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The True to You podcast is your go-to show for practical wisdom to build a meaningful, creative small business.You’ll find content on marketing, mindset and tonnes of experts who want to help you grow a thriving small business you love. My guests are exceptionally creative women, building businesses from their zone of genius, all while balancing many other roles in their life.

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Ep. 83 - Why video content should be a key part of your marketing strategy with Liz McVoy

Liz McVoy is a Marketing Consultant who helps entrepreneurs elevate their brand and connect with their audience through video storytelling, brand strategy, and magnetic marketing content. Over the last decade, Liz has worked with multi-billion dollar tech companies, boutique brands, and entrepreneurs to focus their creative direction, stand out as the expert, and create marketing content that converts. In a rush of courage, and the height of the craziness of 2020 - while pregnant with her second baby, she officially launched her creative agency which is now her full-time gig. For more marketing tips, inspiration and resources, sign up for her newsletter at www.lizmcvoy.com and follow her on Instagram @lizmcvoycreative. --> FIND OUT MORE about the CREATOR CLUB business coaching membership by clicking HERE. Applications open until 7th May 2021 and we commence 10th May 2021.

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7 Apr 2021

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Ep. 82 - Pricing for profit as a creative (PART TWO)

In today’s episode, we round out this two part conversation on pricing. We talk about what a value ladder is, positioning your pricing - relative to the market and your clients, allowing for a profit margin and alternatives to hourly rates and fixed pricing. While these mini episodes are intended to be simple and not throw a thousand ideas at you - at a minimum I do hope you pencil in a regular date to review your pricing. Got questions? Drop me a DM on Instagram @rubykmarsh and let's help you price with confidence.


28 Mar 2021

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Ep. 81 - Ready to update your pricing? Answer these 5 questions first (PART ONE)

Today’s episode is taken from a short but powerful 10min IGTV on pricing. Pricing is one of the top 3 things small business owners have questions about when we they enquire about coaching. At least once a year we want to sit down and evaluate our pricing to ensure it's a reflection of the type of business we’re building and the value we’re creating. This video isn’t about how to be the most expensive, but it is about being profitable and you may or may not choose to raise your prices after tuning in. If you enjoy this episode make sure you hit me up in the DM’s on Instagram @rubykmarsh or head to rubymarsh.com to learn about 1:1 coaching if you have specific questions about pricing and your business. Grab your notebook and let’s get into the conversation!


21 Mar 2021

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Ep. 80 - Mastering your brand story with copywriting expert Ché Elizaga Castro

Ché Elizaga Castro is an award-winning Brand Story Strategist + Copywriter for impact-driven brands, and an in-demand speaker flipping the business script with a more human approach to marketing. Ché founded Come Alive Co to help industry disruptors elevate their presence and stand apart through the connecting power of Brand Story. In this episode we talk about: Che's career story and why she left to start her own business despite being at the top of her industry The highlights and the lowlights of small business Going from designing campaigns for the likes of Toyota to GoDaddy, to realising her passion was in small business
 What is your "brand story"?
 Why is it your most important piece of marketing?
 Why do you think many entrepreneurs fear writing copy so much?
 How can we learn to “practice” copy and overcome the fear? Instagram and TikTok: @comealive.coFree Brand Story resource: comealive.co/email


13 Mar 2021

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Ep. 79 - Why community is your secret to building authority and a great reputation in small business

The word “community” and building a community has become a buzzword in marketing in the last 10 years - most likely due to the rise of social media, blogging, gaming and discussion platforms like reddit. So why is community something that we are both craving for our mental wellbeing, and interested in as a marketing strategy for small business? Why is building a community or being part of community, help you build authority and reputation as a small business? In this episode, Ruby answers both these questions for small business owners who have been thinking about their own "community" in 2021. We also explore community building with other small business owners, in these great episodes: Ep. 30 - Building Community & Wellness-based Business with Renee Wilkinson Ep. 33 - Collaboration, Community and Mum-life with Sara Spence Ep. 48 - Melissa Histon believes all women can make a difference Ep. 51 - Grace Blacksea on Banishing Burnout and Becoming a Master of Time Ep. 54 - Alisha Ochoa Tell us Why Building Community is Essential for Small Business To access more great resources around building your small business head to rubymarsh.com


