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085: Next Generation Procurement (Part 1): Will Procurement Exist in 10 Years?

What will the future of procurement look like, and how as procurement professionals can we prepare for disruption that is heading our way?   In the first of a two part series, I explore the likelihood that procurement as a function will even exist in 10 years time - in response to a number of projections that I have recently heard about the future of our profession.   I then share my perspective on how I believe procurement will evolve, based on both my personal experiences and learnings to date from interviewing thought leaders on the Art of Procurement. For more information, visit http://artofprocurement.com/nextgen1 


2 Sep 2016

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153: How Ace Hardware Uses a RASCI Model to Drive Stakeholder Collaboration w/ Fraz Baig

Today I am joined by Fraz Baig, a long time listener and friend of the show who is a Senior Manager at Ace Hardware, managing all of Ace’s corporate spend including IT, Marketing and Supply Chain. As Fraz and I have got to know each other, I learned about the successes that he and his team have had at Ace in build strong partnerships with their stakeholders.  One of the fundamental pillars to that success is a Collaboration Model that explicitly lays out the roles and responsibilities of both the procurement team and their stakeholders as they engage in category management and sourcing projects. And so I invited Fraz onto the show to explain a little bit more about the model, and his learnings from its implementation and evolution.


25 Sep 2017

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132: Building a Procurement Function from the Ground Up, w/ Dave Quillin

Joining me on the show today is Dave Quillin, the manager of procurement for Alliant Credit Union, the seventh largest credit union in the United States. Dave has specialized in technology procurement with organizations such as Orbitz and Groupon before taking on a new opportunity at Alliant to build a procurement and vendor management office from the ground up. In today’s Art of Procurement, Dave shares his journey at Alliant.  What I really like is that Dave built his organization by first listening to the needs of the business, and by focusing more broadly on value rather than cost savings alone. Dave shares the importance of balancing process with agility, particularly in regulated industries such as financial services, along with lessons learned along the way. For his work at Alliant, Dave was recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive as a member of their 2017 Pros to Know.


24 Apr 2017

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182: The Tried and Tested Pillars of Procurement Transformation w/ Brian Bancroft

My guest on the show today is Brian Bancroft. This is Brian’s second appearance on the show. We originally sat down back in episode 126, and I enjoyed the conversation so much that I have been eager to find an opportunity for us to record another pod. Brian has a wealth of experience across, and outside of the procurement function, and has enjoyed roles including as Senior Director for Indirect Procurement and Shared Services, and then CPO of Asia Pacific and Africa regions for Kellogg’s, and most recently the VP of North America Indirect Procurement, and then of Direct Procurement for The Coca-Cola Company. Since we last talked, Brian has made the move to Church and Dwight, where he is Chief Procurement Officer, embarking on another procurement transformation journey.  And it is procurement transformations that are the subject of our conversation, where I ask Brian to share his learnings from executing a number of transformations around the world.

1hr 3mins

30 Apr 2018

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008 - The Strategies & Tactics You Need to Secure Your Dream Procurement Job in 2016, with Andrew Daley

Andrew Daley, co-founder of procurement recruitment consultancy Edbury Daley, explains the key strategies and tactics that you should follow to secure you dream procurement job in 2016.


15 Dec 2015

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031: 4 Procurement Activities You Should Outsource Today

In todays Episode of The Art of Procurement Friday Show, I discuss 4 Procurement Activities You Should Outsource Today. The first three activities can be applied to both Indirect and Direct procurement. The fourth is specifically related to Direct Materials Procurement in a manufacturing environment. For full show notes can be found at artofprocurement.com/31


11 Mar 2016

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125: How the American Cancer Society Elevated the Role of Procurement, w/ Brian Kyle

How does the role of procurement differ in a mission driven organization? Today on the Art of Procurement, I explore how procurement can help save lives with Brian Kyle, Managing Director of Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management at the American Cancer Society. Kyle shares his experiences of moving from a profit-driven to mission-driven organization, and the journey that American Cancer Society has taken to elevate the role of procurement from a sourcing to category management led organization - at zero incremental cost.


7 Mar 2017

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139: A Procurement Leaders Guide to Spend Analysis (Part 1) w/ David Bush

Today on the pod I am joined by David Bush, formerly of IASTA and Determine, and now Chief Revenue Officer for spend analytics specialist SpendHQ. It has been a year since I first met David, and so his appearance on the Art of Procurement is long overdue! I invited David onto the show discuss the topic of spend analytics.  Spend analytics have always been a bit of a pain for me - I have spent a lot of time playing with pivot tables and searching Google to try and categorize suppliers which leads to lots of errors and a lot of time invested! But I know that it doesn’t have to be like that.   I invited David on to the show to hear his advice on the steps that procurement leaders can take to gain greater visibility into supplier spend, which is the foundation of robust procurement strategies.


