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Join Dr. Adkins as he takes you on the journey of running a multi-million dollar per year online business from a backpack (and the life lessons that come with it).

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#042: How I got paid 35k to film a 7 day Documentary (and what I learned about myself in the process)

Today, Ben walks you through the unusual way that he tricked himself into building a brand that he's been thinking about for the last 3 years. Links from the show: The "7 Days Until Launch" Documentary (the documentary) The Escape your Office Brand (what he built during the documentary)


25 May 2020

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#003 How I made my First $1000 on the Internet.

I made my first thousand bucks online completely by accident. What I learned from that first accident, however, was extremely powerful and I use the same skills to this day. Let me show you exactly how I did it.


25 Jun 2018

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#004 How to Create a $500 Training Program in 24 Hours.

Are you an expert at something, but also a procrastinator? Welcome to the club. In this episode, I walk you through how I trick myself into creating lucrative content fast and my process for making money by always "doing it live".


1 Jul 2018

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#037: How to make $10k per month Online by Recording a Weekly Show

 This is one of the easiest ways to make money that I have ever seen out there in terms of helping other people do cool things for their business, but also getting paid really well for it . In this episode I'm going to walk you through how we make $10k per month online by recording a weekly show for other people.     You can also check out our step by step guide here: https://fearlesssocial.samcart.com/products/weekly-show-service       


20 May 2019

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#022: Going Big with Your Content and Facebook Ads.

You have put out content that leads to your opt-in that leads to your product. Every single week you have something new that's coming out.  You have all of the pieces that support it. Now how do you light a fire under it with Facebook Ads?   


4 Feb 2019

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#005 How to Make 20k in 7 Days with your Email List.

Most businesses have the email addresses of their past customers. The problem is that most businesses have no idea how to make money with those email addresses. In this episode, Ben walks you through how to put together a promotion to bring in 20k in the next 7 days with your email list.


8 Jul 2018

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#040 Changes (The Road Less Traveled)

In this episode of the Serial Progress Seeker, Ben walks you through some changes to the podcast and talk about why you're about to get more access to his life and business than he's ever given you before (and why that's a little scary for any entrepreneur).


30 Oct 2019

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#024: My Path from 0 to Millions Per Year.

Have you ever wondered how I can run this business from anywhere in the world with just my laptop and my backpack?  On today's episode I'm going to walk you though my process on going from 0 to Millions per year.  Some of it may surprise you! 


18 Feb 2019

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#018: Creating a Content Plan that Makes You Famous.

If you want to become famous, you've got to create a ton of content. On today's episode of Serial Progress Seeker Dr. Ben Adkins is going to walk you through the system he uses to create hundreds of pieces of content in a little amount of time.


7 Jan 2019

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#020: Building Your Platform from a Freebie.

Building fame in your market is all about creating a platform to shout from.  Build the right kind of platform and it can power your business for years and years and years.  


21 Jan 2019

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#036: How to Create an Online Course Outline

If you are an expert it anything you need an online course. I am going to tell you why you need to create a course and how to map it all out so its a breeze to create.  Links mentioned in this podcast:  Facebook Ads Backpack Guide https://get.serialprogressseeker.com/sales-pagev4psn231 


13 May 2019

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#033: Why Your Business Needs to be a Purple Elephant

On this Episode of Serial Progress Seeker I'm going to talk about how to make your business stand out from the crowd of other businesses that look just like yours.  I'm going to tell you about some big brands who have done an excellent job of becoming a purple elephant and what you can do to set yourself apart. 


22 Apr 2019

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#010 How to make a fortune with "Platinum Packages".

What if you could take any product or service that you're selling right now, make one small change to it, and make 10x as much money in your business every month, just from that small change.In this episode, Ben walks you through the power of adding a "Platinum Package" to your current product offerings.


12 Aug 2018

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#013 How to get more done with the "Batching Method".

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people just seem to be able to do so much more with their 24. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he's able to get 3 months worth of work done in a week using his "Batching Method".


2 Sep 2018

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#021: Do you really have a Unique Product?

If you already have a product to sell that is unique to your business and you want to get out in front of more people, or if your product is having a hard time standing out, this in an episode that is going to change the way you run your business.  


28 Jan 2019

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#008 The "Math Problem" that changed my Business (and Life).

What if you could put $1 into a machine and predictably get $2 to come out. Wouldn't you do it over and over again? On this episode, Ben walks you through how he figured out the "math" behind doing just that.


29 Jul 2018

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#028: Want to know how to make $10k per month with micro services?

Today we're going to talk about how to make $10,000 a month with something called microservices. So what is a microservice? A microservice is something that is super easy to deliver. Every business out there needs, or almost every business out there needs, and it's something that you can set up in a couple hours and then software will run it indefinitely. After you listen to this podcast follow this link for a more in-depth look https://get.closerscafe.com/msm


18 Mar 2019

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#030: 9 Elements to an Amazing YouTube Video

Today we're gonna be talking about the nine elements that you need to have in your videos if you want them to do well on YouTube. These are the nine things that if you do these well, you're going to see your videos travel a lot farther, because of the way it plays into people's psychology, but also the way that everything plays into the algorithm. 1. Short Intro of Video Topic.  2. Intro Self and what you Usually Talk About.  3. Ask to Subscribe.  4. Reintro of Video Topic.  5. Content Main Points with Examples of Each.  6. Review Main Points.  7. Call to Action.  8. Ask to Subscribe  9. Sign Off.


1 Apr 2019

Rank #18

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#011 The "10% Rule" that every Entrepreneur Must Understand.

Do you ever feel like you're putting in a ton of work, but you're just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.


19 Aug 2018

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#015: 1000 True Fans and the 3 Stages of Burrowing into Someone's Mind.

The internet is a vehicle that can take our business to places we never thought possible... if you know how to use it. On this episode, Ben walks you through the "1000 true fans" concept and the 3 things you must be doing to make your business famous online.


17 Dec 2018

Rank #20