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Arthur Mendoza - Acting Coach - Stella Adler Technique

Arthur Mendoza was the principal acting instructor for the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting West. He has taught in Los Angeles for more than 20 years and has worked with such talents as Khandi Alexander, Sasha Barrese, Peta Wilson, Finola Hughes, Branford Marsalis, Deidre Hall, John Jopson, and Salma Hayek, and he worked extensively with Benicio del Toro after he won a scholarship to the Conservatory. He has performed in more than 124 plays and worked on television and in film, including episodes of Falcon Crest and Our House and the film Deep Cover.Arthur is the founder, artistic director and principal acting instructor at the Actors Circle Theatre in Los Angeles, California. He has directed productions at the Actors Circle Theatre, including The Glass Menagerie, 7 Women, A Director & a Tape Recorder and three seasons of ACTtheREP (A program of repertory theatre, holding productions of published and original plays yearly. This program was established for actors exemplifying outstanding talent and work ethic in the Advanced Scene Study class). Arthur earned his B.A. from University of California, Riverside, and an MFA from University of California, San Diego. He studied with Stella Adler for 10 years before becoming the founding principal instructor at her studio in Hollywood.Currently, Mendoza coaches at the Santa Monica Playhouse, continuing his and Stella Adler's legacy of the Stanislavsky Method, finding an indirect pathway to emotional expression via physical action. Podcast Voiceover: Hugh Benjamin @ I Think An Idea Digital Marketing Agency

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Good Script, Bad Script: Throw Yourself In It

A good script you gotta live up to, a bad script gives you permission to do whatever you want...which allows you to find yourself as an actor. Start with what your relationship is with the other characters... https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


24 Jan 2019

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The Fundamental Techniques of Stella Adler

Arthur Mendoza breaks down the most important and fundamental techniques, imaginary story and the animal exercise. The imagination is pushed in these two exercises and if the actor can accomplish these techniques then they have a future. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com/home


16 Apr 2019

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Breaking Down a Script

How an actor should approach a script and understand it. Finding the flow and rhythm of the dialogue. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


2 Feb 2019

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Being Real Is Boring

Arthur Mendoza explains why being real in a scene is boring and ruins a scene. Actors need to spice up the scene with their imagination and be realistic, not real. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com/home


16 Apr 2019

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How to Find the Character

Acting Coach Arthur Mendoza breaks down how to find the character in a play or a script. Plus what bad habits most actors do and how to stop them. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


17 Jan 2019

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An Actor is Deliberate and Committed

A good actor doesn't show off. A good actor is deliberate in their choices of actions and activities and they fully commit to those choices. You cannot memorize a choice but must simply remember how it felt. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


10 Feb 2019

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Anything is Possible with Imagination

Arthur Mendoza breaks down how to act with the imagination and breaking out of typecasting. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


1 Apr 2019

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I Don't believe In Pilot Season

Arthur Mendoza does not believe in pilot season. He believes an actor should be an actor all year round. Arthur speaks the industry problem of actors and the luck it takes to make it. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


16 Apr 2019

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Stella Adler's Protege: Arthur Mendoza

Arthur Mendoza is Stella Adler's protege. He is a direct descendant of Stella Adler's technique which she learned from working with Stanislavski. Stanislavski is known for creating the modern technique of acting that actors and coaches today try to emulate that only Arthur knows how to teach authentically. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


2 Mar 2019

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A Student of Stella Adler

Arthur Mendoza recounts his relationship with Stella Adler and how she influenced his teachings. Arthur breaks down his life experiences and relationships the molded him into the teacher and artist that he is today. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


24 Mar 2019

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Authenticity in Acting

Acting Coach Arthur Mendoza breaks down Shakespeare and the authenticity of the Actor. What does it mean to be true to yourself as an actor in being the character and how to translate your truth in Shakespeare and other great plays. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


1 Mar 2019

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How Jason Momoa got Game of Thrones

Arthur Mendoza tells a story from when Jason Momoa was in his acting class, and how Jason used a specific technique from class in his audition for Game of Thrones. This technique landed Jason Momoa the part of Khal Drogo in Season One of Game of Thrones. It was also this role that launched a career and made him a household name.


4 Apr 2019

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Dealing with Criticism

Acting Coach Arthur Mendoza speaks about how to deal with criticism as an actor, and the difference between criticism and critique. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


10 Mar 2019

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Dialogue Means Nothing Without Your Action

Arthur Mendoza explains why on set they say action. They don't say feel, they say action. Acting is about the action (your activity), not feeling. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com/home


16 Apr 2019

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Fearless Creativity and Humbleness in Acting

The qualities an actor needs to separate themselves from others. If you don't rehearse it then it shouldn't happen in your performance. https://www.actorcircletheatre.com


11 Feb 2019

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