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Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad

The only podcast dedicated to making you a faster cyclist. TrainerRoad's Ask a Cycling Coach podcast gives you the chance to get answers to your cycling and triathlon training questions with USAC/USAT Level I certified coach Chad Timmerman and other special guests.

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 055 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to train on vacation • How to follow a training plan while traveling • How to train with power on a gym spin bike • Interbike 2016 plans • How to recover from a scary crash • How to feel comfortable after a crash • The best triathlons in the USA • How to train for Leadville • Is it necessary to replicate your goal event's distance beforehand? • How to prepare for an epic race • How to use Zone 2 training • How long do you have to be in Zone 2 to reap the benefits? • How long do you have to be in the Sweetspot zone to reap the benefits? • How to customize your workouts and training plans to your needs • How to train for a criterium • Are off and on workouts good for criterium racing? • How to tailor your training for your goal event • How to train for really steep climbs • How to train for The Dirty Dozen • Bike setup for steep climbs • Can weight training make you a better climber? • How to train for a century

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16 Sep 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 063 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: FLO Cycling

• The aerodynamic research and testing process explained • What depth wheels should you use? • How to know what tire width to use • Does tire width vary from rider to rider and bike to bike? • What tire pressure is best? • Which tire is the most aerodynamically efficient? • Which tire has the least amount of rolling resistance? • How does a cross wind affect a bike? • How to set up your bike for cross winds? • What to look for in a set of wheels • What to look for in an aero bike

1hr 14mins

18 Oct 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 059 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: Ryan Leech

Professional trials rider & renown coach Ryan Leech • Bike handling tips for new riders • How to bounce back after a crash • How to build skills effectively • How to bunny hop • How to wheelie • How to manual • How to take switchbacks • Which mountain bike should you get • Should you train on your mountain bike or your road bike? • What accessories make you a better rider


4 Oct 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 003 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to incorporate weekend rides into a training plan • How to adjust your training if you're feeling tired • Which training plans to follow for multiple peaks • Why your threshold heart rate is different when running and cycling • Fast and slow twitch muscle fibers and long term changes • How to train for an Olympic distance Triathlon • How to adjust your training during recovery from an injury • How to become a better climber • Self-coaching vs. hired coaching • Back-to-back build plans • How to train for Race Across America (RAAM) • What to do in between training blocks • How to know how much time you should take off in the off season • How to use cyclocross as cross training • How to train for a Sportive or Gran Fondo • How to lose weight and manage Caloric deficits with cycling • How to pick a training plan and how power-to-weight ratios affect this • How to manage overuse knee injuries for cyclists

1hr 3mins

21 Sep 2015

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 042 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• The Epic Rides Carson City Off Road • Mountain Biking in Tahoe • TrainerRoad Android leak on Snapchat • What equipment makes you faster? • Tips to make yourself more efficient on the bike • How to keep up with a group ride • Group ride tactics • How to recover from an injury • How to train while injured or recovering • How to train after a goal event • How to transition to the off season • How to make sure you don't lose fitness in the off season • What is Heart Rate Max (HR Max)? • Is an increase in HR Max good or bad? • How to plan a training block • How to get faster in less time • How to use TrainerRoad for Android users • Is failing to complete a workout bad? • How to adjust a workout for completion • Is standing up bad while on the trainer? • How to know if a workout was too hard or if you were too tired • TrainerRoad cycling kit • What are the differences between mountain bike wheel sizes? • Is 29 better than 27.5? • How to pick the right mountain bike • What are the benefits of a low heart rate? • What does a low resting heart rate (RHR) mean?

1hr 5mins

17 Jun 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 038 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• What is a power-to-weight ratio in cycling? • Are heavy cyclists slow? • Is weight important in criterium and road racing? • How to win a race even if you’re heavy • How to balance fatigue and training load • How to taper for an event • How to structure your training plan • What is supercompensation? • Are electronic groupsets better than mechanical? • Is cadence more important than power? • Which cadence is ideal in cycling? • Training for weaknesses or strengths • How to train without a specific event in mind • Training for casual cyclists • How to have smoother power output • Why is my power output so inconsistent? • How to use TrainerRoad outdoors • How to perform intervals outside • How to come back to training after an injury • How to train for year-round racing • How to increase your 1 minute power • How to become a better sprinter • How to increase power with interval training


24 May 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 064 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• Kona recap • IRONMAN World Champs • How Andy Potts crashed • What it's like to catch a bike • Spotify playlists for Coach Chad and Coach Jonathan • How to return to racing after pregnancy • Bike handling drills • Activities and habits that make you a better rider • How to practice barriers for cyclocross • What to do when riding through sand • How to improve your corner speed • How burping affects your heart rate • How to avoid a late season fade • Is it normal to see your left / right balance fluctuate? • Should you go back to base training in the off season? • What is ketosis? • Is a ketogenic diet good for cycling?

