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Welcome to the Bede Sisters Podcast with your host, Kay! We'll chat about knitting and country life in South Carolina.

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This week I'm excited to talk about attending two special retreats this year, the Georgia Pipeline Retreat and Into the Wool.  And I'm all about the gradient sets.


12 Feb 2017

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This week I have three finished projects--the Pyukkleen cowl, the 100 Acre Wood shawl and the Iced Tea Cowl.  Also, Janie and I are entering lots of things in the South Carolina State Fair.


4 Oct 2017

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Not Enough Pins for My Mistakes

This week, I finished my Christmas socks.  I've also been working on the All the Love pullover and the Hon Cowl. And if you spot the mistake in it when you see me, I'll give you a podcast pin. Or if you don't spot it, I'll probably still give you a pin.  I'm not fussy.


3 Feb 2018

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Let's Party

This week, we're celebrating episode 100 of the Bede Sisters Podcast.  Thank you so much for listening and marking this milestone with me. I have finished two pairs of socks and have another on the needles. There's also a new shawl cast on. Let's party and by party I mean eat snacks and talk about knitting.


20 Oct 2019

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One Skein Worsted

This week, I've worked on the Impressionists MKAL (spoiler alert: I'm still behind) and a pair of vanilla socks on the new Addi FlexiFlip needles.  We cleaned our porch and there are new chicks in the house.


22 Apr 2018

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4th Annual Pre-SAFF Flyby

This is the annual mini episode just before I leave for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC.  I am looking forward to being there and seeing all of you! Also, I messed up the Ljus Shawl because I forgot how to read directions.  Sigh.


24 Oct 2019

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Dancing with a Star

This week, I have another finished object and lots of patterns in the rabbit hole.  Also, I found a picture of me from a high school play.  It is my claim to fame.


13 Feb 2018

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The Knit Shop Was Beside the Spa

This week, I'll fill you in on my vacation adventures, confess my lace knitting failure and tell you what I've harvested from the garden.


7 Jun 2017

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Icelandic Sheep in Nebraska

This week, I'm talking about my trip to Nebraska.  I visited a friend who raises Icelandic sheep.  Spoiler alert--I brought home a fleece! I'm also excited about Into the Wool, retreat in Crossville, TN, hosted by Dana of Unwind Yarn. 


18 Sep 2019

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I Find Your Lack of Editing Disturbing

This week, I finished my "V Is for Valentine" socks, attempted amigurumi and threw editing out the window.


13 Mar 2018

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In Case You Were Wondering--K2TOG and SSK

This week, I worked on my Anna Karenina shawl and some master knitter swatches.  I also talk about how to decide which decrease to use, K2TOG or SSK.  Or both.


23 Mar 2018

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Giant Hairy Man Feet Socks

This week I'm happy to be done with the Giant Hairy Man Feet socks for my son.  I'm also excited to be going to Maryland Sheep and Wool.


3 May 2017

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Real Friends Will Tell Ya

This week, I have a finished project (Skagen Shawl) and some questions for you about shop samples.  Also, goats are jerks.


14 Apr 2018

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Weekend in Aiken

This week, I'll tell you about my anniversary trip to Aiken, SC, progress on shawls and my new instant pot.


20 Jun 2017

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Lining the Rabbit Hole

This week I'm just back from Maryland Sheep and Wool and can't wait to tell you all about it.  Also, I've added theme music.


10 May 2017

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Like the Belly of a Kitten

This week, I finished my Impressionists MKAL (and wore it to a violin recital) and I'm giving away fiber that is really, really soft. There's also a review of the new eBook by The Geeky Girls, Tickled Pink.


29 Apr 2018

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The Award for Oldest WiP Goes To...

This week, I finished the Norwegian Fir baby cardigan.  I also picked back up the Anna Karenina Shawl and it's more than halfway done.  There's also a Bentley update.


15 Jun 2018

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It's a Sin to Bore People

This week, I'm working on a test knit and pondering my moral responsibility to be interesting. 


16 May 2018

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Wow, I Came Back!

This week, I'm trying to get back in the podcasting groove.  I finished the Bofur Scarf and the Ljus Shawl.  I'm also working on a pair of socks and the Habitation Throw by Curious Handmade.   I'm hoping for pullover sweater suggestions and thinking about making Christopher Bunny by Susan B. Anderson.  It's going to be quite a year around the farm.


24 Jan 2020

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How To Be Knit Worthy

This week, I have two finished projects. One is a crocheted toy and the other is a pair of socks.  I've also been working on the Skagen Shawl and the Impressionists MKAL. There's also talk of knitworthiness.


6 Apr 2018

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