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Rank #13 in Music Interviews category

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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

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By Irritated2theMAX - May 29 2019
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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”

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510 Ratings
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By Irritated2theMAX - May 29 2019
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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”
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Turned Out A Punk

Latest release on Jan 15, 2020

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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

Rank #1: Episode 185 - Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Foss, Antemasque, Anywhere, De Facto etc.)

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On anyone's list of all-time greatest front people in music, they would have to include this week's guest. CEDRIC BIXLER-ZAVALA HAS FINALLY COME ON THE SHOW!!! Join Damian as he gets to sit down with one of his favourite's to ever wield the microphone & talk about going from a gang affiliated drummer, to trashing the Jools Holland show!

Also Touched On:

One Of The Best To Ever Do It

The Power Of Night Flight

Watching Another State of Mind With Your Family

The Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Is The Key Record 

Uglord One Of The Wildest Bands Ever

Ed Ivy From The Rhythm Pigs Starts Throwing Shows

Omar & Sonny Meet Lux & Ivy

Seeing Punk On TV & Putting Punk On TV

The Misfits: A Lot To Love & Love Again

The Jools Holland Show & What Went Wrong 

Reenactment Scene In Punk 

Distorted Silence: The First Band

Joining Phantasma Gloria: The Bad Kid Band

The Respect & The Hate That Comes From Being Feared

Playing With Christ On A Crutch

When Your Two Favourite Local Bands Have Beef

Being A Cheerleader

A One-Man-Pit In Your Parents House

Bad Mothergoose & Sprawl & The Texas Funk Scene

Everyone Wanted To Be Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Jane’s Addiction

Joining the Three Blind Bats, The House Band For The North East Death Squad Gang

The Spermbirds’ Influence On El Paso

Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, Big Boys: Texas Punk

Cherbs, Ed Hall & Trance Syndicate Records

When Your New Band Beats Up Your Old Band

The Acid Years

The Dregtones: Trying To Do Something Really Uncool

Meeting Foss & Beto

Pretending To Be Rain Sanction 

Booking No Empathy

The Grunge Hangover

Touring With FEIST

Trench Mouth Looks Like A CULT!

“No One Was Interested At All.”

Dreaming Of Ebullition Records 

Getting On Flipside 

Face To Face Was Pissed!

Dodging Full Cans Of Coke Whipped At Your Head 



Sep 19 2018

1hr 26mins


Rank #2: Episode 152 - Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, Forgetters, Thorns Of Life)

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THE WORLD IS AN OYSTER & WE'VE GOT BLAKE SCHWARZENBACH ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!! Right on the heels of Jawbreaker's recent show announcements, Blake took sometime out of the practice schedule to sit down & talk everything from The Wipers to Ratt to Econochrist. This one is so much fun, so kickback, relax & get ready…I GOT IT!!!

Also Touched On:

Blake Is stoked To Meet Damon From Blur

Playing With Radiohead, Oasis & NO DOUBT

Middle School In Portland

An AMAZING First Grip Of Singles: The Wipers, Sado Nation and Echo & The Bunnymen

Getting The Forgetters Sound

Loving Post-Punk Guitars

Growing Up A Music Kid

Dad’s New Wave Girlfriend

Pat Benatar & Loverboy

Van Halen

The Kinks

Loving Palm Muted Guitar

The Beat & Power Pop

Moving To LA

Going To The Palladium To See The Adolescents

Meeting The New Romantics

Getting Into The Paisley Underground: Where The Cool Kids Go

Dream Syndicate: The Days Of Wine & Roses

Seeing the Go-Go’s

Give The Drummer Some: Starting In Music On

Forming Red Harvest: The Surf Goth Power Trio

E Minor C Progression: The Best

Magnolia Thunderpussy

SST Records

Covering Bad Religion

Boinker Music: New Wave Crap

Renouncing Punk & Getting Into Metal

Loving Sludgey Stuff… & Ratt

Being Too Angry For Santa Cruz

Getting Kicked Out Of College For Arson

Going to NYU

Reaching Synthesis

Learning About East Coast Hardcore

Loving The DC Scene

Too Much Male Bravado In The CB’s Scene

Flower: The Pre-Cell Band

Live Skull


Jawbreaker: The Result Of A Happy Failure

Dramarama: The Root Of So Much

Sending A Tape To MRR

The First Show With The Post Three O’Clock Band At Club 88

The Partitions Of LA

Government Issue At The AntiClub To LA

Meeting Econochrist & Having A Firework Battle

Bitchmagnet: An Amazing Band With A Terrible Name

Getting On Boner Records… They Were Pretty Dark



Jan 22 2018

1hr 11mins


Rank #3: Episode 89 - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Lars & The Bastards)

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This week it's hangin’ out with Lars down on a podcast street cause this week’s guest on Turned Out A Punk is Lars Frederiksen! Join Damian as he sits down with a punk legend to talk about going from seeing DOA and Black Flag at 10 to playing in the UK Subs and fucking it up, to changing the face of popular music forever. THIS IS ONE FOR THE AGES!

-This one is a big deal for Damian
-Getting into KISS
-Sean the punk move to town
-Falling in love British music first
-Meeting Social Distortion
-They Live and breathing fire
-Uncleared samples: Rancid’s original intro to “Avenues and Alleyways”
-“Where is Lars’ Wrestlemania moment!?!?”
-CM Punk talk
-Going to see Black Flag and DOA at 10 and getting jumped by your own brother
-How much more protective we are today.
-Following Dennis Denell around a club and then Social Distortion coming over for frozen burgers
-Lars’ was super cool to Damian’s younger brother
-Fame as an escape from poverty
-Grifting the import section Tower Records
-WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO PCP: How Lars bought Strength Thu Oi! and went to Juvy
-Lars HATES Blitz’s Telecommunication
-Why comps rule!
-The Faction
-Getting banned from family holidays
-Being raised in a European family in America
-Seeing Camper Van Beethoven with the DKs
-The differences between the the Bay and LA back in the day
-Why boneheads can should never be called skinheads
-Getting initiated by the UK Subs: “YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR SCOTTISH PASSPORT?!?”
-Get In The Drum Kit: The Necro’s story
-Learning to play guitar
-A guitar lesson from a fucked up Mike Ness
-Making Simon Woodstock’s brothers guitar infamous
-Fighting Simon Woodstock before Mike Muir
-The Nowhere Men: Lar’s first band
-Playing with the Melvins, JFA AND Bl’AST
-Getting asked to join the UK Subs
-Charlie Harper’s Campbell, California years
-Moving to England
-Getting booted from the Subs
-AND MORE!!!!!

