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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

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By Irritated2theMAX - May 29 2019
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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”

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551 Ratings
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By Irritated2theMAX - May 29 2019
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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”
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Turned Out A Punk

Latest release on Aug 04, 2020

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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

Rank #1: Episode 152 - Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, Forgetters, Thorns Of Life)

Podcast cover
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THE WORLD IS AN OYSTER & WE'VE GOT BLAKE SCHWARZENBACH ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!! Right on the heels of Jawbreaker's recent show announcements, Blake took sometime out of the practice schedule to sit down & talk everything from The Wipers to Ratt to Econochrist. This one is so much fun, so kickback, relax & get ready…I GOT IT!!!

Also Touched On:

Blake Is stoked To Meet Damon From Blur

Playing With Radiohead, Oasis & NO DOUBT

Middle School In Portland

An AMAZING First Grip Of Singles: The Wipers, Sado Nation and Echo & The Bunnymen

Getting The Forgetters Sound

Loving Post-Punk Guitars

Growing Up A Music Kid

Dad’s New Wave Girlfriend

Pat Benatar & Loverboy

Van Halen

The Kinks

Loving Palm Muted Guitar

The Beat & Power Pop

Moving To LA

Going To The Palladium To See The Adolescents

Meeting The New Romantics

Getting Into The Paisley Underground: Where The Cool Kids Go

Dream Syndicate: The Days Of Wine & Roses

Seeing the Go-Go’s

Give The Drummer Some: Starting In Music On

Forming Red Harvest: The Surf Goth Power Trio

E Minor C Progression: The Best

Magnolia Thunderpussy

SST Records

Covering Bad Religion

Boinker Music: New Wave Crap

Renouncing Punk & Getting Into Metal

Loving Sludgey Stuff… & Ratt

Being Too Angry For Santa Cruz

Getting Kicked Out Of College For Arson

Going to NYU

Reaching Synthesis

Learning About East Coast Hardcore

Loving The DC Scene

Too Much Male Bravado In The CB’s Scene

Flower: The Pre-Cell Band

Live Skull


Jawbreaker: The Result Of A Happy Failure

Dramarama: The Root Of So Much

Sending A Tape To MRR

The First Show With The Post Three O’Clock Band At Club 88

The Partitions Of LA

Government Issue At The AntiClub To LA

Meeting Econochrist & Having A Firework Battle

Bitchmagnet: An Amazing Band With A Terrible Name

Getting On Boner Records… They Were Pretty Dark



Jan 22 2018

1hr 11mins


Rank #2: Episode 185 - Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Foss, Antemasque, Anywhere, De Facto etc.)

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On anyone's list of all-time greatest front people in music, they would have to include this week's guest. CEDRIC BIXLER-ZAVALA HAS FINALLY COME ON THE SHOW!!! Join Damian as he gets to sit down with one of his favourite's to ever wield the microphone & talk about going from a gang affiliated drummer, to trashing the Jools Holland show!

Also Touched On:

One Of The Best To Ever Do It

The Power Of Night Flight

Watching Another State of Mind With Your Family

The Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Is The Key Record 

Uglord One Of The Wildest Bands Ever

Ed Ivy From The Rhythm Pigs Starts Throwing Shows

Omar & Sonny Meet Lux & Ivy

Seeing Punk On TV & Putting Punk On TV

The Misfits: A Lot To Love & Love Again

The Jools Holland Show & What Went Wrong 

Reenactment Scene In Punk 

Distorted Silence: The First Band

Joining Phantasma Gloria: The Bad Kid Band

The Respect & The Hate That Comes From Being Feared

Playing With Christ On A Crutch

When Your Two Favourite Local Bands Have Beef

Being A Cheerleader

A One-Man-Pit In Your Parents House

Bad Mothergoose & Sprawl & The Texas Funk Scene

Everyone Wanted To Be Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Jane’s Addiction

Joining the Three Blind Bats, The House Band For The North East Death Squad Gang

The Spermbirds’ Influence On El Paso

Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, Big Boys: Texas Punk

Cherbs, Ed Hall & Trance Syndicate Records

When Your New Band Beats Up Your Old Band

The Acid Years

The Dregtones: Trying To Do Something Really Uncool

Meeting Foss & Beto

Pretending To Be Rain Sanction 

Booking No Empathy

The Grunge Hangover

Touring With FEIST

Trench Mouth Looks Like A CULT!

“No One Was Interested At All.”

Dreaming Of Ebullition Records 

Getting On Flipside 

Face To Face Was Pissed!

Dodging Full Cans Of Coke Whipped At Your Head 



Sep 19 2018

1hr 26mins


Rank #3: Episode 167 - Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Big Rig, Classics Of Love, Common Rider)

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THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS THING! This week on the show, we are joined by the legendary JESSE MICHAELS of Operation Ivy & Common Rider fame! Sit back & listen as Damian gets to talk to one of the most influential punk vocalist ever! From the Bay to the Burgh & back again, THIS EPISODE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also Touched On:

June 1978 As First Contact In Via Mad Magazines

Looking In NYC Bookstores While On Vacation With Dad

Finding A Punk Textbook

From Comics & Horror Movies

Colombo Style Interrogating Your Dad’s Students About Punk

B-52’s Rule!!!!

Re-meeting Aaron Cometbus

Hearing The Sex Pistols For The First Time

The Older Brother Plug

Decline Of Western Civilization

Going On Punk Missions With Aaron

Meeting Dave From Neurosis & Noah From Christ On Parade On One Of Those Punk Missions

Going To The Infamous Eastern Front With DOA, FLIPPER, LEWD, SICK PLEASURE, 7 Seconds, HUSKER DU, THE FIX

Negative Approach

Never Seeing Black Flag

Seeing One Or Two Songs By A Band Before You Had To Go Home

Who Threw A Bottle At Wasted Youth?

Reading Flipside Cover To Cover

Gilman brings the bands together

Seeing Minor Threat With DRI & MDC

Moving to Pittsburg

Half-Life Would Play Every Show

Seeing Agnostic Front

Liking SSD How We Rock

The Notorious Fuck-Ups

The All-Girl DMR Gang

Aaron & Jesse Form A Flipper Worship Band

“If We Couldn’t Find A Punk Kid, We Would Make One”

Jeff Ott & A Different Journey Shirt For Everyday Of The Week

Meeting Spike In Pittsburg

Playing In Out Lash

Necropolis (Pittsburg)

Aggressor: Acid, Black Sabbath & Riff For Neurosis & Christ On Parade

Venom: They Are Like Punk, But Really Really Creepy



Loving Filth

Seeing Dance Craze & Hearing Ska For The First Time

Being The Crimpshrine Groupie

Trve Cvlt Pvnk

Soup: Pre-Samiam & Sweet Baby

New Method


Tripping On Acid & Writing On Walls

Mid-Tempo Melodic Punk ONLY

The Adverts



May 07 2018

1hr 26mins


Rank #4: Episode 161 - Jack Black (Actor, Comedian, Musician, Tenacious D, Mr. Show, High Fidelity, Kung Fu Panda...EVERYTHING)

Podcast cover
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Never make the mistake of trying to hide your punk rock past from Turned Out A Punk. Eight years ago while their band's were touring Australia, Jack Black made the error in judgement of denying his punk past to your humble host, Damian Abraham. Now, all these years later, that lie caught up with him. Please, sit back & enjoy as Damian presents his evidence to Jack & finds out quickly how punk very much did play a part in young Jack’s life. Learn how an early encounter with DEVO would lead Jack to co-front one of the great punk super groups: Tenacious D… & be a massive film and TV star… That too. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

Damian Is Going Present The Case

Jack’s Brother Inventing The Whip Sound On “Whip It”

Going To See The Freedom Of Choice Tour At Age 11

Is DEVO Punk?

