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Welcome to the Viddy Well Podcast, the show that gives yah your film fix on the go! The auditory supplement to our blog, viddy-well.com, the podcast is a haven for film lovers of all types (and anyone who wants to have a silly-goose time). Created for cinephiles by cinefiles, we invite you to "come play with us" as host, Aaron Haughton, talks with friends and industry professionals about all things cinema! Follow us!: -Instagram: @viddy_well_filmblog-Twitter: @ViddyWellBlog-Facebook: @viddywellfilmblogGot a topic or show suggestion?! Drop us a line @ viddywell6double5321@gmail.com.

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Spilled Beans & The Mystery of The Lighthouse

Thar she blows! Today, Aaron talks with his friend Christopher Wolford about Robert Eggers latest film, The Lighthouse! We discuss our thoughts on the film, gush over the performances from Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, and talk about some of its potential meanings. 


22 Nov 2019

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Shitter's Full: A Christmas Story & Vacation

Merry Christmas, Viddy Well listeners! Today, the shitter runneth over with hap-hap-happy holiday cheer, as Aaron and his mom, Lisa, talk about a few of their favorite holiday films: A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation!  After you listen to our talk, kick back and unwind with these holiday classics. If you wanna get a little loose, you can peep some drinking games for them here:  https://www.viddy-well.com/drinking-games/a-christmas-story https://www.viddy-well.com/drinking-games/national-lampoons-christmas-vacation You can also learn a few more fun facts about Christmas Vacation here: https://www.viddy-well.com/top-5/facts-about-christmas-vacation


14 Dec 2019

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Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood Discussion

Anthony stops back in to talk about Tarantino's latest, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood! We discuss and dissect the film, as well as talk a bit of history, and what we hope to see from Tarantino's 10th (and allegedly final) film. It's a swingin' time, baby!


22 Nov 2019

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The Black Phillip of VVitch Podcasts

Get liberated from religious oppression and levitate to the heavens! Aaron is once again joined by Christopher Wolford to talk about Robert Eggers debut film, The VVitch. We dive into name symbolism and talk a bit of history, discuss the multiple readings on the story and how it relates to The Lighthouse, and of course, we worship at the altar of our one true lord, Black Phillip. 


11 Dec 2019

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Harley Chamandy on His Short "The Maids Will Come On Monday"

Today, Aaron talks with 20-year-old writer/director Harley Chamandy about his latest short film, The Maids Will Come On Monday, his love for Harmony Korine, working with Werner Herzog, and European v.s. American cinema, amongst other things! Be sure to check out Harley's films by clicking the links below, and of course, don't forget to like, subscribe, follow, comment, and all that:  The Maids Will Come On Monday: https://vimeo.com/370209433 The Final Act of Joey Jumbler: https://vimeo.com/232079373 The Maids Will Come On Monday review: https://www.viddy-well.com/reviews/the-maids-will-come-on-monday


20 Dec 2019

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