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A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.

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Episode 46: Super Nintendo Part 1

The Super Nintendo is often cited as many retro gamer's favourite console. Just looking at game prices on Ebay etc for Nintendo's 16bit marvel shows that demand isn't fading either. With many amazing games such as Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2, Pilotwings, Starfox and more, fans of any genre were spoilt by choice for the SNES. The machine's capabilities were also shown with the Super FX chip, Mode 7 and later with the amazing art style of Donkey Kong Country. In this episode Paul is joined by fellow Super Nintendo fans Julian from the team and Alex Crowley AKA Nintendo Arcade. The guys discuss a few of their favourite games as well as chat about their early Super Nintendo memories. Also don't be surprised if a certain magazine gets a mention..... As well as this Paul speaks to Sam Dyer from Bitmap Books about his upcoming Super Nintendo Visual Compendium Kickstarter which starts on Monday 10th April 2017.

2hr 42mins

5 Apr 2017

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Episode 34: Nintendo Wii U

In this latest episode of Maximum Power Up, hosts Phil, Jake and Amy get together to show the Nintendo Wii U, a criminally undervalued system, some much needed love & try and convince those who may have dismissed the system a second look before the NX arrives. Many have been put off by the Gamepad, which initially confused consumers on what it actually was. Many thought that it was a new controller for the Wii instead of actually being a brand new system. However for many games that have used the Gamepad, it is one of the best peripherals that have been released for any system, opening up so many avenues for creative ways to interact with many of the games aiding to give the titles a much more immersive experience. Arguably the Wii U has the very best of exclusive titles available on any system today. We discuss some of these fantastic games available that make this console a must own for anyone who appreciates well creative and well crafted gaming experiences. Also a massive thanks as always to Retro Collect, check out their website www.retrocollect.com for all the latest retrogaming news

1hr 50mins

22 Sep 2016

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Episode 83: Dave Upchurch Interview

In this episode Paul interviews Dave Upchurch. Starting his career at EMAP on popular 90's magazine ACE he soon was moved to The One Amiga where he became the magazines editor. At the time the Amiga was going from strength to strength with games such as The Secret Of Monkey Island 2, Chaos Engine. In 1996 following his success at The One Amiga he went on to work on Nintendo Magazine System up until the official UK launch of the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Dave tells us a few tales of his good and bad experiences in games journalism before we move discuss his career away from the magazines. We look at his time working for LEGO who wanted to break into the video games market, his time making educational software for Mangahigh which received a lot of accolades and much more. Dave currently works for Curve Digital that have released games for the PC, PS4, Switch such as Human Fall Flat, Smoke and Velocity 2X. With almost 30 years in the games industry now there was plenty to discuss in this 3 hour interview.

3hr 17mins

21 Jan 2019

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Episode 50: All Time Top 50 Games Part 1

Back in April this year we asked the listeners to help us put together the Maximum Power Up Top 50 games. Each of our hosts put forward their favourite games to get the list started and then with all the other listener votes the list stood at over 450 games! With the podcast covering new and old gaming we felt as though this episode is perfect to look at which games people see as faves. From Manic Miner to Crash Bandicoot or Dungeon Master to Zelda, every genre and decade got votes. The 50 games haven't been put into number order - some titles had the same amount of votes so we thought covering the 50 this way was better. So in part 1 we discuss 25 games between us the hosts. We hope you enjoy the show and please comment on Facebook, Twitter etc as we prepare part 2 for later this month.

3hr 43mins

11 Jun 2017

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Episode 41: Nintendo Wii

Can you believe that the Wii is over 10 years old? TEN YEARS OLD?!  In late 2006  Nintendo decided it didn’t to play the same game as Sony and Microsoft anymore,  instead they created a revolution! Gamers, grannies and the Redknapps could be  found waggling in their front room with the innovative controller. In this episode just as Nintendo attempt to crack the market again with Switch, join  hosts Chris, Phil and Jake as they discuss the highs, the lows and the games that  defined a generation. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it and please check out our other shows at www.maximumpowerup.com

2hr 2mins

22 Jan 2017

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Episode 42: Retro Gamer Magazine

Retro Gamer Magazine has bucked the trend in recent times, as many other print magazines close down or go fully digital the retro-themed monthly publication goes from strength to strength. Now in it's 12th year of existence, Retro Gamer Magazine shows no signs of slowing down, and every month features original content, exclusive developer interviews and reader interactions. Sections on the indie and home-brew scenes, mixed with reviews of all manner of gaming merchandise and new releases mean there is invariably something for everyone within its pages. The magazine prides itself on bright, visually appealing page layouts and eye-catching cover designs, and is one of the most popular gaming magazines around. In this latest edition of the Maximum Power Up podcast, regular hosts Phil and Tom sit down with Retro Gamer editor Darran Jones to discuss the history of the magazine, and some of Darran's enduring memories of being at the helm of such an influential periodical for so long. Other topics discussed include how Retro Gamer continues to be a success a world where the move to digital is an ever-growing threat, and also how Retro Gamer's unique approach to retro topics of all kinds helps to keep the content fresh. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it and please check out our other shows at www.maximumpowerup.com

