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Two fans of two iconic 70s Saturday morning programs get together to discuss an episode each podcast. Plus, look out for special episodes with the actors and writers who made the shows possible.

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Episode 4: Shazam! "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "Thou Shalt Not Kill" September 21, 1974   John and Richard settle down to discuss the third episode of the series, "Thou Shalt Not Kill".  They look at the legal precedent set in the story by the sheriff and Captain Marvel.  They are amazed by the horse that can talk without moving its lips.  And they puzzle over the double message the Elders give Billy in their weekly meeting.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “It's important for us to remember that laws are made to help us, and that when they stop helping us, they can be changed, legally.” Guest Cast   Pamelyn Ferdin as Lynn Colby William Sargent as Sheriff Colby John Karlen as Nick


15 Mar 2015

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Episode 28: Shazam! - "Double Trouble"

Shazam! "Double Trouble" September 27, 1975 Billy and Mentor are shocked to learn that Captain Marvel is accused of robbing a gas station.  Billy's first instinct is to investigate the matter, but he turns himself in as Captain Marvel in order to prove a point to a young boy about the idea that no one is above the law.  But if Captain Marvel is in jail, who is going to prove his innocence? John and Richard are both in agreement that this is one of the best episodes in the entire series.  We learn though it's one that Jackson Bostwick suggested as an idea for the show and it allows Captain Marvel a lot more dialogue and screen time.  The two discuss the potential of the episode, the importance of the moral today in a world where many feel they are above the law, and the number of known actors who appeared in this episode. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. ​Moral: “Respecting the law is just another way of saying that we respect each other. Laws have been made for the good of everyone, and when someone breaks the law, they're saying "I don't care about you." When you respect the law, you respect yourself." Guest Cast Ben Andrews as Pierce Young William Bassett as Bill Ritzi Ross Elliot as Sheriff Martin Jack Garner as Phil Schartoff Jimmy McNichol as Kelly Martin Bill Quinn as Larry Frank

1hr 9mins

23 Jul 2016

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Episode 37: ISIS - "Bigfoot"

Isis "Bigfoot" October 25, 1975 Lee and Cindy claim to have seen Bigfoot while walking through the woods.  Is it possible?  Rick has a hard time believing it, but when the kids begin to panic and decide to hunt the beast down, Isis steps in and discovers the secret of Bigfoot (long before Steve Austin did). John is especially excited to tackle this episode in light of his love for Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man, but there are problems with it as John and Richard discuss.  Plus, they also talk about how Isis managed to debunk supernatural tropes that were popular in the 70s, wonder how a man with shoes leaves a bare footprint, and discuss the second issue of the DC Comics The Mighty Isis Series, "The Creature from Dimension X" and "Lost and Found".  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "There's a well-known proverb that says, "You can't judge a book by its cover."  What that means is that you can't tell what something is like just by the way it looks.  That's especially true of people.  So whether they be tall or short, thin or fat, remember, the way a person acts, not how he looks, that is what counts." ​ Guest Cast Scott Colomby as Lee Webster Neil J. Schwartz as Mickey Moses William Engesser as Bigfoot (Richard) & Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

1hr 3mins

29 Jan 2017

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Episode 33: Shazam! - "Speak No Evil"

Shazam! "Speak No Evil" October 11, 1975 Paul and his friends are hanging out on a Sunday afternoon and are bored.  So they decide to go to school.  Makes sense, right?  Paul has his misgivings and he's proven right when his friends accidentally start a fire and his dog is almost killed in it before being saved by Captain Marvel.  Billy and Mentor know Paul knows something but he doesn't want to be a "fink".  Will he see it's better to admit the truth before it's too late? Danny Bonaduce plays the misguided, but well intentioned teen who keeps his silence in this episode.  John and Richard play the hosts of a podcast discussing the episode.  They discuss how many kids learned to take off in flight from Superman and Captain Marvel as well as the "rural" effect on television in the 70s.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. ​ Moral: “Don't ever be afraid of being called a name. As long as you're sure what you're doing is right, there's no word... no name... that can harm you." Guest Cast Melvin F. Allen as Sheriff Danny Bonaduce as Paul Eric Chase as Sam Ty Henderson as Kyle Hal Lynch as John Jerome Kerry Maclane as Chuck


