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Traditional Parenting Vs. Trauma-Informed Parenting: Pursuing Connection with Your Child

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Understanding how to best love, teach, and correct our children is something we are continually learning. Add to that, learning to parent kids who have experienced trauma, and things that may have worked for our biological children now seem to have the opposite effect on our kids. In today’s episode, Kristin Berry brings us practical insight and encouragement to help us parent our kids in a way that keep us connected.


25 Feb 2019

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Foster Care Basics: Everything from How To Be a Foster Parent to Staying Organized

Aurie Good is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of five children, two biological, one adopted from foster care and two in the process of adopting from foster care. She has developed great strategies to help you keep your sanity while parenting and maintaining the mountain of paperwork required while fostering. She and her husband, Ken, have fostered 11 children during their nine years of foster parenting in New Jersey. All of the children who have come into their home have been medically fragile, requiring even more paperwork and organization. Aurie shares not only great tips, but she’s included a link to a PDF of “The Binder”—an organizational tool she’s developed. Don’t miss it!


28 Aug 2017

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The Benefits of Growing Up in a Fostering Family

People considering foster care often worry about how their biological children will be affected by having other children come in and out of their lives. Clayton Keenon’s story will help put many of those fears to rest. His parents fostered more than 350 teen girls over 35 years—virtually all his life. He knows he’s a better person for it.


1 Jan 2018

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Single Foster Parenting – Real Strategies from Real Moms

Foster parenting can be challenging even with a spouse, but that doesn’t mean a single person can’t or shouldn’t follow a call from God to foster. This panel discussion includes four single foster moms who have figured out how to make fostering work in their lives. If you have been waiting for a spouse to foster, their stories might give you the encouragement you need to take that step of faith to foster as a single parent!


27 Aug 2018

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Navigating Court: Understanding Your Role as a Foster Parent

Our guest, Tony Whitley, is no stranger to foster care. Once a child in foster care, now a foster parent and TFI Advocate, he’s seen the court process from many sides, and he’s not running from it. Tony helps shed new light on court and the players involved in the system. Today’s conversation will help you walk into court informed, knowing the purpose of the hearing you’re attending, and what your role is in the process. Use this as your launchpad as you navigate your way through the court system.


18 Nov 2019

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Honest Questions about Foster Care and Adoption and Answers You Need To Hear

Whether you’re just thinking about foster care or adoption and want to know what it’s really like or you’re in it and you need support, today’s guest, Mike Berry, offers a picture of the good, bad, and ugly. He’s passionate about sharing a realistic view of adoption and foster care, and he wants to answer your questions honestly. Listen in as we tackle a few of them, but then check out his new book, "Honestly Adoption," for answers to even more. Friends, we are in this together!


23 Sep 2019

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Life in Foster Care: What It’s Really Like

In terms of foster care, Tori has experienced it all. Entering the system at age four; reuniting with her mom; seeing the effects of mental illness; entering the system again; moving to twelve placements; living in a group home; and finally making the decision to emancipate, Tori’s life is one of ups and downs. At moments, she wanted to be out of foster care, and at moments, it was the best option she had. Tori is real and raw and helps us learn what life in foster care is really like. We have much to learn.


13 Jan 2020

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Going into Foster Care as a Teen: One Woman’s Story of Testifying for her Family’s Safety

Angel Ambrose’s home life became so unsafe when she was a teen that she testified against her mother in order to protect herself and her younger siblings from neglect and abuse. Angel shares her story and how God has redeemed her past and brought her healing, even to the point of having her own child—something she never thought she wanted.  


18 Jun 2018

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The Surprising Thing About Foster Care

When Kristy Sutton and her husband, Zach, became foster parents, they realized that life would never be the same. After finishing foster care training classes, they felt ready to enter this new role, but they quickly learned how unprepared they were…for almost everything! In today’s episode, you will gain insight into what the fostering journey looks like—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and glean wisdom from one who has walked this road before you. You are not in this alone!


