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Listen to highlights of Dave Gilyeat and his team of new music aficionados as they deliver all the best Oxfordshire bands you've never heard before.

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Live sessions podcast

This week, it's a podcast only show as we've been somewhat unceremoniously evicted from our live radio time (this week only)... so we put together a mix of our favourite live sessions! You can watch all of these tracks performed live in our music cave at https://www.youtube.com/user/BBCOxfordIntroducing or https://www.facebook.com/pg/bbcintroducinginoxford/videosIncludes tracks from:Dolly Mavies - Drown me outCandy Says - GravityLucy Leave - These three yearsRhys Lewis - What ifInner Peace Records - EverydayZurich - My ProtocolPetsematary - DogsRainbow Reservoir - Rainbows don't endMother - StrangersCatgod - Heartbeat in your handRhymeskeemz - Breathless // Kiss from a rose


10 Aug 2019

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PODCAST: Wandering Wires

This week on the podcast, Dave's joined for a chat and live session with jazz-electronic all-stars Wandering Wires! Plus there's first plays from The Kirals, Hazel Louise and excellent tunes from Despicable Zee, Betsie Gold, KHLOË, Peaness, Izzy Frances, Moonrakers,Aphra Taylor and Tiece!


7 Mar 2020

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PODCAST: 16 May 2020

This week on the podcast, our Six Degrees of Isolation continues with Feeo (The Artist Formerly Known as Theo), we've got a First Play from Steady Habits, and a sneak peak at Stornoway's upcoming live album ‘The Farewell Show’.


16 May 2020

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PODCAST: 9 May 2020

This week on the podcast, our Six Degrees of Isolation continues - this time finding out what Hotel Continental are up to during lockdown, there's a First Play from Inland Murmur, news of this year's Tandem Festival, and tracks from Jon Ouin, Pangolin, LVRA, Jenny Mahler, Rosie Caldecott, Lina Simon, Waterfahl, Lest We Forget and Band of Hope!


9 May 2020

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PODCAST: 3 May 2020

This week Dave's got first plays from Ock Street Band, James Gallagher and Mandrake Handshake, plus news of Purdy's charity single for the NHS, and excellent new music from Tiece, Waiting for Smith, The White Lakes, Gigi Williams, Low Hummer, Tamara and Tiger Mendoza & Ally Craig.


3 May 2020

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PODCAST [From the Archive] Anniversary show 7 March 2015

As part of marking our 15th birthday, we've dug into our archives to take you back to 2015 when we celebrated 10 years on air! Dave caught up with some of the acts who debuted on the first ever show, there's interviews with Mark Cope from The Candyskins, Jon Ouin from Stornoway, and Joe Seaward from Glass Animals, plus songs by Bug Prentice and Family Machine, and original presenter Tim Bearder even turned up to talk about the early days of the programme.

1hr 5mins

29 Apr 2020

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PODCAST: 4 April 2020

This week on the podcast, Daves got Be Good’s new single 'Reflection of the Moon', there's first plays from Leon P Fields and Blue Orchid, plus we find out how Lee Christian, Dolly Mavies and The People Versus have been keeping spirits up during the current coronavirus pandemic, and there's excellent tracks from JuuL, Ben Avison and SHELLS.


4 Apr 2020

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PODCAST: 29 March 2020

With things being a little different at the moment, Dave’s had to relocate to the secret underground Gilycave to bring you the podcast. This week, hear a little bit of Nirvana’s heart-shaped box, as covered by Dave Bayley from Glass Animals in his live stream, there’s a live version of Search Box by Low Island – recorded at The Bullingdon in Oxford (we were there, it was great!). Plus, excellent tracks from Solomon Grey, The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, Aphra Taylor, Orchid, Max Blansjaar, Emma Hunter, Bedd and Adam Barnes. Stay safe friends!


29 Mar 2020

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PODCAST: Limpet Space Race

This week on the podcast, Dave's joined by experimental pop-duo Limpet Space Race for a chat and live session! Plus, there's three first plays from Jess Fitz, Jodi Liz and Grand Palace Scam, and excellent new music from LVRA, Rhys Lewis, Octavia Freud and EB.Watch the live session video here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p086qw69


14 Mar 2020

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PODCAST: Richard Walters

This week on the podcast, Dave catches up with Richard Walters, there's first plays from George Lewis and Emma Hunter, Nightshift Magazine Editor Ronan Munro recommends Pandapopalypse and there's excellent new tracks from Orchid, Black Hats, Julia-Sophie, LYR, Dezdom and Wednesday's Wolves!Follow us: https://twitter.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.instagram.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.facebook.com/bbcintroducinginoxford https://www.youtube.com/user/BBCOxfordIntroducing


22 Feb 2020

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This week on the podcast, Dave's joined by Purdy - hear about her trip to the Oscars, starring in the The Crown, her new album and she plays The Real Thing, live in session. Plus there's excellent music from Willie J Healey, Hollis Lomax, Still Pigeon, Bedd, Zach C-R, Ann-Marie de Lange, Grudgewood and LVRA.Watch Purdy's live session on our YouTube page here: https://youtu.be/GBBlK5RUbl0


17 Feb 2020

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PODCAST: Lacuna Common

This week on the podcast, Dave catches up with Lacuna Common, Nightshift Editor Ronan Munro recommends Bruno Muerte, we hear from Self Help after their gig at The Bullingdon, there's first plays from Shake Chain and Nina Vasu and excellent new tracks from Bjerglund, Tiger Mendoza, Donald Campbell and Mosa.