6 Nov 2016

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Episode 36: ISIS - "Lucky"

Isis "Lucky" October 18, 1975 Randy is getting ready to enter high school and he's looking forward to it, even though it means leaving his dog Lucky behind during the day.  When Lucky drowns in the ocean during a beach party, Randy struggles with his loss.  And when he questions Isis for not using her powers to revive Lucky, Isis must teach him a lesson on life and death. In the most heartwarming and heartbreaking episode of either series, John and Richard discuss the dealing with loss in ones life.  Plus, they also look at the first issue of DC Comics' The Mighty Isis comic book and rave about Joanna Cameron's acting in light of her performance in this episode.  In the end though, is this one of the best, if not the best episode of the series?  John and Richard are of mixed thoughts about this. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "Losing something we love is never easy, but it's a part of growing up.  Growing up doesn't mean just getting bigger and older, it means learning and understanding about life.  The cycle of life is all around us.  If you look, you'll see it everywhere - flowers, people, animals.  But remember, every ending is a beginning full of hope and promise and new life." ​Guest Cast John Doran as Randy Martin Brian Nash as Glenn Robert Forward as Dr. Herb Rogers

1hr 10mins

14 Jan 2017

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Episode 38: ISIS - "How to Find a Friend"

Isis "How to Find a Friend" November 1, 1975 Tom is a troubled student who tries to make friends, but fails.  He comes up with the idea of really impressing a kid with a dirt bike he wants to ride by offering him an antique gun that belongs to his father.  The problem is the firing mechanism of the gun is rusted and the weapon could go off in the user's hands. This is a packed episode even though it isn't action packed.  First, Richard relates his attending Big Apple Comic Con in New York with Jackson Bostwick and how the two participated in a panel on the history of the use of the name, Captain Marvel.  Next, John and Richard discuss the third issue of the 1976 DC Comics run of Isis.  Finally, they discuss the episode itself.  Richard likes it more than John, finding the time manipulation elements interesting, while John just finds it weird.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "In today's story, Tom learns that you cannot buy friendship.  Real friends are those who like you for yourself, not because you are giving them presents.  And Tom learned something else.  He learned that a gun is not a toy.  A lot of people are sorry, because they were hurt by a gun they thought wasn't loaded.  So, play it safe.  Don't play with a gun, then you'll never be sorry." ​ Guest Cast Mike Lookinland as Tom Anderson Buddy Foster as Billie Tommy Norden as Joe Russ Martin as Mister Anderson & Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

1hr 5mins

26 Jun 2017

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Episode 8: Shazam! - "The Treasure"

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "The Treasure" October 19, 1974   This episode has a great deal of ties to the seventies as the struggles of the Native American were finally being recognized in American television.  No longer were we seeing the Native American as the Indian, the enemy of the cowboy, but rather as a group of displaced people looking to be recognized and respected.  But does the episode hold up?  John and Richard discuss this and more on a new episode of the podcast.   It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “The desert and traditions of other people have much to teach us and must be preserved for future generations to see and to know." Guest Cast Ruben Moreno as Chief Adam John Linton as Johnny Allen G. Norman as Jed Will Seltzer as Artie


