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3GDC Presents - 30 Minutes with a 3G

This podcast series highlights conversations between Toby Kaminsky of the DC area, who is the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, and other grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, known as "3Gs," or "third generation" survivors in the DC area. Each episode features a unique family story told by a 3G as "Thirty Minutes with a 3G."

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Thirty Minutes With a 3G: Introduction by Toby Kaminsky of 3GDC

In this introduction, Toby Kaminsky, who is a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, explains her involvement in 3GDC, a group representing "3Gs" or third generation Holocaust survivors in the Washington, DC area.  Toby's "Oma" (grandmother) Jenny and aunt Helga escaped Vienna by way of Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and England before making a new life in the United States which would include the birth of Toby's mother Fran in 1949. In each podcast episode, Toby interviews 3Gs with fascinating family stories and explores the impact and inspiration of this shared history.


7 Apr 2021

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Thirty Minutes with a 3G: Justin Weitz of 3GDC

Justin Weitz is originally from New Jersey.   He moved to the DC area in 2012, and lives in DC with his husband, Kevin.  Justin is an attorney who works for the government investigating and prosecuting white-collar crime.  Justin is a big runner and fan of everything outdoors, and has the misfortune of being a Mets fan. In this episode, we learn that all four of Justin's grandparents survived the Holocaust and he lucked into an amazing trip retracing places in the Ukraine where his family hid during the war. Enjoy!


15 Apr 2021

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Thirty Minutes with a 3G: Matt Gever of 3GDC

A current Generations After Board Member, Matt Gever also serves as the  newsletter editor of 3GDC. His parents Eli and Rocha Gever (nee Levinson) are both survivors from Latvia. In December 2018, Matt participated in a study trip to Poland that examined Polish-Jewish relations and the purported resurgence of Jewish life in Poland. When not working on Shoah-related events, he is active at Sixth and I synagogue and with DC Jews on Bikes. He currently lives in the Petworth neighborhood of DC with his wife Karen. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA in 1998 and a Masters of Public Affairs from the University of Texas in 2001. He currently works as an analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice. In this episode, we discover that Matt is both a 2G and 3G (child and grandchild of Holocaust survivors); he knew from a young age that his parents escaped the Nazis but it took many years for him to use this background as a force for good in the community.


16 Apr 2021

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Thirty Minutes with a 3G: Lizzie Westin of 3GDC

Lizzie Gelernter Westin was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia and has lived in the DC area since college.  She currently lives in Potomac, MD with her husband, son, and daughter. She is proud to have been one of the founding members of DC Young Leaders Chapter of HIAS (although it is no longer active in that format) and has been active with the Refugee Committee of her synagogue because of her family's own refugee history. She works in the Enterprise Data Platforms team at FINRA. In this episode, we explore Lizzie's grandparents' amazing escape from Nazi Europe to Bolivia, which was one of the few countries which welcomed Jews and happened to be home to some high profile Nazis after the war as well.


16 Apr 2021

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Thirty Minutes with a 3G: AJ Siegel of 3GDC

AJ Siegel is a DC resident for the last 7 years after having started his career back in his hometown of West Hartford, CT. He is a father of an amazing, rambunctious 2 year old named Talia, the husband of the successful and stunning Camille and dog-daddy to two troublesome dachshunds. AJ is a Experience Architect at ServiceNow, helping customers understand that actual humans use their technology tools, and it's their job to make it easy to use. Once that is sorted out his home office becomes a home gym and he finds some efficient way to stay fit so he can quickly go back to dad mode.  AJ is the wizard responsible for the technical aspects of launching this podcast series and is also an invaluable board member of 3GDC. In this episode, we learn about AJ's grandfather who was a major influence in AJ's life; he spent many years educating students about the horrors of the Holocaust, all while keeping an upbeat attitude about the "American dream."


3 Jun 2021

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