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Macro ESG: markets, politics, and technology for a sustainable future with Greg Beier

We analyze the risks of markets, politics, and technology for a sustainable future. We generate actionable ideas with clear risk reward and position size.We have a solid track record of forecasting major change, such as Biden’s election and its implications, China’s yuan rally, plus the crude oil and Covid crashes.

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Ideas - Sell All US Equities Now, Decline Will be Worse than 2020

1. COVID Risk Increasing News of Covid success in the United States and UK is masking much bigger problems. News reports estimate that 30,000 people are dying a day in India. Covid is still spreading out across the developing world and Asia (Tokyo and Melbourne on lockdown). 2. Variant Risk Increasing The risk of a super variant that current vaccines are ineffective against emerging from these hotspots is a realistic possibility and will drive down risk taking in markets. As 200 countries come together for the Olympics in Japan, a super variant could emerge from the Games, as a chief doctor has warned, begging the government to postpone the games. 3. Republicans As the Democrats have such a narrow margin of control in the Congress, the Republicans are highly incentivized to harm the economy and be generally disruptive so as to weaken support for President Biden’s policies and push voters to support the Republicans in the mid-term elections and take control of the House and the Senate. For example, just two days ago former National Security Advisor General Flynn talked up a coup, the Governor of Texas just signed a law that will limit abortions after six weeks, and Republican states across the US are limiting voting access. #macroesg @gregbeier #susarb www.macroesg.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


4 Jun 2021

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NB: This is an update to the January 12, 2021 piece “Social Media is a Solid Short” on MacroESG.com. When Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called out Facebook’s business model as being a social liability for humanity, he put a cap on the stock price. Trade location: Facebook shorts should be made against the high of this day. While the market power is so substantial now, FB is gently listing along.As the US congress and President Biden are tied up with vaccinating America and getting the stimulus program into law, this has kept the hammer of the government from coming down yet on social media while Australia led the challenge of the social media revenue model. If this were to happen across the world, Facebook’s near 40% profit margin on about $80 billion in revenue would shrink. Jeff Bezos confirmed the negative outlook for mega-tech when he announced that he is stepping down as CEO to become Executive Chairman of Amazon, in a move almost certainly tied to the fact that the top job will become about managing regulatory risks like anti-trust, labor unions, and consumer privacy. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


3 Mar 2021

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The time has come to short social media which means Facebook and Twitter as they’ve been the engines of the political controversy.After last week’s attack on Capitol Hill, the Congress has impeached the President for a record second time and will certainly reign in his tool of power - social media.The Russell 2000 Small Cap index is up ~20% since the election of Joe Biden on November 10th, indicating a change in stock market leadership.As Facebook has been riding a wave of good will for a long time that has allowed the company to remain exceptionally profitable – that good will is totally over, and the pendulum will swing the other way. Facebook may be broken up on anti-trust grounds and long investigations and hearings will be burdensome to the company. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


13 Jan 2021

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The Greatest Global Risk

America’s Two Greatest Threats…The two greatest threats to America’s national security are: Money influencing policy; andPolarized politics.…Creates Global RiskWhen money in politics creates a split America – then this is the worst possible path for the United States to follow. And this endangers free and open societies around the world, as the US still is the cornerstone of the global system. If the US falters, every other country is at increased risk. Money influencing policy that creates polarized politics in the United States is, therefore, the greatest threat to global security – at least in terms of implementing solutions to all of the obvious global problems and maintaining a strong, vibrant alliance of open societies. Moreover, it will not be possible to tackle to climate change and the biodiversity crisis – much less deal with nuclear weapons and pandemics - so long as the US is divided. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


12 Jan 2021

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Worse than Watergate: The US is a Long-Term Buy

We are at a historic moment in the history of the United States. As MacroESG has been writing for some time, the Trump administration is fitting the historical analog of the two previous presidencies, Hoover and Carter, that preceded their respective transformational presidencies, FDR and Reagan. This means that Joe Biden is going to be a transformational president, just like FDR and Reagan, which makes the US a long-term buy. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


11 Jan 2021

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Blue Wave is Complete With Historic Diversity

Blue Wave is CompleteThe election of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate run-off elections has completed the Blue Wave. Macro ESG Called It Months AgoMacro ESG called on July 23 in “Macro ESG Daily: We Are At an Inflection Point” that "...the Senate is going to fall to the Democrats too. It’s going to be a political Armageddon." And this is exactly what happened today.Historic Diversity From GeorgiaRaphael Warnock is the first African American Senator to win an election in the Deep South without being an incumbent since Reconstruction (the period following the Civil War). Similarly, Jon Ossoff is the first Jewish Senator from the Deep South to be elected to the Senate since Benjamin Jonas, a Democrat, who was elected in 1879 from Louisiana. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


7 Jan 2021

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Vaccinated US Equity Market Will Hold

In spite of these dire facts and likely projections, because the Fed has pushed so much money into the system, giving Airbnb a sky-high valuation on day one, and because of the vaccine - nothing is going to come down.Equites are looking through the winter at the rebound that will come in the summer from economic activity snapping back. The stock market is quite literally vaccinated from the covid crisis. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


18 Dec 2020

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Democrats Set to Win Both Senate Seats in Georgia

Bad Virus News Wins GeorgiaI expect that on January 5th the news will be so bad about the pandemic across the country that voters are going to say – No, we are not going to support a party whose President said covid was all going away, was protected in the Senate, and who did not move on covid relief until they had to for their own political interests. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


17 Dec 2020

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How Biden’s Plan to Decarbonize America Will Impact the Dollar MacroESG Summary

In summary, the US dollar’s value is determined by S - Social assessment (class and race divisions) which is primarily determined by its G - Government assessment (capability and leadership).Investment and Trading PlanIf a surprise event comes up - like a bad ending to the war in Afghanistan - that leads to protests in the US and a decline in the Social assessment, then the US dollar is a solid short. If other bad Government actions/decisions drives Social lower, then the USD is a very solid short.Conversely, if Joe Biden maintains strong social cohesion and pulls the country together after Mr. Trump leaves office with a solid plan that the country buys into, then the dollar is all set to be steady to up. In MacroESG speak, if strong G leads to steady to strong S - then the USD is a buy. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


16 Dec 2020

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Sustainability Arbitrage LLC and 2021 Surprise Forecast

I am pleased to announce that MacroESG is now the research product of Sustainability Arbitrage LLC, a company that I founded. Macroesg.com will be the research portal for Sustainability Arbitrage. I believe that a significant surprise event likely to happen in 2021 will be the massacre by the Taliban of mid-level and low-level collaborators in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have not seen this idea stated anywhere and as it is so obvious – it leads me to believe that this could be a surprise with power in the markets. www.macroesg.com #macroesg @gregbeier--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/macro-esg/message


15 Dec 2020

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