Jul 21 2016

1hr 23mins


Rank #4: Episode 171 - "Buzz" Osborne & Brian Walsby Part #2

Podcast cover
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REJOICE! REJOICE! This week on the show we have not one, but TWO Part #2's! Damian sits down with not only the person who's career tells the story of American Alternative music, Brian Walsby, but also, the king himself - the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne! Listen in as the three have a fun backstage chat about music, band life, longevity & one of the cruelest practical jokes ever pulled on one band member by another. 

Also Touched On:

The Way Brian’s Brain Works

Redd Kross Rich Pratt On The Life Is A Great Comp

Steve McDonald: An Awe Inspiring Life

Shout Out To Tony Reitman 

Straight Edge By Default

Uniform Choice As Minor Threat Impression

Not Seeing The Legendary LA Punk Gang Violence

Sensationalism To Sell History

“Let’s Follow Skanker!”: Looking Up To The Older Idiot

“I Was A Goody-Goody"

The Godly Wretched

Maximum Rock & Roll: A Punk Consistency

Scott Radinsky

Playing With The Grim

Mac & Brian Reunited 

Wwax is Buzz’s Fave Brian Band

The Davidians: A Good Band That Just Never Connected

Balancing A Band & Life Is Hard

A Buzz Walks In

How The Melvins Tour

The Melvins Are Weirded Out By Fucked Up

Buzz & Brian Are Optimistic 

Dale Gets Pranked By Buzz & It Is Terrifying! 

Why Do Dale & Buzz Remain Together?

Poison Idea Around The “Feel the Darkness” Era Is One Of The Most Underrated Bands Ever

Alchemy Records Is So Awesome!

“Bad Religion Is A 2nd Or 3rd LA Punk Band”

The SST Store: One Or Two Sales A Day

Saccharin Trust Rules!!!

“I Can’t Handle The Rejection”

Led Zeppelin The Stones, Aretha Franklin & The Melvins

Weird Thoughts On Records…

What Does Buzz Collect?

The Grateful Dead & The Melvins Cult 

Dale & Pinkus Make A Cameo

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 04 2018

1hr 4mins


Rank #5: Episode 109 - Lars Frederiksen Part #2 (Rancid, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, The Old Firm Casuals, UK Subs)

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How many sequels are truly better than the originals? Well like Alien and Godfather, this may somehow be better than Part #1. Lars returns to the show to talk about how he joined Rancid, almost robbing a 7-11 and poop stories.

Also touched on:


Two charter boxes back again

Respecting Op Ivy

South Bay versus North Bay

Nothing to do as kids

Berkeley: Fugazitown

Recording with a John Bradburry from the Specials.. who was wasted.

Opening for the three piece Rancid

Ben Zanidito was on there waiting for Lars to check out Rancid

Meeting Brett Reed when the UK Subs didn’t show up.

“If you don’t join this band, I’m going to beat the fucking shit out”

hating Emo

An Econochrist debate

Special Forces

Loving Grimple

“He’s talking shit on you!”

The Berkeley Naked Dude is in the pit: you’ve made it

The second time meeting Brett Gurewitz

The first tour

Davey Havok rules

Meeting Sick Of It All for the first time

NYHC: The Original American Skinheads

West Coast Punk meets East Coast Hardcore

Sick Of It All has some amazing backstage entertainment!!!!!!!

“Hey I’m goin’ throw you a Birthday Rope!”
Fugazi Critique

From GBH, to Bikini Kill to Bad Religion to Sick Of It All to The Frumpies: Rancid had some range of friends!

John Henry West RULES!

Tim Yo hating you

When things started changing

The story of Salvation

Tourng with the Offspring

Dealing with Majors

Writing on the road

How things would have been different if out come the wolves had been written on a major label

“You didn’t really know”

Meeting the Swingin’ Utters and almost robbing a 7-11

Having to turn down heroes

Lars’ amazing run of records he produced


Dec 09 2016

2hr 1min


Rank #6: Episode 161 - Jack Black (Actor, Comedian, Musician, Tenacious D, Mr. Show, High Fidelity, Kung Fu Panda...EVERYTHING)

Podcast cover
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Never make the mistake of trying to hide your punk rock past from Turned Out A Punk. Eight years ago while their band's were touring Australia, Jack Black made the error in judgement of denying his punk past to your humble host, Damian Abraham. Now, all these years later, that lie caught up with him. Please, sit back & enjoy as Damian presents his evidence to Jack & finds out quickly how punk very much did play a part in young Jack’s life. Learn how an early encounter with DEVO would lead Jack to co-front one of the great punk super groups: Tenacious D… & be a massive film and TV star… That too. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

Damian Is Going Present The Case

Jack’s Brother Inventing The Whip Sound On “Whip It”

Going To See The Freedom Of Choice Tour At Age 11

Is DEVO Punk?

Jack Thinks Damian Is Lying About Punk History

Eraserhead & DEVO Visual Similarity

Damian Thinks Jack Is Lying About Rock History


Robot Wisdom

The Valuable Worthless Artifact

From Journey to Ozzy

Getting Into The Minutemen & Finding fIREHOSE

Mustard & S.O.S.

The Meat Puppets

The Pixies & The Fat Awesomeness Of Frank Black

Keith Morris Remembering Jack From When He Was A Kid

Making Videos For OFF!