17 May 2015

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Episode 2: Donald F. Glut

RIGHT CLICK IMAGE TO SAVE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER. The first in our series of interviews with those who worked on Shazam! and/or Isisstarts with author Donald F. Glut.  Donald is the writer of the first season Shazam! episode, "The Brain".  Donald talks with us about how the episode came about, why he never wrote for Shazam! after his highly rated episode aired, and about his near opportunity to work with Jackson Bostwick on another iconic character. DONALD F. GLUT has been professionally active in both the entertainment and publishing industries since 1966.     Born in Pecos, Texas, Don grew up in Chicago, IL.   At age nine, already bitten by the film-making “bug,” he made Diplodocus at Large, the first of 41 amateur movies featuring dinosaurs, human monsters (Frankenstein’s Monster, Teenage Werewolf, etc.) and superheroes (Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, etc.)  Some of these films made during the late 1960s (e.g., Spy Smasher vs. the Purple Monster) were eventually shown in theatres and on TV.     Moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, Don professionally entered show business as an “extra” (a POW) in the movie Von Ryan’s Express (1965), the first of several such “roles.”  He began his professional writing career in 1966, writing articles for and finally editing the magazine Modern Monsters. In 1967, after graduating from the University of Southern California with a BA degree (for Cinema) in Letters, Arts and Sciences, Don worked as a musician, singer and songwriter in The Penny Arkade, a rock band produced by “Monkee” Michael Nesmith.  Shortly after that he briefly furthered his acting career, having a speaking role in a national television commercial starring Dick Clark.     However, most of Don’s professional life has been as a freelance writer.  To date he has authored numerous motion picture and television scripts (Shazam!, Land of the Lost, and animation, e.g., Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Transformers, G.I.Joe, Duck Tales, Jonny Quest, X-Men, others), comic-book scripts (Captain America, Tarzan, etc., including creating for Gold Key Dagar the Invincible, The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor and Tragg and the Sky Gods), more than 35 novels and nonfiction books, also numerous short stories, articles, songs, album-liner notes, etc.  The Dinosaur Dictionary(1972) and Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia (1997), two of Don’s many non-fiction books about dinosaurs, both were listed by the American Library Association among the best reference books of their years of publication. With The Dinosaur Dictionary Don created the much-imitated book format based upon an alphabetical listing of dinosaur names.  Perhaps Don is best known for his novelization of the movie The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the nation’s No. 1 bestseller for almost two months, which to date (still in print) has sold over 3.5 million copies. In 1982 he created characters and back story for Mattel’s “Masters of the Universe” toy line.  Among his more recent books is Chomper, an entry in the popular “Dinotopia” series.    Don produced, wrote and directed various videos (including the documentaries Dinosaur Movies and Hollywood Goes Ape! and the music-video compilation Dinosaur Tracks®), theatre and movie projects.  He has worked as a consultant on numerous other video,  film and TV projects, and was “Dinosaur Consultant” on Roger Corman’s movie Carnosaur (1993).    In 1990, Don and Pete Von Sholly founded Fossil Records, which has already produced a half dozen albums.  These include Dinosaur Tracks®, More Dinosaur Tracks® and Dinosaur Tracks® Again, featuring paleontology-related rock music written mostly by Don (Dinodon Music/BMI), performed by Don and Pete (as the Iridium Band). More recently, Don became president of Frontline Entertainment (www.frontlinefilms.com), for which he wrote, directed and co-produced the comedy/fantasy motion picture Dinosaur Valley Girls™, followed by a series of campy/sexy/horror movies, which have already achieved “cult movie” status, and Before La Brea, a documentary commissioned by the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries in Los Angeles.  In 2000, he was commissioned by Irena Belle Productions to direct the movie The Vampire Hunters Club, featuring an all-star genre cast.      In addition to his entertainment and publishing fields work, Glut is known internationally for his work with dinosaurs (see http://www.donglutsdinosaurs.com to see Don's "prehistoria" collection), a subject he has been seriously interested in since the age of seven.  He has lectured on dinosaurs at museums, universities and other institutions in the USA and Europe, and often appears on TV and radio talk shows, and in videos, discussing dinosaurs, monster movies and other topics.  Regularly he speaks at seminars for actors.  In 1999 and 2000, respectively, he became a volunteer at both The Field Museum (Chicago) and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.      Among Don’s many interests are paleontology (obviously), movies (especially the older horror films, Westerns, serials and film noir), science fiction and fantasy, music (playing and listening), comic books, motorcycles, reptiles, stage magic, electric trains, the Three Stooges, Jackie Gleason, old-fashioned amusement parks and side shows, partying and “holy relics." Learn even more about Donald by visting his website - http://www.donaldfglut.com/


21 Feb 2015

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Episode 40: Isis - "No Drums, No Trumpets"