1hr 44mins

8 Feb 2017

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Episode 47: Point And Click Adventures

In this episode Paul and Julian discuss their history playing the point and click genre. Back in the late 80's and throughout the 90's this time of game offered hit after hit for fans of the genre. Lucasarts led the way with great adventures such as Secret Of Monkey Island, Day Of The Tentacle, Full Throttle and many more. Each game gave the player an opportunity to enter a massive world full of colourful characters and some fiendish puzzles in their quest to complete the game. As well as Lucasarts there were other companies getting involved with the genre, Sierra, Delphine and others. Each of these companies brought their own style and iseas to the genre. Sadly with the industry changing as well as people's tastes, point and click games began to fade away. Luckily for fans of the genre the Nintendo DS and Wii gave a new breath of life into the games and as well as this, Telltale games started picking up fantastic licenses for Walking Dead, Back To The Future and more. As well as this Broken Sword 5 has been very popular on PS4 and as well as this the legendary Ron Gilbert has returned with Thimbleweed Park in the style of a classic point and click adventure. One thing is for sure - this adventure is far from over...

1hr 34mins

18 Apr 2017

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Episode 56: Nintendo DS

In March 2005 Nintendo unleashed the DS. A brand new dual screen handheld with a user friendly touchscreen.  The DS soon became the gamer's handheld of choice with well known Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and many more. Games companies were soon quick on the uptake to how the touch screen controls could enhance the games and a wide range of titles were seen as must buy.  In this episode Chris is joined by Paul and Darran Jones editor of Retro Gamer magazine. They discuss the impact the DS had in the industry, taking on the PSP, the DS Lite and DSI. We also suggest a few games worth hunting down that aren't the usual games suggested. We hope you enjoy the show and maybe try a few of the titles we chat about yourselves. 

1hr 45mins

10 Oct 2017

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Episode 57: Resident Evil

In this Halloween Special episode, Phil and Amy delve in to the world of Survival Horror tacking an look at the much loved Resident Evil series. Starting way back with Sweet Home, and take us all the way through the main title games in the series. As well as discussing storylines and game play, they also look back on how they were first introduced to the series and drop in a few stories along the way! Released in 1996 on the PlayStation Resident Evil is arguably considered, the birth of modern day Survival Horror genre.  Created by Shinji Mikami and developed and published by Capcom, the series has been a massive success, with multiple main series games and numerous spin off titles.  We hope you enjoy!

1hr 31mins

23 Oct 2017

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Episode 39: Games of 2002

In this latest episode Paul, Phil and Tom sit down to discuss some of their favourite games from 2002. With the Playstation 2, GameCube and X Box, gamers were spoilt for choice with classics such as GTA Vice City, Metroid Prime and many more. Hopefully we can inspire you to give games a second look that you may have missed buying first time round.. Some fantastic titles from the year have previously been discussed on other episodes such as Eternal Darkness on our GameCube episode, so make sure you check out our growing back catalogue at www.maximumpowerup.com. Also let us know your favourite games from 2002 on Twitter @MaximumPowerUp or our Maximum Power Up Facebook page. Also please leave us an Itunes review if possible as everyone helps the show grow.

2hr 1min

29 Dec 2016

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Episode 53: Capcom 84 - 94

Capcom, a studio and publisher that needs little introduction. From 1984 to 1994, Capcom had developed a solid roster of arcade blockbusters, adult orientated and kid-friendly licensed titles and of course the venerable Street Fighter II. In this episode Alex, Jake and Phil sit down to reminisce about a golden era for Capcom, their high coin-op standards and the brilliant console releases that left a mark that is still with us all today.

1hr 36mins

22 Aug 2017

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Episode 50: All Time Top 50 Games Part 2

Here it is, part 2 of the top 50 games of all time list! Already in part 1 we have covered classics for the Sega Megadrive, Commodore Amiga, Sony Playstation and more We had a great response to part 1 of episode 50 which covered a wide range of games. Obviously this hasn't been an easy task as there are many great games and we limited it to 5 games each. We hope you find some games in the final list of 50 that you agree with over the last episode and this one. Also please tell us your thoughts -  which games were YOU expecting? Remember we haven't numbered this list we just took the 50 games with the most votes. Thanks again to everyone that got involved as we love getting our listener's views. Here's to the next 50 episodes!

