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My name's Matt, I'm a country boy for regional Victoria who is on track to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) by my mid-thirties. I interview interesting people on topics relating to financial independence. You can learn more about the FIRE movement in Australia here https://www.aussiefirebug.com/start-here/

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Episode 16. Strong Money Australia

Our guest today is Dave AKA Strong Money Australia. Dave reached financial independence at the ripe old age of just 28. Dave is originally from country Victoria but moved to Western Australia at 18 to take advantage of the mining boom. Roughly 2 years into a job, Dave got a new boss and suddenly going to work each day was a struggle. He discovered investing and financial Independence shortly after and after 8 more years of work, 8 investment properties and a lot a stocks later, discovered that he had reached financial independence.We chat about Dave's early years at work, questioning the 9-5 day grind for the next 50 years, investing and much more.In this episode, we talk about:- Daves struggles with work early on- Questioning everything- Transitioning from property investing to shares- Dividend growth investing- Listed investment companies (LIC's)- and much more

1hr 15mins

20 May 2018

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Episode 33. Can't stop, won't stop, GameStop! Reddit VS Wall Street

Today's episode covers the incredible story of how retail investors are taking on billionaire hedge funds. This David vs Goliath story heated up last week and the big wigs on Wallstreet resorted to insanely dirty tactics to try and break the internet army. Some of the topics we cover are:- What is GameStop (00:03:40)- What does it mean to short a stock? (00:08:45)- Dirty/Ilegal tactics that these hedge funds are trying to implement to stop further losses from occurring (00:17:25)- Why this story is resonating with so many millennials (00:27:40)- Aussies were trying to buy $GME stock on the ASX which is actually a mining company 🤦‍♂️ (00:46:13)#✋💎🤚#🚀🚀🚀#🦍💪🦍#Wejustlikethestock


31 Jan 2021

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Episode 28. Coronavirus market crash with Peter Thornhill

www.aussiefirebug.com/coronavirus-market-crash-with-peter-thornhillI chat with Peter Thornhill about the current market crash and if this is any different to previous bear markets. Some of the topics we cover:- Peter's experiences with previous bear markets- Similarities to the GFC- What Peter's buying in this downturn- DCA or lump sum?- Is this just fear and confusion or maybe a financial reset?A full transcription of this episode on the blog

1hr 14mins

19 Mar 2020

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Episode 14. Vanguard

Our guest today is Tim Sparks, Senior Key Account Manager, at Vanguard. Tim has more than 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry and joined Vanguard in 2013.In this episode, we unpack one of the most famous investing companies in the world. Vanguard.We go into who Vanguards is and what they can offer investors. Explain Some of the key investing philosophies AND We chat about the 4 new diversified ETFs that Vanguard released in Nov 2017 and why they are such a big deal for anyone wanting to reach financial independence.In this episode, we talk about:- What Vanguard is- Vanguard investing philosophies- What happens if Vanguard goes bust?- How to invest with Vanguard- Vanguard diversified index ETFs


9 Apr 2018

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Episode 11. Self Wealth

Our guest today is Andrew Ward, the founder and managing director of online investing tool Self Wealth. Andrew is a former Executive Manager at Commonwealth Bank who has held many other high positions throughout his 20 years in the finance sector. Andrew seen an opportunity in the market for an online community for investors, but after failing to get through the red tape that comes with working in a large organisation, decided to start up his own company.


11 Dec 2017

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Episode 25. Ted Richards

https://www.aussiefirebug.com/ted-richards Today I’m speaking to the former Fullback of the Sydney Swans, AFL premiership player Ted Richards. Although Ted has had an illustrious career in football, he is also passionate about investing and is currently the director of business development at Six Parks, an Australian Robo advisor investment platform. Today’s pod combines two of my favourite things which are investing and footy!Some of the topics we cover today include:- Investing as an AFL player- What Ted learned in footy that can be transferred to investing - The power of rules-based investing- Why understanding behavioural economics is so important- Six Park Robo investing platform  - The Richard Report- Quickfire AFL related questions


14 Nov 2019

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Matched Betting Feedback

https://www.aussiefirebug.com/matched-betting-feedbackToday's episode is about the feedback I've received from the matched betting podcast earlier this year. It's been over 6 months since I published the matched betting podcast and I've reached out to many of you who tried it through emails and surveys to get an idea of its success rate. Some are positive and others negative. I'm also addressing some criticisms that arose from that pod and to clear up a few things.


26 Nov 2019

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Episode 7. Mrs Firebug

A big part of the journey towards financial independence is finding a partner along the way who has the same goals and aspirations as you do towards your finances. It's more common to find a partner who has no idea that financial independence even exists! I invited Mrs Firebug on the podcast today to chat about what it's like on the other side of the relationship and dealing with someone who is obsessed with reaching financial independence.


30 Apr 2017

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Aussie Firebug Post - Property Vs Shares

Is there a more hotly debated topic among avid investors than property vs shares? Owning 3 investment properties and nearly $90K worth of ETFs over the last 5 years. I feel like I have experienced some of the best and worst of each asset class.This article details the pros and cons of the two, and ultimately which one is suited better for specific investing styles.


