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Covid-19 has devastated the aviation industry. We interview executive, entrepreneurs, and team members about how their companies are adjusting and what they see as the future of aviation when we emerge from the turbulent weather.

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Alan Ram, Founder and CEO of Tailwind Air

Alan Ram, the founder and CEO of Tailwind Air, discusses what he sees in the aircraft charter and management business.  Alan has seen long haul, jet travel show signs of life this month, while his regional service in TBMs is down about 95%.


19 May 2020

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Ryan Mayo- Owner, Take Flight Aviation

Ryan Mayo, the founder and owner of Take Flight Aviation at Orange County Airport in New York discusses the challenges he's had in this environment. He explains how he was closed for two weeks but was welcomed when he opened by his flight instructors and students.


13 May 2020

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Ryan Waguespack, Sr Vice President, National Air Transportation Association

Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President of the National Air Transportation Association discusses how NATA is assisting companies through the pandemic.  He says the industry appears to be recovering a little and he sees opportunities ahead.


17 May 2020

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Douglas Wattoff: CEO of Millbrook Air

Douglas Wattoff, the founder and CEO of Millbrook Air, discusses how Covid-19 is a Black Swan Event-- an event so rare no one could prepare for it.  


11 May 2020

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Rick Mosteller, CEO Palomar Aviation

Rick Mosteller, CEO of Palomar Aviation, runs a Cirrus training center outside of San Diego..  He discusses some of the innovative Zoom sessions his flight instructors have been holding, steps they are taking to keep everyone safe, and what he sees as the future of flight training.


28 May 2020

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