8 Feb 2020

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PODCAST: Riaz + Rhys Lewis

This week on the podcast, Dave has first plays from Riaz, Tundra Mouse, Northparade, and Rhys Lewis pops by to wish us a Happy New Year! Plus there's tracks from The Bobo x Kid Kin, Wednesday's Wolves, Amber, Abandon, Abi Farrell and Jess Josie Lee.Follow us heeeeeeeeeeeeeere! :)https://www.facebook.com/bbcintroducinginoxford https://www.instagram.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.twitter.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.youtube.com/BBCOxfordIntroducing


4 Jan 2020

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PODCAST: Rhys Lewis: Act of the Year 2019

Dave reveals Rhys Lewis as our Act of the Year 2019, and we there's a #FirstPlay from Rosie Shaw plus Ronan Munro picks a track to play.Here's a link to the video of Rhys Lewis' session at Maida Vale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dol8oqOp47g


7 Dec 2019

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PODCAST: 31 Hours

Dave's joined by 31 Hours and he interviews new artist, Samita plus our reporter, Katy Hills, chats to Sam Martin from Kiama and there's loads of new music from Oxfordshire


23 Nov 2019

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PODCAST: Elena Piras

This week on the podcast, Dave catches up with folk singer Elena Piras for her first play on the show, we hear what from Katy got up to with Jen Berkova and Max Blansjaar at BBC Introducing Live, and there's loads of excellent new music from Oxfordshire - including tracks from Tilly Valentine, Black Hats, ShaoDow, Anton Barbeau, Brite Spires, Toby Sebastian, Danny Mellin, LVRA and Accord de Voix.Follow us! :)https://www.facebook.com/bbcintroducinginoxford https://www.instagram.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.twitter.com/bbcintrooxford https://www.youtube.com/BBCOxfordIntroducing


9 Nov 2019

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PODCAST: Candy Says + Autumn Mixtape

This week, as Introducing Live 2019 takes over with a live broadcast from Tobacco Dock, it's a podcast only show from us! Dave catches up with Beanie Tapes co-founder and Candy Says singer Julia Walker at Ritual Union, plus there's an excellent selection of atmospheric tracks to soundtrack your Autumn evenings, including:Max Blansjaar – Marble ArchTheo – Morning Glory Cameron AG – HeadlightsPurdy – Lovin’ Man (feat Pilgrims’ Dream)Death of the Maiden – Waiting for You Dolly Mavies – ReflectionCharlie Cunningham – Don’t Go FarWednesday’s Wolves – BeastJulia Meijer – En Liten FageMORROW– He KnowsTiece – Ghost Town The Deadbeat Apostles – Can’t Stop the RainIzzy Frances – You Lost the War Waiting for Smith – MeditationSolomon Grey - Forties

1hr 4mins

2 Nov 2019

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PODCAST: Ags Connolly

This week on the podcast, Liz and Chris sit in for Dave, they're joined for a chat and live session with Ags Connolly. Plus, our series taking you Beyond the Music continues as Katy Hills catches up with Tamara Parsons-Baker from All Tamara's Parties, Nightshift Magazine Editor Ronan Munro's recommends Moogieman, there's a first play from Gigi Williams and tracks from Rhys Lewis, Betsie Gold, Flat Lager, and Junk Whale.Check out the video from Ags' session here: https://www.youtube.com/BBCOxfordIntroducingFollow us:https://www.facebook.com/bbcintroducinginoxford https://twitter.com/bbcintrooxford http://instagram.com/bbcintrooxford


26 Oct 2019

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PODCAST: Young Knives + Superheart + The People Versus

This week on the podcast, Dave catches up with Young Knives at Ritual Union Festival, there's first play interviews with Superheart and The People Versus, plus Music News and tracks from Mowves, Ralfe Band, Lucy Mair, Kid Kin, ENDAKAT and Sebastian Reynolds.


19 Oct 2019

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This week on the podcast, Dave's joined by Joely for a chat and live session, Katy takes us 'Beyond the Music' with Jo Frost from Sofar Sounds, plus there's excellent tracks from Low Island, Betsie Gold, EB, Loraine James, Good Canary, My Crooked Teeth, Ben Scott and Matt Maltese!Watch the video from Joely's live session on our Facebook and YouTube pages:https://www.facebook.com/bbcintroducinginoxford/videos/1227876174088845 https://youtu.be/35UvfXMQcdA


12 Oct 2019

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