"No Drums, No Trumpets" November 15, 1975 Fred is upset that his science project failed to take first place at the science fair.  After nearly getting himself killed in an auto accident, he, Andrea, and science fair winner Dorothy decide to explore a nearby ghost town.  But the abandoned town is being used as a hideout for thieves. When Andrea loses the amulet, who will be able to save them? Before getting into this week's review, John and Richard discuss the fifth issue of the DC Comics 1970s The Mighty Isis comic run.  It's the start of the radical change in direction for the series and Richard wonders if the change was what led to the cancellation of the series.  Next, it's a look at the episode, "No Drums, No Trumpets".  Among the topics discussed are the tropes of ghost towns on 70s television, how much Brian Cutler was convincing as a high school teacher, and what is it that actually activates her powers. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "Not everyone can be a winner.  Learning from a loss is as important as the win itself. Learning from mistakes helps you grow as a person." ​ Guest Cast Mark Lambert as Fred Weiting Christopher Norris as Dorothy Bieder Michael Greene as Jim Danch and Albert Reed as Dr. Barnes

1hr 1min

19 Aug 2017

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Episode 9: Michael Gray

RIGHT CLICK IMAGE TO SAVE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER. We present a new interview in our series with those who were a part of making it happen.  And this time around, we have the man himself, Michael Gray, who played Billy Batson on Shazam!  Michael talks with us about his career, his time on Shazam! including his favorite episodes, his dealing with typecasting and how it is so different for actors playing hero types today, and his comeback starting with an appearance on Archer. Good looks and a couple of television roles helped to give actor Michael Gray many years in between and on the covers of Tiger Beat magazine.  Born in Chicago, Michael moved to Florida when he was a young boy. He caught the acting bug in high school, and eventually made his way to Hollywood.  In 1972, Michael won the role of Ronnie on the NBC series The Little People, a charming sitcom that starred Brian Keith as a pediatrician with a practice on Oahu, Hawaii.  The series was reworked for the second season and retitled The Brian Keith Show, and Michael was let go. Signed to a management deal with Charles Laufer, pubisher of "Tiger Beat," Michael was able to keep a high profile while rounding up other acting roles. Michael's second series came in 1974, when he was cast in his signature role, as Billy Batson on the Saturday morning series Shazam.  The series ran for 3 years but was then cancelled due to increasing production costs. Some of Michael's other credits include: Life with Father                  Entertainment Tonight Room 222                            MTV's  - I Love the 70's The Brady Bunch               E Television, Life After Stardom Marcus Welby M.D.           The Rretro Radio Live Show The Flying Nun                  VH1 - Superheros, Where Are Dynasty                                          They Now? Although Michael Gray had all the tools one would expect to be necessary to build a sturdy career, due to type casting it became harder for him to make  a living at his craft. The ever youthful Michael Gray is happily married and living in Northern California.  He is currently writing a book about his life in Hollywood. Links Facebook Fan Page Facebook Page Homepage


24 May 2015

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Episode 6: Shazam! - The Road Back

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "The Road Back" October 5, 1974   In the continuation of the review of this two-part story, John and Richard discuss if this episode holds up to the five "Holey Moley" rating the first part of the story received.  They look at the legality of what Billy and Gary do in order to entrap Brok.  They also comment on the lengthly chase scenes as was apparant in the last episode.  In the end, does this hold up and does it remain as dark as the first part offered?  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “It's important to be responsible for what we say and what we do.” Guest Cast   Derrel Maury as Mark Christopher S. Nelson as Gary Ian Sands as Rudy Ron Soble as Brock Robert Broils as Officer


16 Apr 2015

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Episode 7: Shazam! - "The Athlete"

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "The Athlete" October 12, 1974   After the dark themes of the previous two episodes, John and Richard tackle the ideas of equality and realizing your dreams in "The Athlete".  Is this a tale that still needs to be told today?  What is it about the "utterance of a single word" that lends such credibility to the show?  Would this story need to be altered as we've discussed with previous stories in order to work for a modern audience?  Are the stunts seen in this episode the best in the entire series?   It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “Everyone should be given a chance to prove his or her abilities." Guest Cast   William Kirby Cullen as Tommy Marcia Mae Jones as Mrs. McGill  Stephen Liss as Bob  Butch Patrick as Jack  Stephanie Steel as Kellie


