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Stories from the Borders of Sleep

A semi-regular podcast, featuring original stories, fantastic fables and curious tales by written and read by your host, Seymour Jacklin. Each episode is from 8-18 minutes long and takes the listener on an imaginative and thought provoking journey. Aimed at adults but very suitable for children, too.

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The Night of the Nipperquins

Writting for the wedding of a friend, this story recounts the strangest wedding night of all time.


1 Sep 2015

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One Stormy Night

What are archaeologists really looking for? This one is digging up his own soul. This week's story is longer than the usual Borders of Sleep fare and certainly longer than I would normally podcast; but, I am still wanting to try out different things and see what people like. I did consider putting this into parts I and II but I thought you might find that annoying. That said, this story is long, but not as long as the time for which one of the characters has been absent from himself. When I wrote it, it seemed to get a life of its own and to run away with me, but hopefully not like the horse in the story. There is a lot crammed into it, but not quite as much as you will see crammed into a certain item of clothing that you will hear about. The airy and dark acoustic guitar soundtrack is from Glass Desert by Harlan Williams and it's available from Magnatune.


27 May 2011

Rank #2

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In which some fascinating things are discovered about the secret lives of plants and other living things.


19 Nov 2018

Rank #3

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My Journey

Episode 36 ... a little bit of autobiography: part of the story of the inception of 'Stories from the Borders of Sleep'.


23 Sep 2015

Rank #4

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Between Two Tides

Here is another story that is a retelling of a vivid and lengthy dream I had many years ago. A stranger is washed up on a beach, barely alive. Years later he tries to recover his memories of a very different time and place and the people he lived with before - a people whose entire civilisation rose and fell in a single life-time or even ... between two tides.


22 Sep 2011

Rank #5

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Beth and the Emerantil

A story of a young girl who intends to become a princess by marrying a prince one day, yet in a single night she meets a strange shadow and an even stranger creature who shows her things no princess has ever seen.


22 Oct 2011

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Tree and Stream

If you were water, what sort of water would you be? Would you be the water in a stream or the water in a tree? Or would you be ice or vapour? And what would it be like to be able to see the path of an ant or a star with the same clarity as we see the path to our own front door? All of these are questions you may ponder as you listen to this story about a traveller, and a tree ... and a stream.


18 Apr 2011

Rank #7

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Thrice Buried

As in the King, so in the Kingdom. But how terrible, then, for the Kingdom if the King has lost the will to live...


7 Jul 2015

Rank #8

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Iron and Wood

A woodcutter, a sailor, a lace maker, and a mysterious old woman ... sounds like a fairytale to me.  


22 Apr 2012

Rank #9

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The Ferryman

Turpin Whittington has a few problems: an unusual name, complete deafness in his left ear and an uncontrollable tendency to get lost in fairy-land but somehow he makes good.


28 Jan 2012

Rank #10

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Kalakut's Gift

This is a story about a little girl and a volcano and it's also about a grandfather and a fish, and a village and a rock ... and many other things if you listen carefully.


1 Jul 2014

Rank #11

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The Wisdom of Things Found

If you listen to anything, animal, vegetable or mineral, in time it will disclose some secret wisdom to you that you are obligated to share with others. Here is a story about a man who knew all that he knew because of what the sea brought to him.


20 Feb 2012

Rank #12

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Wild Blue Yonder

Here is a deep dive into the ocean and beyond, to carry you far away in your imagination, to dream within dreams, or just to help you get to sleep ... enjoy!


28 Oct 2011

Rank #13

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Hitting it Out of the Park

An episode dedicated to corporate daydreamers, opponents and proponents of boardroom bluster, meeting doodlers and anyone who has ever had to circle the waggons, eat their own dogfood or deploy blue-sky thinking - this is for you.


20 Jul 2015

Rank #14

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Moving in Mysterious Ways

What lies beyond the chess board? A few chess pieces get to find out ...


22 Dec 2011

Rank #15

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Stitched together from ideas that occurred to me while out walking the dog, my ponderings on the nature of fear, a dream from a long time ago, and a more recent journey in my own soul - it kind of emerged over the course of the last week. Is there something in you that needs to be unblocked?


15 Nov 2011

Rank #16

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Two Handkerchiefs

The latest podcast from www.bordersofsleep.com. This one is a "fairy tale" ... well ... it does have fairies in it but it may not be "happily ever after" in the quite the same way as most fairy tales end. You will also hear about two letters, and two wars, and two sworn enemies, but most of all you'll hear about two handkerchiefs. The soundtrack contains music  by Jami Sieber, available from magnatune.com. Story by Seymour Jacklin, artwork by Robyn Trainer and production by Tim Wiles.


4 Aug 2011

Rank #17

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Bear Bridge

A tale in which a baker gets the better of some savage bears with the help of a mysterious miller.


25 Nov 2011

Rank #18

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Fighting Lions

Welcome to "Stories from the Borders of Sleep" Episode 24. Rome ... Romantic? Oppressive? You decide, but just be aware that strange things might happen if you are at a loose end in the vicinity of the Colisseum.


6 Feb 2012

Rank #19

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The Jellyfarglemarsh

Here we are, back after a long hiatus, kicking off a new season of fortnightly podcasts with episode 31 - a tale containing a lot of made-up words ...


13 Jul 2013

Rank #20