12 Jun 2017

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048: Influence Your Stakeholders - The Marketing Way, with Anna Spady

I strongly feel that we can learn as much from people who are outside procurement as inside procurement, and that is definitely the case in today’s show. My guest today is Anna Spady, the Marketing Manager and Inbound Strategist for RFP365. In today’s episode, I explore how procurement can learn from Marketing best practices in terms of how you can build strong relationships, and advocates, from people who may initially resist talking to you. It is the classic problem that we have in connecting with our internal stakeholders, and Anna shares a number of ways to overcome this challenge using methods that a lot of us may not have considered before. For more information, visit: http://artofprocurement.com/marketingtips bg9ftuar


26 Apr 2016

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173: Lessons Learned in Contract Negotiations from a Trial Lawyer, Mediator and Contract Coach w/ Jeanette Nyden

I’m joined today by Jeanette Nyden.  Jeanette is a well renowned contracts and negotiations specialist, who approaches her work with a focus on building win-win, sustainable, agreements. In fact, Jeanette was a co-author with Kate Vitasek and David Frydlinger of Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships. Today’s podcast is the first of a two-part series that I am recording with Jeanette that will deep dive into negotiating balanced deals. Jeanette has a fascinating background – including as a trial lawyer and professional mediator – that she applies to her work.  Today, we focused on the role of procurement as the facilitator, and how Jeanette’s applies her learnings as a lawyer and mediator to pre-negotiation preparation and developing the persuasive arguments that are necessary to secure complex, yet balanced, deals.


26 Feb 2018

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090: How to Select & Implement a Contract Management System to Get a Handle on Your Supplier Agreements w/ Samir Bodas


20 Sep 2016

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200: Preparing for the Operating Models of the New Procurement w/ Oliver Gall

Today’s guest is Oliver Gall, the Head of Global Sourcing at S&P Global. Oliver has responsibility for the strategic vision, operational planning and the execution of Procurement strategy and he leads a team of direct reports and outsourced functions located in multiple locations across the world. In our conversation, we focused on the future of the procurement operating model - we consider what this is likely to look like, how we all can adapt to thrive in this new environment, and what are some of the unknowns that we need to keep a look out for. We also talked about our own development, and that of our teams, as Oliver provides some great advice on how to manage the panic that often sets in when faced with change, or new challenges! I left the conversation inspired both by the opportunities available to us, and the power of our own individual choices in taking advantage of those opportunities.


3 Sep 2018

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311: Leading Procurement in an Economic Downturn w/ Joe Payne

The team at Art of Procurement has worked with Joe Payne for years. We collaborated when he was at Source One Management Services, and now that they have been acquired by Corcentric, our joint efforts continue under that banner - which has also extended to include the Determine team. Joe is now the Senior Vice President of Source to Pay at Corcentric, where he continues to apply his years of procurement consulting and services experience. Given the fact that we spoke to Joe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we obviously talked about risk and uncertainty, but we also asked his advice about managing procurement in times of recession. What have we learned in the past that we can apply to the economic conditions we will face as the economic shutdown comes to a close?


6 Apr 2020

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287: Best Practices for Managing Procurement Performance w/ Pierre Lapree and Jason Treida

This week’s podcast is based on our recent AOP Live session with Pierre Lapree and Jason Treida. They joined us last month to take live audience questions about how procurement can maximize the value potential of automation while ensuring that performance management is not lost in the ‘noise’ of technology. Most of today’s technology focuses on either the transactional aspects of procurement (P2P) or shiny new toys (RPA/AI/Blockchain). It does not necessarily provide a holistic view our activity and performance. And yet, it is those activities and that performance that determine procurement’s impact and influence now and in the future.    In this live session, we discussed: Procurement’s Fascination with ‘Shiny’ Technology The stages of procurement maturity, and how performance should be measured and incentivized as we progress The power and importance of corporate ‘rituals’ How a careful consideration of procurement performance management requires us to approach technology selection and implementation differently


16 Dec 2019

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211: #TakeAction: Develop a Negotiation Micro-Plan

211: #TakeAction: Develop a Negotiation Micro-Plan I do not have an interview for you today. In fact, for the month of October, we are going to do something completely different. I ask practitioners about their challenges where ever I go, and the single piece of feedback I get is that for all the great ideas they read and hear about, it is hard to put them into practice First, I know many of you listen to the pod while commuting or working out - and it is hard to stop in the middle of a podcast and takes notes on what actions you want to take. And second, there is always a challenge for people between wanting to invest in their own personal development, and the time pressures of a hectic job. We have crowned October as #TakeActionOctober - because no phrase is complete these days without a hashtag! October will be all about taking the actions you need to elevate the influence and impact of you AND your team. Every day this month, you will hear a micro-sized pod - no more than 5 minutes per day - that I selected to inspire you to act. We’ve curated Content from the back catalog of over 200 Art of Procurement episodes, and more than 1,000 articles featured in our weekly newsletter This Week in Procurement. I’ll also throw in some of my own experiences for good measure. The commitment I ask of you is to take one action to put into practice - or to coach or mentor a team member or peer - your key takeaway from each episode.


