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A fun and informative podcast for the independent voice teacher working with young singers. Sharing inspiring interviews with music educators from around the world, the FULL VOICE Podcast shares modern teaching tips, vocal pedagogy, business strategies, and fun.

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FVPC #23 - Favorite Vocal Exercises and Warm-ups

Have you ever wondered what vocal exercises your colleagues are using in their teaching studios? In this podcast, we bring back expert guests and ask them about their favorite vocal warms up and technical exercises. Special Guests: Mim Adams, Sara Campbell, Shannon Coates, Anne Barnshaw and Jason Hales.


20 Oct 2016

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FVPC #116 Online Voice Lessons for Younger Students: Interview with Nate Plummer

Nate Plummer returns to the podcast to help teachers transitioning to online vocal lessons. After years of teaching online, he shares the do’s and don’ts and some preventative measure that can help lessons go smoothly. Visit our podcast page for more details. https://thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/116To see Nate's List of 25 TIPS AND TRICKS FOR TEACHING ONLINE post, please go here:https://www.facebook.com/nate.plummer.3/posts/2739061276180202 https://www.stagedoorunlocked.com/


18 Mar 2020

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FVPC #81 First Lessons

First Lessons with new students (and their parents)can be awkward as everyone is trying to get to know each other and understand the routine of your studio. Take care; a well planned first lesson can make or break your business relationship. Nikki shares simple strategies to get everyone started on the right note.For Links to resources mentioned please visit the podcast page:https://www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/81My Music Staff Minute: Forecasting in your Music Teaching BusinessWarm-Up of the Week: Using favorite foods to make your teens smile.


20 Apr 2019

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FVPC #65 Vocal Warm-ups (from Around the World) Part 1

Pack your bags - we are taking a trip around the world. We are stopping in on our friends and colleagues from around the globe and asking them about their favorite vocal warm-ups. {Teacher Take-a-way Alert} Listen to this podcast and You will have new and exciting vocal exercise ideas for your studio - guaranteed! In this episode, no piano warm-up tips and crowdsourcing ideas from your students to customize a warm-up that makes them smile! Special thanks to Karen Michaels, Kim Wessel and Rebekah Piatt for their great ideas (and some fun laughs!) For more information about the guests and links to more information - Please visit our webpage at www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts


21 Dec 2018

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FVPC #109 New Year Intentions for Your Music Studio: Interview with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Happy New Year! Most of us reflect on making a clean start personally in January, but what about in our music studios? Michelle Markwart Deveaux shares four effective intentions for savvy studio owners to reflect upon to ensure a successful year of teaching.Freebie Friday Download: Get Michelle's Worksheet and plan your 2020 business strategies! https://www.thefullvoice.com/freeresourcesVisit the podcast show page:https://www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/109Visit Michelle's Websites:Link for SpeakEasy Coop (A Voice Teacher mastermind/co-learning group) www.thespeakeasycoop.comLink for Michelle’s site www.faithculturekiss.com


3 Jan 2020

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FVPC #92 Social Media Update with Karen Michaels

Social media expert, Karen Michaels shares tips and trends for using social media channels for promoting your teaching studio. Savvy music teachers striving to keep things up to date will learn:~ New features in Instagram and Facebook stories~ How to use the platforms properly to get maximum exposure~ How to use Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Business Pages ~ Why you CAN NOT post lessons in the Facebook Marketplace~ Best practices so your Facebook page does not get shut down. (it happens!)Work with Karen: If you are looking for help with your social media account for your business check out Karen’s special offer for FULL VOICE Podcast listeners: https://thesocialbutterfly.as.me/fullvoicepodcastlistenersMy Music Staff Minute: Reminding students about lessons and recitals and keeping emails out of the spam folder. Warm-Up of the Week: Singing ME-OH moving in half steps.For more information, visit the podcast page:www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/92


6 Sep 2019

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FVPC #49 Vocalization Tools

Long gone are the days of only teaching singing by rote. There are so many tools, props, and toys that can help our singers warm-up the voice, connect with the body, correct vocal flaws, expand the range, and explore and discover their voices. Nikki shares activities and inspiration for students of all ages. Super fun and effective ideas for private or small group classes.


