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The Elite Advisor Blueprint®: A Podcast for Financial Advisors

The Elite Advisor Blueprint® is a podcast dedicated to sharing the "blueprint for success" in the independent financial advising world. Based on Brad's decade of experience consulting the top advisors in the US, that could mean doubling your revenue, doubling your vacation, or BOTH! Continuing the successful formula of idea sharing that led Advisors Excel to be the #1 player in its industry, Brad distills the best advice from top thought leaders and applies it to the world of independent financial advising. Interviews with top thought leaders and industry experts, including Michael Hyatt, Ron Carson, Dan Sullivan, Donald Miller, Joey Coleman, Aaron Klein, John Ruhlin, Cameron Herold, Tucker Max and many more!Brad Johnson is VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel and mentors a small group of the country’s most elite financial advisors. This group captured close to $1B of new assets last year and relies on Brad and his team to help them maximize their marketing ROI, streamline their client acquisition process, and run their business like a CEO - not a salesperson. It's very difficult to outperform the core group of associations you surround yourself with and the simple formula of focusing on the biggest and brightest financial advisors in the country and facilitating the ease of how ideas are shared among them has led to industry leading results.

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049: Erica Pauly on What Financial Advisors Should Actually be Tracking to Maximize Revenue

As the founder of Track That Advisor, Erica has created a business that solves one of the biggest problems I’ve seen financial advisors face over my last 11 years in this business… Here’s how the conversation typically goes: I hop on a coaching call and the first thing the advisor asks is, “How do I get more qualified appointments on my calendar?” My response: “How are your current marketing funnels working? What’s your cost per appointment? What’s your closing ratio per funnel? What’s your ROI per funnel on every dollar spent?” Unfortunately the answer I get 99% of the time: “I have no idea. How would I track something like that?” Enter Erica and Track That Advisor who specializes in just this, helping financial advisors track all the metrics that matter in their business. At this year’s Journey event, which is an event we host twice a year at Advisors Excel where our top offices open up their entire playbook and share all of the marketing, branding, and everything else that’s lead to their success, the theme I heard more than any other was, "Erica Pauly of Track That Advisor changed our business. She's amazing, her team is amazing, and basically our business is in a whole different place thanks to her.” When I heard that from one office generating over $60 million of new assets each year, followed by an identical statement from a second office generating over $100 million annually, I knew I had to get Erica on the show. Today, we discuss how financial advisors at every level can use data to work smarter - not harder. We explore how smaller firms can intelligently scale and make their first hires, as well as how larger firms can track their numbers to make sure each and every advisor on the team is performing at their optimal level. That and so much more!  FREE OFFER To get Erica's FREE whitepaper "The 5 Metrics Financial Advisors Should Actually Be Tracking to Maximize Revenue" visit BradleyJohnson.com/49 Interested in taking the next step with Track That Advisor? You can apply at BradleyJohnson.com/trackthat SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/49

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18 Jun 2018

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003: Scott McKain on Creating the Ultimate Client Experience and What Made Zig Ziglar Unforgettable

Scott McKain joined me for this podcast. From his experience of how a random cab ride led to a book deal with the largest publisher in the world to what made Zig Ziglar unforgettable, this isn't a podcast you'll want to miss! Show notes at http://bradleyjohnson.com/scott-mckain-podcast

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11 Mar 2016

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061: Carl Richards on How to Simplify Your Appointment Process and Build Trust by Asking Better Questions

In today’s conversation, I grab some time with Carl Richards. For those of you unfamiliar with Carl, he is a CFP and creator of the Sketch Guy column, which has appeared weekly in the New York Times since 2010. Carl and his work have also been featured on Oprah.com, and Forbes.com and he frequently keynotes at financial planning conferences around the world. Through his simple sketches, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand and these sketches have served as the foundation for his two books, The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money and The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money. Today I’m excited to bring this conversation to you as I’m not sure we’ve ever done a deeper dive into the structure of a proper appointment process on this show and the psychology of why your prospects make the decision to either work with you or someone else. FREE OFFER Get A FREE Copy of Carl Richard's Book, The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money Visit BradleyJohnson.com/61 to see how you can claim your offer!  SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, including free offer, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/61

