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Femicide & Witch Trials with Stacey Halls

CONTENT WARNING: Violence against female-identifying people and impoverished people and graphic depictions of abortion.Only now can we see what the witch trials were really about—an attempt to keep women and the poor in their place. What lessons do modern mystics need these 400 years later?“The pen of history has always been held by men,” says best-selling author Stacey Halls on this episode of Millennial Mystics.In the past, literature and history books made it easy for us to glorify witch trials as something merely spooky, if not warranted. But The Familiars did just the opposite. It humanized the players of the story in a way that captured the tragedy, fear, and panic that seized England and continental Europe in the 17th Century.Stacey shares with us her insight to the sociopolitical machinations that fueled the Pendle Witch Trials in Lancashire, England, which many see as the catalyst to decades of femicide and social cleansing.Join us as we take a new look at witch trials from the feminist lens they deserve.Show Notes:- Opening reading from The Familiars by Stacey Halls- Stacey’s website, Twitter, and IG (FOLLOW HER. You won’t regret it!)- Straightforward report about the Pendle Witches from THE MAN (UK government).- More entertaining report with the same information from a rando history website.- NPR + ProPublica series on maternal death rates in the United States (2017).- The Cider House Rules by John Irving- Magic Lessons Ep. 207: “Living the Dream and Facing the Nightmare” featuring Neil Gaiman (direct download)- Stacey’s NEW BOOK: The Lost Orphan (US) a.k.a. The Foundling (UK)BONUS Show Notes, i.e., Stacey’s recs:- Podcast: Saturn Returns with Caggie- Mystic Meg, astrologer for The Sun

1hr 53mins

15 May 2020

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Saturn & Jupiter & Venus Retrograde, Oh My!

With four planets going retrograde over the next month, it’s crucial to know how to use them to your advantage.Saturn has us reflecting on our structure both personal and global (we are HERE for increased community and better social programs). Jupiter will cause us to look at opportunity in new areas. Finally, Venus is giving us all makeovers and forcing us to KonMari our homes and especially wardrobes.Get even more details in today’s episode!Show Notes:- Website for finding out retrogrades- Astro.com for your natal chart- Our Astrology & Birth Chart Basics episode- If you want to create community, check out our interview with Naomi Westwater- How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel (video)- The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J. Levitin- Get some Human Design wisdom in our foundation episode- The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo- Magic of I planner- NYTimes: “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This”- The 5 Love Languages Quiz- The ridiculous werewolf erotica Jessie is reading right now- Monsters Holding Bitches on IG- Beyond the Highland Mist (the first book in the series about time-traveling virgins) by Karen Marie Moning- The Rules of the Internet- Details on Aligned Abundance Academy, Jessie’s group program to get your business in alignment during Saturn retrograde!

1hr 20mins

22 May 2020

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Astrology & Birth Chart Basics

Let’s be real: We could create an entire podcast series just on your birth chart. And we might! But in the mean time, we cover the basics on how to read your natal chart, including an overview of the signs, planets, and houses.Show Notes- “Nature Assigns the Sun” by Emily Dickinson- Astro.com to get your chart.- Dani Beinstein - One of our favorite astrologers. Visit her website or find her on Instagram.- Sun Signs by Linda Goodman - Keep in mind it is VERY dated, i.e., sexist. Thankfully, you don’t need to give her your money! You can either download this PDF or read this blog instead.- The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need - The title says it all.- Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde - The best coffee table book! Learn about all your worst traits according to your sign.Time StampsFire Signs- Aries - 00:28:00- Leo - 00:30:31- Sagittarius - 00:32:20Earth signs- Taurus - 00:35:02- Virgo - 00:37:23- Capricorn - 00:40:17Air signs- Gemini - 00:42:10- Libra - 00:44:25- Aquarius - 00:44:57Water signs- Cancer - 00:53:00- Scorpio - 00:58:02- Pisces - 01:03:31Planets- Sun - 01:14:23- Moon - 01:16:04- Mercury - 01:17:53- Venus - 01:21:35- Mars - 01:24:53- Jupiter - 01:29:41- Saturn - 01:32:19- Uranus - 01:37:59Houses- First (Rising Sign) - 01:49:55- Second - 01:52:47- Third - 01:54:44- Fourth - 01:59:59- Fifth - 02:03:27- Sixth - 02:09:00- Seventh - 02:10:06- Eighth - 02:13:47- Ninth - 02:16:46- Tenth - 02:17:58- Eleventh - 02:23:01- Twelfth - 02:27:46

2hr 35mins

1 May 2020

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Tarot Foundations

Tarot may have started as a card game, but how do we use it? This episode will cover how tarot has been used over time, the different types of decks and why we prefer them, how we came to the tarot, and advice and resources.Here are the resources we mentioned and/or recommend:- Becoming the Magician by Sarah Lyn Rogers- Episode Three of the Mystic Podcast - background on the Rider-Waite deck and the woman who illustrated the world’s most well-known tarot deck.- Pamela Colman-Smith: The Untold Story - the witchy coffee table book you need.- Jessie’s decks: Celestial Tarot, Tarot of the Absurd, and Dalí’s Tarot.- Kayleigh’s decks: The Hanson Roberts Tarot, The Dreslyn Tarot, Animal Spirit by The Wild Unknown, STARDUST by Space Delirium, and Pagan Otherworlds by uusi.- Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice - Kayleigh’s recommendation for getting into the energy of The Fool.- Biddy Tarot - the be all, end all of tarot resources, but especially good if you use reversals in your practice.- Labrynthos App - legitimately an online tarot school!- Kitchen Table Tarot - for anyone who can’t start a hobby without reading a whole book first.- WTF is Tarot: …& How Do I Do It? - a highly recommended book among readers.

1hr 48mins

1 May 2020

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Community Building with Naomi Westwater

Community is a vital and oftentimes underestimated quality of a mystic practice. Our guest, Naomi Westwater, explains the importance of community practice, especially one based on a solar or lunar cycle. Learn how you can create a circle of mystics, regardless of their beliefs, to foster support and fellowship.Show Notes:- “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver- Wheel of the Year calendar- Moon Giant and MOON app for lunar calendar- Learn more about moon phases in our foundational episode Moon Phases & This Podcast- Where to find a plethora of sample full moon rituals- Naomi’s website: www.naomiwestwater.com- Follow Naomi on Instagram- Support USPS during COVID with one of Naomi’s Snail Mail Tarot Readings!- Finally, listen to Naomi’s heavenly voice on Spotify.

1hr 34mins

8 May 2020

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