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Episode 18: Christy Isinger on Making Time for Mom

Christy Isinger was fun to interview. I enjoyed meeting her back at Edel 2015, and I knew then that she’d be a great guest for the podcast. Her sweet, bubbly voice and down-to-earth honesty make you feel like you’ve been friends for ages. In this episode, we chat about what it’s like to be a mother of (many) littles, and how difficult it is to find time to do things that energize you. Christy shares about her love of reading–and when she finds little moments to do it every day. And I share a few tips of my own on making time to do things that are good for me apart from mothering. We have lots of laughs, commiserating, and encouraging in this episode. I think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂 About Christy Christy is a petite Canadian sweetheart with five beautiful children, one wonderful husband, a sassy pair of glasses, a popular blog and podcast, and a crazy-high tolerance for cold, snowy weather (apparently). She also writes for Blessed is She. She’s been around the block a few times with this motherhood gig, and her honest tips about where she finds little moments for herself during the day inspired me to make more of an effort to do so myself. Links from this Episode Fountains of Home (Christy’s blog) The Fountains of Carrots Podcast Blessed is She Christy’s “The Bookish Mum” blog post series The post Episode 18: Christy Isinger on Making Time for Mom appeared first on Humble Handmaid.


30 Jan 2016

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Episode 22: Books, Reading, and Lisa Hendey’s New “Chime Travelers” Series for Kids

It’s taken me way too long to post this great interview I did last fall with the wonderful Lisa Hendey. It’s just that we bought a house and then we moved and then came The Holidays and then came The First Trimester and Life Happens, you know? 🙂 What’s the really, really lovely news, though? Can you say, “bonus episode”?! While you are anxiously waiting for my new weekly radio show to start airing, I happen to have this fun, interesting interview with a top Catholic author, speaker and evangelist conveniently ready to share with you. Plus in all honesty, the timing is probably spot-on since these adorable books would make absolutely awesome Easter basket goodies this year for the kids (shhh–don’t tell mine!:). I met Lisa through email about five years ago when I emailed her to ask if I could write for a little website she founded called CatholicMom.com. It was really neat for me to finally talk to her, even if was just over the phone. She is one of those people who is just as genuine and kind in person as she seems over email. Late last summer, Ave Maria Press sent me review copies of the first two books in Lisa’s new “Chime Travelers” series for children. I loved them. So did my five-year-old son. The first two books are The Secret of the Shamrock and The Sign of the Carved Cross. The books follow Catholic twins Patrick and Katie on adventures back in time with the saints. Along the way, the twins learn lessons about God and how to virtuously handle familiar struggles we all face growing up. The first book follows Patrick on a journey in Ireland with St. Patrick, and the second book brings Katie to the village of St. Kateria Tekakwitha. These two books were actually some of the first chapter books I tried reading aloud to Gabriel, who was mostly just interested in twaddle-type Superman books up to that point. (Which, if those are a gateway to reading for your child or mine, then that’s great. No judging here!:). So, you can imagine that I was pretty surprised when Gabriel seemed to really enjoy the Chime Travelers books. They say that you know a child is enjoying a read-aloud book when he or she is never quite ready to stop reading for the night. It was like that every night we read a Chime Travelers book. Gabriel really likes the Magic Tree House series these days, and the Chime Travelers books remind me a lot of that series (cute animal sidekicks, predictable starts to adventures when the kids are in or near a church). I think a major difference between the two series, though, is that the Chime Travelers twins, Patrick and Katie, have solid character development and spiritual growth in each book, rather than the flat characters in the Magic Tree House. I felt like I was feeding my son’s soul rather than just getting him to read a book for the sake of learning to love reading.  Since I reviewed Lisa’s first two Chime Travelers books, two more have come out–adventures with St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi. I’m looking forward to surprising six-year-old Gabriel and four-year-old Faith with them for Easter. 🙂 Enjoy! (And don’t worry, we talk about a lot more than the books in the interview.:) ABOUT LISA The best word to describe Lisa Hendey is Catholic media evangelist. She is a popular author, speaker, webmaster, podcaster and TV show host. She is the founder and editor of CatholicMom.com, and is also an Editor-at-Large for Ave Maria Press. Lisa wears several other ministry and contributor hats besides these. God has touched many hearts through this California wife and mother of two. I was honored to have her on the show and to share her newest project. LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE The Chime Travelers series Lisa’s website CatholicMom.com  The post Episode 22: Books, Reading, and Lisa Hendey’s New “Chime Travelers” Series for Kids appeared first on Humble Handmaid.


23 Feb 2016

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A Slice of Life, Sneak Peeks, and MORE Big News {BONUS 10-MIN EPISODE!}