Jack Thinks Damian Is Lying About Punk History

Eraserhead & DEVO Visual Similarity

Damian Thinks Jack Is Lying About Rock History


Robot Wisdom

The Valuable Worthless Artifact

From Journey to Ozzy

Getting Into The Minutemen & Finding fIREHOSE

Mustard & S.O.S.

The Meat Puppets

The Pixies & The Fat Awesomeness Of Frank Black

Keith Morris Remembering Jack From When He Was A Kid

Making Videos For OFF!

Steve McDonald & Redd Kross

Milo Goes To College Is The Best Record Ever

Meeting Bill Stevenson & Singing Him Descendents

Getting To The Bottom Of The “Jack Black Moshing” Photo

Visual Discrimination Is Not A Sketchy Band

Violence In The Pit

The Vandals' Warren Fitzgerald’s Amazing Physical Skill

Mr Show & David Cross: Punks Helping Punks

Jack’s First Movie… Staring As A Punk Singer

Going To School With Brett Morgan

Yo Gabba Gabba & punk



Mar 26 2018

1hr 9mins


Rank #5: Episode 122 - John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Bloodclot)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show: JOHN JOSEPH!!!!!!!! That’s right, the LEGENDARY frontman, author of The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon sits down to talk with Damian & it ruled!

Also touched on:

The importance of the book in punk and beyond

A kid nicknamed Bowie

loving Parliament

Hearing the Stooges and it changing everything

Hanging with the Ramones at Rockaway Beach

Going to Max’x and getting jumped by Johnny Thunders’ Crew

Crazy Dave Dolan and Dugs in New York

Seeing the Ramones at CBs in ’76

Liking London punk more than the New York stuff

Joining the military and moving to Virginia

Insect Surfers

Meeting a New Wave Girlfriend at the Navy club

loving New Wave

Seeing DCHC for the first time

Sex Pistols

Scamming free airfare

Going to Fear on Saturday Night Live

Going to the Mudd Club

The story behind “Egg Raid On Mojo”… kinda

The difference between New York Hardcore and everywhere else

The arrival of of the DC kids to NYC

“Boston didn’t own shit”

The beef between DC and NYC at SNL

Bad Brains go to Beantown: Going to Boston and clearing the dancefloor

Loving Void

Rites of Spring

The Misfits bring the football players and they get kicked in the face


Jack Rabid’s Cro Mags

The Donahue Era: Cro Mags vs Most of New York Hardcore

Living what you write

“Getting asses kicked and catching feelings”

Doing vocals Antidote

watching Agnostic Front become good

The Bad Brains the greatest of all time

Meeting Lemmy and Motorhead

Having to talk to GBH about drugs

“We did some shit to people who were dicks”

Mar 18 2017

1hr 7mins


Rank #6: Episode 132 - Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine)

Podcast cover
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HOLY MOLY, this week we have J-E-L-L-O!!! Damian gets a chance to gab with an absolute legend of Punk, Hardcore & Pop Culture In General, Jello Biafra! Nerd out as the two discuss everything from Blue Oyster Cult to Zolar X. THIS EPISODE IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS, LIKE A PART #1 & PART #2 COMBINED!!!

Also Touched On:

The Origin Story Of The Jello Biafra Name
Growing Up In Boulder, Colorado
Discovering BOC & The Love Of Record Collecting
Trade A Tape Records
Steppenwolf & Bob Seger
Paul Revere & The Raiders Not Getting Enough Credit
Pretty Things & Sniffing Glue
The Astronauts
Wax Tracks & The Importance Of Independent Record Stores
The Ramones & The Ravers At Ebbets Field In Denver
Being A Roadie For The Ravers
70's Hair Metal vs. Punk
The Avengers
The Talking Heads At UCSC
Moving To San Francisco
Negative Trend, The Nuns & CRIME
Dills, Mutants, Sleepers & UXA
Picking The Openers After Learning A Lesson
DC & It's Importance
Black Flag & DOA
DOA Playing Ian's High School With Minor Threat, SOA, Scream & Government Issue
Henry Rollins
Yesterday & Today Records
Let The Eat Jelly Beans Will Never Be Repressed
Cannabis Legalization
What Happened To Canada's Asylum Laws?
Zolar X

& MORE....


Jul 12 2017

1hr 10mins


Rank #7: Episode 95 - David Cross (Comedian, Mr. Show, Arrested Development)

Podcast cover
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Shut up you, Punking baby!
This week on the show, it’s David Cross! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his favourite comedians to discuss the connection of music and comedy, how punk served as a gateway to alternative culture and why the "American Authors" suck.

Also touched on:

David gives Damian some podcast tips

A super boring itunes story

Elvis Costello in Saturday Night Live

Seeing coverage of the scary Sex Pistols

Class Of 1984: and amazing piece of punxploitation

Indie rock in 2016: kinda sucks

a takedown of American Authors

Mad and Cracked over superhero books


Film Threat

Answer Me!: “If you are 40 and love Answer Me, you have some issues.”

Fear on Saturday Night Live

Thin Lizzy on TV subverts it all

going to art school

being bullied

getting to be so close to Athens

The need to validated by people in music

Why music and comedies kinship

The greatness of the diversity in Atlanta’s punk scene.

Getting in to 688


Now Explosion

Getting in REM

Jason and Scorchers

David’s public access show

Loving Andy Kaufman

Moving to Boston

Mixing music and comedy

The Cavedogs

The Prime Movers

Finding out about Rock, Rot and Rule

David nearly dies from a bee sting

Finding Tom, Jon and The Best Show

AND MORE!!!!!!!

Sep 01 2016

1hr 6mins


Rank #8: Episode 102 - Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations, No Devotion)

Podcast cover
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Get ready for a good one! This week on the show Damian is joined by Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly. Listen in as Geoff tells Damian about pre-teen punk shows and the violence and awesomeness of early 90’s New York.