5 Jul 2017

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Episode 6. 2015 Property Investor Of The Year: Steven Ryan

Steve Ryan, a 31 year old property investor who at age 29 became the 2015 'Your Investment Property Magazine' Investor of the year. Steven has been featured on such programs as ABC's 7:30, Property Investor Magazine, Real Estate Talk and many more. His net worth is well into 7 figures and has reached financial independence but does not plan to stop working anytime soon.


21 Mar 2017

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Episode 26. Making Money On Youtube - Brandon

https://www.aussiefirebug.com/making-money-on-youtube-brandon/ Have you ever heard stories about some people being able to make a living by uploading videos to YouTube?You know what I’m talking about, those urban legends of a cat video going viral and the owner receiving thousands of dollar each month in passive income.Today I’m speaking to Brandon, a 24-year-old Physio from Canberra who also runs the Aussie Wealth Creation YouTube Channel that currently has over 45,000 subscribers and generates over $3,500 thousand dollars a month through YouTube Ad revenue. Some of the topics we cover today include:- Why Brandon started his YouTube channel- How to monetise a Youtube channel- What’s important when creating content- How much money you can expect to make per views- Other passive income techniques Brandon has tried- The Young Investors Podcast

1hr 2mins

26 Dec 2019

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Episode 5. Chris

Chris is a 29 year old millennial from north east Victoria who owns a net worth of over $300K! Mainly invested in Vanguard managed funds, Chris also has a side business programming clocks and renting out his spare room through Air BnB. Tune in to hear about how he amassed this fortune at such a young age and how he plans to hit FIRE by 41.


28 Feb 2017

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Aussie Firebug Post - P2P Lending

Peer to peer (P2P) lending matches people who have money to invest with people who are looking for a loan. A relatively new service that follows a similar business model of other P2P services such as Airbnb and Uber. I invited Chris onto the podcast today to share his two years of experience with Australian based P2P lending services.Some of the topics we cover in today's show:* How P2P lending works* What returns has Chris been getting over the last two years* The differences in platforms available* Chris's overall experience with P2P lending and his advice to anyone who is considering investingArticle Link: http://www.aussiefirebug.com/p2p-lending/


30 Jan 2017

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Episode 12. Nick

Our guest today is 34 year old parent of 3 Nick from toowoomba queensland who describes himself as the most bland and generic person who has ever been on the podcast. Nick reached out to me just over 12 months ago detailing some of the things he was struggling with while trying to reaching financial independence. The email was very genuine and sincere and a good amount of people would struggle with the exact things Nick mentions. I spent a good hour or so responding to all his points and what I thought was a pretty decent motivational reply email. I didn't hear back from Nick until another 12 months. But I was very glad to read about all the progress he had made since sending the original email. I often interview people who are either running a business or are doing insanely well for their age. Nick come up with the idea of having himself on the show to give you guys out there some perspective from a self proclaimed average Joe.

1hr 4mins

31 Jan 2018

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Episode 27. Superannuation and FIRE

https://www.aussiefirebug.com/super-and-fire/We’re kicking off 2020 with probably my most requested podcast topic of all time… and that’s Super and its role in the FIRE journey for Australians.This is an absolute monster of a podcast (nearly 1.5 hours long 🤯) where I’m speaking to Super Guru James Coyle. We cover so many things in this pod and the topics range from “I know nothing about how Super works” all the way into the nitty-gritty technical details that hopefully will shed some light for us FIRE folk and maybe will help some people out there that are weighing up the pros and cons of Super when it comes to FIRE.Shoutout to everyone who contributed to the questions on the Aussie FIRE discussion Facebook group. I did my best to tried to ask James the most ‘liked’ questions from the community but couldn’t get them all in.Also massive shoutout to Josh for the transcript below and Victoria who helped with some of the technical questions we had 🙏Some of the topics we cover today include:- The basics of how Super and the pension work in Australia- Tax benefits of Super- The tax-free environment within Super and how it works in practice.- The major differences between funds and what to look for- Children inheriting Super- How it works from the accumulation phase to your pension fund- Smart things to do if you're 50-60 and nearing your preservation age- SMSF, are they worth it for FIRE chasers?- Women-specific considerations to maximize the outcome of Super (great tip below)- How do minimum withdrawal rates work in retirement- First Home Super Saver SchemeAnd that's not even all of it I swear 😅

1hr 25mins

6 Feb 2020

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Election Results & Strategy… 2.5?

https://www.aussiefirebug.com/election-results-and-strategy-2-5/Like Steven Bradbury before him, ScoMo and the Coalition skated past the ALP for a come from behind victory and with it, the franking credit refunds will remain for the foreseeable future.Now that the election has passed, it seems like things should proceed as per normal right? Well... about that. Today's episode dives into our modified strategy for 🔥 and how this years election taught us a valuable lesson in legislation risks when investing.


24 Sep 2019

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