Xhaka Can't, Testicle Trouble, Scary England & World Series Booby Shark

In a development that will come as a surprise to literally nobody, Southampton's 9-0 home defeat to Leicester City, VAR and Granit Xhaka are all on the agenda as the boys chew over the good and bad of an eventful week of football. Spanish minnows, the lesser spotted Jack Rodwell and punched testicles also get a shout-out. After the break, the boys, much to Wogan's chagrin, fawn over Eddie Jones' England and look ahead to the Rugby World Cup final, before attention turns to the return of the NBA, the climax of MLB's World Series and a rejuvenated Tiger Woods. Enjoy.


30 Oct 2019

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Ban City, Big Toffee Apples, Guendouzi Blues, ASStros & Slam Dunks

There's only one place to start Episode 35 and that's the news of Uefa's decision to ban Manchester City from the Champions League. Will it stick? Probably not, but that doesn't stop us discussing which of the chasing pack might benefit. Elsewhere, a couple of Toffees take the Big Apple by storm during the winter break. Somehow we resist the temptation to make an obvious pun. In north London, Matteo Guendouzi's decision to pick a fight with Mikel Arteta has backfired, while Mourinho thinks Sonaldo could be out for the season. On the continent, the Serie A title race is hotting up and Barcelona are pissing off their rivals with the pursuit of an 'emergency' striker signing. After the break, the Houston Astros suck at apologies, the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest proves controversial, rainbow flags make an all too brief appearance at rugby league, F1's jaunt to China gets cancelled and Tyson Fury eats lots of curry before hitting Deontay Wilder this weekend. Every week, Left Field's Wogan and Allen dissect the latest Football and Not Football. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss out, because that would be a real shame, wouldn't it?Subscribe: il.ink/leftfield_podTwitter: twitter.com/leftfield_podInstagram: instagram.com/leftfield_pod/Facebook: facebook.com/leftfieldpod/And your co-hosts...Allen: twitter.com/AAllenSportWogan: twitter.com/CathalWogan

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18 Feb 2020

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Arteta Gets Better, Premier League OVER, NFL Playoffs & Fallon For Darts

After a brief festive hiatus, we're back with football, football, football and some not football. Mikel Arteta took the top job at Arsenal and has a win against Manchester United under his belt; we discuss the Spaniard's impact. Liverpool may be racing away with the league, but down at the bottom it's getting tasty. Southampton are climbing clear, Newcastle have an injury crisis, while West Ham and Bournemouth are in major trouble. We even find time to discuss the Championship, end of decade stats and a transfer coup for Borussia Dortmund. After the break, Wogan makes his predictions for the NFL play-offs, we talk Test cricket tidbits and cast an eye over the PDC darts where crazy-haired Peter Wright won but Fallon Sherrock stole the hearts of the stands and tables alike. Happy New Year everyone, enjoy! 


2 Jan 2020

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Guardiola-Klopp Mind Games, VARmpits, English Rugby Woe & Lewis Hamilton

Episode 20 is jam-packed with football goodness and badness. A horrible injury to Andre Gomes, Leicester's fine form and Chris Wilder's heroics all get airtime before the boys discuss the Guardiola vs Klopp mind games ahead of this weekend's mouthwatering clash between the top two. There are also heated discussions about Dennis Bergkamp's quality and VAR's fascination with armpits. After the break, Wogan can barely contain his delight at England's defeat to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup final, Donald Trump welcomes the victorious Washington Nationals to the White House, a high-profile injury robs the NBA of one its finest and Lewis Hamilton conquers Formula 1 for the sixth time. Enjoy. 


6 Nov 2019

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Top Two Triumph, RIP Bury, Ben Stokes Rules & Top Four Could-Have-Beens

Bury's misery casts a long shadow over Episode 11 as Allen and Wogan reflect on a bad week for English football. On the pitch, Liverpool and Manchester City continue to set tongues wagging and Joe Linton is up and running for the Magpies. But it's bad news for Javi Gracia at Watford. In Part 2, we discuss Ben Stokes' heroics at Headingley, aided by friend of the show Jack Leach, chat US Open tennis (briefly) and pick our top 4 'what could have been' sportspeople after Indianapolis Colts' quarterback Andrew Luck announces his retirement. Enjoy the show. 

1hr 8mins

28 Aug 2019

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Cantona Madness, Michael Owen FIGHTS Alan Shearer, NFL Team Selection & Tennis Off Script

Welcome to Episode 12 - an absolute banger, we promise! From Eric Cantona's cryptic speech to Michael Owen's feud with Alan Shearer, football's good and bad come in all shapes and sizes this week. After the break, Wogan invites Allen to finally pin his colours to the mast of an NFL franchise, all the men at the US Open have turned into John McEnroe and there's some chat about the rugby and boxing. Enjoy the show!


