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Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren

Chef, author, and host of Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods," Andrew Zimmern chats with fellow food fanatic and traveler Molly Mogren. They'll discuss what is going on in the food world, give their recommendations for travel and talk about whatever else pops into their heads.

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Whole30 with Melissa Hartwig

At the beginning of next week, Molly will be embarking on a 30-day challenge to eat better with the Whole30. Melissa Hartwig of the Whole30 joins Andrew and Molly to discuss the benefits and challenges of the program. Plus, Andrew and Molly discuss the issues with shipping food.


7 Mar 2014

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Alton Brown

On this special episode of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew has a conversation with Alton Brown about challenges in the food entertainment industry, obsession, and finding purpose. Be sure to check out Alton's interview of Andrew on The Alton Browncast. 


30 May 2014

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Andrew's Kitchen Tips

Some of Andrew's best cooking advice from over the years, from how to cook the most flavorful shrimp to how to properly season a cast-iron skillet.


9 Jan 2015

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Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri joins Andrew and Molly to discuss balancing family and business, his new book, Guy on Fire, and being misunderstood. Plus, what to do when you are not happy with restauarant service.

1hr 3mins

23 May 2014

Rank #4

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Fine Dining in America

Andrew and Molly talk about the state of fine dining in America and how we are approaching the fine dining experience. Plus, Andrew shares from favorite stories from the South Beach Wine & Food Festival weekend, and they both give advice on shopping for new kitchenware.


27 Feb 2015

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Katie Lee

Cookbook author and host of Food Network's The Kitchen Katie Lee joins Andrew and Molly to talk about West Virginia, her time at Top Chef, and the pros and cons of being married to a public figure and starting her own career.


15 Aug 2014

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Alex Guarnaschelli

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli of Chopped and Iron Chef America joins Andrew & Molly to talk about passion, expanding your horizons, and how long it takes to become good chef. Plus, they talk about the new SCOTTeVest.


25 Jul 2014

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Big Gay Ice Cream Returns!

Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream join Andrew and Molly to talk about their new book, their "business plan," and who has the best hair in food.


27 Mar 2015

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Danielle Walker

Paleo author Danielle Walker explains how changing her diet saved her life, and they discuss why cooking is a spiritual experience. Plus, Molly shares her Pumpkin Pie story and Andrew tells us all about sous vide cooking.


5 Dec 2014

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This week's Go Fork Yourself covers the serious topic of alcohol and drug addiction. Andrew shares his experiences as an addict and how to help if you know someone struggling with substance abuse. Plus, Andrew and Molly answer some listener questions about food memories and encouraging friends and family to try new foods.


7 Feb 2014

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Pumpkin Spice Podcast

Andrew and Molly pinpoint the moment Pumpkin Spice jumped the shark. They discuss the best new restaurants in America. Plus, they talk about strippers...more than the usual amount.


17 Oct 2014

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Andrew and Molly invite Yelp’s Director of Public Affairs Luther Lowe (@lutherlowe) to join them on the podcast this week to discuss all things Yelp from it’s inception to filters to blackmail issues. Plus, they talk about Anthony Bourdain’s Guts & Glory Tour.


17 May 2013

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Food Forward

What Andrew learned at South By Southwest, why great chefs go under the radar, and why not all restaurants are created equal when it comes to restaurant reviews.


20 Mar 2015

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John Besh

Chef John Besh joins Andrew & Molly to discuss learning from mistakes in the kitchen, getting families back into the kitchen, and the amazing work he is doing with the John Besh Foundation. Plus, Andrew & Molly talk Halloween.


1 Nov 2013

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Michael Symon

Chef and host of ABC's The Chew Michael Symon talks with Andrew & Molly about Cleveland and how a city can change its image through its food scene. Plus, they talk about creating a good work environment and the upcoming All-Star Game.


4 Jul 2014

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Happy National Doughnut Day! This week on Go Fork Yourself, we discuss all things doughnut including the treat sweeping the nation--the cronut. Andrew and Molly also talk about a new alternative to Yelp that might be the answer to the crowd-sourcing issue.


7 Jun 2013

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The Perfect Burger

The new Go Fork Yourself hotline. Ice cream. And how to cook the best hamburger. Andrew and Molly pay tribute to summer on this week's episode of Go Fork Yourself. Get their tips and tricks on creating the perfect burger at home, and find out their recommendations on where to find a good burger on the road.


2 Aug 2013

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Road Trip

Andrew and Molly are on the road on this week’s Go Fork Yourself. On a three-hour car ride to Iowa, they chat about road food, cars, GPS, and where you’ll find the cleanest pit stops.


24 May 2013

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Francis Mallmann

Argentine chef Francis Mallmann joins Andrew & Molly to talk about his new book Seven Fires and why we are returning to cooking outdoors. Plus, Molly makes a confession for Andrew. 


28 Nov 2014

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Stephanie March

Stephanie March, senior Food & Dining editor of Mpls St Paul Magazine,  joins us this week to talk about the restaurant review process, how to get an awesome food job, and why there were no women on the cover of "The Best Restaurants" issue.

1hr 6mins

6 Mar 2015

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