3hr 30mins

10 Jul 2017

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Episode 80: Geoff Glendenning Interview

In this episode Paul sits down with Geoff Glendenning to discuss his career in games marketing. Spending over a decade working in advertising and then onto marketing for companies such as Commodore, Acclaim but most importantly Sony gave us a lot to discuss. As Head Of Marketing for the Sony PlayStation, Geoff had a lot of great ideas to help build the PlayStation brand. He shares some great stories from his time at Sony but also the days working on adverts for Commodore Amiga 600 and CD32 beforehand. Even after leaving Sony he has some fantastic experiences to share for Tony Hawk, Apocalypse and more. We hope you enjoy the show and please leave us an iTunes review if you can. 

1hr 57mins

13 Nov 2018

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Episode 38: Tomb Raider Suite

In this latest episode Paul sits down with Nathan McCree, composer of the iconic Tomb Raider games for the Sony PlayStation. We look back on his career in the games industry starting at CORE Design in the early 90's working on Chuck Rock 2 and other titles before Tomb Raider. Nathan discusses the style of music he had in mind for the game and how these ideas progressed over the original trilogy for PS1. As well as this we chat about game music soundtracks and their growing popularity. Since working in the score for Tomb Raider, Nathan has always dreamed seeing the soundtrack played by a live orchestra. On December 18th 2016 he gets his wish in London. If the show is a success then the show will be taken to other major cities around the world. It was a pleasure talking to Nathan and really hope that as many people as possible get to check out his upcoming show. Please find all the links here for tickets are more: FOR TICKETS TO THE SHOW: http://www.eventimapollo.com/events/detail/tomb-raider-live-in-concert SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nathanmccreeofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrpmccree Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nathanmccree/ Also remember to check out all our shows on www.maximumpowerup.com


10 Dec 2016

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Episode 51: Super Nintendo Part 2

We are back again with the second part of our Super Nintendo episode. Following on from Paul, Julian and Alex's discussion about one of the gaming communities most treasured system, Phil, Chris and Amy present a further 15 games that set the system apart from its peers. Join this episodes hosts on another retro gaming journey peppered with childhood stories and the ever controversial opinions of our beloved host Chris.

1hr 44mins

23 Jul 2017

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Episode 65: Shoot 'em Ups

Jump into your R-9/Styx/spaceship of choice, and join us defending humanity against incredible odds and bright orange bullets. Phil and Jake are joined by special guest Shaun ‘In your face’ Holley from 10p Arcade Podcast to discuss shoot ’em ups, stand out titles and companies synonymous with the very best games – over tea and biccies – before destroying the core/robot/mother brain and heading back to Earth.

1hr 42mins

13 Mar 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 61: Movie Licensed Games

In this episode Paul and Arron discuss their experiences with movie licensed games. From the 80's to now there have been hundreds made. Some have been amazing based on the summer blockbusters of that particular year, Batman, Jurassic Park etc. However there have been many awful ones such as Wayne's World, Home Alone etc.  Some amazing Disney titles such as Lion King are discussed also as there were many great Disney games out there. So we hope you like some of the games discussed as we know not everything was covered but maybe we can do a sequel?

1hr 42mins

10 Jan 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 87: Super Mario Brothers The Movie

Join Chris, Phil and Aaron as they take a trip to the movies. In what’s hopefully a first of many movies based on games episodes the crew take a look at 1993’s Super Mario Bros The Movie. We take you through the movie, offer our thoughts and what we want from a future Mario Movie. 

1hr 14mins

7 May 2019

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Episode 60: Indie Games

Indie games are some of the most highly regarded video games on current gen consoles and the PC, and indie development studios represent a hot bed of talent when it comes to creating titles that are not restricted by the business goals of mainstream publishers.  With this in mind, regular Maximum Power Up hosts Phil and Tom get together in this latest episode to discuss their own experiences with the indie scene and then wax lyrical about some of their favourite games from independent developers. From the dark and dystopian world of Inside and the psychological nightmare of Layers of Fear; to the neon extraterrestrial delights of Sturmwind and the pixellated wonders of Hyper Light Drifter, sit back and relax as we talk about some of the finest experiences available from the indie scene.

1hr 41mins

28 Dec 2017

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Episode 63: PlayStation Portable

Sony’s entry into the handheld fistfight was everything you’d expect from them. Sleek and glossy black, big bright wide screen display, and a host of titles squeezed down to fit, plus loads of new games made to order. Join us as we take our first look at this future-classic console.

1hr 46mins

15 Feb 2018

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