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13 – The Google Classroom App: Released for iOS and Android

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 13 – The Google Classroom App [etysk] Sponsors: Audible.com – Click the link to get a free audiobook of your choosing! Thanks for supporting ETYSK! Backblaze – AWESOME cloud-based backup solution to ensure you always have a backup of your most important files. Check it out – it's cheap! Show Notes: A lot of relevant info with regards to today's episode can be found on this article about the Google Classroom App. The app enables users to do the following: Take pictures and immediately upload them to an assignment. Share from other apps. Offline Caching Work right from the phone or tablet. Monitor/Turn-in Assignments Again, the Google Classroom App is available for iOS and Android. Share how you are using it with students in the comments below!


21 Jan 2015

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12 – Voxer: What It Is and How Educators Use It

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 12 – Voxer [etysk] This episode was recorded entirely on Voxer! Sponsors: Audible – Thanks to Audible for sponsoring the show. For a FREE audiobook of your choosing head to this link. Thanks to Audible's support of ITT! Patreon – Intersted in supporting the show? Check out our Patreon page here. Guests: Jon Samuelson – @jonsamuelson Starr Sackstein – @mssackstein Victoria Olson – @MsVictoriaOlson Show Notes: This episode talks all about Voxer – an app (and now website) that allows you to voice chat via a ‘walkie-talkie' type environment. You can start conversations with individuals or with groups – all at the touch of a button. Topics of conversation: What is Voxer? How are you using Voxer personally? In what ways can you use Voxer with students? How does Voxer redefine education? The Voxer App – FREE  (iOS, Android) Voxer.com Connect with me on Voxer: jeffherb How are you using Voxer? Vox me or comment below!


14 Jan 2015

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11 – Record Lessons and Presentations with Swivl

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 11 – Record Lessons and Presentations with Swivl [etysk] Sponsors Audible.com – We are pleased that Audible is a sponsor of our podcast. Click here to get a FREE audiobook of your choice and a 30-day free trial. Thanks to Audible for their support! Patreon.com – Have you enjoyed ETYSK? Please consider supporting the show through our Patreon page. Every contribution helps keep this thing going! Thanks so much. Show Notes Swivl is an awesome tool that harnesses the power of iOS and Android devices to capture high quality video and audio that ‘tracks' the presenter (or whomever is the keeper of the sensor). Here are some of the highlights: iOS and Android compatible Adapts to hold most smartphones and tablets Re-chargeable battery Wireless microphone and remote controls Follows you – 360 degrees with 25 degree tilt and 30 foot range. Education Uses: Flipped Classroom Professional Development Student Projects


26 Dec 2014

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09 – Curating Student and Audience Questions Using Social QA

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 9 – Curating Student and Audience Questions using Social QA Thanks for tuning in for this episode about a backchanneling tool that is free, easy to use, and focused on developing a list of questions that your audience (students, staff) have regarding your topic of discussion and of those questions, which ones are most important to the group as a whole. The tool is called Social Q&A and can be found at socialqa.com. The functionality is simple. Your audience asks questions from their device (any web-enabled device will work), everyone votes on the questions they want answered, the most popular questions rise to the top, and thus Q&A time is streamlined since questions have already been curated. Their site gives a couple options for implementation: Before the fact: You can collect questions prior to the event and make your presentation/lesson focus on particular topics of importance. During: Students/staff ask questions on the site during the lesson/meeting and you’ll have a defined list of questions to answer at the end of the session. After: Allow the conversation to continue after your lesson or meeting – especially if all questions were unable to be answered in the time allowed. Students can ask questions as they work on homework and they can be immediately addressed the next day. Social QA is a free tool and users can get started easily by going to socialqa.com. Links and a transcript of this episode will be available at etysk.com/9. Similarly, I’d love to hear how you use this tool – so please comment on the show’s page with your implementation – again that is etysk.com/9.


8 Dec 2014

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07 – GradeCam: Use Your Camera to Grade Quizzes

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 7 GradeCam [etysk] This episode of ETYSK focuses on GradeCam, a free tool that allows you to grade multiple choice tests/quizzes (up to 10 questions in the free version) using your iOS/Android phone camera, webcam on your laptop, or many versions of document cameras. GradeCam features include: Instantly grade multiple choice tests using devices you carry with you. Create class rosters and scan directly to a student's name in your grade book. Create custom answer forms and print them yourself for free. Provide instant feedback to teachers and students. Getting started with GradeCam is really easy. Just head over to gradecam.com and create a free account. Then, create your classes and class roster. After that you're ready to scan! Consider using these for exit slips, short vocabulary checkups, checks for understanding on current lessons, and so much more. How do you think you could use GradeCam? Let me know in the comments.


