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The National Association of Elementary School Principals and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NAESP Radio. Executive Director Earl L. Franks, Ed.D., CAEhosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about. Each brief segment of NAESP Radio will help keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

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American Education: Better Off Than We Think?

Yong Zhao writes that the weakness of American education may be greatly overstated. Zhao argues that American public schools are fundamentally well positioned to produce children with the skills needed in a new world transformed by technology. We just have to unleash the talent.


21 May 2010

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How Skilled Principals Get Things Done: The Art of Execution

Why do some school leaders get so much more done than others? Our guest offers answers and a framework for executing well. Follow: @efranksnaesp @NAESP @bamradionetworkSean Covey is a business executive, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, a speaker, and innovator. He is President of FranklinCovey Education and is devoted to transforming education throughout the world through a principle-centered leadership approach.


19 May 2018

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Overcoming Staff Division to Transform School Culture

School culture is critical argues Anthony Muhammad. Anthony believes that without a healthy school culture, no amount of structural change will produce positive results. In this segment we talk about the how principals can transform a toxic school culture.


15 Oct 2010

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Education Reform: How Important Are Principals?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan talk with NAESP's executive director Gail Connelly on the role of principals in education reform. Duncan shares his thoughts on principal evaluations, managing with limited resources and amending No Child Left Behind.


27 Aug 2010

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How Principals Can Lead Education Beyond Test Scores

Our guest points out that educators at the grassroots are rebelling against the current use of standardized test scores. In the absence of a national retreat on standardized testing, how can principals lead the way to moving beyond educating by the numbers?


20 Feb 2012

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Why So Many Principals Are Demoralized, How to Recover The Passion to Make a Difference

Diane Ravitch travels the nation speaking to educators and says that the depth of discouragement in the field is at an all time high and can not be overstated. Why are so many principals demoralized? More importantly how can those who feel this way recover their passion to make a difference?


19 Aug 2011

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Five Unconventional Keys to Creating Dynamic and Engaging Classrooms

What does it take to create a dynamic and engaging classroom that causes children to want to participate and take responsibility for their own learning? Our guest says the key is to teach like your hair is on fire. Listen in as this award winning teacher explains what makes his classroom so arresting to students. Rafe Esquith has taught at Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles for twenty-four years. He is the only teacher to have been awarded the president's National Medal of the Arts. His many other honors and awards include the American Teacher Award, Parents magazine As You Grow Award, Oprah Winfrey's Use Your Life Award TM, and People magazine's Heroes Among Us Award.


22 Mar 2012

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Developing Creative Children in a Climate of Standardized Testing

With the push for accountability in high gear and budget cuts crippling, limiting or eliminating many school arts programs, how do we engender creativity in our students? Our guests provide some guidance for schools that have a commitment to creativity and those that don't.


13 Jul 2010

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How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Leading change is perhaps one of the most challenging things that 21th century principals have to do. Our guest is the best selling author of "How to Change When Change is Hard." In this segment he applies his research to school principals struggling with being an agent of change.


21 Jun 2010

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Street Smart Lessons in Education From Around the World

Greg Mortenson has spent almost two decades traveling the world to promote community based education and literacy . Tune in and as Greg shares some of the insights he has learned from his travels.


17 Feb 2010

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Rethinking Teacher Evaluations and Student Achievement

The national emphasis on improving student performance has placed significant attention of evaluating teacher efficacy. However, our guest suggests that some rethinking is required to get our teacher evaluation process on target and he discusses a promising model.


5 Dec 2011

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What Principals Need to Know About the American Jobs Act

NAESP's President Ron Monson was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama on the American Jobs Act. In this segment Monson shares with us what we need to know about how this bill will impact us.


30 Sep 2011

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Maintaining Support for Public Education

For a myriad of reasons, support for public education is waning. Join us as we discuss what elementary school principals can do to strengthen support for public schools. Follow: @jamievol @efranksnaesp @NAESP @bamradionetwork Jamie Vollmer is president of Vollmer, Inc., a public education advocacy firm working to increase student success by raising public support for America’s schools. He is the author of Schools Cannot Do It Alone, proclaimed by the American School Board Journal as one of the “top ten books of the year,” and the writer and producer of the video series, The Great Conversation.


6 Oct 2017

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Helping Students Develop Critical Global Competencies

What is global education? How can global competencies be cultivated? Why does global competence matter? Follow: @davidb_ young @NAESP @bamradionetworkDavid B. Young is the CEO of Participate, whose mission is to ensure inclusive, equitable learning for all. Participate partners with schools and districts to provide leading-edge technology, comprehensive frameworks and support service that impact student outcomes by improving teacher practice through collaborative professional learning.


12 Jun 2017

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Achieving Educational Equality Versus Equity

Our guest shares his district's plan and strategies for driving authentic educational equity.Follow: @Ddance_BCPS @NAESP @bamradionetworkAs superintendent of the nation’s 25th largest school system, (Baltimore County schools) Dr. Dallas Dance oversees the instruction of more than 110,000 students and leads and manages a $1.76 billion budget, more than 21,000 employees, and 175 schools, centers, and programs. He aslo has served on President Obama's Advisory commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans.


15 Jun 2016

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