Also discussed:

Being a kindergarten Goth

Seeing the Replacements at 6

Going to Slayer and Bad Brains with your mom and dad

Robert Smith, Goeff’s mom and paparazzi

A friend stealing a Monster Magnet tape and ruining the record store relationship

Going to smart kid school

getting in Fugazi

Heckle’s Garage

Not being into silly punk

Getting stabbed for $3 in NY

The miracle TV

Going to Coney Island High and seeing VOD. Madball and Crown Of Thronz

Roger from Agnostic Front gives Thursday their first show

Playing in a band opening for X for two shows

Going on a family vacation and winding up in Green Apple Quickstep

Deadguy changes there sound

booking the “most hated band in New Jersey”: Ink & Dagger

Getting a house to book shows

forming Thursday

making sure you keep your early set

Eyeball Record: The NJ launching pad

Reversal Of Man breaks up in your basements

Benny from Gaslight Anthem

Almost breaking up
“Hey! We signed to Victory!” “You are fucked”

Oct 21 2016

1hr 7mins


Rank #9: Episode 89 - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Lars & The Bastards)

Podcast cover
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This week it's hangin’ out with Lars down on a podcast street cause this week’s guest on Turned Out A Punk is Lars Frederiksen! Join Damian as he sits down with a punk legend to talk about going from seeing DOA and Black Flag at 10 to playing in the UK Subs and fucking it up, to changing the face of popular music forever. THIS IS ONE FOR THE AGES!

-This one is a big deal for Damian
-Getting into KISS
-Sean the punk move to town
-Falling in love British music first
-Meeting Social Distortion
-They Live and breathing fire
-Uncleared samples: Rancid’s original intro to “Avenues and Alleyways”
-“Where is Lars’ Wrestlemania moment!?!?”
-CM Punk talk
-Going to see Black Flag and DOA at 10 and getting jumped by your own brother
-How much more protective we are today.
-Following Dennis Denell around a club and then Social Distortion coming over for frozen burgers
-Lars’ was super cool to Damian’s younger brother
-Fame as an escape from poverty
-Grifting the import section Tower Records
-WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO PCP: How Lars bought Strength Thu Oi! and went to Juvy
-Lars HATES Blitz’s Telecommunication
-Why comps rule!
-The Faction
-Getting banned from family holidays
-Being raised in a European family in America
-Seeing Camper Van Beethoven with the DKs
-The differences between the the Bay and LA back in the day
-Why boneheads can should never be called skinheads
-Getting initiated by the UK Subs: “YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR SCOTTISH PASSPORT?!?”
-Get In The Drum Kit: The Necro’s story
-Learning to play guitar
-A guitar lesson from a fucked up Mike Ness
-Making Simon Woodstock’s brothers guitar infamous
-Fighting Simon Woodstock before Mike Muir
-The Nowhere Men: Lar’s first band
-Playing with the Melvins, JFA AND Bl’AST
-Getting asked to join the UK Subs
-Charlie Harper’s Campbell, California years
-Moving to England
-Getting booted from the Subs
-AND MORE!!!!!

Jul 21 2016

1hr 23mins


Rank #10: RIP Anthony Bourdain

Podcast cover
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It’s Damian. Anthony Bourdain was someone that championed & celebrated punk & it’s influence. He was also someone that, for some unknown reason, championed the work that I do as well. When I told him about this podcast, he was super excited to get the chance to just talk about punk rock, the music he loved. Here is the conversation we had that day as well as my eulogy for one of my personal heroes. 

RIP Tony. Thank you for everything

Jun 09 2018

1hr 15mins


Rank #11: Episode 76 - Davey Havok (AFI/ Black Audio/ Son Of Sam)

Podcast cover
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This week on the show: TWO ARE SPEAKING, IT IS FUN, Damian is joined by AFI’s Davey Havok. Sit back as he and Damian detail Davey's journey from hardcore kid to music icon. Also, listen in as Davey and Damian break down a pivotal moment in both of their lives: THE AFI RIOT! Also covered: -Punk as mall fashion -666 Sputnik -Thrasher and getting into Skateboarding at age 8 -Skaterock Tape Comps -Watching Friday Night Flight -Not being able to see the Cramps -Your first punk show: Meeting someone outside and then seeing them fuck themselves with a banana -Cream Pie and trash cans and Gilman displays of affections -Andrew Champion: the stink bomb king -Randy from Look Back And Laugh and the Heckle Splosh show -The AFI demo’s: Recorded at Bonnie Raitt’s Brother’s hous -Trying to get in the Bay Area scene -Lenny from Filth finally puts you on a show and you nearly get killed and Manumission played -Getting Rancid and ’s spot as having the Gilman as a jam space -The one time Nick 13 from Tiger Army played in AFI… -The many world or Bay Area Punk… non of which AFI fit in -Being more Angry Samoans than Rites Of Spring -Meeting Screw 32 and Swingin’ Utters -Black Fork scratching of your side of the split -Never saw Crimpshrine or Op Ivy -Meeting Eric Ozenne -Slap-A-Ham’s Fiesta Grande -Playing with DIRT at ABC No Rio -Too many people to play the Gilman -Touring with Rancid and getting popular in Canada -Dispelling Damian’s cherished “Davey brought hard moshing to Bay Area” story he was told as a youth -Lots of d.b.s. talk -Potentially getting a call from the punk police… or a major -Watching Rancid getting courted by the majors -Toronto heckling Adam about looking like Screech -The first hand account of a Riot and the birth of a friendship -From headwalking to handwalking: you’ve made it kid -“Lifetime had my back.”
-Covering Filth -Covering Negative Approach -The unreleased Pushead 7” -Session Catalog
AND MORE!!!!!!!!!

Apr 24 2016

1hr 32mins


Rank #12: Episode 48 - Anthony Bourdain

Podcast cover
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This week on Turned Out A Punk, hailing from Parts Unknown, it’s the most electrifying man in culinary entertainment: Anthony Bourdain! Listen in as Tony takes Damian to Punk’s not always so glorious incubator of late 70’s New York and exposes the underside of the scene that produced so much unreliable music in it’s wake.

Also covered:
-Growing up in a musical family
-Buying the Question Mark & the Mysterians
-Seeing Hendrix and Joplin at 12
-The problem of your friends discovering Gram Parsons
-The Stooges: music for people that took speed
-“These guys are going nowhere!” seeing Kiss for the first time
-Seeing the Ramones for the first time
-Following the girls from your high school to see the New York Dolls
-Velvet Underground as college affectation
-Romanticizing Heroin
-No one was listening to this music
-The Contortions and James White
-The Heartbreakers should have been huge
-The arrival of Hardcore
-Richard Hell and The Voidoids: “I new I was going to like this band”
-Feeding Johnny Thunders, Richard Lloyd and Mick Farren
-The Nursery: the children punk themed after-hours that was run by some very grown up people
-Adam and The Ants: “Oh fuck, well this is over”
-Harley Flanagan: From the little kid king of Max’s to Jujitsu instructor to your little kid
-Heading towards No Wave
-The problems with the Stooges’ Raw Power
-An amazing take on the Clash vs. Sex Pistoles!!!!!
-Steely Dan but if they had different music!
-The movie Dig
-The masterpiece Mark Lanegan’s Bubblegum
-The importance of music to the show
-The worldwide underground music world
-Where do you eat shitty road food if you are Anthony Bourdain?
-The way heroin fucks with time
-Being saved by vanity
-Heroin addicts as the target for Crackheads in 1980’s New York
-Jujitsu becoming a lifestyle
-Having the best job on TV
-The magiclessness of the era
-Only missing the grindhouses of old New York
-Cooking with Keith Richards
-Doing The Taste for the hotel

Oct 07 2015

1hr 17mins


Rank #13: Episode 117 - Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, Cold Cave, Some Girls)

Podcast cover
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It took a minute to happen, but it was worth it! This week on the show, Damian sits down and grabs a drink with Wes Eisold. Listen in as the two discuss Wes’s journey to get to American Nightmare as well as depression, gossip, projection and punk.

