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Designed Nutrition with Brad and Christina Love

Today I’m here with my special guests Brad and Christina Love, former owners of Crossfit 117 gym. Brad is a Crossfit Coach and CEO of Mach1Foods. Mach1Foods is a scientifically designed nutrition program that Brad and Christina created based on their clients’ needs. Christina is a registered dietician and has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and leads nutrition workshops. We’ll talk about nutrition, nutrition tips, tactics, and what you need to know about proper nutrition.Christina wanted to do more with her college career and decided to try out for her college track team as a walk-on. She made the cut, and this event started her journey into health and wellness. Christina talks about how you can “communicate through food” and why nutrition is such an essential factor if you want to stay fit and excel at your sport and in life.Brad has always been athletic and competitive at sports from a young age. He started selling supplements in his early 20’s with a supplement company. Brad talks about his experience in high school football, not being able to take an opponent down because of his size. He realized that he needed better nutrition to gain muscle mass. Since then, Brad has worked with individuals and teams as a personal trainer, coach, and Crossfit coach.Basic nutrition strategies Christina and Brad recommend:Set SMART nutrition goalsTake small stepsBe consistent with your new change and your new goalFind a nutrition plan which fits your lifestyleBe consistent with your lean meatsAvoid sugar as much as possibleWe will dig into what the next step should be for someone who is eating well and has proper nutrition. When should you work with a licensed dietician? How and what types of food should you eat based on your calorie burn? Dial-in the nutrients and find out what types of macronutrients should you use to burn fat more efficiently. Learn how you can take a genetics test to find out what you should be dialing in with your fitness and nutrition.Show Notes:[01:30] Christina introduces herself and gives some background about herself.[03:26] Brad talks about his nutrition journey from a young age.[05:35] Why Brad was hooked on Crossfit.[07:30] Christina and Brad suggest basic nutrition strategies to follow. [11:08] Be consistent with your lean meat and avoid sugar.[13:20] The next step after creating a good nutrition lifestyle.[20:22] Mach1Foods and what Christina and Brad brings to the table.[22:49] How Mach1Foods customizes their food for their clients.Subscribe Today!AppleSpotifyAndroidStitcherRSSBuzzsprout Show Resourcesinfo@mach1foods.com with the subject line “Justin’s Podcast”Mach1Foods


19 Dec 2019

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Mobility Tips from Strength & Conditioning Coach Bradon Hull

Episode Highlights: Bradon Hull played high school football. When he showed interest in weight training, his coach encouraged him to try Strong Man. He competed in Strong Man for about a year, then transitioned to CrossFit. He has been to the Granite Games twice as part of a team of three.The Granite Games is a high-level invitational CrossFit competition. The first time his team placed 14th, the second time they placed 11th. The first time Bradon competed in the Granite Games, he was blown away to be competing alongside well-known athletes in the CrossFit world. His team had been training together for a couple of years. Their team mentality was an advantage. The second year his original teammates couldn't do it so he did the online qualifier for fun and formed a team. Bradon would like to compete in the Granite Games again, but this is a busy year for him with graduate school and an upcoming wedding. Bradon is getting his Master's degree in Exercise Science at UTA with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. He also interned at TCU.As far as mobility goes, despite what you may hear, it is highly genetic. Some people are more mobile than others. Usually females are more mobile than males. Mobility will depend on your genetics. To improve mobility, look at the shoulders, the T spine, hips, and ankles. If you can attack those four things, you will definitely get more mobile. Overhead flexion, getting your hand past your ear overhead and squat depth will help with mobility. For overhead flexion you can try to use soft tissue mobilizations on the pec, pec minor, and your lats.For squat depth you really want to address ankle mobility. People are neglecting hip internal rotation for squat depth. Hip mobility was big back in the day but it is coming back around. You really need good hip mobility and ankle mobility to hit squat depth.Bradon highly recommends checking out The Ready State. The Ready State uses lacrosse balls, foam rollers, bands, and other tool to help you get ready to lift or help you post-lift. His go-to is using the lacrosse ball or one of those fancy Vigorous Innovations massage guns on your pec minor and a stiff foam roller on the lats working side to side to help release. He recommends the same thing for calves. Use the foam roller side to side and move the ankle around. Bradon uses a pretty hard foam roller. Let's say you're doing your quads and running the foam roller up and down really fast. You may increase blood flow, but you're not really addressing the tissue stiffness or limitations. The Ready State demonstrates different techniques on the foam roller. Bradon utilizes soft tissue mobilizations before a workout. He doesn't do a lot of static stretching before, that comes in after. A couple of sets of static stretching and some breathing work would be his two best things to do post-lift.Breathing is everything. If you don't have a good aerobic system you won't do well in CrossFit. You have to be able to breathe through out your movements. Nasal breathing will help you recover and get down to baseline. He likes to do 5-10 minutes on his back doing nasal breathing. One of their coaches came up with a breathing protocol that requires a 4-second hold and then a 6 second exhale.Bradon loves coaching online. His ultimate dream job would be to coach competitive athletes at CrossFit gym.3 Key Points:1.   Mobility is highly genetic and some people are more mobile than others.2.   Make sure that you’re using your foam roller in the best way possible to address tissue stiffness and limitations.3.   Taking the time to work with your breath will help you re-establish your baseline and prepare your body for the next workout.