Steve McDonald & Redd Kross

Milo Goes To College Is The Best Record Ever

Meeting Bill Stevenson & Singing Him Descendents

Getting To The Bottom Of The “Jack Black Moshing” Photo

Visual Discrimination Is Not A Sketchy Band

Violence In The Pit

The Vandals' Warren Fitzgerald’s Amazing Physical Skill

Mr Show & David Cross: Punks Helping Punks

Jack’s First Movie… Staring As A Punk Singer

Going To School With Brett Morgan

Yo Gabba Gabba & punk



Mar 26 2018

1hr 9mins


Rank #7: Episode 76 - Davey Havok (AFI/ Black Audio/ Son Of Sam)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show: TWO ARE SPEAKING, IT IS FUN, Damian is joined by AFI’s Davey Havok. Sit back as he and Damian detail Davey's journey from hardcore kid to music icon. Also, listen in as Davey and Damian break down a pivotal moment in both of their lives: THE AFI RIOT! Also covered: -Punk as mall fashion -666 Sputnik -Thrasher and getting into Skateboarding at age 8 -Skaterock Tape Comps -Watching Friday Night Flight -Not being able to see the Cramps -Your first punk show: Meeting someone outside and then seeing them fuck themselves with a banana -Cream Pie and trash cans and Gilman displays of affections -Andrew Champion: the stink bomb king -Randy from Look Back And Laugh and the Heckle Splosh show -The AFI demo’s: Recorded at Bonnie Raitt’s Brother’s hous -Trying to get in the Bay Area scene -Lenny from Filth finally puts you on a show and you nearly get killed and Manumission played -Getting Rancid and ’s spot as having the Gilman as a jam space -The one time Nick 13 from Tiger Army played in AFI… -The many world or Bay Area Punk… non of which AFI fit in -Being more Angry Samoans than Rites Of Spring -Meeting Screw 32 and Swingin’ Utters -Black Fork scratching of your side of the split -Never saw Crimpshrine or Op Ivy -Meeting Eric Ozenne -Slap-A-Ham’s Fiesta Grande -Playing with DIRT at ABC No Rio -Too many people to play the Gilman -Touring with Rancid and getting popular in Canada -Dispelling Damian’s cherished “Davey brought hard moshing to Bay Area” story he was told as a youth -Lots of d.b.s. talk -Potentially getting a call from the punk police… or a major -Watching Rancid getting courted by the majors -Toronto heckling Adam about looking like Screech -The first hand account of a Riot and the birth of a friendship -From headwalking to handwalking: you’ve made it kid -“Lifetime had my back.”
-Covering Filth -Covering Negative Approach -The unreleased Pushead 7” -Session Catalog
AND MORE!!!!!!!!!

Apr 24 2016

1hr 32mins


Rank #8: Episode 102 - Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations, No Devotion)

Podcast cover
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Get ready for a good one! This week on the show Damian is joined by Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly. Listen in as Geoff tells Damian about pre-teen punk shows and the violence and awesomeness of early 90’s New York.

Also discussed:

Being a kindergarten Goth

Seeing the Replacements at 6

Going to Slayer and Bad Brains with your mom and dad

Robert Smith, Goeff’s mom and paparazzi

A friend stealing a Monster Magnet tape and ruining the record store relationship

Going to smart kid school

getting in Fugazi

Heckle’s Garage

Not being into silly punk

Getting stabbed for $3 in NY

The miracle TV

Going to Coney Island High and seeing VOD. Madball and Crown Of Thronz

Roger from Agnostic Front gives Thursday their first show

Playing in a band opening for X for two shows

Going on a family vacation and winding up in Green Apple Quickstep

Deadguy changes there sound

booking the “most hated band in New Jersey”: Ink & Dagger

Getting a house to book shows

forming Thursday

making sure you keep your early set

Eyeball Record: The NJ launching pad

Reversal Of Man breaks up in your basements

Benny from Gaslight Anthem

Almost breaking up
“Hey! We signed to Victory!” “You are fucked”

Oct 21 2016

1hr 7mins


Rank #9: Episode 132 - Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine)

Podcast cover
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HOLY MOLY, this week we have J-E-L-L-O!!! Damian gets a chance to gab with an absolute legend of Punk, Hardcore & Pop Culture In General, Jello Biafra! Nerd out as the two discuss everything from Blue Oyster Cult to Zolar X. THIS EPISODE IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS, LIKE A PART #1 & PART #2 COMBINED!!!

Also Touched On:

The Origin Story Of The Jello Biafra Name
Growing Up In Boulder, Colorado
Discovering BOC & The Love Of Record Collecting
Trade A Tape Records
Steppenwolf & Bob Seger
Paul Revere & The Raiders Not Getting Enough Credit
Pretty Things & Sniffing Glue
The Astronauts
Wax Tracks & The Importance Of Independent Record Stores
The Ramones & The Ravers At Ebbets Field In Denver
Being A Roadie For The Ravers
70's Hair Metal vs. Punk
The Avengers
The Talking Heads At UCSC
Moving To San Francisco
Negative Trend, The Nuns & CRIME
Dills, Mutants, Sleepers & UXA
Picking The Openers After Learning A Lesson
DC & It's Importance
Black Flag & DOA
DOA Playing Ian's High School With Minor Threat, SOA, Scream & Government Issue
Henry Rollins
Yesterday & Today Records
Let The Eat Jelly Beans Will Never Be Repressed
Cannabis Legalization
What Happened To Canada's Asylum Laws?
Zolar X

& MORE....


Jul 12 2017

1hr 10mins


Rank #10: Episode 48 - Anthony Bourdain

Podcast cover
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This week on Turned Out A Punk, hailing from Parts Unknown, it’s the most electrifying man in culinary entertainment: Anthony Bourdain! Listen in as Tony takes Damian to Punk’s not always so glorious incubator of late 70’s New York and exposes the underside of the scene that produced so much unreliable music in it’s wake.

Also covered:
-Growing up in a musical family
-Buying the Question Mark & the Mysterians
-Seeing Hendrix and Joplin at 12
-The problem of your friends discovering Gram Parsons
-The Stooges: music for people that took speed
-“These guys are going nowhere!” seeing Kiss for the first time
-Seeing the Ramones for the first time
-Following the girls from your high school to see the New York Dolls
-Velvet Underground as college affectation
-Romanticizing Heroin
-No one was listening to this music
-The Contortions and James White
-The Heartbreakers should have been huge
-The arrival of Hardcore
-Richard Hell and The Voidoids: “I new I was going to like this band”
-Feeding Johnny Thunders, Richard Lloyd and Mick Farren
-The Nursery: the children punk themed after-hours that was run by some very grown up people
-Adam and The Ants: “Oh fuck, well this is over”
-Harley Flanagan: From the little kid king of Max’s to Jujitsu instructor to your little kid
-Heading towards No Wave
-The problems with the Stooges’ Raw Power
-An amazing take on the Clash vs. Sex Pistoles!!!!!
-Steely Dan but if they had different music!
-The movie Dig
-The masterpiece Mark Lanegan’s Bubblegum
-The importance of music to the show
-The worldwide underground music world
-Where do you eat shitty road food if you are Anthony Bourdain?
-The way heroin fucks with time
-Being saved by vanity
-Heroin addicts as the target for Crackheads in 1980’s New York
-Jujitsu becoming a lifestyle
-Having the best job on TV
-The magiclessness of the era
-Only missing the grindhouses of old New York
-Cooking with Keith Richards
-Doing The Taste for the hotel

Oct 07 2015

1hr 17mins


Rank #11: Episode 122 - John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Bloodclot)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show: JOHN JOSEPH!!!!!!!! That’s right, the LEGENDARY frontman, author of The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon sits down to talk with Damian & it ruled!