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19 Aug 2019

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027: Barry Glassman on Scaling a $1 Billion RIA from Ground Up & the Secret to Creating an Award Winning Culture

Barry Glassman is the President and Founder of Glassman Wealth Services®, where he leads an RIA that not only oversees a billion dollars of assets but has also been named best place to work by just about every major publication in the DC area. It’s amazing how Barry has found a way to both scale his business and his team very quickly, while at the same time creating an incredible place to work, this isn’t common in financial services and we cover a lot of how he does it in our conversation. Besides the best places to work awards, Barry's also been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and has been honored with advisor awards from Barron’s, Financial Times, and Investment News to name a few. Click Here To Check Out Barry's 60 Minute Keynote He Gave at Schwab’s Impact Conference Last Year! Show Notes: http://bradleyjohnson.com/27

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31 Jul 2017

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050: Hilary Hendershott on Her Profit Boss Podcast Generating $37M of New Assets & the Power of Marketing to a Niche

I’m thrilled to speak with Hilary Hendershott, founder of Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management. She’s also the host of the Profit Boss Podcast, which has become her primary source for acquiring new clients. In fact, it’s worked so well, that she’s generated over $37M of new assets in the last 10 months! She receives an average of 1 lead via her website per day, and is currently seeing 1 high net-worth lead - which she defines as $500,000 or more of investable assets - come in every 6-7 days, almost all of which reach out to her via her website after listening in to her weekly podcast. So, if you want to know how podcasting can create authority, help develop trust, and connect you with people who would NEVER show up to a seminar - this episode is a must-listen. FREE OFFER Get Hilayr's "Profit Boss Prospect to Client Blueprint - Podcast Edition” flow chart - which is going to show you exactly how to convert podcast listeners into clients. Visit BradleyJohnson.com/50 If you want to find out how Advisors Excel’s #1 office 10X’d growth from $30M to $300M of annual assets gathered in less than 10 years, we’re going to share how. You can hear all about it by visiting BradleyJohnson.com/thecatalyst SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/50

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2 Jul 2018

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041: Chris Smith on The Campfire Effect™ Framework and Creating an Origin Story for Your Firm and Client Experience

Chris Smith and his team teach businesses how to integrate their origin story into everything their company does. He's the creator of The Campfire Effect™, which is a methodology designed to make your team, your partners, and your clients feel a true oneness and connection. The beautiful thing is that it was literally born in our industry as it came from Chris helping his former business partners merge two long-standing financial services firms in Arizona. They used it to create a brand and client experience that attracted clients to them. He’s helped everyone from startups and small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, clarify their story. I know you all are going to LOVE this conversation! Free Gifts Get Chris’s Free Download “The One Question That Will Change Your Business” by visiting http://bradleyjohnson.com/41 Also, We’re Flying 3 Lucky Listeners Out To Our First Live Event of 2018—where 9-time NY Times Bestselling author David Bach will be teaching you how to create a process to scale your firm and clone your top clients! Apply here--> http://bradleyjohnson.com/apply

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7 Feb 2018

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075: The Virtual FA Series™: Joshua B. Lee on How Financial Advisors Can Leverage LinkedIn to Connect with Ideal Clients

In today’s episode of The Virtual Financial Advisor Series™,” I’m speaking with Joshua B. Lee. Joshua is a strategic growth coach, helping individuals to scale themselves with their company so they don’t scale themselves out of their company. Over the last decade, he has managed over $100 million in ad spend and controlled over 30 trillion online impressions.  Joshua is a master at helping people authentically connect and engage with their audience online, and more specifically, he understands the unique formula to building an audience on LinkedIn. He has helped major players improve their LinkedIn presence, including Dan Sullivan, John Maxwell, Joe Polish, and many more!   Today, Joshua is here to talk all about how you can use LinkedIn as a tool to educate, inspire, and draw in your ideal clients, without selling or spamming. FREE GIFT Get Joshua’s 3 PDF’s to Level Up Your LinkedIn, by visiting BradleyJohnson.com/75 SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, including free offer, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/75