7 Mar 2021

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Ep. 78 - New to leading a team? Chaili Trentham is here to help you be your best

Chaili Trentham designs developmental conversations for authentic leaders across multiple organizational industries. After several years of developing leader training programs in higher education, she began collaborating as a consultant for companies passionate about employee experience, while teaching leadership studies to undergraduates in the university classroom.  Chaili is Founder of Coffee on Leadership, a team of Organisational Development consultants coaching leaders in developmental strategy for more authentic impact in their organisational roles. She also hosts a podcast of the same name.  In this conversation we talk about some of the core challenges new leaders face including learning about your leadership style, designing your core values as a business, boundaries, delegation vs. enrolment and so much more.  IG: https://www.instagram.com/chaili and https://www.instagram.com/coffeeonleadershipW: https://www.coffeeonleadership.com/ Jump into my FREE annual Planning masterclass and grab your free workbook: https://www.rubymarsh.com/visionmasterclass/

28 Feb 2021

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Ep. 77 - Is social media helping your business? a conversation with Ruby & John Marsh

Ruby and John Marsh have an honest conversation about the role of social media in business and in life. We talk about how social media can unconsciously affect our business growth and how you can start to look beyond social media in your marketing. READ: Creating a marketing strategy without social media --> https://www.rubymarsh.com/socialmedia/

14 Feb 2021

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Ep. 76 - Self-care doesn't have to be complicated with Tara Lee Bagnall

Tara Lee Bagnall is the founder of Ohm Wellness is a Yoga and Mediation facilitator, passionate about helping people in community and corporate settings, to transform their lives to one of more joy and fulfilment. She is the creator of online program '40 Days with Tara’ Tara uses simple yet powerful methods, like Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine and Mindset Awareness to transform her own life - from one of Severe Bipolar Disorder and Heart Disease at just 31 years of age - to now living her life by design, in which she is thriving and now guiding others on their own path. In this episode, Tara and I talk about the importance of prioritising yourself and simple ways to do that even when it feels impossible, how she came to be a yoga teacher and now author, yoga teachings that transfer into business and how we can manage stress as small business owners. https://www.instagram.com/taralbagnall/ https://www.ohmwellness.com.au/ Sign up for the ROCK YOUR VISION Masterclass on 9th February @ 12pm Syd time with Ruby CLICK HERE or head to www.rubymarsh.com/masterclass to register!

7 Feb 2021

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Ep. 75 - Marketing that cuts through the noise with Laura Higgins of Lala Social Club

Today's guest is Laura Higgins - founder of marketing consultancy Lala Social Club. As the founder, Laura’s role is consulting with clients, putting together strategies and helping everyone get really good at marketing. (Plus also managing to market her own business while she's at it) She works with small business owners who want to cut through the noise. She is here to give you practical, proven strategies to take you from confused to confident. Oh, and she believes marketing should be fun! When she's not at work, you’ll find her watching Gilmore Girls reruns, sipping a champagne, chasing the sun at the beach and hanging out with her (super cute) nieces and nephews. Lala Social Club recently launched their podcast too - it’s called My Business Playbook - fun! Hang out with Laura: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lalasocialclub.co Website: https://lalasocialclub.co/ Podcast: My Business Playbook Sign up for my business pep talk HERE Sign up for the ROCK YOUR VISION Masterclass on 9th February @ 12pm Syd time with Ruby CLICK HERE or head to www.rubymarsh.com/masterclass to register!


31 Jan 2021

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Ep. 74 - Author Jen Wright on writing your first self-published book

Jen Wright is a self-published author whose first love is helping young women develop their skill of oral storytelling and writing their personal story. Jen's new book is called RedeemHer Heart and is a personal memoir. This book is her first major creative endeavour on this scale, but like anything Jen puts her mind to it's a starting point. Throughout 2020 she rose to the occasion, despite having 7 children at home (and homeschooling them) this episode celebrates the launch of the book this month. You can also hear Jen on Episode 3 of the True To You podcast where we went deeper into Jen's story and her previous business Let Light In You. www.redeemherheart.com https://www.instagram.com/redeemher.heart/


19 Jan 2021

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