Also touched on:

The importance of the book in punk and beyond

A kid nicknamed Bowie

loving Parliament

Hearing the Stooges and it changing everything

Hanging with the Ramones at Rockaway Beach

Going to Max’x and getting jumped by Johnny Thunders’ Crew

Crazy Dave Dolan and Dugs in New York

Seeing the Ramones at CBs in ’76

Liking London punk more than the New York stuff

Joining the military and moving to Virginia

Insect Surfers

Meeting a New Wave Girlfriend at the Navy club

loving New Wave

Seeing DCHC for the first time

Sex Pistols

Scamming free airfare

Going to Fear on Saturday Night Live

Going to the Mudd Club

The story behind “Egg Raid On Mojo”… kinda

The difference between New York Hardcore and everywhere else

The arrival of of the DC kids to NYC

“Boston didn’t own shit”

The beef between DC and NYC at SNL

Bad Brains go to Beantown: Going to Boston and clearing the dancefloor

Loving Void

Rites of Spring

The Misfits bring the football players and they get kicked in the face


Jack Rabid’s Cro Mags

The Donahue Era: Cro Mags vs Most of New York Hardcore

Living what you write

“Getting asses kicked and catching feelings”

Doing vocals Antidote

watching Agnostic Front become good

The Bad Brains the greatest of all time

Meeting Lemmy and Motorhead

Having to talk to GBH about drugs

“We did some shit to people who were dicks”

Mar 18 2017

1hr 7mins


Rank #12: Episode 103 - Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits)

Podcast cover
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What an awesome episode!! This week Damian is joined by one of punk and metals coolest of couplings: Alissa and Doyle! Listen in as Damian gets to talk how going to local Montreal punk shows led to fronting one of Sweden’s leading death metal bands and being groomed from a young age to be a Misfit.

Also touched on:

the Fucked Up - No Joy - Arch Enemy - Misfits connection

Alissa and Jasmine have the coolest mom!

Hole cover bands


No Doubt

"I walked out into my yard and saw Glenn and Doyle practising the Misfits"

“Static Age is the best Misfits records”

“I like that Misfit” but not a fan of the band

Getting in the Misfits

Being groomed to be in the band

The iconic Misfit: DOYLE

The classical Danzig record over the first three

“You are smaller than I thought you would be”

“What did it feel like to play with those guys again?”

Being blown away by your own band

Life of Agony Rues!

Micheal Allago

“Why the fuck would I come up here for?”

Oct 28 2016

1hr 17mins


Rank #13: Episode 182 - Sami Zayn (WWE Superstar, DDT, ROH, PWG, WXW,

Podcast cover
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REJOICE!!!!!!!!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of his most dreamt about guests, WWE Superstar Sami Zayn! Listen in as they have a far reaching conversation about everything from punk, wrestling & the very real bond that connects their identities & subculture. THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, please visit & donate, if you can.

Also Touched On:

Third Attempt & Third Times A Charm

The Reason For The Mystery

Thank You Sami For Jesse Micheals Coming On The Show

M Dogg & Brookside Are The Most Down Punk Rockers

“Operation Ivy Is Perfect”

Having To Live Up To Other People’s Ideal Version Of You

The Idea Of Being A Different Person Outside The Ring

The Different Approaches To Public Attention

Green Day Happens

Angelo Was Ahead Of The Game!

Returning CD’s To HMV

Trading Tom Jones For Punk In Drublic

Out Comes the Wolves Is A Perfect Record

The Clash

Did You Pick Punk OR Did Punk Pick You?



Hearing Propagandhi & Not Being Ready For It Until Recently

Falling In Love With The Beatles

Getting Booked By Kevin Gill & Lars Frederiksen

The Punk/Wrestling Connection!!!!

Bon Jovi Is OVER In Montreal

Dennis From Styx Is Also OVER In Montreal

Going To Your First Indie Wrestling Show & Getting Hooked

The Energy Of Indie Wrestling Is Like Going To A Punk Show

Seeing Grimskunk At A Street Festival

Against Me!

Not Understanding Why People Get Concerned About Bands Selling Out

Not Knowing BLITZ… Until Now

"90% Of Punk & Wrestling Is Terrible"

Going For Bon Jovi & Getting Less Than Jake

Bob Dylan Is A Truly Unhinged Performer

Kicking Ultra Mantis Black In Face As Hard As You Can

Teaming With Brad From Pissed Jeans

Sick Of It All


Chris Gethard, Aiden English & The Best Show Connection



Aug 28 2018

1hr 42mins


Rank #14: Episode 177 - Dwid Hellion (Integrity)

Podcast cover
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Well Everyone, it finally happened, DWID HELLION FROM INTEGRITY is on the show this week & it's glorious! Listen to Damian nerd out LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Topics Touched On:

Thrasher As First Exposure

Find The Scene In Louisville

Reading Graffiti On Pants & Jacket

Going To Buy A Punk Record, But The Cops Take The Records Away

Getting The Peace Comp & Finding Pushead

Listening To Samhain Play Live From Your Bedroom Window

Maurice: Pre-Kinghorse/ Slint

Charlie’s Pizzeria: NO LAWS

13 Year Olds Having A Beer Bash

Lyrical Influences

The Friendship & Torment Of The Mighty Sphincter

A Stepmother As An Artistic Influence

Dada As An Influence On Punk

Punk As A Space For The Left Out People

When One Of The Best Hardcore Shows Happens In The Front Yard

Meeting Confront & The Marvel Comics Connection

The Skateboard Teams


The Integrity Filter Connection

Buying Sheets Of Acid & Chilling With Trent Reznor

The First One Up Of Integrity Comes Together

Almost 15 MINUTES About Dark Empire!

The Story Behind The “Joker” Sleeve

Why You See The Confront 7” Around




Jul 16 2018

1hr 43mins


Rank #15: Episode 117 - Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, Cold Cave, Some Girls)

Podcast cover
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It took a minute to happen, but it was worth it! This week on the show, Damian sits down and grabs a drink with Wes Eisold. Listen in as the two discuss Wes’s journey to get to American Nightmare as well as depression, gossip, projection and punk.

Also discussed:

Dead Kennedys Tape as first exposure

Dead Milkmen, Swirllies and the Liliys as a first show

a band covering a cover version

Grindle: stagedives and a mohawk

United by being weird

Ordering shit from Session thanks to the US military

Callin' 1-900 numbers to hear records

Moving Targets and Lemonheads

Moving to Maine

Not being into a Youth Of Today because they looked like jocks


Sam Black Church

Seeing 10 Yard Fight and finding the show you wanted

Wes in Germany starts Hybrid Moments.

Being happy enough just going to shows.

The end to TYF

Right Brigade is THE band.

“AN never has the intention of being a local band.”

Loosing $400 on a sold out show: “Everyone gets in for free”

…except this guy

The “woah” part that could have killed AN

the importance of Lifetime

the jump from album 1-2


Breaking edge and not being an edge band

Blazing a trail without knowing it

Coke Gossip-Hysteria

AND MORE!!!!!!