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15 May 2020

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035: Nicholas Kusmich on Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors, Traditional vs Digital Marketing, & His Give First Lead Gen Framework

In today’s conversation, I’m talking with my friend and special guest Nicholas Kusmich. Nic is best known as the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist and for delivering the highest ROIs in the industry (at his peak, upwards of 30,000%). He’s also the author of "Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI" and has worked with A-List clients like Tony Robbins & Joe Polish, as well as New York Times best-selling authors, and a number of Inc. 500 companies. Today, he’s going to break down a simple Facebook advertising strategy that all you financial advisors can use to go after prospects with laser focus. Nic will help you shine the light on the top 4% of prospects that result in 80% of your revenue! Click here to get a FREE copy of Nic’s book “Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI” Show Notes: http:/bradleyjohnson.com/35

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6 Nov 2017

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005: Joey Coleman on what Financial Professionals Can Do for New Clients in the First 100 Days to Help Retain Them Forever

Joey Coleman (http://joeycoleman.com/about/) is the founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony – a customer experience branding firm that assists corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and associations in creating breath-taking interactions for their customers. In short, their team works to get all of the pieces of your business on the same sheet of music, playing in harmony – hence the name Design Symphony. Joey specializes in helping you to better understand your audience, determine what will get their attention, and develop strategies to wow them again and again – especially in the crucial, First 100 Days of the customer lifecycle. Company’s like Zappos and Hyatt Hotels call Joey when they need help! You guys will love Joey, here’s just a tiny sample of what we cover: • Want to know what it’s like to interview for a job w/ the CIA??? Joey tells us as he actually had “Top Secret” security clearance when he worked there under the Clinton administration • The do’s and don’ts of public speaking… Joey shares how he preps for his big speeches, what most audience members DON’T do that they should, and common mistakes Joey’s seen others make from stage • Then we get into The First 100 Days® which is Joey’s framework for “WOWING” your clients to such a level in their first 100 days that they’ll never leave! Great examples shared in our conversation, including a cool story involving how he personally pulled this off with Darren Hardy (with the help of his friend John Ruhlin) • Then it’s on to some rapid fire questions which include Joey’s most gifted books, the advice he’d give his younger self…and much more! • One last thing - Don’t miss the FREE TOOL found on the podcast page from Joey for all of our listeners, his "The First 100 Days Starter Kit" to help you implement this game changer into your own business!!! Check out the show notes at http://bradleyjohnson.com/joey-coleman-podcast

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25 Apr 2016

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038: Daniel Crosby on Behavioral Finance, the Psychology of Bitcoin Mania, & The Laws of Wealth to Better Serve Your Clients

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist, behavioral finance expert and asset manager who applies his study of market psychology to everything from financial product design to asset allocation. He’s also been named one of the "12 Thinkers to Watch" by Monster.com, a "Financial Blogger You Should Be Reading" by AARP and was honored as one of the "Top 40 Under 40" by Investment News.  Get Your FREE Copy of The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success at http://bradleyjohnson.com/38 To get access to all the resources, transcript, audio and show notes for today's episode, visit http://bradleyjohnson.com/38