16 Jan 2020

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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind with Jason Forrest

In Episode 6, host Justin Robinson speaks with Jason Forrest, CEO of FPG. Jason has studied how to achieve high performance and high energy through rewiring the subconscious brain. Listen to hear how Jason goes about hacking the subconscious, why we need to be careful about what we’re uploading into our subconscious thoughts, and how he invests in himself to achieve peak performance.Episode Highlights: Jason Forrest grew up in awe of his father, a persuasive jewelry salesman. Interestingly, his Sunday school teacher was Zig Ziglar. He became obsessed as a child with high performance, communication, and selling. For many years he has studied high performance coaches to better understand how we can apply their strategies to our lives as corporate athletes.Jason became obsessed with how to really change behavior. This is how he came to study the subconscious mind. 95% of our daily actions are driven by our subconscious minds. It’s meaningful to assess what the subconscious mind is telling someone that is in conflict with what they need to do to become more successful. They can then rewire those subconscious thoughts to place them in alignment with what they want out of life.Jason asks us to think of each human as a brand new computer in factory condition. We each come with basic programming. Research says that 70% of your programming happens in the first seven years of your life. Sometimes we need to clear the cache or delete corrupt files, so to speak. Be careful what you're uploading into your cloud because that's what you’re downloading into your reality.Jason describes the four main frequency levels: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta is high energy. Right below that is alpha, which is awake or barely awake. Theta is a trance state. Delta is a deep sleep. For the first seven years of life, you were in theta. If you look at how to reprogram your hard drive, you have to get back into theta as much as possible. Most people on the road are in alpha. They’re in a light trance. When you're in that stage, the gatekeeper of your conscious mind is asleep. This is why it can be crucial to think carefully about the media you choose to listen to or the social media accounts you follow.Jason is obsessed with spartan races and biohacking. Health is the bedrock of everything. He learned he needed a certain stamina to pull off four day marathon seminars. He began hacking his biology to optimize his energy. He even hacked his wedding vows to create a better mental model for marriage. Jason invests in himself. Every three months he sees a wellness doctor. He gets a full blood scan and a DEXA scan. He has four personal training sessions per week and does Pilates. He estimates that he spends $1000 a month on optimizing his health. Jason shares how to get his book, The Mindset of a Warrior, for just the cost of shipping and how you can learn more about him. 3 Key Points:1.   95% of our decisions come from our subconscious mind. 2.   When you’re reprogramming your subconscious, you’re deleting corrupt files and replacing them with more useful files.3.   Biohacking is a way to optimize your health to optimize your energy and other health factors.Tweetable Quotes:“The reason why I went off on my own is because I became obsessed with the idea of how do you really change behavior in a person.” – Jason Forrest“70% of your programming happens in the first seven years of your life.” – Jason Forrest“The reason why health is so important is that it’s the bedrock of everything." – Jason Forrest“You’re hacking it for