Feb 10 2017

1hr 1min


Rank #16: Episode 165 - Jerry A (Poison Idea, Gift)

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He has listened to him forever, covered him, collected him, emulated him & eventually even played with him, but only now does he FINALLY get the chance to interview him! That's right, This week Damian sits down with one of his biggest inspirations, JERRY A from the godly POISON IDEA!!! Listen in as Damian & Jerry talk about his path from seeing Journey to being Kurt Cobain’s art critic and yes, also forming the GREATEST HARDCORE BAND EVER along the way! THIS ONE IS INSANE!!!

Also Touched On:

Damian Meets His Sinatra

Ramones As First Contact

Seeing Three Dog Night For His First Show

Alice Cooper Is The First One That Connects

Kiss Rock & Roll Forever &… It’s Over

Picking The Ramones Over Everything

Ramones: Children Can Relate To That Stuff

The Melvins Getting You Back Into It

Reading About Negative Trend In Rockscene

Losing Friends Overnight

Journey In The Fill In Band


Seeing Parliament

Venus & The Razorblades: “This Is Horrible”

Seeing The Very First Wipers With Ice 9

Punk Is Clique Too

Covering The Yardbirds & Punks Don’t Get It

The Germs Could Actually Play

Portland Fix

Joe Carducci (From SST) Plays The Hits & Has A Store That Just A Box Of Records In An Office

Selling Your Leather Jacket In 79'

The Pre-Neo Boys Band Covers The Germs

Hardcore Changes Everything

Always Expecting Fred Cole To Be There


Bull Ramos Smokes Weed

Forming An Industrial Band With A Stolen Bass

Trying To Join Smegma With A Crass Song For An Audition

Canadian Subhumans vs. English Subhumans

Merging Bands With Imperialist Pigs

PI Cover Circle Jerks & Gacy’s Place

The Mentors Were REALLY Bad When They Were In Seattle

Money Changes Everything

Red Tape With Darby’s lyrics & Motorhead’s Power

Japanese Hardcore

The Stalin

State Children Flexi

Pig Champion Going To Find The Fix Single As It Came Out

The Smiths Cause A Divide In Poison Idea

Kurt & The Melvins Like Shitty KISS



Apr 23 2018

1hr 14mins


Rank #17: Episode 192 - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Ecstatic Peace Library, Thurston Moore Band, Even Worse etc.)

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This one is well worth the wait, cause this week Damian finally gets THURSTON MOORE on the show & it's a MONSTER!!! Kickback & listen in as the two talk about Thurston being at the ground zero of punk when his journey began. You may have heard other Thurston Moore interviews over the years, but NOTHING like this. All in celebration of the launch of Thurston’s Ecstatic Peace Library imprint with Omnibus Press. GET READY!!!!!

Also Touched On:

It's All For You Thurston

Always Being A Punk

Louie Louie

Rock Mags

Seeing Iggy Standing On Hands & Heads

Trying To Turn Your 10-Year-Old Friend's Onto The Stooges

Raunchy Rock

The Fast Rule!

“Patti Smith Is Playing, Let’s Go!”

Talking Heads

The Ramones With Johnny On Vocals & Joey On Drums

“You’re Too Good To Hang Out With Us At The Friendly’s Now?!”

Cutlers In New Haven To Buy X-Offender

Buying Slaughter & The Dogs

The Damned

The Buzzcocks “Spiral Scratch”

Seeing The Fast, The Planets & Suicide At Max’s

Joey Was The Guy: Everything Cool About Punk Always

CBGB’s Is Nirvana

Richard Hell Licking His Stamp To Transfer It To Your Hand

Blondie & The Mumps

CB’s Burgers

The Living Doll Bass Player

Milk & Cookies

When The Dead Boys Came To Town…

The Stimulators

The Blessed & The Younger Scene

Student Teachers

Connecting With Lee & Kim Through Art

Going To Rat Cage

The Early DC 7”s

Darby’s Death

Going To LA To See Kim’s Parents

Never Seeing The Misfits

NY’s Early More Rock Influenced Hardcore

DC Comes In Like Buzzsaws

Heart Attack

Wanting To Be More Of A Hardcore Band

Jesse Malin: “I Heard You Saw The Dead Boys?”

Meeting The Singer Of Kaaos

& Much, Much More!!!!


Nov 19 2018

1hr 36mins


Rank #18: Episode 199 - Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers (Better Oblivion Community Center)

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This week on Turned Out A Punk, it is a celebration as PHOEBE BRIDGERS & CONOR OBERST come on to celebrate the release of Better Oblivion Community Center! So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record. Can You Believe it? ONE FOR THE AGES!!!

Also Touched On:

Pick A Number Between 1 & 10

Clash Loving Big Brother As First Exposure

Uncle Tupelo

Woody Guthrie

From Avril To X

“It’s Not Punk To Call Yourself PUNK”

Conor: PA For hire

Doing Sound For Brainiac

The Reason That The Omaha Sound Has No Sound

Growing Up & Smelling The Smell

Sloppy Jane: From Punk To Cave Core

Girl Pusher: The Most Appropriate Named Band Ever

Commander Venus

Grass Records

The Crap Shoot Of All Ages Bills

Hating Piano

Neil Young Is So Punk

Nirvana Fan: Me But Greasy

Feeling Like You Have To Sign To Other Labels

Digital Sex Rules!!!

Cursive Signs To Crank!


311 Leaves Town To Get Back

You Have To Get The Music Out Of Omaha

The Pressure Of Being A Super Young Musician In LA

Phoebe & The He-Men

Einstein’s Dirty Secret

The Topanga Canyon

The Fixie Era

A Band Stays At Your Parents

“Is This Chicken vegan?”

Hearing About Emo For The First Time

The Sunny Day Sound

Pax Am

“It’s Like Sheryl Crow!”

Corporate Piggy

“You Know What Would Be Good For Your Image…”

Playing For The Violent Femme’s Fans: Not Fun

“We Should Form A Band That Sounds Like The Replacements!”