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18 Dec 2017

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067: Michael Kitces on Building a Digital Platform That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Today, I’m talking with Michael Kitces. If you’re in financial services and aren’t familiar with Michael, my guess is you haven’t been on the internet recently as he has one of the most prolific platforms in all of finance. Michael creates content deconstructing some of the most complex financial planning topics out there and he shares much of this on his blog, Nerd’s Eye View - which is actively followed by over 36,000 subscribers. He’s also a partner in a number of other businesses including: Director of Wealth Management at Pinnacle Advisor Solutions, co-founder of XY Planning Network with past guest Alan Moore, and he currently produces 2 podcasts, Kitces & Carl (which he co-hosts with Carl Richards, creator of the NYTimes Sketch Guy column and the Behavior Gap blog) as well as Financial Advisor Success - one of the most highly rated podcasts for financial advisors on the internet. As a self-titled life long learner, he’s also collected a number of graduate degrees and designations including a Master of Science in Financial Services, Master’s in Taxation, CFP, CLU, ChFC and numerous others. In typical Kitces fashion, this is an expansive episode, so if you are travelling for the holidays, no worries, we have you covered! FREE OFFER Get a Copy of Michael Kitces's Report, 5 Financial Advisor Blogging And Social Media Lessons I’ve Learned (The Hard Way). Visit BradleyJohnson.com/67 to get access!   SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, including free offer, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/67


24 Dec 2019

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032: Hal Elrod on Beating Cancer, Building a Community, & How Financial Advisors Can Create a Miracle Morning Routine

In this conversation, I finally get the chance to sit down with a special guest and buddy of mine, Hal Elrod. He’s one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in the world, creator of one of the fastest growing online Facebook communities on the web, and author of the bestselling book series—The Miracle Morning. Click Here To Get Free Access to Hal’s Miracle Morning Journal & His Personal Reading List! Show notes: http://bradleyjohnson.com/32

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9 Oct 2017

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040: Michael Port on Mastering Public Speaking as a Financial Advisor, the Red Velvet Rope Policy & How to Steal the Show

When I asked Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success Magazine and someone who’s literally interviewed just about every successful entrepreneur and thought leader out there, what’s the best resource for becoming a better speaker and presenter... the first words out of his mouth were, read Michael Port’s book “Steal the Show”. Michael is a professional speaker, coach, and a 6-time bestselling author. During our conversation, Michael breaks down the exact strategies he teaches his students to help them master the art of speaking, so they can professionally promote and present their message—which I know for financial advisors, is a big part of how to land new clients and build your business! Free Gifts Steal the Show: Brad’s giving away copies of Michael’s book, Steal the Show. To find out how to get it absolutely free, visit: http://bradleyjohnson.com/40 Also, get Michael’s gift to Blueprint listeners “50 Tips You Can't Afford to Ignore if You Want to Wow Your Audience” by visiting: http://bradleyjohnson.com/40

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22 Jan 2018

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045: Roger Ibbotson on Why Financial Advisors Should Consider Fixed Indexed Annuities As Bond Alternative

In today’s conversation, I sit down with a legend in the world of finance, Mr. Roger Ibbotson himself. In 1977, Roger published the first edition of Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation, a collection of historical returns dating as far back as 1926 - in a sense, he was ahead of his time as no one had compiled this historical market data all in one place before, in a way that was easy to understand. Based on the positive response from this landmark study, he founded Ibbotson Associates in the same year which he later sold to Morningstar in 2006 for $83M. Roger is currently Chairman and CIO at Zebra Capital Management and he has also served as a Finance Professor at the Yale School of Management for 30 years. Today we dive into his most recent work, a whitepaper titled “Fixed Indexed Annuities: Consider the Alternative.” In it, Roger examines how today's historically low interest rates and bond returns are putting many retirees in danger of not producing enough income from the fixed portions of their portfolios through retirement. He gets into the biases both consumers and financial advisors often have when they hear the word “annuity” and why his math shows that fixed indexed annuities may prove a viable alternative in many retirement portfolios. Get Roger's Whitepaper "Fixed Index Annuities: Consider the Alternative" at BradleyJohnson.com/45

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16 Apr 2018

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052: James Clear on How Financial Advisors Can Simplify the Complex with Mental Models and His New Book Atomic Habits

