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Welcome to the Earthside Survival Guide podcast, a monthly podcast hosted by Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman, founder of Active Culture Family and Medicine Mandala, a mystery school located in the mountains of Southern California that supports unconventional wisdom keepers in finding pleasure, purpose and liberation through the path of esctatic stewardship of Planet Earth. Yaya has been a seeker, student, and practitioner of healing arts for 22 years and her speaking, writing, online, and in person educational programs currently reach thousands of people daily all over the world. Yaya's website: www.activeculturefamily.com Follow Yaya on Instagram: @activeculturefamily

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ESG017 Kambo, Chronic Conditions, and Sexual Healing-With Caitlin Thompson

In this episode, we are joined by certified Kambo practitioner and founder of the San Diego based nutritional supplement company EntheoZen Caitlin Thompson. In this conversation we explore:• adult themes including an in depth discussion of consent or lack thereof in the natural word and what this means for us as humans• how medicines call to us to participate in our healing• non-pharmacuetical approaches to treating autoimmune disease, chronic pain, herpes, and other onging conditions• how are plant medicines and animal medicines different, and why animal medicine may be more effective for those seeking healing around their sexuality• can frog medicine help prepare us for success in love?• mapping different states of consciousness • taking responsibility for our own mental health• hope for those who have trauma and have given up on meditationAnd more! You can learn more about Caitlin’s work here:www.entheozen.comwww.medicinefrogkambo.comMusic in this episode:Del Suelo y las Estrellas by Regeneratrix

1hr 18mins

15 Nov 2018

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