Brought to you by VANS

Jan 27 2019

1hr 10mins


Rank #19: Episode 99 - Lance Bangs (Director / Producer / Cinematographer)

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What once was lost now is found! This week on the show, one of the very first Turned Out A Punks ever recorded!!! Now you can finally hear Damian (In a state of caffeine soaked exhaustion) sit down with one of the raddest people on the planet:Lance Bangs! Recorded way back in 2014, it was sealed in a vault once Damian heard how out there he sounded, but it is an episode too good to meet that fate!
Also covered:

Growing up an army brat

Damian’s horrible memory laps

Punk on morning shows

Patti Smith as an elementary school teachers

“What is happening?” Seeing Debbie Harry on the Muppet Show

Clash or the Sex Pistols

The music culture on the Army base

Pink Floyd the final cut

Hating “adult culture”

Moving up to New Jersey

The awesomeness of City Gardens

Film as survival

The curse of Bon Jon Jovi in NJ

Cinema of Transgression

Moving to Athens

Learning under James Herbert

Porn Orchard

The Elephant Six Collective

Touring with Pavement

Five Eight

Documenting bands for no other reason then you feel you should

The Importance of Nirvana

Wanting the alternative boom to happen

Hating Pearl Jam

Ian MacKaye lecturing you about working for the Smashing Pumpkins

On tour with Mercury Rev

listening to Team Drench in the Jackass van


Explaining Odd Future to Ian

Sep 30 2016

1hr 27mins


Rank #20: Episode 158 - Michael Ian Black (Comedian, Author, Director, The State, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, Another Period)

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"Time Heals, Time Goes On & Time Really Flies." THIS WEEK WE HAVE MICHAEL IAN BLACK ON THE SHOW!!! Listen in as Damain & Michael discuss everything from City Gardens to 10,000 Maniacs to who was his most feared New York Hardcore band. This one goes even deeper than we could have expected, so kickback & get ready!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing Up In The Wilds Of Hillsborough, New Jersey

Reading The Candy Apple Grey Review

“Oh, They Sold Me A Bum Cassette” Why Would There Be Static On A Tape?

Liking Pop & MTV

There Must Be More Than Wham! & Duran Duran Out There.

"Candy Apple Grey Was My Sgt. Peppers"

Going to Princeton Record Exchange To Find Things That Scared, Shocked & Were Funny.

10,000 Manics Is Way Too Nutty Of A Band Name For A Tame Band

Princeton Record Exchange Employees

Forming A Band With Tim Shaw (Ensign) "The Pleased"

Fear Of Sick Of It All

Mosh & Die

Violence In The Scene

Going To City Gardens

A Whirlwind Of Change

Hating Metal

An Intense Discussion On The Effect Of GNR & Jane’s Addiction

Sounding Like A Bunch Of Suburbanite 16 Year Old Hardcore Kids

Getting The Growl

Playing CBGBs

Joining The State

Kari Kenney’s Cake Like

The Music Scene In New York

Going To Shows By Yourself

& Much, Much More….


Mar 05 2018



Episode 238 - Mikal Cronin (Party Fowl, Ty Segall Band, Charlie & The Moonhearts)

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Get ready to set sail! In this episode, Damian is joined by his former shipmate on the Bruise Cruise & one of his favourite songwriters: Mikal Cronin! Join the two as they discuss: all ages shows, the Toronto connection, the joy of getting your OWN record & so much more!!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing up in a non-rock house
Hearing Nirvana in a cool babysitter’s car
When mom’s harp explodes…
Pop-punk as a gateway
the Warped Tour as a first show
Floggin’ Molly
getting a full beer dumped down your cast
So-Cal Record stores
Finding the Smell
the possibility of starting a band
The concept of the Sensitive Side 7” blowing your mind
Meeting Ty Segall 

Jan 15 2020

1hr 9mins


Episode 237 - Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, TNA, WWE)

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Bow down because wrestling’s Zombie Princess is here! This week on the show Damian sits down with one of his favourite wrestlers: Jimmy Jacobs! Listen in as the two discuss his journey through the unpredictable world of wrestling & how it all comes back to PUNK!
Also Touched On:
Damian is a fan of SCUM
It never hurts when someone is a fan
Jimmy hears the Misfits…
“All rock is the same!”
Rocking a devil lock in the 8th grade
going by yourself to see Prince in the mid-90s

Is the person or the character what came first?
Shedding the conservatism you were raised with
Cream Cheese And Bagels
The second Undertaker reveal turning you off of wrestling
“Here I am 20 years later, all because Stone Cold got popular”
& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!


Jan 06 2020

1hr 8mins


Episode 236 - James Alex Snyder (Beach Slang, Quiet Slang, Weston)

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What a gift this season?!? This episode Damian is joined by Beach Slang's James Alex Snyder! Listen in as the two discuss how transformative punk is & how it helped shaped who he is as person in every aspect of life. Also find out why Damian's brother is going to get a hug piledrived on him. NOT TO BE MISSED!!

The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City Is Out January 10!!!

Also Touched On:

Surprise and joy that people remember
Hearing the Buzzcocks from your uncle who convinces you that it's his band
Fooled into being a punk
Friends of Verbal Assault
Seeing the Ramones at Airport Music Hall
the Original Sins: local heroes

Meeting the guys in Weston and finding the people you need
building a scene
Going one tour with Lifetime
Ari being the sweetest


Dec 21 2019

1hr 2mins


Episode 235 - Heather Gabel (HIDE)

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If you want scream, scream with us! This episode, Damian sits down with one of his current favourite vocalists: HIDE's Heather Gabel. Listen in as the two discuss finding a late start through performing & the ongoing journey of punk. DON’T MISS IT!!!

Also Touched On:

“Punk” music

Green Day
a tape with Crass
“How can all these bands be the same genre?” 
Born Against
Sam McPheeters is always on the list!
Covering “well fed fuck”
Finding a Rudimentary Peni
Seeing Rancid before Lars was in the band
Your boyfriend refusing to stand beside you at a Jawbreaker show
Going to see the Cure and it being transformative
I can’t believe that many people had heard of them!
Hanging out with Robert Smith and it being the best ever
Eric Z’s Grounds Coffee Shop
Making patches for the Suicide Machines
Going to see ICP
Ink and Dagger RULES!!!!
being able to see Los Crudos whenever you want!
living at the Underdog loft



Nov 28 2019

1hr 10mins


Episode 234 - Jim Smallman (Progress Wrestling, NXTUK)

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Let's talk about the role of punk played in the resurrection of UK wrestling as Damian sits down with the founder of Progress Wrestling Jim Smallman! Listen in as the two discuss the how and the why of rebirth of UK wrestling and Jim's journey from punk loving stand-up comic to wrestling booker. Also touched on:

Daddy was a Northern Soul DJ?
The Clash: “I’m not hacking you listen to music like that.”
Standstill: a terrible cover band
The Sex Pistols/ Clash divide
Straight edge
“Just Don’t Be A Dick”
The formation of Progress: the anti-super indie
Jimmy Havok and the hardest chair shot he ever gave
the uk scene


Nov 18 2019

1hr 8mins


Episode 233 - Colin McFaull (Cock Sparrer)

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HOT DAMN! In this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the best to ever do it: Colin McFaull of the legendary COCK SPARRER!!! Listen in as the two discuss the realness of street rock & roll, the fakeness of punk & everything in between. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!