The Right Heart has been a little quiet lately, but not without good reason! I’ve been pre-recording shows for my new radio show starting up in February, and life has been a little crazy over the past couple of months in the (new, and finally all our own!) Casa de Franco. I just had to share this fun bonus episode full of very special news, sneak peeks into upcoming podcast episodes, and some encouragement (and how-to tips!) on day-to-day surviving when life gets a little crazy for a while. At just around 10 minutes, this little episode is perfect to enjoy with your morning coffee. Or if you’re like me right now, your huge bowl of ice cream after the kids go to bed. 🙂 May the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding be with each of you today! And for those of you who don’t have time to listen to the episode right now, but want to scroll through some cute pics now and listen later…here you go.:) This is as close as we got to a legit Christmas photo of my family this year. I just couldn’t pull it all together with everything going on.:) I’m shooting for Easter for a more frame-worthy shot (*cough, cough* Olivia, please tell me you and your magic camera will come over for us then?!). At least the kids are adorable in this one! In a fit of Homeschool Mom Coolness, we made a rosary out of pretzels and raisins one day. Yay for Fine Motor Skill practice! This is Lucky the deer. He was Michael’s first shot on his very first hunting trip ever. Thanks, Lucky, for giving my husband a new hobby, making him feel extremely deadly and manly, and for gracing my new living room wall for all of three weeks before I had to take you down. I’m just not that kind of girl. I apologize that your current home in the guest room closet is a little isolating. One day when Michael has a Man Cave space, I’m all about displaying you there. (Sorry, Michael! Love you!) Like mother, like daughter. This is me and my beautiful little sister, Dr. Shannon, and my little niece Nora! They got to come visit for an afternoon right before Christmas, since Shannon had to work noon Christmas Eve through noon Christmas Day (worst holiday scheduling ever!?). I can’t wait until Shannon is out of residency so that we get to see her (and my brother-in-law and Nora) more often. Pray for medical residents and their families! It’s a lot of work and the hours are crazy tough. Oh man, these guys. Triple trouble. 🙂 The post A Slice of Life, Sneak Peeks, and MORE Big News {BONUS 10-MIN EPISODE!} appeared first on Humble Handmaid.


14 Jan 2016

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Back to the Heart of Sunday Rest, with Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt of The Practicing Catholic is back for Episode 27 of The Right Heart, and my interview with her has become one of my favorite episodes of podcast. (Lisa’s first time on the podcast was in Episode 17: Restoring Your Fertility to God as a Couple). In this interview, Lisa and I have an inspiring, enlightening, and at times brutally honest conversation about our own struggles with what “resting” on Sunday has looked liked over the years. As I confess early on, “Sundays too often feel like another Saturday, but we just have to find a mass time that works with our schedule.” What resting should and could look like for our busy lives is a topic that I think a lot of us gloss over because there are few hard and fast rules–or easy answers. I love that Lisa and I quickly get past acknowledging how hard figuring out “rest” can be, though, and we get to work with chatting about what we’ve each been learning is God’s plan for a weekly day of rest and renewal of our joy in Him. In this episode Scripture and Church teaching on Sunday (Sabbath) rest, and God’s plan for it in our lives Our own struggles with figuring out what “rest” can look like for us and our families in a busy world with complicated situations Ideas that we try to implement in our own families Why there really are no hard and fast “rest rules” for Catholics on Sundays (other than attending Sunday mass) About Lisa Schmidt Lisa is a stay-at-home Catholic wife and mother of four. She and her husband, Deacon Joel Schmidt, run The Practicing Catholic blog. Lisa and Deacon Joel also host their own podcast, and Lisa is no stranger to radio. She writes regularly for Catholic Stand and CatholicMom.com. Lisa is down to earth, kind, and genuine. If you haven’t heard her speak before, or haven’t checked out her blog yet, I think you’ll quickly come to like her as much as I do. 🙂 Links and resources Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2172 – “God’s action is the model for human action. If God “rested and was refreshed” on the seventh day, man too ought to “rest” and should let others, especially the poor, “be refreshed.” The sabbath brings everyday work to a halt and provides a respite. It is a day of protest against the servitude of work and the worship of money.” Dies Domini, St. Pope John Paul II’s 1998 Apostolic Letter “On Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy” (This is a MUST-READ, ya’ll.) Rest that Renews: Taking Back the Lord’s Day – My blog post about Sunday rest Exodus 20:8 Deuteronomy 5:12-15 The post Back to the Heart of Sunday Rest, with Lisa Schmidt appeared first on Humble Handmaid.


16 Jun 2016

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Helpful Resources, Ideas and Traditions for Passing on Faith to Our Kids (Part 2), with Jenny Ryan

This is the second part of a long, wonderful conversation I had with Jenny Ryan of Mothering Sunshine. (You can listen to the first episode here.) This episode is packed with tips, tricks, encouragement and resource ideas! Spiritual books, websites, audio CD resources, and family devotions and habits that we have enjoyed using for ourselves and our kids The realities of trying to figure out when, where and how to pray regularly with our families Ideas for dealing with young children during family prayer time Encouragement with parents with babies The importance of family traditions Ideas for using time in the car for family prayer I enjoyed this interview so much, and I know that you will, too! About Jenny Ryan Jenny is a Catholic wife and mother of five. She is also the author of Love with All My Might, a Catholic children’s book about prayer. She blogs at Mothering Sunshine and also writes regularly for the Holy Heroes blog. Read more about Jenny here. Resources Mentioned in This Episode Bible Basics for Catholics by John Bergsma Love with All My Might by Jenny Ryan (Jenny’s children’s book) Holy Heroes (website) Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwhiler Mothering Sunshine resource page Catholic Icing (website) The Picture Bible ‘The Story of the Bible’ Audio Drama by Tan Homeschool The Little Oratory by Leila Lawlor Glory Stories by Holy Heroes The Divine Pity by Gerald Vann Stations of the Cross Family Audio CD by Holy Heroes Holy Heroes coloring books The post Helpful Resources, Ideas and Traditions for Passing on Faith to Our Kids (Part 2), with Jenny Ryan appeared first on Humble Handmaid.


19 May 2016

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