In today’s conversation, I get to sit down with James Clear. James's career arc has had a few twists and turns along the way as he got his start as a travel photographer and has worked in over 30 countries. Today he focuses much of his time on writing and speaking having launched one of the most followed blogs on the internet at jamesclear.com - he also shares much of this wisdom out on Twitter and as of this recording has 110,000+ followers. In this conversation, we cover a number of topics, including diving into his just released book, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, which covers mindset and the concepts behind the mental models that help to predict human behavior. James’s work is very relevant for financial advisors - especially when it comes to talking about complex concepts, the many different emotions that influence decision making, and how to build trust with prospective clients in a world where we all struggle with information overload. I especially love James's philosophy of, "believing that you do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” When I survey the landscape of the top performing advisors we work with who’ve made the leap from salesperson to CEO, I don’t know if there’s a statement that could ring more true than that one, as they all rely on systems… So, if you’re looking to grow your business or simply transform your daily routine for the better - today’s episode is a must-listen. FREE OFFER Get a free autographed copy of James Clear's book Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad. Plus, you'll get his bonus eBook "Transform Your Habits". Visit BradleyJohnson.com/52 SHOW NOTES To get access to today's show notes, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit BradleyJohnson.com/52

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17 Oct 2018

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028: Pete Vargas on Winning Local Stages, Creating Signature Talks that Convert & How to Advance Your Reach

In this episode, I talk with Pete Vargas, aka “The Stage Whisperer” who since 2003 has been responsible for booking over 20,000 stages at events worldwide. He’s the founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach and besides just being all around one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he drops some serious knowledge on this episode about how you as a financial advisor can book local stages in your backyard that you probably didn’t even know existed… oh and it doesn’t require a 10,000 piece mailer or a Ruth’s Chris steak dinner either. Download Pete's 5 Powerful Tools for Winning Stages and Advancing Your Reach as a Financial Advisor by visiting: http://bradleyjohnson.com/28

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14 Aug 2017

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046: Greg Salciccioli on Why So Many Financial Advisors Fall Victim to the 7 Enemies of Excellence

Greg Salciccioli is the CEO of CoachWell - an executive coaching service that specializes in Professional, Team, and Organizational development. Greg is also the author of The Enemies of Excellence, which explores why high achievers so frequently struggle with broken relationships, self-indulgence, disorientation, disarray, and a lack of professionalism.  During our conversation, Greg and I dive deep into the biggest problems he’s seen in his 18+ years of coaching financial advisors and what to do about them. If you’re looking to reach high net worth individuals, provide better service to your clients, and do right by your coworkers, your family, and yourself, this is a must-listen. Show Notes: BradleyJohnson.com/46 Free Gift for Blueprint Listeners To download Greg's Enemies of Excellence Growth Guide and to see how you can get a FREE copy of his book, visit BradleyJohnson.com/46

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8 May 2018

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018: Ian Cron on The 9 Personality Types and How Better Knowing Your Prospects Motivations Leads to Success

