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Discover the application of psychology in numerous areas, including healthcare and social concerns like binge drinking and autism.

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Mind Games - audio

Doing something you don't want to do requires plenty of focus and mental energy, whether it's quitting smoking, studying for an exam or doing a maths problem.In this interview psychologists Dr Martin Hagger from The University of Nottingham and Dr Nikos Chatzisarantis from the University of Plymouth, explain why ego-energy is so crucial, and why motivation could work against you.


16 May 2010

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Madness and Literature

In this video highlights from a conference on using literature to better equip doctors and nurses working with people affected by mental illnesses.


28 Mar 2013

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Let's talk about death - audio

Professor Jane Seymour explains how a lack of openness about death has negative consequences for the quality of care provided to the dying and bereaved.


5 Nov 2010

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Calling time on binge drinking - audio

Tackling Binge Drinking with pen and paper in the workplace: Science fiction or psychological fact?In this interview, Dr Martin Hagger explains how an innovative psychological approach could help reduce one of Europe’s most serious health risks.


16 May 2010

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Spiritual Healing - audio

In this interview we hear from Dr Aru Naryanasamy from the School of Nursing. His pioneering work on spirituality, culture and diversity in healthcare has earned him a coveted National Teaching Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy.


16 May 2010

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