3 May 2015

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Episode 5: Shazam! "The Lure of the Lost"

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "The Lure of the Lost" September 28, 1974   The fourth episode of the first season, "The Lure of the Lost," is examined.   There are many aspects of this story worth note.  This is the first two-part episode for the series.  This is the first darkly themed episode.  Mentor's character is much more mysterious in this two-parter, something we won't see again.  The main villain isn't going to be seen until the second half.  With so much going on here, what did Richard and John think of the episode itself?  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “When you're faced with a problem that you don't feel you can handle, running away isn't the answer. Try talking it over with somebody you can trust.” Guest Cast Christina Hart as Holly Derrel Maury as Mark Christopher S. Nelson as Gary


29 Mar 2015

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Episode 3: Shazam! "The Brothers"

RIGHT CLICK THE IMAGE TO SAVE THIS EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER   Shazam! "The Brothers" September 14, 1974   John and Richard discuss the second episode of the first season of Shazam!, "The Brothers".  Among the topics discussed in this podcast are how the series went from animated to live action, the dual identity of Billy Batson, Lance Kerwin's post-acting career, and the appeal of stories dealing with blind people in 60s-80s television.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “People with problems or handicaps can get along just as well as any of us.” Guest Cast Lance Kerwin as Chad Martin Steve Tanner as Danny Martin


1 Mar 2015

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Episode 41: ISIS - "Funny Gal"

Isis "Funny Gal" November 22, 1975 Carrie has low self-esteem due to her weight.  It causes her to save people the time and trouble of putting her down by being self-deprecating.  Her friends convince her to run for Student Body President as they think she would be very good at it as a creative individual.  But she thinks the only way she can win is if she can pull off a publicity stunt that will get her noticed.  So she steals Rick Mason's boat and gets herself stranded out in the ocean as a storm approaches.  It's more than Isis can manage so she calls upon the aid of Captain Marvel. Before getting into this week's review, John and Richard discuss the sixth issue of the DC Comics 1970s The Mighty Isis comic run.  This is the issue John remembers from his youth as it's the only issue he owned.  They break down the continuing change in the character of Isis and the very provocative cover on the issue. Next, it's a look at the episode, "Funny Gal".  Among the topics discussed are the question of the moral really matching the story, the appearance of Captain Marvel in this episode and how Jackson Bostwick might have played it, and the appreciation of practical stunts being performed in this episode that harkens back to the first season of Shazam!. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "You have to like and respect yourself.  Each of us have many things we can be proud of.  Things we can do as well, maybe even better than anyone else.  So don’t put yourself down.  Being popular means caring about other people and yourself." ​ Guest Cast Sandra Vacey as Carrie Anson Jonas Agee as Greg Aley and special guest star John Davey as Captain Marvel

1hr 20mins

3 Sep 2017

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Episode 32: ISIS - "The Outsider"

Isis "The Rival" October 4, 1975 A new student shows great potential in environmental science, but he's having trouble fitting in with the student body.  He discovers that a nearby piece of land that supports a great deal of wildlife in the area is in danger of being cleared for new housing.  Will he take the law into his own hands or can Isis resolve the situation before it gets out of hand or worse, deadly?  This episode features themes that a little more mature in terms of concepts concerning the environment.  But one's never too young to be concerned with how changing our environment can affect our future.  Richard and John do not exactly see eye to eye on the merits of this episode and one is a little more down on it than the other.  Take a listen and see if you agree. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "You can't judge a book by its cover." ​ Guest Cast Mitch Vogal as Wayne Moss Morgan Jones as Mr. Tilden Harry Hickox as Mr. Winstead Wirt Morton as Charlie Michaels Anson Downes as Phil Hobbes


22 Oct 2016

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Episode 31: SHAZAM! - "Goodbye, Packy"