Click Here for Ian's Free Enneagram Cheat Sheet & Assessment! This week on Elite Advisor Blueprint, Ian Cron is here to talk about the Enneagram, an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. Ian is a bestselling author, Enneagram teacher, nationally recognized speaker, psychotherapist, and Episcopal priest. His books include Chasing Francis, Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me and most recently,  The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery.   Ian draws on an array of disciplines—from psychology to the arts, Christian spirituality to theology—to help people enter more deeply into conversation with God and the mystery of their own lives. He and his wife, Anne, live in Nashville, Tennessee. In today’s conversation, Ian wastes no time getting to the heart of  the content and shares each of the 9 Enneagram personality types, exploring why people think, feel and act the way they do and how we can apply this information to the world of financial advising. Here are a few highlights of what we covered: Ian shares a conversation he had with a friend who happens to run a hedge fund and how knowing a difficult clients Enneagram number, helped him better know how to communicate in their meetings. This eventually led to this client moving more of their assets to him. We cover the 9 Enneagram personality types and how they can help us recognize patterns of behavior in our prospects, clients, teams, spouses, or anyone else we may encounter. We get to why self-awareness may be the single most important factor to your success. How financial advisors can use the Enneagram to better interact face-to-face with clients. How to avoid the workaholic trap as a high achieving financial advisor. Ian’s deep understanding for how to further discover yourself and connect with people is undeniable and invaluable. I can’t wait for you to check out this interview and apply the insights that he shares to your own journey as a financial advisor! SHOW NOTES: [04:30] Find out what the Enneagram is and how it can help you better understand the differing personalities of people. [07:49] Ian shares a story of how the enneagram helped a highly experienced hedge fund manager (who oversaw 25 billion in assets) win the respect of one of his most confrontational clients, resulting in even more business! [12:30] Discover the 9 interconnected personality types, what they mean and how you can use them to your advantage to build a better team. [26:50] Find out how Bill Clinton leveraged the power of being a 9 personality type (Peacemaker), to display empathy, reconcile relationships and forge some of the most difficult deals in the world. [29:00] How financial advisors can apply the Enneagram methodology to create better face-to-face interactions with their clients. [31:31] The three fundamental emotions that everyone tries to manage. [32:39] Why we’re all looking at the same screen, but watching a different movie. [35:00] Discover the space between stimulus and response and how it can affect your growth and freedom. [38:15] Find out why self-awareness is absolutely critical in the world of business. [38:54] How independent financial advisors (3’s, 7’s & 8’s) can overcome workaholic tendencies. [46:39] The first person Ian thinks of when he hears the word “successful” - HINT: I was surprised by his response! [47:46] Ian shares some of his favorite books. [49:28] Why every young man or woman needs to find a mentor. [50:55] Why being an 8 personality type as a woman in business can be extremely difficult. [52:43] The one piece of advice that has led to Ian’s success. ''Learn Widely, read a lot, and then read more." - Ian Cron SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODE Connect with Ian Cron Website | Twitter | Facebook The Road Back To You by Ian Cron [BOOK] IanCron.com Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman [BOOK] Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry [BOOK] Mindsight by Daniel J. Siegel [BOOK] Mr. Ives’ Christmas by Oscar Hijuelos [BOOK] Churchill: A Biography [BOOK] PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE Michael Hyatt - former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers Jack Welch - Executive Chairman of The Jack Welch Institute Viktor Frankl - Neurologist and Psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor Yo-Yo Ma - Cellist The information and opinions contained herein are provided by third parties and have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed by Advisors Excel. The guest speaker is not affiliated with or sponsored by Advisors Excel. Results from the use of these concepts are no guarantee of your future success. While client appreciation events may be permitted, such event should be reasonable and customary. All producers and investment advisors should be aware of any gifting limitations imposed by federal regulation, state regulation, insurance carriers, broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisors, as applicable. Investment advisors are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-approval from the broker-dealer and/or Registered Investment Advisor with which they may be affiliated prior to implementing the concepts or strategies discussed in this interview. 


20 Mar 2017

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016: Jon Berghoff on The Referral Framework, Building Your Sales Team, and Taking Your Business to the Next Level