4 Sep 2019

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Sonaldo Worldie, Big Dunc's Back, Russia's Doping Ban & NFL Shoot-outs

In-form Rashford, Big Dunc’s passion, Sonaldo’s solo stunner, broke Irishmen, blackout kits, a two-horse title race (?) and Arsenal finally win at the expense of Manuel’s dud Hammers. We cover the lot (and more) in a riveting first half of Football. After the break in Not Football, we discuss Russia’s big doping ban, review Anthony Joshua’s pummelling of a fat lad, pay homage to Caroline Wozniacki on her impending retirement and get excited about a high-scoring NFL game. There’s even some festive cheer along the way. Enjoy!

1hr 10mins

10 Dec 2019

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Winterlude, Penalty Shutouts, Bad David Luiz, XFL Success & Agony Aunt Debut

The Premier League may be enjoying a winter interlude but that hasn't stemmed the flow of football #content. Babies were made on Merseyside, penalties were missed in Japan, heads were hurt in Coventry, goals were scored in Milan, Kaka played in Hackney, Messi had a barney in Barcelona, David Luiz was a bad teammate and Phil Neville's wife gave a very odd interview. After the break, the boys discuss rumours of a Six, Seven or even Eight Nations tournament featuring South Africa, the XFL gets off to a flyer, eSports are dismissed as guff and we introduce a new Agony Aunt segment that you have to listen to because it may never happen again. Enjoy!Every week, Left Field's Wogan and Allen dissect the latest Football and Not Football. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss out, because that would be a real shame, wouldn't it?Subscribe: il.ink/leftfield_podTwitter: twitter.com/leftfield_podInstagram: instagram.com/leftfield_pod/Facebook: facebook.com/leftfieldpod/And your co-hosts...Allen: twitter.com/AAllenSportWogan: twitter.com/CathalWogan


11 Feb 2020

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Matchweek 2, the Joelinton song, Wales are 'favourites' and the All-Ireland Hurling Final

Left Field marks it's 10th episode celebrating a great week for football stuff beginning with 'A' - Adrian, Arsenal, Ashley and Aritz Aduriz all get a thumbs up. A bad week for Newcastle gets worse as Wogan sings an ode to Joelinton and Allen isn't amused by the new handball rule – or Robin van Persie's attempts to re-write history. The Ashes headlines the second half as Jofra vs Smith makes not football headlines, we look at Wales' rise to the top of the rugby rankings, check in on Antonio Brown's latest gripes and finish things off with a lesson in why hurling matters. The last time we'll ever end the show with hurling. Enjoy!


21 Aug 2019

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Kloppering Time, Average Emery, Poppy Patrol, Kickers, Coxswains & YouTube Boxers

Episode 21 sees the boys run the rule over champions-elect Liverpool after their comprehensive win over Man City. A great week for the Reds came at the expense of Raheem Sterling, whose frustration has spilled into the international break. How has Unai Emery ended up having a good week? Has the poppyfication of football gone too far? And what have FIFA done to annoy player agents. We ask the big questions. And provide dubious answers. After the break, conversation veers all over the place. A discussion about NFL kickers leads to us questioning the sporting prowess of coxswains. There's a quick bit of cricket, a dash of tennis and even some thoughts on the YouTuber boxing showdown that broke the internet. Enjoy!


13 Nov 2019

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2019 Lefties: Awards for Kompany, Racism, Arsenal Fans, Salazar, Fury & More!

Our festive special is an end of year review dressed up as an awards ceremony. 'The Lefties' celebrate the good and bad of Football and Not Football in 2019; individuals, teams, sporting moments, the lot. Your boys Wogan and Allen share a few personal anecdotes along the way. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to listen to us over the last six months. We've come a long way in a short time and appreciate all the feedback and comments you've shared on our social channels. If you like what we do, remember to tell your friends, subscribe and leave us a review. 

1hr 5mins

23 Dec 2019

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Premier League Good Weeks & Bad Weeks, NFL Hard Knocks & Boxing's New Mecca

Premier League football grabs the headlines in Episode 9 as the boys look at the winners and losers of matchday one. Do the Hammers actually have a reason to be optimistic? Wogan thinks so! In the second half, we get a feel for NFL pre-season thanks to HBO's new season of Hard Knocks, and chat rugby as the world gears up for Japan 2019 – all before Allen goes off on a rant about the fuss being made over Saudi Arabia hosting the Ruiz vs Joshua rematch.


14 Aug 2019

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Football's BACK, Ashes Defeat, Baseball Fights & Top Four Old Guys

On Episode 8, the boys' loins are moistened by the return of competitive football. We ask, who had a good week? Who endured a nightmare start? And where does the plague fit in? With the Premier League kicking off on Saturday, we also reach for the crystal ball. In not football, Wogan welcomes Australia's crushing destruction of England in the Ashes' first test, while Allen is enthralled by baseball fisticuffs, both on the field and on social media. Finally, after NFL cyborg Tom Brady penned a new two-year deal at 42, we wonder who are the best aged sportsmen of all time? That's right – it's a Top Four of old guys. 