12 Nov 2014

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05 – Communicate with Students and Parents using Remind

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 5 – Communicate with Students and Parents using Remind [etysk] This week's episode of ETYSK talks about Remind and their great tool for communicating with students in your class or who may be members of your team or activity. Remind is a great tool for the following: Safe/Secure communication between teachers and students Teachers don't know student phone numbers, students don't know teacher phone numbers Schedule reminders to be sent to students – plan your week in advance Use the new ‘stamps' feature to allow student/parent response to your questions/comments Use the great Remind app to keep track of your classes and share information with students easily It's FREE So much more! How are you using Remind with your students and/or parents? Let us know in the comments!


25 Sep 2014

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04 – Google Classroom in Your Classroom

Episode 4 – Google Classroom in Your Classroom [etysk] This episode of ETYSK focuses on Google's new Google Classroom LMS (learning management system) that ultimately helps teachers and students stay organized and connected throughout the duration of a course. While Google Classroom is currently only available to those using Google Apps for Education (GAFE), so many educational institutions use GAFE that I would imagine if you are reading this or listening to this podcast you likely know that you are a GAFE school and are eligible to access the new platform. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5795849860601775"; google_ad_slot = "2702402824"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; This podcast mentions several features that were highlighted in my previous post “Getting Started with Google Classroom,” so instead of reposting everything here I will just encourage you to check out that article for screenshots and information that is discussed in this episode. Episode Links: Getting Started with Google Classroom Google Classroom


10 Sep 2014

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03 – Mirroring and Screen Sharing with Reflector, AirParrot, and Slingshot

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 3 Mirroring and Screen Sharing with Reflector, AirParrot, and Slingshot On this week's episode we talked with Drew, the co-founder of AirSquirrels (the firm that produces the great apps we are discussing today). Drew and I talked about the following three apps in relation to mirroring and screen sharing: Reflector: “Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone on a number of devices. It’s available for Mac, PC and most Android devices. Mirror your device on a big screen without wires or complicated setups.” AirParrot: “AirParrot adds AirPlay screen mirroring to any Windows or Mac computer. Wirelessly connect a computer to a TV and stream movies, music, photos and more to an Apple TV or computer running Reflector. AirParrot is the only Windows screen mirroring solution, and it's a great Mac AirPlay alternative.” Slingshot: “Slingshot allows you to share iOS device screens, Mac and Windows desktops or specific applications. Share with anyone, whether they're across the world or in the same room. Simply start a session, share your device and then invite others to join in! A number of collaboration tools are included, too! Video, audio and text chat are paired with collaborative note taking, file sharing and more.” The headers above are direct links to the apps. A special thanks to Drew for talking with ETYSK about these awesome apps for educators!


19 Aug 2014

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18 – EdCamp Voxer

EdTech You Should Know – Episode 18 – EdCamp Voxer [etysk] Host: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) Guests: Sarah Thomas – Twitter: @sarahdateechur & Voxer: @sarahdateechur Nicol Howard – Twitter: @nicolrhoward & Voxer: @nicolrhoward Rachelle Wooten – Twitter: @rwootenits & Voxer: @rwoote203 Carla Jefferson – Twitter: @mrsjeff2u & Voxer: @mrsjeff2u Shana White – Twitter: @ShanaVWhite & Voxer: @svwhite EdCamp Voxer takes place online using the app Voxer. It runs Dec 23-30, 2015. Get started with EdCamp Voxer (IMPORTANT LINKS) Register: http://bit.ly/EdCampVoxer2015 Propose a session: http://bit.ly/edvsessions Room Signup:  bit.ly/edcampvoxer Follow on Twitter: @EdCampVoxer and #EdCampVoxer New to Voxer? Listen to this episode of ETYSK. Also: If you are new to Voxer, please feel free to join the New Teachers to Voxer group to explore in a no judgement zone. Here is the link: https://web.voxer.com/chats/1433596583445_218524181_9b68a85f


23 Dec 2015

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17 – Live Streaming with Blab

EdTech You Should Know 17 – Live Streaming with Blab Host: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) [etysk] Show Notes: A new live streaming site called Blab.im has taken the internet by storm. It's a great tool for those who want to live stream their podcasts, setup a study group, collaborate on a project, or host a review session (and so much more). Here are some features of Blab: FREE Emails you an audio file and a separate video file of your broadcast Up to four ‘talking head' video participants unlimited people on the chat Integrates with social media to easily share your stream Can add/drop participants with a click Schedule ‘Blabs' to promote your live stream Viewers can add questions to have the hosts answer Blab has been evolving constantly with new features being added regularly. Check it out – and join us for live streaming of The Instructional Tech Talk Podcast on Sunday nights!


11 Dec 2015

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