"True curiosity comes from humility -- the humility to realize that there's always another level." - Jon Berghoff This week, Jon Berghoff is here to share his proven strategies for generating leads, building your sales team and taking your business to the next level! Jon Berghoff serves as co-founder and Managing Partner of the Flourishing Leadership Institute. He previously served as the head of sales for the direct sales team at Vitamix Corporation, where revenues grew by 400% in less than 4 years, and their team expanded from 175 to 600+ members. His work on Appreciative Leadership, Emotionally Intelligent Negotiating and Influence has brought him to Australia, Japan, UK, and South America. Jon is in high demand, known for his authenticity and highly engaging style of creating powerful learning experiences for participants. This conversation turned into a bit of a marathon as Jon is a “lifelong learner” at heart and continued to drop knowledge with every question I asked, so I just kept asking them! Here are a few highlights of what we covered: Jon starts out by retelling a story from his early days of selling knives door-to-door at the age of 17 and a lesson he learned on a late night sales call that’s still with him today. Jon dropped a TON of sales knowledge during this conversation that all you financial advisors can benefit from, including his step-by-step framework for… Engaging a prospect Generating referrals (almost 100% of his sales were generated this way in his Cutco days) How to overcome the dreaded “I want to think about it” objection. I love the process Jon shares here, so get the notepad ready as I know you guys will love it too. For you advisors out there that are curious on how to build and train a team of younger advisors, Jon walks through his framework at Vitamix and the blueprint they used to train and grow revenues by over 400%. As I said, this episode is a little longer than usual, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time! It’s absolutely loaded with solid advice and resources from someone with in-the-trenches experience and is 100% applicable to financial advisors who are looking to take their business to the next level. SHOW NOTES: What Cutco Corporation is and how Jon came across that opportunity [4:30] Jon shares a few stories from his early years in Cutco [9:40] Two lessons that Jon learned from his past manager and how this helped him discover the power of purpose and visualization [11:10] The number one reason Jon became the number one sales guy [18:30] A few tips and a great book to read if you’re new in sales [21:10] Find out what it takes to succeed according to Jon! [26:00] Going from the learning stage to the actual action stage. [28:05] Jon talks about a referral framework for financial advisors based on his Cutco experience [30:23] Jon’s secrets to building and training a successful sales team [42:40] The reason why top performers struggle and how to deconstruct your own success factors [48:38] Jon gives advice on how to train new members of a team [51:30] Role play as an effective training exercise [59:00] The 3-step formula to responding to objections during a sales presentation [1:00:30] The Appreciative Inquiry Method and how it can help you connect and facilitate change within a group of people [1:19:51] Facilitation techniques and how effective they will be to different groups [1:31:50] Best business advice Jon has ever received [1:37:20]  SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODE Connect with Jon Berghoff Website | Facebook Cutco Corporation Vitamix Front Row Dads One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership Model The Flourishing Leadership Institute Appreciative Inquiry Method The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy Conscious Business by Fred Kofman Encyclopedia of Positive Questions The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst The Living Company by Arie De Geus The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge Spiritual Capital by Danah Zohar The Future of Management by Gary Hamel Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE John Ruhlin Jon Vroman founder of the Front Row Factor John Edwin founder of Strength Personal Training John Kane Director of Sales Development for Vector Marketing Corporation Dan Casetta Director of Program Development for Vector Marketing Corporation Tony Robbins Darren Hardy Og Mandino author of The Greatest Salesman In The World Ken Blanchard Brian Tracy Fred Kofman Aaron Hurst CEO of Imperative - Fast Company Peter Senge Danah Zohar Gary Hamel Jim Rohn Zig Ziglar

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20 Feb 2017

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020: Ian Altman on Same Side Selling, What Sets His Financial Advisor Apart, and Hiring A+ Talent

