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Conversations to help you think about, create and do change differently by @sarahboydh #CreatingChange

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Creating Change - Episode 7: Dr Jen Frahm - The beautiful messiness of change, the international community and a polite request for sharing

In our first episode with an international guest, Dr Jen Frahm (from Melbourne, Australia), gives her amazing insights to change.  Jen is a highly experienced change practitioner (and Ph.D. Dr no less) and we learned so much from this conversation.  Jen talks about loving the messiness of change, why being a 'slashie' is so hard, her advice for new change practitioners and leaders and why she thinks, as change practitioners, we need to get better at sharing. If you do start sharing please @ her at @JenFrahm and use our hashtag #CreatingChange You can find more about Jen here; For those working in change: https://conversationsofchange.com.au/ For those leading change https://drjenfrahm.com/ LinkedIn LinkedIn company page Facebook page Twitter Amazon for book


5 Oct 2018

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