Also discussed:

Dead Kennedys Tape as first exposure

Dead Milkmen, Swirllies and the Liliys as a first show

a band covering a cover version

Grindle: stagedives and a mohawk

United by being weird

Ordering shit from Session thanks to the US military

Callin' 1-900 numbers to hear records

Moving Targets and Lemonheads

Moving to Maine

Not being into a Youth Of Today because they looked like jocks


Sam Black Church

Seeing 10 Yard Fight and finding the show you wanted

Wes in Germany starts Hybrid Moments.

Being happy enough just going to shows.

The end to TYF

Right Brigade is THE band.

“AN never has the intention of being a local band.”

Loosing $400 on a sold out show: “Everyone gets in for free”

…except this guy

The “woah” part that could have killed AN

the importance of Lifetime

the jump from album 1-2


Breaking edge and not being an edge band

Blazing a trail without knowing it

Coke Gossip-Hysteria

AND MORE!!!!!!

Feb 10 2017

1hr 1min


Rank #14: Episode 199 - Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers (Better Oblivion Community Center)

Podcast cover
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This week on Turned Out A Punk, it is a celebration as PHOEBE BRIDGERS & CONOR OBERST come on to celebrate the release of Better Oblivion Community Center! So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record. Can You Believe it? ONE FOR THE AGES!!!

Also Touched On:

Pick A Number Between 1 & 10

Clash Loving Big Brother As First Exposure

Uncle Tupelo

Woody Guthrie

From Avril To X

“It’s Not Punk To Call Yourself PUNK”

Conor: PA For hire

Doing Sound For Brainiac

The Reason That The Omaha Sound Has No Sound

Growing Up & Smelling The Smell

Sloppy Jane: From Punk To Cave Core

Girl Pusher: The Most Appropriate Named Band Ever

Commander Venus

Grass Records

The Crap Shoot Of All Ages Bills

Hating Piano

Neil Young Is So Punk

Nirvana Fan: Me But Greasy

Feeling Like You Have To Sign To Other Labels

Digital Sex Rules!!!

Cursive Signs To Crank!


311 Leaves Town To Get Back

You Have To Get The Music Out Of Omaha

The Pressure Of Being A Super Young Musician In LA

Phoebe & The He-Men

Einstein’s Dirty Secret

The Topanga Canyon

The Fixie Era

A Band Stays At Your Parents

“Is This Chicken vegan?”

Hearing About Emo For The First Time

The Sunny Day Sound

Pax Am

“It’s Like Sheryl Crow!”

Corporate Piggy

“You Know What Would Be Good For Your Image…”

Playing For The Violent Femme’s Fans: Not Fun

“We Should Form A Band That Sounds Like The Replacements!”


Brought to you by VANS

Jan 27 2019

1hr 10mins


Rank #15: Episode 177 - Dwid Hellion (Integrity)

Podcast cover
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Well Everyone, it finally happened, DWID HELLION FROM INTEGRITY is on the show this week & it's glorious! Listen to Damian nerd out LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Topics Touched On:

Thrasher As First Exposure

Find The Scene In Louisville

Reading Graffiti On Pants & Jacket

Going To Buy A Punk Record, But The Cops Take The Records Away

Getting The Peace Comp & Finding Pushead

Listening To Samhain Play Live From Your Bedroom Window

Maurice: Pre-Kinghorse/ Slint

Charlie’s Pizzeria: NO LAWS

13 Year Olds Having A Beer Bash

Lyrical Influences

The Friendship & Torment Of The Mighty Sphincter

A Stepmother As An Artistic Influence

Dada As An Influence On Punk

Punk As A Space For The Left Out People

When One Of The Best Hardcore Shows Happens In The Front Yard

Meeting Confront & The Marvel Comics Connection

The Skateboard Teams


The Integrity Filter Connection

Buying Sheets Of Acid & Chilling With Trent Reznor

The First One Up Of Integrity Comes Together

Almost 15 MINUTES About Dark Empire!

The Story Behind The “Joker” Sleeve

Why You See The Confront 7” Around




Jul 16 2018

1hr 43mins


Rank #16: Episode 192 - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Ecstatic Peace Library, Thurston Moore Band, Even Worse etc.)

Podcast cover
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This one is well worth the wait, cause this week Damian finally gets THURSTON MOORE on the show & it's a MONSTER!!! Kickback & listen in as the two talk about Thurston being at the ground zero of punk when his journey began. You may have heard other Thurston Moore interviews over the years, but NOTHING like this. All in celebration of the launch of Thurston’s Ecstatic Peace Library imprint with Omnibus Press. GET READY!!!!!

Also Touched On:

It's All For You Thurston

Always Being A Punk

Louie Louie

Rock Mags

Seeing Iggy Standing On Hands & Heads

Trying To Turn Your 10-Year-Old Friend's Onto The Stooges

Raunchy Rock

The Fast Rule!

“Patti Smith Is Playing, Let’s Go!”

Talking Heads

The Ramones With Johnny On Vocals & Joey On Drums

“You’re Too Good To Hang Out With Us At The Friendly’s Now?!”

Cutlers In New Haven To Buy X-Offender

Buying Slaughter & The Dogs

The Damned

The Buzzcocks “Spiral Scratch”

Seeing The Fast, The Planets & Suicide At Max’s

Joey Was The Guy: Everything Cool About Punk Always

CBGB’s Is Nirvana

Richard Hell Licking His Stamp To Transfer It To Your Hand

Blondie & The Mumps

CB’s Burgers

The Living Doll Bass Player

Milk & Cookies

When The Dead Boys Came To Town…

The Stimulators

The Blessed & The Younger Scene

Student Teachers

Connecting With Lee & Kim Through Art

Going To Rat Cage

The Early DC 7”s

Darby’s Death

Going To LA To See Kim’s Parents

Never Seeing The Misfits

NY’s Early More Rock Influenced Hardcore

DC Comes In Like Buzzsaws

Heart Attack

Wanting To Be More Of A Hardcore Band

Jesse Malin: “I Heard You Saw The Dead Boys?”

Meeting The Singer Of Kaaos

& Much, Much More!!!!


