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In a world where nothing seems to be real- pictures are photoshopped, interviews and stories are edited- I want to bring the realness to real topics and issues. Listening may help you realize your not alone in this thing called life.

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Episode 4 - Tavierney

Due to an increased exposure to "ideal body types" in society, weight loss has become the focus of advertisements, social media accounts, health programs, and even social groups. Nowadays, it is difficult to engage with pop culture and the news without hearing about some type of new diet or weigh loss program. Weight loss can be beneficial to one's health in many cases, however, the introduction of fad diets has proven to increase risks associated with the desire to live a "more fit" lifestyle. NEW EPISODE with Tavierney, a Registered Dietitian, CCSD (Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics), and the head of Nutrition and SHIFT Life


26 Jun 2019

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