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Train - Hunt - Eat Get in shape for hunting so you can go further and not be afraid to chase that animal you dream of just because it's in tough terrain. Don't let your fitness be your limitation! We'll discuss ways to help you get into shape for hunting in all types of terrain and styles of hunting. Plus we share our own experiences of hunting and needing to get in better shape myself to hunt more!

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Vital to Hunt Podcast #4 - Nate Loehr

One of the fittest men on the planet, Nate Loehr is a competitive CrossFit athlete and coach who has been a Master's Qualifier finishing in the top 200 out of 26,000 worldwide competitors.  He serves as a Program Director of Teen Challenge of the Dakotas, helping at risk youth find a positive direction in life and he's a dedicated outdoorsman who loves sharing his passion with his family.Also, Scott and Riley touch on the upcoming Archery Challenge.


4 Jul 2019

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Vital to Hunt Podcast #5 - Tyler Backus and his success in weight loss

Meet Scott's little brother Tyler and hear about his weight loss journey on losing 75 lbs SO FAR!  Hear from Tyler on what was his "why" to kick start the weight loss and what it is that's working for him.  His journey isn't complete yet either so we talk about what his overall goal is and how he plans to get there!  He's an inspiration to many and can help those just wanting to get started but don't know how or where to turn.  


11 Jul 2019

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Vital to Hunt Podcast #3 - Talk Running with Running Coaches

We talk running with Misty and Julie, coaches in Track & Field and Cross Country, and get tips on form, workouts, and nutrition.  Whether you're just looking to get started with some running to get back in shape, or you've been training for an event already, you'll get helpful tidbits from the experience of these two educators.  Train - Hunt - Eat


27 Jun 2019

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Elevation planning and prep for hunting

Riley, who grew up in Colorado, talks about ways to plan and prepare for hunting at elevations that us "flatlanders" aren't used to and aren't able to travel to for proper preparation for a hunt.  So we discuss some workouts to get those lungs and heart ready, as well as staying hydrated and other things to plan and prep for.


15 Aug 2019

Rank #4

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Vital to Hunt Podcast #9 - Elk hunting and planning.

Meet Scott's cousin Jamey as we talk about elk hunting and planning.  Hear from Jamey on their elk hunting success as well as gear differences from when he and his friends went on their first elk hunt compared to now.  Jamey also touches on some things he does physically to prep for the mountains.


8 Aug 2019

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