Also Touched On:

being on tour with the Small Faces and hearing the Jam
not buying into the whole punk thing
“you gotta wear these clothes”
Slaughter and The Dogs, Adam and the Ants and us
Forming Cock Sparrer at 16
informed by Glam
A potentially career ending reel to reel
MC5 didn’t cross the pond
Dr. Feelgood and pub rock
From Motorhead of Mannfred Mann and the Earth Band
Punk was a West London thing first
AC/DC with Bon Scott was the best show EVER
The meeting with Malcolm McLaren 
Doc Martins and Jungle Greens
“Some people bring you cupcakes and some people bring you cocaine”
The Sex Pistols and The Clash were boy bands
The second wave is when punk got real
“We weren’t well liked”
The ’92 comeback show
the violence becomes too much

Nov 11 2019



Episode 232 - Johnny Peebucks Bonnel (Swingin' Utters, The Filthy Thieving Bastards)

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YES!!! In this week’s episode, Damian is joined by one of his favourite vocalists ever: Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin' Utters!!! Listen in as they talk about going from reluctant street punk heroes to Fat Mike's favourite reluctant fight starting live band!

Also Touched On:

A cool older sister
Trying to nail the Mic Jagar pose
the club culture
getting into shows for free
the first version of the Swingin’ Utters
The Santa Cruz skinhead fanbase
Darius Joins and brings the songs
“Can you play harmonica?”
Going on tour with the Meatmen and Chaos UK
“We aren’t going to play this one tonight, we are too hungover.”
moving to SF

what is street punk?
MRR buzzband
"Your fans suck!" "You are right."

Fat Mike liked the fights and hated Streets Of San Francisco



Nov 05 2019



Footnote Supershow #4: Stage Dives & Contact Highs

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Chris & Damian call on the Daves (Akerman & Martin) to come on the show! Talk some Everclear, Kanye & Morrissey, the guy with the initials that plays rock, new music they like & so much more!!

Oct 28 2019

1hr 35mins


Episode 231 - Anthony Anzaldo Jr. (Ceremony, Ex Youth)

Podcast cover
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Get ready to celebrate friendship because on this week’s episode, Damian invites his long time friend Anthony Anzaldo from Ceremony back to the show! NO WRESTLING TALK THIS TIME AROUND, as the two discuss creative growth, artistic integrity, the limitation of expectations & so much more. There’s just not enough time for everything! THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!


Oct 25 2019

1hr 18mins


Episode 230 - Brandon Williams (Chastity)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show, Damian invites Brandon Williams of Chastity over for dinner & makes him podcast for his supper! Join the two friends as they discuss art, critique, heroes turned villains & of course, PUNK ROCK IN THE SUBURBS. LISTEN TO THIS!!!

Also Touched On: 

liking metal
the mystery of the band at the high school up the street
Happy Goes Lucky becomes Protest The Hero
Closet Monster
Bombs Over Providence
A babysitter crosses the street to avoid the punks
The Underground Operations era
Why are there no bands from Kingston?
Bands named after the city are normally terrible
Whitby: 10 Hockey Areas and no all-ages music venues
No Much Music, No Simpsons: Growing up in a religious house
The burnt CD era
Making the skate video in grade 7
Seeing Alexisonfire’s first video on TV and it changing everything
Meeting Dallas Green as a kid
When your childhood heroes tell you to “Quit Your Life”
Creating bands as a home for lyrics
The greatness of MTV Live Canada


Oct 11 2019

1hr 12mins


Episode 229 - Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, Final Exit, International Noise Conspiracy)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show Dennis Lyxzén from Refused talks Swedish punk & so much more with Damian. DON’T MISS IT!

Also Touched On:

The continuation of 2001 Quick Fanzine interview
Exploited shows up out of nowhere in your record collection
being into NY hardcore when everyone else in UK 77
87 the dead time for punk between the booms
Puszone in Thrasher
“You get it home and it’s mucky pup”
Taller punk
The Join
let’s gather all the freaks in one place
let’s build a scene
isolation and boredom builds the biggest hardcore scene in the world
no sick of it all show in Umea
Doctor and The Crippens 
Were you at the Shelter show?
Step Forward: no one is going like this so let’s just go nuts
be the guys that goes off
Refused: “We knew the potential”
The curse of recording LPs
Meshaggah sounding like Anthrax playing to 4t people
Skate punk made
Asta Kasta the link between scenes
David's death metal influence on Refused
the regions of music
learning about Empire and the Ruts from the gods of DC
This is kinda cool but super sloppy
becoming friends with manny from Race Traitor
Peaking too early
Final Exit
The Path Of Resistance connection

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!


Oct 04 2019

1hr 23mins


Episode 228 - Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, The Color Wheel, Golden Exits)

Podcast cover
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Lights, Camera, Action! This week on the show we go to the movies as Damian sits down with director, ALEX ROSS PERRY! Listen in as the two discuss how Alex applied what he learned from basement shows to making movies & lamenting the loss of video store culture. 

Also Touched On:

Video store people unite!!!
Green Day as first exposure
becoming a Lookout kid
Big band bringing cool bands on tour

Blink opens for Bad Religion and then a few years later the inverse

Local H opening for Stone Temple Pilots 
Meeting the older kids in the basement
a Propagandhi shirt
the secret christian punk scene

if you have played a show for less than 10 people you can make movies

Making a soundtrack



Sep 30 2019

1hr 13mins


Episode 227 - Bif Naked (Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog)

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Get Psyched! CANADIAN MUSIC ICON, BIF NAKED IS ON THE SHOW! Join Damian & Bif as they sit down to discuss her crazy journey in music. From giggin' endlessly across Canada with Gorilla Gorilla, to trying to win over Life Of Agony fans in Europe, to ultimately changing the Canadian music landscape forever. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!!

Also Touched On:

Making My Daddy’s Getting Married
DRI plays NOT the Albert
The Punk-Funk of Gorilla Gorilla
Being in a touring band is not for everyone
The double standard of being a woman in the touring punk scene
Hockey Music
Sugar Ray could have been a great punk band
the East Coast VS the West Coast vibe
Personality Crisis
Flipping a coin for Toronto or Vancouver
Pot & flannel 
Chrome Dog was ahead of its time
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
playing in Bad Religion in both bands
The skater scene vs. the rocker scene
Getting stoked about Jello rejection letter
loving early Screeching Weasel
covering Mastodon
Touring with Chi Pig  & The Wrongs
Having to learn to play with no monitors because the music industry sucks
Opening for Life Of Agony & the audience didn't care that her daddy was getting married
meeting Gail from Belly & getting into Straight Edge


Sep 20 2019



Episode 226 - Donita Sparks (L7)

Podcast cover
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GET READY!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by a legend: DONITA SPARKS of the godly L7! Listen in as the two discuss not fitting in & having to create your own scene, punk as an attitude. Also, the trials & tribulations of headlining the first Warped Tour. 