30 Jan 2020

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Back to Nutritional Basics with Matthew McDaniels

Episode Highlights: Matthew McDaniels became fascinated with bodybuilding at a young age when he encountered his father’s copy of The Ironman's Guide to the Complete Home Gym. He remembers getting an idea in his head that he wanted to be a big, strong guy from those photos. When he was thirteen, he learned about functional training for the first time. He did bodyweight-only workouts for a while after learning about some of the limitations and drawbacks to bodybuilding.Matthew has seen CrossFit change lives. One person he coached, along with AA, came out of alcohol addiction through CrossFit. It has been a privilege for Matthew to see this athlete choose CrossFit as her new hobby to focus on. Other clients have said they were able to get off their anti-depression medications, with the supervision of their doctors, in part due to their participation in CrossFit. CrossFit also provides a positive community.Matthew shares what he has noticed about fad diets. They focus back on the basics. Getting back to basics works every time. Consistency matters when it comes to nutrition. You need to be able to eat that way 80% of the time for a very long time. People will often try to take on too much too soon. Matthew advises listeners to eat more vegetables. Make more of your meals at home with ingredients you purchased from around the outside of the grocery store. Ask if your meals come mostly from the perimeter of the grocery store or within the center aisles. Would somebody 1,000 years ago recognized what you are eating as food? Matthew also recommends tracking and tabulating what kinds of foods you are eating.Matthew tells us that with nutrition, knowing is 80-90% of the battle. Any food you eat is going to break down into a carbohydrate, fat, or a protein. As measured in the calories you consume, you want a rough balance. Some people do a little bit better with more carbohydrates proportionally, or more fat, etc. Nobody does well with 80% of one kind of macronutrient.You don't necessarily have to have a tracking app for the rest of your life or have a food scale on your counter. Eat just enough but not too much quality food from a rough balance of all three macronutrient sources of whole foods that you shop for from around the outside of the grocery store.Near the end of the episode, Matthew shares about his side business as a public insurance claims adjuster with Paradise Claims. You can also learn how to reach out to him with questions.3 Key Points:1.   CrossFit can provide a healthy way to train that can help you achieve long-term fitness goals.2.   When you’re working on improving your nutrition, get back to the basics.3.   As you shop, ask if your meals come mostly from the perimeter of the grocery store or within the center aisles.Resources Mentioned:The Ironman’s Guide to the Complete Home Gym Combat ConditioningDragon DoorCrossFitMyFitnessPal (app)Macrostax (app)Matthew McDaniels Instagram, FacebookParadise Claims


7 Feb 2020

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Educating Her Children, Healing Her In-Laws, and All Things Mobility with Coach P

