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Become the leader everyone wants to follow, including your customers. Meet some of the world's brightest minds with customer-centric leadership authority Jim Rembach to uncover thought-provoking dynamic strategies to engage employees and customers.Jim is the developer of Call Center Coach and Editor in Chief of CX Global Media. The Fast Leader Show impacts thousands of people each week by unlocking the power in guests' perspectives, expertise, and experiences.The show explores how businesses can create dynamic customer experience strategies, improve employee engagement, and develop more human-centric leaders with practical advice that you can use immediately. Today’s customers want dynamic customer experiences, and doing so requires improving your creativity and within your organization. Learn how to move onward and upward faster and join in the Hump Day Hoedown.

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195: Glenn Elliott: Get on with it and stay resilient

Glenn Elliott was trying to grow his company by building a sales team. He had six false starts, received tons of advice and counsel, hired a guru that nearly bankrupted him just to find out that the answers he was seeking could be found by falling flat on his face.


17 Oct 2018

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188: Howard Partridge: I was a terrible leader

Howard Partridge had the vision for a turnkey business. What he did not realize was that his strong out-going task-oriented, demanding, direct, defiant personality was really turning everybody off. That’s when his bookkeeper took him aside and shared with him some words of wisdom.


29 Aug 2018

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129: Judd Hoekstra: I had all that junk swirling around in my head

Judd Hoekstra got into a downward spiral. He got to the point where he was putting emphasis in the wrong area. It created a huge negative cycle for him and he didn’t even want to show up. That’s when Judd decided to reframe the negative thoughts running through his mind. Listen as Judd shares how you can get over the hump.


12 Jul 2017

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206: Karen Chaston: I did not honor myself

Karen Chaston tragically lost her son Dan and she went straight back to work. She knew how to be a CFO, not a grieving mother. Eventually, she learned that his passing was meant for her to wake up. She now knows that you can have that career, but it doesn’t have to come at a cost to you.


2 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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223: Douglas Gerber: How do you create high-performance teams?

Douglas Gerber was a Vice President at Pepsi when one of his regional managers gave him some terrible news. He was leaving for Coca Cola. Douglas found out he left because he felt he was not really part of a team. Douglas vowed to never again let that happen


1 May 2019

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211: Ed Muzio: I needed to iterate

Ed Muzio was running an industry forum for the first time. While he followed the advice he received he missed a few key elements and the meeting went off the rails. Ed was the one that needed to fix it but he didn’t know how.


6 Feb 2019

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219: Stacey Hanke: My influence was redefined

Stacey Hanke was doing introductions for speakers early in her career and her boss said she needed to be recorded for feedback and coaching purposes. Stacey reluctantly complied and upon reviewing the taping, she shockingly realized she had a huge disconnect between how she felt and what everyone else experienced. Now Stacey helps others grow their positive influence Monday to Monday®.


3 Apr 2019

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249: Scott Warrick: Resolving employee conflict is simple

Scott Warrick had a client that all of a sudden stopped communicating with him. After several attempts to connect without response, Scott learned he said something that offended someone during a workshop. After losing a lot of sleep, he resolved himself to the fact that he needed to take care of himself to move forward.


30 Oct 2019

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227: Alan Stein: I work hard to be coachable

Alan Stein Jr. spent most of his life with qualities that weren’t so endearing. But now he works hard on his self-awareness and clarity and to be coachable and open and to help others to raise their game.


29 May 2019

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255: John DiJulius: Relationship is the differentiator today

John DiJulius, III looked back on mistakes and regrets and found a pattern. He’s always been the underdog, and when he takes that chip off his shoulder and feels he deserves the recognition he’s received; he ends up in a bad place.      


11 Dec 2019

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213: Chris Westfall: There are no mistakes

Chris Westfall wrote down his desired salary on a napkin and the CEO accepted it. He started his new job but only a few weeks later, the CEO ended it. Chris moved his family to a new town for a job that no longer existed. Yet Chris thanks that CEO for the conversation.


20 Feb 2019

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185: Connie Malamed: You have to want to give to them

Connie Malamed wrote a book about visual language for instructional design to achieve quick and effective communication - but she had to speak about it. Considering herself more of a writer and not a speaker, she was terrified of public speaking. Eventually, she found a tactic that helped her to move onward and upward.


8 Aug 2018

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198: David Hiatt: At what point am I going to take myself seriously

David Hiatt had friends that convinced him to enter a speech contest. He did it half way but soon realized that when he got into it, he was really good at affecting people and helping them to do better in their life. That’s when he decided to do something of excellence.


7 Nov 2018

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256: Gleb Tsipursky: Never go with your gut

Gleb Tsipursky and his wife set out to start a non-profit. But quickly they began to experience a lot of conflict trying to move things forward. Determined to successfully collaborate, they work to finally realize they had very different viewpoints and prospective on how to solve their problems. And they also came to realize they both had issues with judgement errors. Now they help others to avoid their own decision-making disasters.


18 Dec 2019

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265: Ryan Gottfredson: I shifted from my negative mindsets

Ryan Gottfredson came to appreciate his deep learning about mindsets because it’s much more fulfilling and rewarding than learning about them due to being in crisis. Now he’s spreading the word about mindsets to help enlighten others.


19 Feb 2020

Rank #15

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214: Cheryl Strauss Einhorn: Where I am may not be where somebody else is

Cheryl Strauss Einhorn grew up trying to investigate and get to know her father to develop a deeper relationship. This led her to develop the AREA Method that gives people a systematic approach to solving big problems leveraging perspective-taking and investigation.


27 Feb 2019

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263: Alex Castro: What’s your readiness score?

Alex Castro found that ninety percent of his clients were not in a position of readiness when he was brought in to help with growing and transforming their businesses. As a result, he started to leverage a readiness assessment as part of the onboarding process that helped to avoid strategic debacles.


5 Feb 2020

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199: Brannon Beliso: Achievements and success are two different things

Brannon Beliso had no choice when he was a child, he was a victim. At some point Brannon the man had to make the better choices in his life that have led to greater self-discipline and founding one of the most successful schools in the martial arts industry.


14 Nov 2018

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222: Samuel Bacharach: Leaders listen, apologize, and move agendas

Samuel Bacharach was a new professor at Cornell and was called out for not following procedures by an office administrator. Initially, he refused to listen but then apologized for his behavior. A year and a half later, this woman helped him to negotiate a salary bonus. From then on, he built his career on the interpersonal stuff.


24 Apr 2019

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127: KH Kim: I focused on my weaknesses a lot

Dr. KH Kim was assigned to write and report the meeting minutes for her group faculty meetings. Not being experienced in spoken English, she struggled with slang and acronyms. She recorded and transcribed meetings, and even asked her children to help her. Finally, she gave up. She felt stupid, got even more self-conscious and depressed. And then she was reprimanded for being lazy. Listen to how she got over this hump.


28 Jun 2017

Rank #20