Nov 19 2018

1hr 36mins


Rank #17: Episode 165 - Jerry A (Poison Idea, Gift)

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He has listened to him forever, covered him, collected him, emulated him & eventually even played with him, but only now does he FINALLY get the chance to interview him! That's right, This week Damian sits down with one of his biggest inspirations, JERRY A from the godly POISON IDEA!!! Listen in as Damian & Jerry talk about his path from seeing Journey to being Kurt Cobain’s art critic and yes, also forming the GREATEST HARDCORE BAND EVER along the way! THIS ONE IS INSANE!!!

Also Touched On:

Damian Meets His Sinatra

Ramones As First Contact

Seeing Three Dog Night For His First Show

Alice Cooper Is The First One That Connects

Kiss Rock & Roll Forever &… It’s Over

Picking The Ramones Over Everything

Ramones: Children Can Relate To That Stuff

The Melvins Getting You Back Into It

Reading About Negative Trend In Rockscene

Losing Friends Overnight

Journey In The Fill In Band


Seeing Parliament

Venus & The Razorblades: “This Is Horrible”

Seeing The Very First Wipers With Ice 9

Punk Is Clique Too

Covering The Yardbirds & Punks Don’t Get It

The Germs Could Actually Play

Portland Fix

Joe Carducci (From SST) Plays The Hits & Has A Store That Just A Box Of Records In An Office

Selling Your Leather Jacket In 79'

The Pre-Neo Boys Band Covers The Germs

Hardcore Changes Everything

Always Expecting Fred Cole To Be There


Bull Ramos Smokes Weed

Forming An Industrial Band With A Stolen Bass

Trying To Join Smegma With A Crass Song For An Audition

Canadian Subhumans vs. English Subhumans

Merging Bands With Imperialist Pigs

PI Cover Circle Jerks & Gacy’s Place

The Mentors Were REALLY Bad When They Were In Seattle

Money Changes Everything

Red Tape With Darby’s lyrics & Motorhead’s Power

Japanese Hardcore

The Stalin

State Children Flexi

Pig Champion Going To Find The Fix Single As It Came Out

The Smiths Cause A Divide In Poison Idea

Kurt & The Melvins Like Shitty KISS



Apr 23 2018

1hr 14mins


Rank #18: Episode 96 - Craig Ferguson (Comedian, Celebrity Name Game, The Drew Carry Show, The Late Late Show)

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This week on the show we have: a comedian, a late night host, an actor and, at one point, one of the early Glasgow punk scene’s most prolific drummers. Join Damian as he sits down with Craig Ferguson to discuss finding “wholesome” punk at a time of rotten culture, getting an ominous warning from Nico, his great run of punk bands and tons more!
Also covered:
The last interview Craig will ever do?

Getting into Glam

Is that a few cup: Hearing the Damned for the first time

Music that felt like a fight

Steve Jones not believing that you saw them

Taking the bus with a Peter Capaldi… and a dead guy

Seeing the Clash, Sex Pistols, the Damned, Siouxsie and Banshees

Marijuana is a hippy drug. So it’s speed, glue and booze.

The cultural shift in England that was punk.

Scotland looks better today

Punk was the most wholesome and honest form of entertainment to emerge out of England in

getting “Punk’d Up”

Having to pick a side

hating the fantasy of music

Not being the biggest Keith Moon fan.

Queen: the best players but “still shit”

Seeing Hawkwind at the age of 13

Drum influence: hating the band but loving the drummers

Seeing Johnny and Self Abusers (pre-Simple Minds)

Just getting into Zeppelin

Seeing the Stranglers

the amazing Scottish scene

the Rock Garden: Scotland’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go

Joining the Dream Boys with Peter Capaldi

Exposure: Craig as Adam Eternal

Dressed up like a priest for a recording

Getting into Comedy with Peter inbetween bands

“It’s the DNA of everything”

Liking the first half of Stop Making Sense

Quitting late night

Ana Hausen: the session that ended the gig

the rise of English post-punk Alternative comedy.

Comedy: no lugging drums, no cleaning up and no band members

Drummers and Punk: the amazing connection

Drummers need to shut the fuck up

Working the door at the world famous Save The Robots in NY

Drumming for Nico

“You remind me of Iggy. You will die soon.”

Iggy: the last one standing

Knocking out a heckler: Violence and comedy don’t mix

Getting drunk with the Clash

Lars from Rancid: Therapist to those that got famous after being into punk

and TONS MORE!!!!!

Sep 09 2016



Rank #19: Episode 244 - Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Society Ills)

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THIS IS A HUGE ONE! Bassgod Mike Watt joins Damian for a NOT TO BE MISSED conversation about all things punk & hardcore! Listen in as the two discuss Reactionaries, Minutemen, The Stooges & everyone in between. Plus, Damian nerds out about his road map into punk: "Ballhog Or Tugboat" on it's 25th anniversary with the cartographer himself! 
Did we mention this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

We are all on the same team
No Watt No Damian
Readin’ in Creem
Lang Bang’s Cousin Lester
Meeting Nicky Beat
“We didn’t where bell bottoms”
Talking to Joey Shithead and Billy Bragg
The Vaudeville side of punk
“Ig said to Ronnie” being the little brother in the Stooges
Going to see the Stooges at the Whiskey
“I thought New Wave was a film movement in France”
“What’s the Alternative to music? Silence!?!”
“There was no guy on the back of the Circle Jerks record to try to dress up as!”
People LOVED Tull and hated the Stooges
“Ig had a weird gig where Ronny Beat his ass with a whip”
“At first D.Boon wouldn’t make a punk band with me”
“We jammed ‘I Wanna Be You Dog’ for 3 and a half hour”
The Reactionaries 
Playing with The Suburban Lawns
“The Bass King Of Outer Space”
The Minutemen were radical in music and organization
Hey Taxi! Georgies other band


Mar 10 2020

1hr 47mins


Rank #20: Episode 59 - Neko Case (Maow, New Pornographers)

Podcast cover
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It is a Turned Out A Punk Holiday spectacular! This week we are joined by the amazing Neko Case! Having been a fan for a long time, Damian is beside himself excited to talk to the former Maow drum hitter turned music icon; about growing up a Seattle punk. Also, there is a holiday Robot Of All Robots at the end of the program!!!!
Also Discussed:
-Never been to Newfoundland.
-Rudy loves the Ramones.
-The non-cultural mecca of Vancouver Washington.
-Loving the Go-Go’s.
-Going to a punk fashion show with punk food.
-“You need an old church run by sketchy adults”.
-Seeing DOA and Fastbacks AND NoMeansNo and Accused all in one night!
-The AWESOMENESS of the Fastbacks.
-Nils Bernstein.
-Being ashamed of not recognizing the amazingness of women like Poison Ivy in Rock.
-Tacoma: The outlet mall of bad drugs.
-The logic of smoking.
-An open approach to parenting.
-It’s not just music for dudes.
-The Melvins.
-Girl Trouble.
-There were some fucking creeps.
-People turning their backs on Tacoma.
-The Seaweed and The Smugglers connection.
-Mecca Normal: The Bridge Band
-The U-Men
-The Shared DNA of Seattle bands
-Playing for a dirty Turkey: The Propanes and The Del-Logs
-The poster trove!!!!
-Moving to Vancouver Canada
-Growing up on the CBC in America
-Maow: having to fight for everything.
-Misogyny in rock
-Neko and Daman’s future hang out in Montreal plans
-Some Nirvana talk
-The Sad Era
-AND MORE!!!!!!