10 Oct 2018

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242: Moving Up or In to Procurement w/ Louis Bastone

We often discuss the impact that procurement talent has on current results and the role it will play in determining how our function evolves in the future. The procurement community is vibrant, diverse and defined, but we need to remember that some of our best future team members are currently either in college or working in other functions. How we represent ourselves to them will determine how soon and how willingly they join our ranks. I’m joined today by Louis Bastone, Indirect Category Manager for ASMC, a manufacturer of chip-making machines in the semiconductor industry. 9 out of 10 times when you ask someone how they ended up in procurement, their answer involves some an unexpected career twist. Not Louis. He took procurement courses in college while pursuing a degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management. In this interview, Louis shares the role that creativity, enthusiasm and influence have on performance and job satisfaction as well as our elevation from tactical to strategic work. He also provides interesting insight into the entrepreneurial appeal of working in procurement and how newcomers can balance an affinity for their adopted function while not losing the critical edge of a broad, cross-functional point of view. As Louis explains, we’re all on a journey. How far we get is mostly a matter of perspective. His advice is to focus on the professional experiences you want to have rather than the title you’re hoping to get.


4 Mar 2019

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248: Removing Barriers to Supplier Enabled Innovation w/ Lawrence Kane

When you get right down to it, innovation is just solving a business need in an entirely new way. In order to do that, however, you and your team have to really understand the business and its customers. The most strategic suppliers – usually a select few – play an important role in the process of innovation, which creates an opportunity for procurement to guide their technical value potential to the point where it delivers operational results. While I was at ProcureCon Indirect East, I interviewed Lawrence Kane, SIG Sourcing Supernova Hall of Famer and Senior Leader of Strategic Sourcing Functional Excellence and First Time Quality for a Fortune 50 company. In addition to NOT being the Zodiac Killer, he has spent over three decades innovating in various ways and keeping his perspective and deliverables in alignment with enterprise needs. You may also remember Lawrence from his last Art of Procurement podcast (Episode 164, published in December 2017), where we discussed the active power of empathy – both in supplier negotiations and in internal relationship management. In this conversation, Lawrence discusses: • The critical role of governance and contracts (believe it or not) in innovation. • The importance of making sure everyone in an organization – including the newest, lowest paid members – are motivated to contribute to brand value, especially when they have external contact. • The tenuous balance between savings and innovation, and how procurement needs to invest in one without sacrificing the other.


15 Apr 2019

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310: A CIO’s Perspective on IT & Procurement during a Pandemic w/ Tim Crawford

Tim Crawford is a former CIO who now advises CEOs and business executives on strategic IT transformation initiatives. He is also the host of the “CIO in the Know” podcast. We had originally invited Tim to join Art of Procurement for a conversation about how procurement professionals can most effectively support our IT colleagues in the long term, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate headlines and agendas worldwide, we decided to pivot and take this opportunity to discuss some of the IT challenges that are top of mind under the current circumstances. We asked Tim about the challenges most CIOs are facing on a day-to-day basis, and how procurement can help.


1 Apr 2020

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193: "There’s No Point in Doing a Favor for an Amnesiac" w/ Rory Sutherland

This episode marks our first serious foray into understanding why people do the things they do. Our guest, Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy and founder of Ogilvy Change looks at consumer behavior, media and communications through the twin lenses of Behavioral Economics and Evolutionary Psychology. We sought Rory out because we believe the implications of his work go well beyond how to better sell consumer products and services. His is a powerful perspective for us to incorporate into our collective work elevating the procurement function in terms of the value we create, how we create that value and how we are perceived by our stakeholders. Rory is one of the most interesting, irreverent and generous guests I have had the pleasure of interviewing. While this episode clocks in at about one hour and thirty minutes, I was so engaged with Rory’s ideas and how he expressed them that the time just flew by. I trust you have the same experience.

1hr 31mins

16 Jul 2018

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300: Introducing Procurement, Inc. - This Month in Procurement

In this episode, AOP Host Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner (General Manager of AOP and Owner of Buyers Meeting Point) discuss their major take-aways from January’s podcast interviews and announce the official launch of Procurement, Inc., the new Art of Procurement framework for repositioning procurement as a strategic services business.


3 Feb 2020

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