17 Aug 2018

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FVPC #22 Jaw Tension, TMJ and Bruxism: Interview with Physiotherapist Claire Corbett

This podcast is all about jaw tension including temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) and Bruxism. Our special guest, Registered Physiotherapist Claire Corbett shares her clinical expertise about this condition and offers some strategies for caring for the jaw. Don't forget to visit our FULL VOICE podcast page for her free pdf about the TMJ. www.thefullvoice.com/podcasts


20 Sep 2016

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FVPC #64 Vocal Instrument 101: Interview with Shannon Coates

Returning Guest, Shannon Coates discusses her new online course: The Vocal Instrument 101. A fun and lively conversation about continuing education and diving into the science, anatomy, and physiology of singing. For information about the links mentioned in this podcast please visit www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts (Please note: There is occasional “crackle” in the recording due to internet connection issues, but the voices are clear!)


14 Dec 2018

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FVPC #55 Vocal Exploration Exercises

Vocal exploration exercises are whole body activities that encourage students to use their voice in fun and creative ways. Often reserved for the youngest singers, vocal exploration exercises can be the first step in helping young singers sing in tune. But did you know, sirens, animal sounds, tongue twisters, and vocal expression lines can help singers of all ages and provide teachers incredible insight about the students in your studios? Visit our website for more information and free teaching resources www.thefullvoice.com Full Voice resources are now available worldwide on Amazon


13 Oct 2018

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FVPC #73 The Curse of Knowledge

The Curse of Knowledge is a sneaky cognitive bias that prevents YOU from being the best teacher you can be. Think you're not cursed? It trips up even the most experienced teacher. It can also cause communication challenges when running your teaching studios. Learn about this evil challenge and simple ways you can lift the curse on this episode of the FULL VOICE Podcast. My Music Staff Minute: Time-saving strategies for busy teachers.Click here to start your 30-day free trial today.https://www.mymusicstaff.com/?utm_source=FullVoice Please visit the podcast page for more information and links to all resources mentioned in this episode.www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/73


23 Feb 2019

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FVPC #46 Vocal Exercise Masterclass: with Dana Lentini, Brian Lee, and Shannon Coates

Recorded from the 2018 NATS convention in Las Vegas, my talented colleagues share the HOW and WHY of their favorite exercises. From exercises to help singers sing more expressively, to the challenges of Messa di Voce, Dana Lentini (born2singkids.com), Brian Lee (Vocalability.com), and Shannon Coates (Vocal Instrument 101) share their expertise and some laughs in this impromptu podcast.


30 Jun 2018

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FVPC #37 The Young Singing Larynx: Interview with Dana Lentini

Voice Teacher and pedagogue, Dana Lentini shares her passion and detailed research about teaching young children to sing. She discusses the Young Singing Larynx and how it changes through childhood and puberty. Her recent research addresses many of the "myths" pertaining to working with young singers in the private teaching studio. Visit our website for more information;https://www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/37


27 Oct 2017

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FVPC #101 Balancing Performing and Teaching: Interview with Jennifer Cooper

Voice teachers wear many hats. Many of us are ‘Teaching Artists,’ trying to balance our performance schedules with the responsibilities of running our teaching studios. Jennifer Cooper shares her passion for both performing and teaching and how she mindfully maintains her busy schedule. Bonus conversation: Jennifer performs an extremely wide variety of music and discusses how she transitioned from a classical background into contemporary genres.Warm-Up of the Week: Jennifer shares exercises for helping singers with registration. My Music Staff Minute: Celebrating your studio successes! For more information please visit our website: www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/101

1hr 1min

8 Nov 2019

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FVPC #90 Mind Your Business: Interview with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

We finish the third season of the FULL VOICE Podcast with our friend and business strategist, Michelle Markwart Deveaux. She outlines savvy business strategies for looking at and (most importantly,) understanding your studio numbers. Cash flow sheets, KPI, and projecting for next year - Michelle will help you “GET WITH YOUR NUMBERS." For more information, please visit our website: www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/90A special thank you to the fine folks at My Music Staff for the My Music Staff Minute: www.mymusicstaff.comHappy Singing Teacher Boxhttps://www.thefullvoice.com/usstore/happy-singing-teacher-welcome-box{Season Four of the FULL VOICE Podcast will debut Friday, August 30th, 2019}

1hr 5mins

20 Jun 2019

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FVPC #83 Productivity Tips for Teachers: Interview with Glory St. Germain