Dec 23 2015

1hr 19mins


Episode 279 - Omar Doom (Straight Razor, Inglourious Basterds, Deathproof, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)

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How could Damian have known that when, actor, DJ & Inglourious Basterd, Omar Doom came on show that they were going to wind up talking GG Allin & Breakdown? Listen in as the two discuss: opening for Biohazard & Killing Time, rolling with the Murder Junkies, being rechristened by Tarantino & lots of other goodness! This is why we do this thing!

Also Touched On:

Having a lot of half pipes in your backyard
Seeing the Ramones in a bar in PA 
Driving in cars listing to the Dead Kennedys
Repo Man
Seeing G’N’R open for Aerosmith
The other Ordeal
playing drums
No one in school length Misfits cover band
The Wear-A-Ramones-Shirt Gang
Following the Ramones around like the Dead
The Cro-Mags 

Violence at shows


Moving to NY

Down with the Murder Junkies' Gang

The Bosstone of GG shit

Joe Coleman at a party

& So Much More!!!


Aug 04 2020



Episode 278 - Kevin Gill (GCW, Striving For Togetherness Records, JCW)

Podcast cover
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The Juggalo/ Punk Connection is real! As we continue our journey into early 90's New York punk, today on the show Damian sits down with his friend, the connector of the hardcore, wrestling & Juggalo worlds: KEVIN GILL!!! Listen in as the two discuss: learning that NY hardcore was about respect & courtesy early on, doing wrestling commentary with Lars from Rancid, getting into Insane Clown Posse's insular world & holy moly, so much more!!!

Also Touched On:

A long time in the works
The punk wrestling connection
Jackson Heights
Trying to get Jimmy Gestapo to watch ECW
Beer in the air conditioner
Going to see Sick Of It All
hearing Gorilla Biscuits and a world opening up
Public Enemy and Murphy’s Law
No Redeeming Social Values talking in quotes
Sheer Terror with Paul Barer in a thong
Being scared of Agnostic Front at first
Famous riot videos
Striving for Togetherness Madball
Bond Street
The Insane Clown Posse Connection
A wrestling promotion with Lars Frederiksen 

& Tons Of Other Stuff!!!

Aug 02 2020

1hr 36mins


Episode 277 - Simon Doom & Dave It Up Reunite!

Podcast cover
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It's 90's New York Week on the show with, not one but, THREE episodes! Starting it all off with the reunion of Turned Out A Punk contributor & NJ punk legend Dave "It Up" Ackerman & returning guest, Simon "Doom" O'Connor! Join Damian as these two friends reunite & relive the heady days of early 90's New York street punk. This is one of the the funniest episodes ever! 


Jul 29 2020

2hr 12mins


Episode 276 - Sacha Jenkins (The 1865, Ego Trip, The Wu Tang Clan's "Of Mics To Men")

Podcast cover
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As we continue with the celebration of the band The 1865, Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes! Writer, director, producer, editor, musician & all around cultural force, Sacha Jenkins is on the show! Listen in as they talk everything from watching Bugout Society waste White Castle burgers, to dealing with Nazis while roadieing for Burn, to having to explain to Eminem that the joke wasn't on him & everything in between! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also Touched On:

The importance of Ego Trip to this podcast
The influence of the New Breed Comp booklet
Meeting Chaka
Going to school with one of NY Hoods
playing Leeway in tackle football
Meeting Johnny Waste in class
Quincy punk
Lismore Lounge with Absolution, Pressure Release and Bugout Society
the drug of the pit
The class distinction in NYHC
Meeting Lord Ezec in gym class
on the road with Burn
Dealing with Nazis
The shift in the NY scene
Cane River
Sons and daughters of artists
Identity and punk
starting a zine
Soho Zat Henry Chalfant’s apartment as a graffiti hub
Meeting Daryl Jennifer
White Mandingos
Ego Trip as Black Flag ’81 to ’83
casting the White Rapper Show

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

Jul 24 2020

1hr 34mins


Episode 275 - Honeychild Coleman (The 1865, Sistagrrl Riott Collective, Heavensbee, Badawi)

Podcast cover
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The 1865 are one of the best bands going & this week on the show we celebrate their awesomeness with, not one, but two guests from the band! First, the incomparable lead singer, HONEYCHILD COLEMAN joins Damian to talk punk. Listen in as the two discuss going from seeing anti-Sex Pistols ads in the Bible Belt, to helping start the Sistagrrl Riott Collective, to forming The 1865 & writing the amazing "Don't Tread On We!". 


Also Touched On: 

Reading the paper and discovering punk
loving Surf and Classic rock
Getting Blondie records from the bookmobile
growing up around showbands
Green On Red at the Peppermint Lounge
Seeing RuPaul’s punk band
Basquiat: the DJ
The difference between NY and every other scene
Pre-celebrity culture
Sonic Youth, Dadaism and inspiration
Moving to the Bay
Performing in the subway as a job
Sista Grrrl Riots
Roir Records and Tapes
Re-meeting Sacha in the Subway
forming The 1865
Chuck Treece

Jul 21 2020

1hr 26mins


Episode 274 - Bubba Dupree (Void, Hater, Earth 18)

Podcast cover
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VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: BUBBA DUPREE! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is nuts!

Also Touched On: 

The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine 
Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart
Being young in San Francisco 
Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace 
Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist
Looking for something trippier than Discharge
Joining Void
Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from?
Ian McKaye in the studio
the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams” 
liking Rites Of Spring
forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed 
Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach
the Void logo transcends the band
Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans



Jul 18 2020



Episode 273 - Chris Stover (VOID)

Podcast cover
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This week on the the show, we're going to live by our rules! IT’S VOID WEEK ON TURNED OUT A PUNK & we're celebrating one of DCHC's greatest bands with two awesome episodes! First join Damian as he sits down with Void bassist Chris Stover as they talk: Ian & Henry regulating the Clash pit, how VOID came to be, DCHC vs. a bunch of Rednecks, getting grounded from going to see Fear on SNL & tons of other goodness! 

Also Touched On:

DCHC starting the pit at the Clash show
Skateboarder Magazine and Action Now
The Bollocks
Seeing the Teen Idles and everything changing
getting tapes from Bert from the Untouchables
Going to see Devo
Law And Order
The Unheard Music Festival
Wino and the Obsessed
how Void came together
“KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Void’s second show 
Almost missing Fear on SNL because of a grounding
Getting caught eating catering by Eddie Murphy and Garrett Morris
Belushi hangin out with Ian McKaye: what the hell did they talk about?


