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The Scotty Mason Show - The ORIGINAL Model Railroad Podcast!

Monthly Interviews:-Modeler's Spotlight-Narrow Gauge Railroading with Chris Lane-Contemporary Modeling with Mike RoseAlso Features information on railroad structures, scenery techniques, track laying, track planning, hobby news, and more!

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Show Must Go On

Shortly after the recording of this show, we learned of the passing of Ryan Andersen. For those who don't know, he was the creator of the Model Railcast show. Ryan touched many in the hobby, including many of the guests, and even hosts of this show.Rest in peace Ryan!

26 Jan 2015

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Happy New Year!

Well, audio gremlins have conspired to ruin things, but we did manage to save the show segment with Mike and Scott.

17 Jan 2015

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The White Album Show Part 2

This is how we make the sausages.

13 Dec 2014

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The White Album Show, Part 1

No we didn't all go to live on Neptune. We are all still here and we hope that all of the issues in downloading are fixed now.

13 Dec 2014

Rank #4

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Is this thing still on?

No, Scott didn't join the merchant marine. No, Jimmy didn't get lost in the Vegas desert. Mike didn't scrap the layout to switch to Z-Scale, and no, Joe didn't die while editing the show.

2 Aug 2014

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Seven Year Itch!

Hard to believe the show has made it seven years! Begs the question...... Why?We discuss that and other weighty topics in this months show!

15 Apr 2014

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Dave Owens Talks Proto Meet!

It seems that even though the show was delayed a week, the weather is just as bad for the majority of our listeners. Kick back, relax, and grab a hot cup of your favorite spring beverage, because the March Scotty Mason Show is out!

17 Mar 2014

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Brenna is the Future of the Hobby!

Well, missed a monthly deadline for the second time! I blame Scott again! Scott did redeem himself by conducting a great interview with the future of the hobby, Brenna Whitney! Mike returns with his segment as well, so a lot to get to this month!

3 Feb 2014

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New Year, New Show!

Happy 2014 from the Scott and crew!

2 Jan 2014

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Better Late than...... nope. Nevermind!

Well, missed a monthly deadline for the first time. I blame Scott! We did get a cool interview with Brian Bollinger though!

5 Dec 2013

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