Shazam! "Goodbye, Packy" October 4, 1975 Kathy has raised Packy since he was a pup.  It's an adorable relationship, but there is one hitch - Packy is a wolf.  He's getting older now and harder to control.  Add to it, the danger he poses to livestock in the area and Kathy's father wants to release him to the wild.  But Kathy and Packy run away and quickly find themselves in danger.  Can Captain Marvel rescue the two in time? It's the first episode of the season that John and Richard do not like which is surprising considering how good the stories have been to this point and the fact that this one was written by a team who wrote some good stories in the first season.  The two discuss where this one went wrong, the laws concerning the possession of wild creatures, and the motif of eating that runs throughout the entire Shazam! series.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: “Having a pet carries responsibilities. Some animals are born to be free. To deprive them of that right is selfish, so we all must understand and respect the laws of nature... for our sake, as well as for our animal friends." Guest Cast Conlan Carter as Bob Rose Shannon Terhune as Kathy Rose


21 Aug 2016

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Episode 34: ISIS - "Rockhound's Roost"

Isis "Rockhound's Roost" October 11, 1975 Kevin is a young student who tries to avoid any of his responsibilities at any cost.  But he goes too far when forges his father's name on a permission slip to avoid a cleanup job at home.  On the trip, Kevin continues to shirk his responsibilities and decides to run away before getting caught.  The problem is he brings along a fellow student named Fabian.  Will the two become lost or even worse or can Isis find them in time? John and Richard discuss this episode in detail and also talk about how the episode is important for today's youth who many do not accept their responsibilities.  Plus, what is the deal with the bear?  It's pretty bad, even for Isis/Shazam standards. It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "Being responsible means knowing the right thing to do an doing it." ​Guest Cast Steven Paul as Kevin McCauley Thomas Carter as Fabian Bill DeLand as Mr. McCauley


26 Nov 2016

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Episode 39: ISIS - "The Show Off"

Isis "The Show Off" November 8, 1975 Steve is a student who has a serious inferiority complex.  He compensates by showing off, but his recklessness gets him into trouble very quickly. John and Richard have a lot to talk about in this episode.  First, there's the excitement over Michael Gray's appearance on AMC's Comic Book Men this fall.  Next, they look through the fourth issue of DC Comics' 1976 run of The Mighty Isis.  It's the last issue before the series took an interesting turn.  Finally, they review, "The Show Off," an episode of Isis that turns out to be two stories in one as the first story is abandoned early in the second act.  Plus, there's admiration of Joanna Cameron's acting with Tut, Brian Cutler's fishing hat, and the use of more realistic gorilla costumes if you don't want to use a real gorilla in your story.  It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com. Moral: "Today Steve learned that showing off may bring attention to yourself, but it isn’t the way to gain respect.  Respect is something that must be earned and the best way to start is to be honest with yourself.  Trying to be something you’re not, only makes you look foolish and sometimes, it can be very dangerous." ​ Guest Cast Harry Gold as Steve Elwood Meegan King as Roger Buck Harlan Ward as The Zookeeper

1hr 21mins

14 Aug 2017

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Episode 29: Shazam! - From Grasshopper to the Prairie - A Conversation with Radames Pera

Episode 29 Radames Pera ​From Grasshopper to the Prairie, actor Radames Pera performed in a number of iconic 70s television.  He joins us in this special episode giving us a look at how his career all began with a chance encounter with the director of a movie his mother, actress Lisa Pera, was trying out for.  From there, he went on to appear in shows such as Medical Center, The Rookies, Night Gallery and many, many more.  He talks about his time as Grasshopper on Kung Fu and the adoptive son of Mr. Edwards on Little House on the Prairie.  Also, he shares his memories of his appearance on "Fool's Gold" on Shazam! Radames Perá (born September 14, 1960) is an American former actor best known for his role as "Grasshopper" the student Kwai Chang Caine in the 1972–1975 television series Kung Fu. He is the only living regular cast member from the show. Radames serves as a member of A Minor Consideration, a non-profit organization formed to give guidance to young performers, past, present, and future. ​ Links Facebook Webpage

1hr 19mins

6 Aug 2016

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