Private Music teachers wear many hats and often struggle to find the balance between teaching, performing, learning, running a business, and caring for our families. Glory St. Germain is a successful private music teacher and the CEO of Ultimate Music Theory. Glory has authored over 50 music theory books and created an excellent online certification course for music teachers. She knows a thing or two about being productive! In this fun conversation, she is sharing her top productivity tips and the 3 time thieves that prevent us from meeting our goals.**Affiliate disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. This means I may receive referral fees if you make a purchase through this site without any additional cost to you. This helps us to continue producing podcasts, and resources for you. Thank you for your support. Glory's FREE WEBINAR: https://my.ultimatemusictheory.com/a/13709/YHK7XCPUVisit our Webpage for more information: https://www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/83


3 May 2019

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FVPC #102 Practicing Challenges and Strategies

The forever challenge of getting students to practice is universal. Fear not! There are simple strategies and tools we can use to help inspire students (and families) to enjoy singing activities at home.My Music Staff Minute: Connecting with your familiesLinks mentioned in this podcast:The 2020/21 Private Music Teacher Planner and Agenda NOW available on Amazon. 200 pages of Private Teacher Planning bliss! https://www.amazon.com/Private-Music-Teacher-Planner-Agenda/dp/1897539274Nancy Bos Singer’s Practice Planner, Log and Journals - Perfect for older students and adultshttps://www.amazon.com/Singers-Practice-Plan-Log-Journal/dp/1981681310Super-Cute Singing Lesson Practice Planner and Journal (Three cute animal themes for your young students!) https://www.amazon.com/Singing-Lesson-Practice-Planner-Journal/dp/1897539258Free practice templates by Wendy Stevens at composecreate.com https://composecreate.com/students/wendys-piano-studio/teaching-resources/motivational-charts/Check out our free resources page for more fun achievement pages, lyric discovery sheets, active listening sheets and MORE! https://www.thefullvoice.com/freeresources


15 Nov 2019

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FVPC #11 - Online Tools For Music Teachers

This podcast is all about great online tools and services that help music teachers run their teaching studios. These websites and programs help teachers save time, money and run your business in a creative and professional manner.


22 Feb 2016

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FVPC #94 Historical Vocal Pedagogy: Interview with Justin Petersen

We continue our conversation with Justin Petersen about historical vocal pedagogy. Justin shares teaching philosophies and technical exercises from the past and how they have an essential place in the voice studios of today.Visit our podcast page for more information: www.thefullvoice.com/fvpodcasts/94Links mentioned in this Podcast:website www.petersenvoicestudio.comfacebook: www.facebook.com/petersenvoicestudio, Instagram @petersenvoiceBooks mentioned in this podcast:Tosi, Pier Francesco, and John Ernest Galliard. Observations on the Florid Song, Or, Sentiments on the Ancient and Modern Singers. William Reeves, 1743Mancini, Giambattista. Practical reflections on the figurative art of singing. RG Badger, 1912.Celoni, Anna Maria Pellegrini. Grammar, Or, Rules for Singing Well. Ed. Edward Foreman. Pro Musica Press, 2001.Witherspoon, Herbert. Singing. New York: G Schirmer, 1925.Brian Lee’s blog about aging voice:https://vocalability.com/no-voice-stays-the-same-forever/My Music Staff Minute: Making your teaching studio stand out locally.


20 Sep 2019

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Episode 100 recaps fantastic conversations from the seasons one, two, and three, celebrating the incredible guests who have shared their expertise on our podcast.ANDIt is FREEBIE FRIDAY at Full Voice Music, and our new download is a seasonal singing activity from our new book, O Christmas Tree.We are exploring beat, rhythm, and introducing rhythmic improvisation with the holiday classic: Jingle Bells.You can download your copy of our FREEBIE FRIDAY at www.thefullvoice.com/freeresourcesPodcasts mentioned in the episode:FVPC #8 Repertoire Recommendations with Anne BarnshawFVPC #19 Strategies for Students Struggling with Stillness with Shannon CoatesFVPC #37 The Young Singing Larynx with Dana LentiniFVPC #43 Movement in the Voice Lesson: Interview with Christin Coffee RondeauFVPC #85 Mindful Instruction: Interview with Steve FerrellFVPC #89 Money Mindset: Interview with Michelle Markwart Deveaux


1 Nov 2019

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