Jul 16 2020

1hr 13mins


Episode 272 - Moby (Vatican Commandos, AWOL)

Podcast cover
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Here we are now going to the punk side! This week on the show Damian sits down with the legend & one time live collaborator, MOBY to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss: the legitimate fear at a FEAR show, Rick Rubin borrowing his amp, punk & stardom not mixing along loads more! Not to be missed & don’t miss Moby’s brand new, All Visible Objects record out on Mute Records now! 
Also Touched On:
Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video
Sid Vicious’ My Way
being conceived to Coltrane… maybe
liking Led Zeppelin out of a need to fit in only
Watching SNL at Brian Holstein’s house
buying records at Johnny’s
seeing Yes at MSG
Seeing Fear at the Mud Club
The birth of the Connecticut hardcore scene
Moby on a moped 
Rick Rubin needs to borrow and amp
The Rob Zombie Connection
Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law as the last show
The little Ian MacKaye on your shoulder


Jul 10 2020

1hr 4mins


Episode 271 - Jon Ginoli (Pansy Division, The Outnumbered)

Podcast cover
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Again, this is why we do this thing! On this episode Damian is joined by one of his heroes: JON GINOLI of the LEGENDARY Pansy Division! Listen in as they not only discuss Pansy Division, but also Jon's AMAZING other band, The Outnumbered, his first wave punk zine and the risky business of putting on a Replacements show. Like always, 

Also Touched On:

Wondering if the Ramones were supposed to be funny at first?
Seeing an ad for the Pistols in Trouser Press
Raw Power being too raw
Getting into the British bands first
Pere Ubu being a little weird
Hearing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith
Starting a zine
“Ugly bands are the next big thing!”
meeting the Ramones at a burger joint
Gizmos and Gulcher
Writing to Bomp
going to college for the radio station
Booking the Replacements
Not wanting to do another band unless it was a “gay band”
having nothing to lose
writing about stuff you had never heard in song before
working with Donna Dresch 
Tribe 8 
Parkdale and the Mission

Phone calls to Fat Bob from Hard Skin
touring with Green Day
signing to Lookout
The Angus Soundtrack


Jul 06 2020

1hr 34mins


Episode 270 - Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Retrovirus, 8 Eyed Spy)

Podcast cover
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This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!  
Did we mention it is not to be missed?

Find  her podcast The Lydian Spin here: find her on Facebook here:

Also Touched On:

No Wave, not punk
clubs with “pillowrooms”
the island of found souls
Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73
Sonic Reducer
Running away for the New York Dolls
Rock Magazines
the House of Guitars proto-punk
Loving drugs and not going to sleep
Goth when everybody was Glam
dreaming of Rollerderby
The rise of rap, punk and Trump
being over Iggy and Bowie
The Ramones being silly
going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show
Mink DeVille
Union Carbine
Suicide did not fit in
Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips
Mars was the first No Wave band
having to go to Europe
Playing with Generation X

Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement

Jun 28 2020

1hr 10mins


Episode 269 - Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils, Lando's 45, Rat Patrol)

Podcast cover
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The doctor is in! This episode The Bollweevil's Dr. Daryl Wilson stops by to chat with massive fan Damian. Listen in as the two discuss the greatness of 90's Chicago Punk,  the problem of being a lead singer looking for a new band, playing "normal" shows vs. punk shows & so much more! 
Not to be missed!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Achtung Chicago
Sitting in a carport hearing Lexicon Devil
Moving to Chicago
Watching punk versus playing in a punk band
Naked Raygun inspiring you to play music 
Being made angry by having to leave Michigan 
going to St. Andrew’a Hall for shows
the change in physical perspective that comes with age
Don Giovani
going to see Prince
Boys On Skates: Bootleg Faction
the massiveness of the Chicago DIY punk scene
88 Fingers Louie, Smokin’ Popes, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, Los Crudos, Vindictives, Screeching Weasel
Naked Raygun, Effigies,  Articles Of Faith
Scene Unity to Scene Break-up
growing and having some regrets
Slapstick, Tricky Dick
the sounds of the factions
Writing a letter to Naked Raygun and getting a first show opening for them
the problem being a singer starting a new band
Milo is the influence
Bad Religion
Darby Crash
Lando’s 45
The Foundation All-Stars
Rat Patrol 
“Get off the stage man, we’re here to see the Bollweevils!"

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!


Jun 22 2020

1hr 11mins


Episode 268 - Dean Spunt (No Age)

Podcast cover
Read more
The fun continues!!! This time Damian is joined by his friend & the other half of No Age, Dean Spunt! Listen in as they talk straight edge, building a scene versus joining a scene, the gods CHOPPING BLOCK & so much more!! Not to be missed!!! Also check out "Goons Be Gone on Drag City now, IT RIPS!

Also Touched On:
Following in Dean’s footsteps
Getting, borrowing or stealing a Ramones tape
DJ Quick
Dead Kennedys 
A sketchy looking tape

“The Adolf Cents?”
Luther Van Dross and Markie Mark at 6 Flags
The Natural Fudge Cafe
Guns and Spent Idols
The Smell as an extension of the JabberJaw
No Hardcore at the Smell after a while
joining a scene vs building a scene
booking Amps For Christ and Bastard Noise… together. 
The Dystopia Riot
Shows at Dean and Randy’s house!
The No Age Chopping Block 7”
Teen Creeps
Riverdales over Screeching Weasel

& MORE!!!!!

Jun 19 2020

1hr 18mins


Episode 267 - Randy Randall (No Age)

Podcast cover
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In celebration of their fantastic new album "Goons Be Gone", it's a two part Turned Out A Punk/ No Age special! First, Damian sits down with his friend Randy Randall to find out how skateboarding & resisting mainstream punk led him to No Age. Come back tomorrow for Dean Spunt's side of the tale & in the meantime, check out No Age's Goons Be Gone on Drag City now! 

Also Touched On:

Lamar pedestrian bridge
the wildest show ever
A difficult history with punk
fuck the skull band shirt
liking the noisy stuff
Punk as Southern California Jock Rock

Did the Count even have songs?

Finding the Smell

the older scarier scene

Mika Miko

Jim Smith's dedication

having to surrender punk to the next generation

& Much Much More!!!


Jun 16 2020

1hr 32mins


Episode 266 - Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Green River, Mr. Epp & The Calculations)

Podcast cover
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This episode is so hot it shines! Again, one of the greatest front people of all time, MARK ARM stops by the show to talk punk! Listen in as Mark & Damian talk going from thinking Devo is a joke to Green River playing with Samhain to his lack of recollection of the Jerry A./Mick Harvey Beef & everything in between.

Also Touched On:

Pictures on my walls
See the freaky people on TV on a Saturday night
The Damned: “Like a faster, better KISS”
non-radio rock
Getting sucked into Rush
the Sweet record is a rager!
A joke Devo record gift stops being  funny and starts being amazing
The Forming of Mr. Epp And The Calculations
A west coast Deep Wound
Bob 1 smacking you on the head for touching his guitar
Gang or 4 
Fartz, Husker Du and the Dead Kennedys
Blaine goes to Motorhead and makes it back in time for thew set
That Fastbacks, The Living and the Silly Killers jamming to Van Halen and punk
First hearing about Iggy Pop and being grossed out
The Telepaths  
The Tupperwares


Jun 09 2020

1hr 7mins


Episode 265 - Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Junkyard, Fake Names etc.)