7 Aug 2019

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Allen's Arselona Holiday, Meme-rinho, Britpop & Super Bowl Peri-ometer

On Episode 33, the boys discuss Allen's trip to Barça's Camp Nou, the memefication of Jose Mourinho, United's transfer 'strategy', the rebirth of Britpop, Boring Arsenal, good chippies and a bad week for goalkeepers everywhere. That's the football. After the break, Wogan works his way from Plain-ish to Super Hot as he delivers a Nando's Peri-ometer of Super Bowl takes you can take to work or the pub, the XFL makes a comeback (WTF is the XFL?) and the greatest man to ever play tennis is decided. We end with some rugby chat because the Six Nations has started. Apparently. Enjoy!Subscribe: il.ink/leftfield_podTwitter: twitter.com/leftfield_podInstagram: instagram.com/leftfield_pod/Facebook: facebook.com/leftfieldpod/And your co-hosts...Allen: twitter.com/AAllenSportWogan: twitter.com/CathalWogan

1hr 3mins

4 Feb 2020

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China Cancels Ozil, Cherry Bomb at Chelsea, 2020 SPOTY Picks & Pricey Pints

Left Field has a hefty news agenda to chew through in a first half of football. China cancels Ozil, Wilder’s deadly Blades, the Cherries shock Chelsea, Big Dunc not keen on Kean, new managers and the Champions League draw – we cover it all before the break. In the second half, we predict 2020’s #SPOTY winners, talk Tyson Fury’s break-up, question darts’ sporting credentials and ponder the most expensive pints we’ve ever bought after one NFL star gets stung for a $15k beer. Enjoy!Remember to subscribe, leave a review and maybe even tell a friend. It all helps the algorithm!


18 Dec 2019

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The Greatest Not Football Sunday

In Episode 5, Wogan and Allen reflect on a weekend when sport may have peaked. Not so much on the football front, although we still discuss Arsenal being a laughing stock, the upcoming AFCON final and a new list, a rebranded Top Four – this time of African Premier League players. After the break in not football, we dissect Lewis Hamilton's character flaws or lack of, contrasting Wimbledon finals and the gobsmacking finale to the Cricket World Cup.


17 Jul 2019

Rank #16

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Ballon Phw'Or, Banning Headers, Rugby Semis & World Series Wikipedia

Week 18 sees the boys get hot under the collar for sexy goals, there's a run through the Ballon d'Or shortlist and we weigh up if United were actually good or if Liverpool were just bad. In the week that a new study claims professional footballers are more prone to neurological disorders we ask, is heading the ball dangerous? That's before Allen goes off on another rant about Arsenal's tediousness. In the second half, we review the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals and learn why the All Blacks drove Wogan to give up his booze ban. Attention then turns to MLB's World Series and a shoddy attempt to name any of the pitchers taking part before we spend 10 minutes trying to make sense of the draft for cricket's new competition, The Hundred.


23 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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Ljungberg In, Prime-al Scream, Messi's Golden Balls & Dolphins' NFL Trickery

Arsenal turn to Freddie, City stutter, Grealish proves kickable, Sanchez Flores sackable, tearful Hammertime and Messi, after another stunning goal, has too many golden balls to count. The boys also discuss Amazon's foray into Premier League football and the Euro 2020 draw. After the break, we turn to dropped catches, a Miami Dolphin doozy, Lakers' form and question why nobody cares about the Joshua vs Ruiz rematch. Enjoy!

1hr 6mins

3 Dec 2019

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Keeper Clangers, Clash Of The Mediocre, Irish Rugby Anguish & Ghost Town Athletics

This week, Wogan and Allen face a challenge – how do you address the startling mediocrity that was on show during Arsenal's trip to Manchester United? Elsewhere in football's good and bad, two goalkeepers mess up, two careers are revived in Germany, and one club is literally a car crash. In part twol, Wogan forces himself to revisit Ireland's Rugby World Cup defeat to Japan, before the boys struggle to get to grips with the World Athletics Championships playing out in an empty stadium in Qatar, and a player too violent for the NFL. Bye, Vontaze.


2 Oct 2019

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Morgan's Tea Party

In Week 3, your boys Wogan and Allen react to the USA crushing the World Cup dream of England's Lionesses, there's chat about an Arsenal kit launch howler, the birth of Flat Earth FC (wtf?) before attention turns to not football - is baseball better at the London Stadium than West Ham, will everybody go out at Wimbledon and what is NBA free agency? Enjoy!


3 Jul 2019

Rank #20