Also Touched On:

Sisters with great taste
Hearing the Ramones & finding your band
Not liking bands that buy shit off the rack
Punk or New Wave
B-52s were crazier than the Cramps
The Dead were a deal breaker
Going to dance clubs in the Northside of Chicago
Hating hardcore
The LA art punk scene gives rise to L7
Opening for Bad Religion
Redd Kross were true glam
Not being a part of the hip LA scene
Grunge up end rock
Meeting Sub Pop
Writing Shove
Covering Bloodstains & turning it into the Mencies Anthem 
The Dick Dale influence
The half-step 
Suicidal’s dirge
Everyones is opening for the riot


Sep 10 2019



Episode 225 - Matty Matheson (God of Cookery)

Podcast cover
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Rejoice!!! It's finally happened! After losing one episode to the unknown, Matty Matheson comes to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy to talk about the good & the not so good times that led Matty to become one of the world’s most beloved chefs! Also, how punk & hardcore were paramount  to his journey. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!!!! 
ALSO, don’t miss the return of Matty Fest with Decedents, Wu Tang and Danny Brown! Saturday September 7th at Echo Beach!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 05 2019

1hr 43mins


Episode 224 - Alex Lichtenhauer (Control Top, Get Better Records)

Podcast cover
Read more
Weather, technology & scheduling be damned! This week Alex Lichtenauer (Get Better Records and Control Top) is on the show! After months of trying, join Alex & Damian as they discuss scene building & affecting positive change through music. Don't miss this rain soaked all too short conversation! 

Also Touched On: 

A NOFX tape gets passed around
The Decline is the peak
Pikesville Teen Center scene
The Baltimore Hardcore scene 
Cult Classics
Charm City Art Space and the fall out
Moving to New Hampshire and scene building
The Starving Artist
Punk experiences it first
The first decade of Get Better Records



Sep 02 2019



Episode 223 - Ben Lee (Noise Addict)

Podcast cover
Read more
DREAMS COME TRUE! This week Damian welcomes his childhood hero & dream guest to the show, BEN LEE!!! Listen in as the two get caught in the metaphysical weeds discussing moshing at a Hard-Ons show to collaborating with Tom Robbins on musicals. ANOTHER EPISODE THAT CANNOT BE MISSED!!! 

Also Touched On:

A long time in the making for Damian
No one ever came
The Sydney all-ages scene
The Hard-Ons
getting caught in the mosh at age 12
Rage: The TV program
Lo-Fi is Punk
“I thought it sounded like ‘Appetite For Destruction’”
Tom Robbins as a punk collaborator 
Dennis Tek opens for Rollins
Nirvana and the Violent Femmes were the reason
Television Personalities 
The Vaselines 
K Records
Half A Cow Records
Fallaheen Records
Not being able to open for Alex Chilton because it was a school night
“Do I get paid for that?”
the Bathing Ape collaboration
artist run labels are a bad idea most of the times



Aug 29 2019

1hr 14mins


Episode 222 - Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, The Pink Monkey Birds)

Podcast cover
Read more
What is "cool"? Well, around here at Turned Out A Punk we think the very embodiment of the word cool is Kid Congo Powers & this podcast just got a hell of a lot cooler, because he’s on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former Cramp, Gun Cluber, Bad Seed & Screamers propagandist to talk about how LA glam kids took over the world. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Helping invent punk
The Dogs and the Motels
The Glam kids meet the rock kids meet the record collector kids
Seeing Patti Smith and Ramones
Zolar X: hilariously dedicated
The faded glam of LA as an influenceLearning from Rodney
Th Quick: “Our Sparks”
Backdoor Man Magazine was the Bible
The birth of Zine culture
Doing the first Ramones zine
The odd crowd the Ramones attracted 
16 and standing beside Dee Dee
Thrift shopping with Blondie
The Nerves, The Pop and the Zippers
“Glad I was there for that”: life with The Screamers
Pat Suzuki and Argento
“You have to see this band the Cramps!”
Took the bus from LA
Going to New York and seeing the Contortions
Befriending Brian Gregory and Nick Knox
The Mumps come to LA
The Student Teachers
The Blessed
“Those people were sick!” No Wave people were no fucking joke
“Yeah I noticed” The shift from punk to hardcore
Opening for the Circle Jerks with the Creeping Ritual
“They Hated Us!”
Here come the angry kids
Going to see the Slits play in the UK
Record shopping in Paris in ’77
Working at Bomp


Aug 19 2019

1hr 5mins


Episode 221 - Jay Bentley (Bad Religion, Wasted Youth etc.)

Podcast cover
Read more
In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & coming back! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN!
Also Touched On:
Raw Power Fanzine 
DIY? Are you High? What else was there
12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg
Going to LA to see shows
The Stains and the car through the wall
Mad Society the SUPER little kids
“Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.”
The Circle Jerks like your tape
“We are already on the radio?!?”
Rodney On The ROQ
Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store
Making the first 7”
making the first lp
Smoke 7 comp
Experimenting right into drugs
Joining Wasted Youth
The Clubs stop letting punk happen
Citadel: Proto glam
Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion
Into the Unknown and back


Aug 15 2019

1hr 11mins


Episode 220 - Riki Rachtman (Cathouse, Headbanger's Ball, WCW)

Podcast cover
Read more
What do MTV, WCW & Darby Crash have in common? This week’s guest is RIKI  RACHTMAN!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the former WCW/Headbanger’s Ball & current Cathouse Hollywood Podcast host to talk about The Germs, Black Flag & the Adolescents: OH MY! Not to be missed!!!
Also Touched On:
The greatest Canadians
Wearing Germs shirts on Headbangers Ball
Blink 182 is old school now?
Devo’s first record as gateway
Rodney on ROQ
Keith Morris rocking a Spiderman costume fronting the Black Flag
Not getting the Germs… at first
X plays every show
Meeting Darby
The Adolescents Blue Album is one of the great albums EVER
Rob and Darby
Knowing more about Black Flag than Black Sabbath
Going to Universal Studios with an Adam And The Ants superfan
Auditions for the Angry Samoans
Forming a hardcore band 
“Hey Devo!”
“Hey Meatloaf!”
Meeting Lee Ving in the current day
Metallica meets the Plimsouls Battery Club could have been Green Day
Trying to record and hang with Pantera


 On the road with Scott Steiner



Aug 07 2019

1hr 26mins


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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”