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CustomerX Therapy is a podcast that brings CustomerX Pros to the therapy couch. We will dive into topics around being a one person team, how to launch successful programs, overcoming challenges with sales, and many many more. With a bit of fun and advice from your two resident therapists; Dana and Kaily.

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Creating a virtual user group strategy or the 4 C's of an Exceptional Customer Experience (Consistency, Communication, Community, Celebration) with Callie Rojewski

In Episode 8 Callie Rojewski, the Customer Advocacy and Marketing Manager at Guru joins us on the therapy couch.The 4 C’s are each equally important but all achieve specific outcomes and help build an experience your customers virtually will not forget and a willingness to continue to engage in the future with you. Callie goes into her strategy and her why.


25 Apr 2022

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The Role of Empathy in Customer Experience with Ashna Patel

Inside a team or an organization empathy helps with management and collaboration by helping to understand the other person's perspective. Then externally with your customer experience and customer management, putting yourself in someone else's shoes can make it easier to find a compromise between two points of view. In turn building a strong trusted relationship. That's a broad definition of empathy within business.Tune in to our latest episode as Ashna Patel joins us on the Therapy couch and hear how Ashna puts this into practice and how you can too.Connect with Ashna on Linkedin.


7 Apr 2022

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Customer Advocacy vs. Customer Marketing with Jennifer Susinski

Jennifer shares with us about telling stories and being human. She believes as well as the CustomerX Therapy hosts in the importance of bringing authenticity into the B2B world of advocacy and marketing and sales and customer success. Honestly into really any customer facing side of the business. Sit back on take a listen to how Jennifer is putting this advocacy approach into practice.Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn here.


11 Mar 2022

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Fulfilling cross-functional needs through meaningful relationships with Advocates with James Lustenader from Planview

In our latest CustomerX Therapy podcast episode we were joined by James Lustenader, Sr Manager, Customer Advocacy at Planview. And a RockStar SlapFive customer as well!! Listen to this episode to learn more on how James takes on a one-to-one approach with his advocates. James evangelizes his advocacy program to help drive and facilitate a customer first mindset and infuses it throughout the organization.Feel free to connect with James on LinkedIn.


9 Dec 2021

Rank #4

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Customer Value Led Growth with Markus Rentsch

Over the past 3+ years Markus has been working on creating a new SaaS business model called Customer-Value-Led-Growth. A unique approach that aligns teams around a single mission and goal - continuously growing the customers value.Markus joined us on the Therapy Couch to talk about how he sees CVLG help you to grow faster and more profitable by focusing on all levers of growth - price, product, acquisition, expansion and retention - and optimize the value per account.Connect with Markus on LinkedIn here.Check out his post about the Old game vs the New game here.


22 Oct 2021

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The Value of Advocacy Activities inclusion in the Customer’s Total Customer Lifetime Value with BT

In our third episode of CustomerX Therapy we were joined by Barbara Thomas, also know as BT, the Sr. Customer Advocacy Program Manager at Imprivata.BT dives into the value of advocacy activities being included in the Customer's Total Customer Lifetime Value. She goes over how advocacy actions translate from metrics into meaningful dollars. And if you are not doing this today BT shares some compelling reasons on why you should be or at least considering it.Lots of great resources for you all as well below: If you are not connected with BT here is a link to her LinkedIn, she regularly shares jobs in the CustomerX industry and other valuable content and resources.Read PART 1: Customer Advocacy: Adding Advocacy Value to "Total Customer Lifetime Value"​ Blog by BT.Read PART 2: Customer Advocacy: Adding Advocacy to "Total Customer Lifetime Value" Blog by BT.BT references the research on Advocacy Personas from Forrester in this article.


29 Sep 2021

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Energizing Communities to Drive Outcomes with Virtual Events with Morgan Pottruff

Virtual events have always been around but not at the extent over the past year and a half. Thanks to the Global Pandemic they became the norm and the only way for interaction. More and more platforms are rising up to support virtual events, but what stands out with Morgan and his company Matchboxx is that they have capitalized on how to energize virtual events and drive outcomes.Grab a seat on the virtual therapy couch and listen to some advice Morgan is sharing on how you can productize virtual events that in turn build communities and drive customer outcomes.Sign up for CS4Rev on October 5 at 11am ET.Connect with Morgan on LinkedInLearn more about Matchboxx


21 Sep 2021

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Meet the CustomerX Therapists

Listen to our first episode to meet the women behind CustomerX Therapy, and the connection they have to Therapy when it comes to business. Learn more about the CustomerX Community as a movement, how it relates to the evolving marketing space, and what to expect with this podcast in terms of topics, guests, and themes.


25 Aug 2021

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