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Inviting to the Straight Path Radio is your place to discuss world issues from an Islamic view perspective. This is the place where new Muslims can share their revert stories, where Muslims can express their feelings about political and social issues. It is a place that will give all people a voice and a chance to question Muslims on our beliefs and the way we are being portrayed. Please join us.

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Explaining the Sin of Dispair and It's Effect

Tonight we will discuss the sin of dispair. Those who do not believe in the Power, the Mercy and Bounty of Allah (S.w.T.), develop a kind of despair. The Holy Qur’an has termed such people as Unbelievers (Kafir).“...and despair not of Allah’s Mercy; surely none despairs of Allah’s Mercy except the unbelieving people.” (Surah Yusuf 12:87)


3 Mar 2016

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Sin, Repentance and Forgiveness in Islam

Sh. Hanif will discuss the concepts of sin, forgiveness and repentance in Islam. This lecture is the first in a series that will examine the major sins, their impacts on the soul and how to avoid them. Please join us and share the lectures and feel free to leave comments and questions for Sh. Hanif


24 Feb 2016

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Should We Prepare For Sectarian Violence in America?

Last week the Washington Times ran the article, "ISIS Attempts to Establish Foothole In U.S."  The article was written by this weeks guest, Rahat Husain.  This week we will discuss this article and the growing presents of ISIS in America, their recruitment and their actions up to date. We will also discuss ISIS's activities overseas. This is an important topic that everyone needs to listen to and be informed about.

1hr 29mins

9 Sep 2014

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We Too Will Never Forget! Discussing Racism in America With Hashim Ali Alauddeen

Last Saturday a young, unarmed  African-American man was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. There is really no need to give the details here because this is a common story, one that seems to continue to happen without any justice being given to the victims or their families. There are those of us who have been personally affected by these acts of violence and we want to know when the relief and justice will come. This week we will discuss the murders of Michael Brown, Malcolm Shabazz and others with Sheikh Hashim Alauddeen. This is not a conversation that you want to miss. Please join us Sunday at 6 pm Eastern (3 pm Pacific) as we discuss this all important subject.

1hr 58mins

17 Aug 2014

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Conversation With Dr. Sheikh Odeh Muhawesh

Dr. Odeh Muhawesh is a well-known theologian and successful business leader. He is the author of the book, Fatima the Gracious and is very active in intra-faith dialogue. Dr. Muhawesh frequently goes to his native Jordan and discusses the role, position, and our responsibilities towards Ahlulbayt. In this endeavor he has helped many understand and to accept the leadership of Ahlulbayt.  As a specialist in theology and modern Middle East history, Dr. Muhawesh teaches these subjects at the University of St. Thomas, where he is an associate of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center. He is the author of several books and studies that are published in several languages around the world. Dr. Muhawesh is an accomplished speaker, and is frequently interviewed by global media to speak about the above subjects. Please join us as we discuss intra-faith dialogue and the current situations in the Middle East.

1hr 26mins

10 Aug 2014

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