12 Aug 2019

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Messy Redemption: A Story of Healing from a Child in Foster Care, now Adoptive Mom

A story of tragedy and hope, Mandy’s voice as a child who grew up in foster care is one we need to hear. Her earliest years were wrought with pain and fear, as she experienced loss in the hardest of circumstances. When she entered foster care, for the first time, she was given consistent access to a safe environment, and yet, the impact of her trauma lasted long after she arrived. Mandy shares the heartache of her beginning but also the healing that she experienced as she slowly began to trust the adults around her—adults who saw beyond her behaviors and loved her with fierce commitment.


2 Dec 2019

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Reframing Foster Care: Finding Hope in the Struggle

Jason Johnson shares highlights from his new book, Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel, to encourage us, whether we are in the trenches of foster parenting, considering becoming foster parents or trying to better support foster families. This is an episode full of hope and will remind you that you are not alone!


12 Feb 2018

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Lessons Learned from Growing Up in a Fostering Family

Can you imagine being the oldest of 5 biological children and having over 50 therapeutic foster siblings throughout your childhood? Rophe Mason tells her story of growing up in a fostering family; listen in as she vulnerably shares how they navigated these waters, established boundaries and shared God’s love with children who needed it the most.


14 Jan 2019

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Encore Episode | Reframing Foster Care: Finding Hope in the Struggle

Join us for this Encore Episode to hear Jason Johnson share highlights from his new book, Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel. Designed to encourage, whether we are in the trenches of foster parenting, considering becoming foster parents or trying to better support foster families, this episode is full of hope and will remind you that you are not alone!


7 May 2018

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The Birth Parent Perspective: What It’s Like Having Your Child Taken From You

Ashley found herself caught in addiction after being first exposed to narcotic pain killers at the hospital. Because of this, her son was removed from her custody and put into foster care. Ashley’s story is one of brokenness and redemption. Today’s episode brings us the unique perspective of the birth parent.


3 Jun 2019

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My Parents are Foster Parents: Honest Reflections from Teens in a Fostering Family

Teenagers, Brayden and Bristol, along with their mom, Selena Whitley, speak honestly to the joys and struggles of being raised in a family who does foster care. The journey of fostering has allowed Bristol and Brayden to mature as they learn to lean on God.


28 Jan 2019

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Good Grief: Navigating Loss in Foster Care

Foster care begins with loss—a family broken, unable to be together. This reality weighs on biological parents who long to be reunited whether that’s a possibility or not, children who are trying to make sense of all that is happening, caseworkers who care deeply for both the biological and foster families on their caseloads, and foster families who struggle to know how to help the kiddos in their homes navigate this hard journey while also managing their own emotions. Loss feels anything but good. And yet, our guest, Trisha, an adoptee and adoptive mom, brings a message of hope to us. Rooted in the promises of God, we can mourn loss and see our grief as a gift.


30 Dec 2019

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Strategies for Making Your Marriage a Safe Haven

Beth Guckenberger and her husband Todd have been married more than 25 years and, between biological, foster, and adopted children, they have raised ten children. In addition, they also work together as Co-Executive Directors of Back2Back Ministries, an organization that is dedicated to being a voice for orphans. They have found some unique strategies to keep their marriage strong and vibrant, enabling them to better serve those they have been called to serve. Beth shares these and other ideas in this can’t miss episode!


26 Feb 2018

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A Conviction to Help Kids in Care

Jamie Grace is a Grammy nominated, Dove award-winning contemporary Christian/Christian rap musician who has big dreams and plans beyond music. Raised in a household in which her parents took in more than 25 children, she has a huge heart for foster care and is determined to make a difference in others’ lives in tangible ways.


14 Aug 2017

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When Trauma and Puberty Meet: How to Help Your Child

Puberty. It’s a time you may be dreading as a parent or caregiver, or maybe you’re currently walking this road with your pre-teen or teenager, and you need help! It doesn’t have to be scary. Our guest, Dr. Melody Aguayo, offers a wealth of knowledge that will help you navigate this stage of life. The changes that accompany this stage of life for our children with trauma histories can bring more challenges than other children face. There are significant differences that we, as parents, need to understand so we can support and educate our children well. Awareness is the first step, so let’s dive in!  


4 Nov 2019

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