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Living Proof

We are all living proof that we are warriors and we deserve to show the world that we OWN our stigmas! It’s time we open up the conversation about mental health and remind ourselves it is okay to not be okay! Feel free to contact me at thelivingproofpodcast@gmail.com

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Step by Step

How many of you started singing New Kids on the Block?On this episode I dive in on taking those first initial steps in opening up about your struggles as well as taking those first steps towards recovery.I even share some of my favorite self care strategies, including some of my all time favorite personal development books.


23 Dec 2019

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Living with Intention

Today I share updates on where I am at today in my mental health journey and how I have been doing these past few months.I share what has worked for me, what hasn't, and what I plan to continue to do!


30 Dec 2019

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Visibility for an invisible illness

I am so excited for today's episode! Today's episode is my first interview where I chat with my coworker and fellow mental health warrior, Simone! It is a raw, unedited chat between friends who also work in the mental health field about dealing with mental health, supporting those struggling, and just living our lives!


30 Dec 2019

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How full is your glass?

Today I get to chat with one of my very best friends about the importance of mindset. How we have conquered our inner mean girls and what has been working for us. 


20 Jan 2020

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Short and sweet-I chat about the epidemic upon us all--Compare-it is. I know I struggle with comparing myself to others and where they are at in life. I know for a fact we all struggle with this to some extent. I chat for a bit about how we all should embrace our true and authentic selves, just as we are. I want to hear what you all write down for what you are going to do in life!


13 Jan 2020

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