1hr 10mins

19 Oct 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 007 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to plan your nutrition for training • How to become a faster climber • How to add volume when training for cyclocross • What to eat before training in the morning • How to become a faster cyclist in less time • How your base training plan will make you faster • How to recover after an Olympic Distance Triathlon • How to adjust your training after vacation • How to extend your base training • What is ultra endurance racing • How does FTP relate to VO2 Max • How to train for a full Ironman • Can I skip base training • How to train for Leadville • How to use TrainerRoad outdoors • How to train for a Gran Fondo • How to train for road racing • How to train while recovering from a knee injury • How to taper for a 40k time trial • How to build core strength for cycling • How to start training for a beginner cyclist • How to use TrainerRoad's training plans • How to increase FTP with lower-intensity intervals • How to train for a Sprint Triathlon • How to train for a sportive • How to incorporate running into triathlon training • How to incorporate cross country skiing into cycling training • How to use weight lifting for cyclists • How to pace a time trial • How to raise your average speed as a cyclist • Traditional base training vs. sweet spot • How to use indoor training for elite cyclists • How to train for The Dirty Kanza • How does bike fit affect power output • Is on-the-bike and recovery nutrition necessary for low volume training • How to work group rides into base training • How to train for track racing

1hr 23mins

20 Oct 2015

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 102 – How to get faster watching The Tour, why fit people burn more calories

• Why do you want to eat more during rest days or weeks? • Should recovery rides feel hard? • Why are you not good at long climbs? • Bike setup, pacing and technique to make you a faster climber • What is the best way to increase short power? • Is peak power what matters most in a sprint? • Omniums vs. stage races • Omnium strategy • How to fuel during a stage race • Does needing to get out of the saddle mean your workout is too hard? • When is it okay to sprint in the saddle? • How to learn as much as you can while watching the Tour de France. • Is riding zone 2 while watching the tour a waste of time? • Should your workouts be as hard as your races? • Why do you burn more calories when you get fitter?


10 Jul 2017

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 99– Shortcuts to fitness, sleep hacks and how elevation really affects you

• Will taking 3 days off in a row hurt your fitness? • Can you fit two weeks worth of training into one? • Why you can't complete long intervals • Sleep hacks • How much does elevation really affect you? • Can you take a week off between training phases? • Does your training improve with a more expensive trainer? • How to treat saddle soreness • What is the difference between saddle sores and saddle soreness


15 Jun 2017

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 039 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• Is it okay to use on old bike on the trainer? • What to know if you are using two different power meters • Are smart trainers better than power meters? • What is supercompensation • How to use supercompensation in your training • What is the best smart trainer? • Are smart trainers worth it? • How to train for long, steady climbs • How TrainerRoad workouts are named • How to avoid flat tires on the trainer • Are trainer tires better than normal tires? • How to set up your tire for the trainer • Can you expect big improvements when starting structured training? • How much improvement is normal? • How to recover from a workout • Do TENS Units work? • Does gearing or bike setup affect FTP? • Are short recovery rides beneficial? • Diabetes and cycling


27 May 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 103 – How to Get Faster with Heat Training

Take a deep dive into heat training to learn how it can make you a faster cyclist in hot and cool conditions. - How much does heat affect cycling performance? - What temperature is ideal for heat training? - How to control the temperature of your training environment - Is it better to heat train in humid or dry environments? - How sweating cools your body and how to increase your sweat rate - Should you train at a lower intensity in the heat? - How heat training improves performance - Can heat training improve VO2max? - How to make your sweat more efficient - Hormonal benefits of heat training - Does a post-ride sauna session have the same effect as heat training? -How long do the effects of heat adaptation training last?


16 Jul 2017

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 93 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• Coach Chad's fasted training • Why just riding inside or just riding outside is not the best approach • Nate's high calorie experiment • Counting calories for cyclists • Why replicating your event's distance is not necessary, but can be beneficial • Nutrition's role on long rides • How to pace a road race that starts with a long climb • How to stay strong during a hard workout • How to psychologically prepare yourself for a hard workout • Does coffee dehydrate you? • Should you skip base if you have already been riding a lot?