Join Justin Robinson with his special guest, Crossfit mentor, owner and head coach at Crossfit Burleson in Burleson, Texas, Coach Peyton Randall.  One of Peyton’s specialties is mobility and I brought her on to tell a little about herself, talk some mobility, and a brag about how awesome she is in the gym.  Peyton starts back taking us back before her and I ever met. 2011 when Josh, Sergio, and I started our dive into gym membershipStruggles of finding time for the gym and work/ personal life balanceMoving from Arlington to Burleson and helping my dad take care of my grandmother.I found CrossFit in the fall of 2013.Coach Kelly and her husband, John, original owners of CFB invited me to come back. So I did and have been there ever sinceCertified in 2016 for to be Crossfit coach, and that was right around the time that my grandmother had passed away. She passed away that August, and in taking care of her, I watched her become a prisoner of her own body, so to speak. A short time after that, I  talked to my dad and he helped me pursue getting my L-1 certification (that’s a coaching certificate for CrossFit instructors). I followed that up with my CrossFit kids certification because it was important to me to teach my children all about CrossFit and what purpose it serves.  Mother-in-law and father-in-law are currently some of my personal training clients. My father in law is a diabetic and my mother in law fell last November and broke her arm.In CrossFit, our methodology, we have 10 general physical skills. Number one of your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. So that's the serving of our that purpose that we work out every day are metcon.  Number two we have the stamina. We have strength, flexibility, powers being coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.As we get older, we start to lose some of these capabilities, so our agility becomes inhibited. Our balance becomes inhibited, especially when we're over 55. One of the things about CrossFit really is obviously at the gym is we have competitive spirits.Ultimately the goal is to stave off the old folks home and to live a productive life and be able to go out and be free at the things we are able to do like sports or just everyday life. I like to try and show you that you're capable of doing something and then give you the opportunity to go forth and continue to do that.Coach P answers: 15 minutes of mobility works on a on a daily basis you need. The point of mobility is honestly is to serve, protect your fascia. So something you can do to prevent that on a daily basis is utilize a foam roller. Taking care of the glute with that lacrosse ball prevent muscles from getting tight or knotted up and helps you to work out that lactic acid that build after a workout.  Mini bands is something that helps with hip mobility, ankle mobility, which are your two most important factors in squatting. With the mini bands you can also do whats called flossing.  So if you spend a good 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis either before or after, I'd say both.They can goto our website www.crossfitburleson.com Or my cell phone 817-709-7391 You can even message me on Facebook and or Instagram and I will send you a message to setup a consultation.For real folks, let me just tell you honestly, Peyton is one of the most carrying coaches you'll ever meet. She's always there for you.Self Myofascial Release With Lacrosse Ball Activation & Mobility w Bands Overhead Mobility - Lat and Teres Major Active Foam RollingOverhead Foam Rolling


23 Jan 2020

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Coping with the Coronavirus with Vitamin Supplements and Time at Home

In Episode 12, host Justin Robinson goes solo, addressing vitamin supplementation and the benefits of vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, zinc lozenges, coconut oil, elderberry extract, and garlic, as well as strategies that are helping him cope with the restrictions brought on by the coronavirus crisis.Episode Highlights:     Justin Robinson changed his mindset from ‘I have to be at home’ to ‘I get to be at home.’    Videos, books, and sleep assist Justin Robinson in maintaining a positive mindset.      Justin is an avid crossfitter and still maintains his exercise regimen at home during the coronavirus and schedules time for it on a regular basis.     Vitamin C is important for iron absorption and iron deficiency can make you more susceptible to diseases. Taking vitamin c before getting a cold can reduce its severity.    3 Key Points:1.   Spend your extra time reading, working on your online business, and getting stuff done around the house that you weren’t able to do because you didn’t have time. 2.   The most important thing you can do to avoid infection from coronavirus is limit exposure, get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat food with essential nutrients. 3.     Taking doses of vitamin c that are too high can cause gastric disease, diarrhea, and can increase the risk of cataracts over the long-term. Tweetable Quotes:“One of the things that has really helped me over the years, probably for the last 15-20 years maybe, is kind of with the mindset that things are always happening for us and not to us.” – Justin Robinson“Any challenge that we have, our God knows that we’re good enough to handle it. So, we just have to take this opportunity to make ourselves better.” – Justin Robinson“Staying in the right mindset and positive attitude actually boosts your health and your immunity system." – Justin Robinson“I’m not actually getting up and getting dressed like I normally would, doing my hair you know and all that other stuff that goes with it. But, I am sticking to a schedule.” – Justin Robinson“During this time when the virus and the flu, and cold season and allergy season and all that other stuff is in full effect, I think supplementing some things is very beneficial.” – Justin RobinsonResources Mentioned:ConsumerLabsSubscribe Today!AppleSpotifyAndroidStitcherRSSBuzzsprout 


27 Mar 2020

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Feeling Uplifted by CrossFit and Christian Ministry with Brendon Johnston

