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Dads in Lockdown

Nothing like a good pandemic to make you feel truly outnumbered.  Join Glen and Craig (don’t worry they were practicing social distancing never getting closer than ten feet apart) as they share how their lives and their family’s lives are dealing with life in lockdown. Show Notes Advice to those dads that are outnumbered from Glen and Craig: Keep it together for the sake of the entire family. There are some things you can’t control but you can control your attitude. Make sure the family isn’t standing still.  Help them see the positive parts of the day, that. they are getting exercise, and are learning new things. Use this time to bond even more as a family through activities, board games, and things you’ve put off because you’ve been too busy. You and your spouse are a team.  Be sure to support each other. Episode theme music from The Omega Man


2 May 2020

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