1hr 6mins

5 May 2017

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 009 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to become a faster climber • Why you should get rid of needless tension in your body when training • How to ride faster in the flats • How to choose between oval and standard chainrings • How to plan your meals around training • How to train for cycling at an old age • How to manage training stress • Why you should always train with a power meter • Why mid-season slumps happen and how to manage them • How to train for a long event with short training • How to control your electronic trainer with your power meter • Why does my power meter read differently than my electronic trainer • How to combine running with an indoor cycling plan • How your heart rate zones relate to your power zones • How to manage cramping for cyclists • Can I race during base training • How to use the Kinetic inRide 2.0 with TrainerRoad

1hr 3mins

4 Nov 2015

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 105 – Singletrack 6 - Race preview, stage race prep & more

• Upcoming daily podcasts! • How training for a technical MTB race is different • How to overcome fear on a mountain bike • Different ways to taper for a race • The best way to fly with your bicycle • How to plan transportation for your stage races • How to recon a foreign route from afar • What tires should you pick for Singletrack 6 or a technical MTB race • How to know if you should carry a hydration pack or not • What are tire plug kits? • Conditions you should monitor for a stage race • How to plan meals & nutrition for a stage race • How to pace a 6-day stage race

1hr 22mins

27 Jul 2017

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 061 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: Matt Lieto

Professional Triathlete and IRONMAN commentator Matt Lieto. • How to go from average joe to pro triathlete • What type of power it takes to win an IRONMAN • How to pace a triathlon • Do triathletes use elevation training? • How to train for hot weather • How to acclimatize yourself to Kona • How to control your appetite • How to lose weight quickly • How to keep weight off • Tips to overcome food temptations • How to know if you've tapered correctly • What the pros do to taper • High intensity training for ultra-endurance athletes • Managing distractions at a big race • How to stay focused building up to race day • What type of accommodations are best when traveling to a race • Is carb loading best? • How to manage gluten intolerance while traveling • What should you eat before a race or big day of training • Triathlon bike tactics • Triathlon drafting rules explained • Do triathletes actually draft? • How to use drafting rules against your competition • Why you should attack and change your pace in a triathlon • How to deal with cross winds on a TT bike • How to pace yourself on climbs and hills in a triathlon • Are descending skills important for triathlon? • How to increase your efficiency on the bike • Marginal gains to maintain speed on the bike • What mountain bikers and IRONMAN athletes have in common • How triathletes use mental tactics to influence a race • Is it better to go easy on the bike or go hard on the bike? • Ideal gearing for triathlon • How to read wind conditions and use them to your advantage • How to know when to favor power and when to favor aerodynamics • How to manage heat on race day • Do saunas help performance? • How triathletes can benefit from mountain biking • Should triathletes do cyclocross? • What triathletes should do in transition • How to catch a bike

1hr 1min

12 Oct 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 066 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• Jonathan's Deux North Everesting Challenge Recap • How to pace a long ride • What type of nutrition to bring on a long ride • What type of lights to use for an overnight ride • Bike setup for 24 hour rides • What it takes to climb 30,000' • How demanding is a double century • How do you stop without brakes? • Single leg drills with a single-sided power meter • Are cadence/technique drills mandatory? • What data matters most for mountain biking? • Is power relevant for mountain biking? • Alternatives to FTP to measure progress • How can you tell if your getting faster • Is a 1x drivetrain good for road riding? • Are the gaps between gears too big on a wide range cassette? • How to plan a whole season of training • What to do if you have excess time between now and your event • How to adjust your training plan if you don't have enough time to do a full Base, Build, Specialty • How to change your training plan if you are preparing for multiple peaks • What effect does a mid-ride break have?

1hr 1min

4 Nov 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 004 – TrainerRoad Podcast – Time Trialist Justin Rossi

We talk faster time trialling with nationally ranked Cat 1 time trialist and road cyclist In this special episode of the TrainerRoad Ask a Cycling Coach podcast.

1hr 12mins

28 Sep 2015

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 021 – TrainerRoad Podcast – Crit Racing 101 with The Clif Bar Team

In this special episode of the podcast we spoke with The Clif Bar Cycling Team, some of the best criterium racers in the USA, about how to become a better Crit Racer. • How to train for criterium racing • How to know if you're a sprinter or a breakaway racer • How to train for a flat criterium • How to train for a hilly criterium • How to perform a breakaway • How to do a leadout • How to use team tactics in a criterium • How to race against a team in a criterium • Top tips for criterium racing

1hr 9mins

5 Feb 2016

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 92 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• Nate's sleep study results • How sleep can affect your performance on the bike • Are allergy drops worth it? • Muscle biopsy update • Lost & Found Gravel Grinder race plans • DEXA body fat scan results • How to know if you should keep losing weight or just focus on raising power • What to do if you don't have enough time to complete your scheduled workout • How to cram for a Half IRONMAN • How to prepare for Silver King Leadville • Should you follow a high volume plan? • How to balance running and cycling • How to break through a plateau in fitness • Are group rides bad for your training? • The benefits and drawbacks of endurance bikes • Should you adjust your FTP depending on the workout? • How to get better at VO2 and high intensity workouts • How to psychologically train for hard workouts

1hr 17mins

24 Apr 2017

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