In Episode 11 of Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe, host Justin Robinson speaks with Brendon Johnston, one of Justin’s CrossFit coaches, lifting instructor, and his work-out strategist, who also works as a pastor at Christ Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Episode Highlights: Brendon Johnston has been involved in Christian ministry since he was 19-years-old and he has a wife and two daughters. He started his fitness journey in college Division I basketball, stopped and then revisited fitness after becoming a father. Brendon discusses workout strategies from the perspective of being a coach and enjoying the ‘a-ha moments’ that his clients experience during training sessions when they trust Brendon’s suggestions. He talks about protecting athletes from getting hurt by looking out for moves that are pinching, grabbing, causing hip/knee/ankle flections and back roundings. Learn more about how to lift weight properly, how to avoid problematic lifting situations, the power of patience, and getting comfortable with heavier lifting. 3 Key Points:1.   AM Wraps give you a rep scheme and you maintain the same speed for 15 minutes.  2.   The body seeks movements that are comfortable. So, If your workout feels weird and uncomfortable to your body then it is probably right.   3. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where the weight suddenly feels foreign to you. Tweetable Quotes:“Probably my freshman year in college, I actually dunked a basketball and  I remember what that felt like and I was like, holy cow, if I keep working harder I will be able to jump higher.” – Brendon Johnston“Once my basketball career stopped in college, I took a break for a long time from anything fitness, found out my wife was pregnant with a girl and decided that I need to be big and strong to fight off any future boyfriends.” – Brendon Johnston“What I appreciate the most about CrossFit is it has taught me how to strategize and how to plan out workouts to where I can get the most out of the workout for myself at my fitness level.” – Brendon Johnston“I see every workout as a problem, and I want to learn how to solve that problem, and the solution is based on my ability, completing the task at hand. So, my mind works as a problem solver.” – Brendon Johnston“As a coach, when your athlete is lying on the ground dying, and yet you still see the upturned smirk of a smile knowing that they walked in and they just did better than they thought they were going to do, you’re like, yeah, that’s right.” – Brendon JohnstonResources Mentioned:Brendon Johnston InstagramThe Movement Podcast YouTubeChrist Church FW christchurchfw.com


18 Mar 2020

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My Story and why it matters!!

In Episode 8, host Justin Robinson shares his own story, with struggles and successes along the way. Listen to hear how Justin got to where he is today and what inspired him to begin his journey to optimal health and wellness. You’ll be inspired by the changes Justin has made and encouraged by what he has achieved.Episode Highlights:         Justin Robinson was born in Fort Worth, Texas. His family moved many times during his childhood and he fell in with the wrong crowd during adolescence. At 15, Justin dropped out of high school and went out on his own.         At 22, Justin met his now-wife. When they found out they were expecting a child, they moved back to Fort Worth where Justin took on labor-intensive jobs. He began finding stability as he started making the right choices.        In 2012, Justin’s wife had a serious heart attack and this changed Justin’s perspective on everything. This is where his health and wellness journey began. He had never had the chance to be an athlete due to the circumstances of his youth, but he began working out at age 40.        Once he joined CrossFit, Justin felt better about himself and he met incredible people  there. He exercises and pursues health to have a better quality of life. He has never felt better than he does now, at age 48.        You can change your life by making small improvements every day. You also need someone to support you in these changes. 3 Key Points:1.   Justin found stability as he started making the right choices. 2.   Pursuing exercise can be about improving the overall quality of your life. 3.   You can’t make all the changes you need to make at once, but with patience and consistency you can make it happen.Tweetable Quotes:“I didn't really find stability...until I started making the right choices.” – Justin Robinson“I just started really researching what we could do to eat better, to drink better, to sleep better, to just live a more productive and healthy life.” – Justin Robinson“Once I joined CrossFit, I quickly started feeling better about myself." – Justin Robinson“Our goal at the gym is not necessarily to be competitive athletes.” – Justin Robinson“Just do a little bit more every day to better yourself.” – Justin RobinsonResources Mentioned:Broken Heart Syndrome Justin Robinson FacebookReach out to Justin at justin@vigorousinnovations.com or text him at (817) 637-5815


