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The Stone Table Podcast is a ministry of Bay Life Church committed to teaching the Scriptures and engaging in culturally relevant issues that affect Christians today. Hosted by Teaching Pastor, Travis Lowe and Worship Arts Coordinator, Mickey Lowe, The Stone Table explores the crossroads between faith and culture. Our hope is for The Stone Table to look at a wide range of topics concerning Lifers everyday, from the Bible to Buddhism, to art and science, and onward to philosophy and entertainment. So pull up a chair and join us at The Stone Table.

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The Life And Ministry of Charles Octavius Boothe with Dr. Walter Strickland

Today we're joined by Dr. Walter Strickland II. He serves as a professor of Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has recently been involved in the reprinting of, "Plain Theology For Plain People" by Charles Octavius Boothe. Together we discuss Boothe's life and legacy, how he can help us think about current conversations around racial justice, and the importance of the African American Theological Tradition.

14 Apr 2021

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Growing In Wisdom with Brett McCracken

We live in an age of information overload, but even as we learn more facts we don't necessarily grow in wisdom. This week we're joined by Brett McCracken, he's an editor for The Gospel Coalition and his writings have appeared in the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Christianity Today. Together we discuss his latest book, "The Wisdom Pyramid" and how we can prioritize information intake in a way that help us to become wise, and to live a life of faithful obedience to Jesus.

24 Mar 2021

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Missions, Argentina, and The Next Generation with The Grams

This week we're joined by our friends Ben and Belu Grams. The Grams serve as missionaries to Argentina, and are currently preparing to step into leadership at Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata, a Bible college in Buenos Aires. Over the course of the conversation we discuss our favorite Argentine food, and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders. You can learn more about the grams at their website gramsofhope.org And donate to their fundraising efforts here

27 Jan 2021

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The Church Mothers with Han-Luen Kantzer Komline

Today we're joined by Dr. Han-Luen Kantzer Komline to discuss the importance of The Church Mothers. Han-Luen teaches church history and theology at Western Theological Seminary, and the author of, "Augustine On The Will: A Theological Assessment." Together we discuss figures like Monica, Macrina, and the importance of looking to the example of the many women who have helped to shape the story of Christianity. You can check out her Christianity Today article on the subject at the link below. "The Church Mothers Teach Us To Delight In Scripture" by Han-Luen Kantzer Komline

20 Jan 2021

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Bearing God's Name with Dr. Carmen Imes

Today we're joined by Dr. Carmen Imes associate professor of Old Testament at Prairie College in Canada and author of the book, "Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters." Together we discuss the ancient context of the law, the meaning of the second commandment, and what it looks like to bear the name of the Lord. You can follow her work below... Carmen's Blogspot Carmen's Youtube Channel

9 Dec 2020

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The Lord's Prayer with The Rev. Dr. Wesley Hill

What did Christ mean when he invited us to pray, "Our Father?" How should we understand the phrase, "Lead us not into temptation?" We're joined this week by Episcopal priest and New Testament scholar Wesley Hill to discuss these questions and more. Over the course of the conversation we tackle his new book on The Lord's Prayer, the power of praying through all seasons, and his canine friend, "Karl Bark."

2 Dec 2020

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God’s Grace Through Infertility with The Wilders

Today we’re sitting down with our friends Kevin and Melanie Wilder to discuss their journey through infertility. Over the course of the conversation we discuss the pain of longing for children, the grace of God in the midst of that longing, and how we can care for our friends and family who are struggling to conceive.

25 Nov 2020

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Seasons In Ministry with Tom Eichem

We're joined this week by Tom Eichem who serves as the executive pastor at Bay Life Church. Together we discuss his journey in ministry, the importance of raising up new leaders, and the ways that the pandemic has allowed churches to focus on the essentials.

18 Nov 2020

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Why Church History Matters

Today we're discussing the importance of Church History. Together we talk about the dangers of not knowing the story of the church, and the ways that our present moment echoes events from the past. We also offer some entry level resources for people interested in starting to learn more about the history of Christianity.

21 Oct 2020

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Tour Stories, Music, and Ministry with Joe Musten

This week we're joined by musician and Joe Musten. Over the course of his career Joe has played in bands such as Beloved, Advent, and The Almost. He also serves as a middle school pastor in North Carolina. Together we talk about growing up in a subculture, and how his experiences in hardcore punk have shaped his approach to ministry.

14 Oct 2020

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