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Learn about the current happenings around Freemasons Queensland with insightful content, including special guests, news updates, ideas, and conversations for existing UGLQ members and beyond.

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Episode 4 An Interview with the Grand Master

In this episode Adam interviews the MWGM of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, Paul Holland.


3 May 2022

Rank #1

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Episode 03 The Centenary Book

The Centenary Book:- The First 100 Years of The United Grand Lodge of QueenslandIn this Episode of the Podcast Jay and Adam interview some of the contributors to the Freemasons Queensland Centenary book, including MW Bro Dr Gary Bacon, RW Bro Jeff Harper DGM and WBro Stig Hokanson.


19 Nov 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 02 Walking Auditorial Tour of The Masonic Memorial Centre Brisbane

Walking Auditorial Tour of The Masonic Memorial Centre, 311 Ann St, Brisbane. You'll meet Bro Tony Lennon, the current facilities manager at the historic 311 Ann St building. Midway through the episode, you'll hear a news update with all the happenings around Freemasonry in Queensland to keep you up-to-date. Please be mindful that the views expressed in this podcast may not represent those of UGLQ


29 Sep 2021

Rank #3

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Freemasons Queensland Podcast Episode 01 2021

Welcome to The Freemasons Queensland Podcast.Today, we’ll be sharing the individual masonic journey of our guests for the first episode of the Freemasons Queensland Podcast.Midway through this episode, you’ll hear a news update with happenings around Freemasons Queensland to keep you up-to-date.You'll meet Wor Bro Jay Pask and Wor Bro Andrew Simmons where they'll be sharing with you their Masonic journey and more.Please be mindful that the views expressed in this podcast may not reflect those of UGLQ.


10 Aug 2021

Rank #4

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