20 Feb 2020

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Coaching and Basic Fitness Strategies with Whitney Enis

In Episode 10, host Justin Robinson speaks with Whitney Enis, a coach at CrossFit Burleson who also coaches high school basketball and runs a freelance videography business. Listen to learn the basic fitness strategies Whitney recommends and hear her take on high school athletics.Episode Highlights: Whitney Enis played high school basketball and continued playing in college. She eventually became the graduate assistant coach for her school’s basketball team. Whitney shares how much she enjoys seeing the kids she coaches enjoy the weight room and implementing her advice.Whitney recommends buying a gym membership to add motivation to your fitness goals. She also recommends starting with small, achievable. She encourages high school athletes to play multiple sports to receive all the advantages of cross-training. At the end of today’s episode, Whitney tells us more about her videography business.3 Key Points:1.   Set small achievable goals when you start your own fitness journey.2.   High school athletes don’t need to focus on just one sport all year long. They can take a break and still get a scholarship.3. High school athletes can benefit from going to the gym instead of playing their sport exclusively. Time in the gym will improve their overall condition. Tweetable Quotes:“I never had anything really handed to me whenever I was playing.” – Whitney Enis“If someone buys a membership and there's money involved, it's a better motivator to get you to go.” – Whitney Enis“If you have really good condition and strength, then all the fundamentals are going to just be elevated to new heights." – Whitney Enis“Start small and set goals that you can achieve.” – Whitney Enis“You can't just come in the gym and goof off and expect to get better.” – Whitney EnisResources Mentioned:Whitney Enis Videography InstagramWhitney Enis InstagramText Whitney about (940) 210-8424


12 Mar 2020

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Exploring Chiropractics and Integrative Medicine with Dr. Jeremy Taylor

In Episode 9, host Justin Robinson speaks with Dr. Jeremy Taylor, a sports chiropractor. Listen to learn how Dr. Taylor works with athletes to help them recover rapidly from injuries, minimize pain, and optimize performance. Episode Highlights: Dr. Jeremy Taylor was a football player at Columbia University where he studied computer science. He injured himself working out and went to see a chiropractor for the first time in his late twenties. This inspired him to go to chiropractic school. Dr. Taylor loves learning new techniques and expanding upon them to help his clients feel better as quickly as possible. Jeremy and Justin discuss the Airrosti method, which is one of the tool sets Dr. Taylor uses. Dr. Taylor fell in love with adjusting again after helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. He loves working with CrossFitters. Teaching thoracic mobility and core stability is one of his passions. He shares some fascinating information about inflammation and the importance of clearing the lymphatic system.Dr. Taylor shares quick tips for listeners about joint mobilization and recommends rolling out your upper thoracics and lower back. He discusses how this can help activate other muscle groups. 3 Key Points:1.   The lymphatic system is like the body’s sewer system. Without movement, your lymphs backup and create pressure.2.   Don’t bring a mobility issue to a stability problem.3. Find the muscle that should be working, get it turned on, and then everything else will relax.Tweetable Quotes:“There's not one thing that fixes everybody, so I just try to get as many tools into my belt as possible so that I can fix people as quickly as possible.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor“I like working with CrossFitters because it requires a perfect range of motion.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor“You'd be amazed at how much gut inflammation affects everything else in your body." – Dr. Jeremy Taylor“The best way to move lymph is through movement.” – Dr. Jeremy Taylor“Warm up. Mobilize. Hit the foam roller.” – Dr. Jeremy TaylorResources Mentioned:Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well  Stop Chasing PainAirrostiAthlean-XThe Prehab GuysTMI Therapy website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeDr Taylor recommended excercises: https://www.taylormadeintegrativetherapy.com/exercises/Reach out to Dr. Taylor at (817) 523-9590.


28 Feb 2020

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