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Law School Interactive is a website that will educate and answer questions to potential and current law school students. On a weekly basis we will be posting podcasts that will answer law school frequently asked questions, profile an individual law school or dive into an interesting topic that refers to preparing for law school, law school or law students in a variety of ways.

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The Successful Law School Interview

Our topic this week is the law school admissions interview. Though most law schools don't require or request a formal interview as part of the admissions process, the ability to engage in a successful law school interview is an important skill for all law school applicants to master. It is important to remember that any interaction, formal or informal, you have with a representative from a law school can affect your admissions chances. Therefore, even if you find yourself meeting a law school representative at a relaxed social event, understanding the best interview techniques and how to apply them effectively is important. Being a successful law school interviewee can also ultimately aid you when interviewing for legal jobs or summer internships. More...

17 Dec 2014

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Should I take the LSAT more than once?

This week’s program sheds light on the law school admission myth of taking the LSAT more than once. Many students believe that, if they take the LSAT more than once, law schools will average their LSAT scores, potentially putting them at a numerical disadvantage with single-LSAT applicants. However, many students are not aware of a 2006 American Bar Association policy requiring schools to only report the highest LSAT score for their admitted students. This ABA policy drastically changed the way many schools handle multiple LSAT scores, and allowed students greater flexibility when taking the test. More...

11 Dec 2014

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JD/MBA Joint Degree

This week’s podcast discusses the joint JD/MBA degree. On the program we have Patrick Chung, a Harvard JD/MBA graduate and current partner at NEA (a venture capital firm in California); Melanie Nutt, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Wake Forest University School of Law; and Richard Hermann, co-editor of the Directory of Law School Joint Degree Programs. More...

3 Dec 2014

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LSAT Self Study

This week’s podcast goes over self-study options for the LSAT. We hear from the Director of Pre Law Programs for Kaplan, Jeff Thomas, the Chief Executive Officer for PowerScore, Dave Killoran, and Laura Alliman, a first year law student at the University of Tennessee and an LSAT “self-studier.” More...

3 Dec 2014

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Preparing for Law School

In this week’s podcast we take a look at preparing for law school. Many students wonder if they should do anything to ensure they are successful in law school, but don’t know where to start or what to do. Our experts talk about a variety of steps incoming law students can take to make sure they are prepared as they embark on their first year of law school. More...

3 Dec 2014

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Admission What Ifs

This week’s podcast discusses the “what ifs” of law school applications and decisions. We look into why denials, waitlist and deferrals happen and the correct way to react to admissions decisions. We also take a look at other common "what ifs" in the application process. More...

18 Nov 2014

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Law School Rankings

This week’s podcast discusses law school rankings. The most well-known rankings system, that published by U.S. News & World Report, provides numerical rankings for those schools it ranks as the top 100 law schools in the nation, and then lists the rest of the ABA-accredited programs by “tier.” In this program, our guests discuss how U.S. News develops its rankings, explain how to understand the rankings, and present opinions on what can be done to make the rankings more effective. More...

11 Nov 2014

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Hollywood Misconceptions

This week’s podcast looks into Hollywood’s misconceptions of lawyers. We spoke with Michelle King, Creator and Executive Producer of “The Good Wife” on CBS; Elie Mystal, Editor of abovethelaw.com; and Michael Asimow, Professor of Law Emeritus at UCLA and author of Lawyers in your Living Room and Reel Justice. More...

3 Nov 2014

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Getting to Know the LSAT

This week’s podcast covers the basics of the LSAT. We spoke with Linda Ashar, author of 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your LSAT; Jon Denning, Development Director for PowerScore; and Andrew Brody, Princeton Review’s National Content Director for LSAT Programs. In the program we take a look at some particulars of the test, including: when the exam is offered; the section break-down and timing of each section; and the content of the six sections (analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehensive and an experimental section). More...

14 Oct 2014

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Law School – Beyond the Classroom

This week’s podcast explores student life in law school. We discuss the need for and benefits of involvement in student organizations while attending law school. More...

8 Oct 2014

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