Podcast cover
Read more
“I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up!” This week, we bring you one of the most requested guests in TOAP history. BRIAN BAKER is on the show! Listen in as Damian has his mind blown with stories from the genesis of DC hardcore from a guy who lived it! After all these years, THIS ONE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. 

Here’s to a little escape

Also Touched On:

Mutual respect
Going to elementary school with Guy Picciotto & Micheal Hampton
Moving to Detroit
Moving home & everyone is punk!
Everyone was into the Damned, Clash & the Viletones
The importance of Skip - Yesterday & Today 
Discharge & Crass
Empire, Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus & the Church inform a sonic change
Either Teen Idles & The Cramps or The Extorts on top of a record store
Pussy Galore elementary school connection
“I could have been seeing Doc Watson play a deli two times a month but I was too busy putting bandanas on my boots, hangin’ outside of 7-11 drinking cokes”
Going to see Stiff Little Fingers with fake IDs & pencil shavings rubbed on your face
The early Minor Threat shows
not really understanding the name
The Violence
No more fights
The difference between DCHC & NYHC
Getting a Canadian SIN Card
Choosing SNL over playing at the GI
DOA at Woodlawn High School
Forming a Meatmen
Forming Doggy Rock: “just a shit show”
Dag Nasty: The California years
“The Great Minor Threat Escape”
Forming Samhain
“We don’t need this MacKaye character, let’s get Glen!”
Missing out on Bad Religion until “Recipe For Hate”


Jun 01 2020

1hr 32mins


Episode 264 - Nick Woj Part #2

Podcast cover
Read more
GET READY for a hardcore scientist masterclass! On this episode, Damian is joined by returning buddy, Cold World’s Nick Woj! Listen in as the two discuss, theorize, debate & philosophize on a variety of punk related topics including: the differences between east & west coast power violence, why the punk connection was more present in UK rave, why Jason Mewes got sober, how Toronto has altered rap & hardcore, the revisionist history behind modern Deadheads & other pressing topics. 
Also Touched On:  
Beastie Boys, Spazz and Cold World
the massive coastal difference in Power Violence fans
Independent Wrestling and DIY Hardcore
Burial Ground
DJng in the back of Home Base
The Wrestling/ Posi-Numbers connection
Acid House and Post-Punk connection
the motivation for forming Herman’s Hermits and Fugazi are probably pretty similar
the 90’s
Scott Biben 
Chef G
UK Drill
Is the Lincoln/ Hoover split on iTunes?
Portraits of the Past  
Rap/ Hardcore: Toronto changes everything
The Blood For Blood effect on Boston
Right Brigade Demo
Magnus: Where are they now?
Why Jason Mewes got clean?
The tragic Bane/ Only Crime show
Deadheads: the real story
& Much, Much More!!!


May 29 2020

1hr 31mins


Episode 263 - Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (The Killers, Attaboy Skip, Fault)

Podcast cover
Read more
"Somebody told me that you had a punk past". This week on the show Damian is joined by The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci for a deep dive into the early 90's Las Vegas punk scene. Join the two as they discuss going from NoFX shows in the desert to being in one of the biggest bands in the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also check out The Killers' "Imploding The Mirage" coming later in 2020.

Also Touched On:

Moving to Northern California from Vegas
Parent’s friend Emily gives you a DK and a COC tape
Seeing the Minutemen in skate videos
Getting “Head on the Door” by the Cure
Dad’s bitching van
Going to see the Cadillac Tramps at the Huntrage Theatre 
The Summer of Shows
Vermin From Venus connection
The Double Down Saloon… or Double Door?
Sneaking into shows
Meeting older kids at the heath food store
John Castro and A Lesser Dog
Seeing NoFX playing in the desert
How did a desert show work?
Fugazi: Vegas Style
House of Blues changes the game
Purple Dirt with Vegas’ Dave Navarro
Meeting Elephant Stone and forming Attaboy Skip
Tennis Court shows
When no one comes to the show, might as well play ska/punk?
How the Killer came to be 

May 25 2020

1hr 20mins


Episode 262 - Katie Harkin (Harkin, Sky Larkin, Sleater Kinney, Wild Beasts Courtney Barnett)

Podcast cover
Read more
Get ready! This week on the show, Damian is joined by the god Katie Harkin! Listen in as the two discuss: the post industrial collectivism of Yorkshire punk, free hats from MF Doom, the damage done to a generation of rock dudes by the success of the Arctic Monkeys & so much more! 

Don't miss it & don't miss Katie's new solo album Harkin!!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing up in Leeds
A trip to Cyprus
the influence of the Smashing Pumpkins
Leeds over Reading!
Feeling bad for MF Doom after his set and trying to offer him a kind word 
Post Industrial Collectivism 
the Arctic Monkeys change everything
forming a band to get a 7” in Jumbo Records
Getting thrown out of a band for suggesting not doing covers
The Gossip blowing up in England
The London music biz
Wichita rules!
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May 21 2020

1hr 16mins


Episode 261 - Jami Morgan (Code Orange)

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ARE YOU READY, cause we've got a KILLER one for you tonight! JAMI MORGAN of Code Orange is on the show! Listen in as Damian & Jami finally get a chance to catch up & talk everything from family ties to Dillinger Four to calling in the Heyman Hustle at the WWE. THIS EPISODE HAS EVERYTHING!


Also Touched On:

Punk adjacent parents
Dad went to school with Billingsgate 
the secret family rap history
booking the first Code Orange show at 14
Grade 7 pop punk WAS HUGE!
Selling tickets for your own shows
Never being shown the ropes of genre
The Ska demo that isn’t ska
playing with Menzingers ad a house party at 14
Becoming a bitter ass band… at 15
The Pittsburgh goes apart
The first tour
Finding your scene
Booking a Circle Takes the Square tour and then asking them to hang
The four way split and where it went
Touring with Bane
“You guys fuck with ska?”
Scott Vogal: people’s champ
The Wicca Phase Wrestling Connection
Jamming for just Triple H
Paul Heyman, bootleg samples and the making the theme for Bray Wyatt
& Much, Much More!!!


May 11 2020

1hr 3mins


Footnotes Supershow #6: Pittsburgh Week With Dave Martin

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In further celebration of Pittsburgh Week, Chris and Damian invite Pittsburgh rocker Dave Martin to nerd out about Pittsburgh and get lost in the weeds along the way.

May 08 2020

1hr 32mins


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By Irritated2theMAX - May 29 2019
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Cool but bunk Footnotes is Patreon only now.


By garbagehead69 - Jan 27 2019
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Love this show. Subtracted one crucial star because Damian keeps calling it “The Gilman.”