Click Here to Get Access to Ian Altman's "Same Side Pitch" - An Approach to Selling That Your Clients Can Actually Embrace! This week on The Elite Advisor Blueprint, Ian Altman is here to talk about how to get to the truth as quickly as possible, so you can find the right opportunities and avoid wasting time on clients that aren't an ideal fit. Ian is a multi-bestselling author, strategic advisor, and a highly-rated international speaker on integrity-based sales. Clients come to Ian to engage audiences, flip traditional sales on its head, and become outrageously successful at targeting and winning business. A successful services and technology CEO for two decades, Ian draws on years of success and research on how customers make decisions. He shares how his clients have more than doubled their businesses following the same methods that he used to build his former company from zero to more than $1 billion in value. In this conversation I love how Ian dispels the notion that selling has to be done from two completely different sides - that of the salesperson vs that of the prospect. Instead, as the title of his book states - Same Side Selling, he shares how to work from the same side of the table as the prospective client and co-create a plan together. Here’s a quick overview of what we cover in this conversation: We begin with why the entire sales process begins before you even interact with a prospect by understanding your clients needs and solving their biggest problems, rather than what often happens in our industry - focusing on you the advisor and what it is you do. Then we cover, why the sales process doesn’t have to feel like a “pitch fest” and simple tactics that you can immediately apply in order to get away from back and forth sales conversations and instead focus on getting on the “same side of the table” as your prospects. Later on, Ian shares a simple question - “Why would your prospects pick you?” A simple question he then unpacks that can help you define bigger and better growth opportunities for your company. Towards the end, I ask Ian how he picked his own financial advisor. This leads to one of my favorite discussions I’ve had on my podcast as Ian unpacks everything that led to his decision. He goes deep into the psychology of high net worth prospects, the type of activities and events that attracted him to his advisor, how his advisor built trust with his team so that Ian is comfortable working with them. He also mentions a very cool idea that I think many of you can use on how his advisor created what I’ll call a “community conference room” complete with drink services for their clients that’s led to even more business and referrals. Make sure you don’t miss this part of the conversation as I’m guessing many of you will run with this! ''Selling is not about persuasion, it's about getting to the truth quickly as possible.'' - Ian Altman SHOW NOTES: [05:20] How he created a powerhouse executive team, over delivered, got acquired by a major company, and then managed the growth of that company from 100 million to 2 billion within 3.5 years. [09:10]How to scale your business as a financial advisor by focusing on your clients needs, rather than on what you do. [13:30] Ian’s “same side” approach to selling that will enable you to quickly establish trust and determine if you’re the right fit for your prospects. [17:20] The most common mistakes financial advisors make when trying to acquire new business, why same doesn’t sell, and how to make the best first impression so you can close the deal. [19:49] How to uncover and speak to the real problems that prospects are facing, peak their interest, land more appointments and get high quality referrals! [25:18] How to increase client retention by defining and delivering meaningful results. [26:08] Key questions financial advisors can ask clients in order to get to the truth and uncover what’s really important. [32:95] Learn the Side Quadrant framework for taking notes and how you can use it to fire low quality leads, narrow your focus and expand your opportunities as company. [43:02] Ian outlines his decision process for selecting Barry Glassman to be his financial advisor and the 2 biggest factors that clients consider when deciding whether or not to stay with you. [50:46] The importance of empowering your team and cultivating an entire organization that your clients know, like and trust. [55:01] How to create high-end events for existing clients and why they don’t need to have anything to do with financial advising. [01:07:21] How to avoid the mad scramble to find talent and why it’s critical to hire A players if you want to become the best, continuously grow, and take your business to the next level. [01:13:37] Find out why Will Smith is one of the first people that pops into Ian head when he hears the word “successful.” [01:15:07] Ian’s favorite and most gifted books. ''Same Doesn't Sell." - Ian Altman SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODE  Connect with Ian Altman Website | Twitter | LinkedIn Same Side Selling Grow My Revenue Business Cast Inc Magazine Forbes Magazine Giftology by John Ruhlin Purple Cow by Seth Godin To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink Sell More & Work Less by Andrew Blume They Ask, You Answer Marcus Sheridan Networking is Not Working by Derek Coburn Glengarry Glen Ross PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE John Ruhlin - Founder of Ruhlin Group Jack Quarles - Author of Expensive Sentences Barry Glassman - Founder & President of Glassman Wealth Services® Scott McKain - Business Thinker, Best Selling Author and International Speaker Derek Coburn - Author of Networking is Not Working David Bach - Author of The Automatic Millionaire Ron Carson - Founder and CEO of Carson Group Holdings Will Smith - Hollywood Actor This is provided for informational purposes only. 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17 Apr 2017

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