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PregTASTIC is the weekly podcast by pregnant women, for pregnant women about the fantastic journey to motherhood. Full of expert information and friendly advice, opinions and different perspectives for soon-to-be moms. Weekly guests include doctors, doulas, authors etc. Hosted by "real" pregnant women with the same joys, concerns and swollen feet as our listeners. www.pregtastic.com

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Ep141 The Bradley Birthing Method: No Medication Needed

All encompassing, the Bradley Method is the only childbirth class where you learn about pregnancy, birth and post partum. Almost 90% of women who use the Bradley method deliver their babies without medication. What are some of the pain coping techniques? What is your partner’s role? When should you start the classes? Bradley instructors, Kyla & Joel Festerly, share what the Bradley Method is and how it might work for you and your partner.


4 Jun 2009

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Ep039 Hypnobirthing with Marie Mongan

Hypnobirthing founder and developer, Marie Mongan talks about how Hypnobirthing can release the fears and anxiety associated with birth and minimize the pain during labor. Hypnobirthing teaches simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques and more. 

21 Feb 2007

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Ep209 Pumping and Maintaining Your Milk Supply

We want our babies to have all the benefits of breastmilk, even when we’re not able to provide it. That’s when many moms turn to the pump. Mary Ann Jones, Program Manager for Lactation at Sharp Hospital explores how to properly pump and maintain your milk supply.


1 Mar 2011

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Ep187 Baby Care Basics

After months of waiting, youʼve successfully made it through labor and delivery... now what? Silvia Bustamante, Health Educator Specialist for Kaiser Permanente joins us with “Baby Care Basics”. Is your home safe for a newborn? How do you care for your newborn's umbilical cord stump? When and how to feed, burp and swaddle your new baby, and what are the common mistakes new parents make? Plus, back to sleep and what's a Peepee Teepee?


22 Sep 2010

Rank #4

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Ep224 New Mom Secrets: Things I Wish I Knew Before Having a Baby

Former PregTASTIC panelists are back to share things they wish they had known before their babies were born. How do you conquer initial fears of the pain associated with labor and delivery? When is the best time to try on pre-pregnancy jeans to see if you've lost the baby weight? Also, great tips for creating your birth plan (or avoiding one altogether) and encouraging words for moms whose babies are having trouble breastfeeding.


6 Jul 2011

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Ep134 Natural Childbirth: Tips For An Unmedicated Birth

What exactly is natural childbirth? What happens with a woman’s hormones during a natural childbirth? What causes pain during childbirth? Tips to achieving an unmedicated birth where you feel most comfortable, and how to best prepare yourself and your partner. Midwife and creator of It's My Body My Baby, My Birth DVD, Maria Iorillo joins PregTASTIC. 


15 Apr 2009

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Ep123 Dr. Harvey Karp: Making it Through the 4th Trimester

What is the 4th Trimester? What are the 5 S's to keep your newborn happy? Why is your newborn fussing and what can you do to make him/her happy? Plus, replicating the womb, how to properly swaddle, importance of white noise, thumb sucking vs. pacifier and tips to create a healthy environment for your newborn. Also, how do you help well-meaning family members understand you’re not “spoiling” your baby? PregTASTIC hosts world-renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp.


13 Jan 2009

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Ep059 Easy Labor: Calm and Eliminate Your Fears

Far too many expectant mothers find themselves unprepared for labor. How can you combine natural and medical techniques to manage labor pain? What can be done to calm and eliminate fears and stresses associated with childbirth? How have epidurals changed in the last 25 years? 

10 Jul 2007

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Ep213 Maternity Clothes: Smart Shopping Tips

Shopping at any stage of pregnancy can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming once you're standing in front of that full length mirror. When is the best time during your pregnancy to start shopping? What type of fabrics are most comfortable and easy to maintain? How can you still look professional at the office while accommodating for your growing bump? Plus a breakdown of our maternity must-haves.


29 Mar 2011

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Ep234 Five Must-Have Foods When Pregnant

We all know it’s important to “eat right” when pregnant, but what exactly does that mean? Today we're exploring the five must-have foods every pregnant woman should have on her grocery list... and there are some shockers! How do these foods help you and your baby, and what are some great ways to prepare them? What are some options for vegans and vegetarians? Plus, we'll answer some of your top questions about what you should and shouldn't eat while pregnant.


21 Sep 2011

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Ep094 A Labor and Delivery Nurse's Perspective

How can you make things easier on yourself during labor. Is there a standard of what happens after birth with getting baby to mom? What are some tips for writing a birth plan that will more likely be followed by the hospital staff? How can you minimize your embarrassment and will you care, nursing bribery and pain tolerance.

7 May 2008

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Ep183 Sunny's Birth Story

Sunny's birthing story. Her birth plan, epidurals and recuperation after a 9.2 lb baby. How did she know she was in labor and where was she? The importance of packing your bags in advance; you won’t believe what she accidentally left behind! Plus, not all is well post birth, and why she's vowed to become the spokesperson for epidurals.


25 Aug 2010

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Ep024 Pregnancy Must-Haves And Delivery Room Dilemma

Our panelists share some pregnancy must haves. Plus, who are you going to call on the way? Who is in the delivery room with you? And, your photo veto power. A new panelist is in the studio and a guest calls from New York. We love our bellies!

24 Oct 2006

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Ep107 First Days After Birth

What to expect during the first few days while caring for your new baby? How does your body and your baby's body change? Danger signs, breast feeding cues, car seat tips and establishing visiting hours at home. Midwife, Gerri Ryan returns for part 2 of our 3 part series. 

26 Aug 2008

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Ep081 Prepare Your Body for Labor

How can you better prepare your body for labor? The best exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, the importance of kettlebells and getting your brain to recognize the perineal stretch. Plus, are two cups of coffee too much? Dr. De-Kun Li speaks with us about caffeine's effect on miscarriage. 

29 Jan 2008

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Ep248 Amy's Birth Story

Former PregTASTIC Panelist, Amy, recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. Did she make it past her due date? What other important person in her life gave birth on the same day? What does she think started her labor and what did the doctor say that completely shocked her? Plus breastfeeding woes and how she overcame them.


11 Jan 2012

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Ep205 KC's Hypnobirth Story

KC’s very emotional birthing story. After delivering her baby at a birth center, why was she unable to hold her baby immediately and what landed her and her baby in the hospital for 5 days? Her call out for help? Did she get her placenta encapsulated? How she is adjusting to breastfeeding, and her must-haves for postpartum. Plus, what is gripe water?


1 Feb 2011

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Ep196 Exercise Myths: Prenatal and Postpartum

During pregnancy, exercise can help you stay in shape and prepare for labor and delivery. And after your baby is born, those extra endorphins can improve your overall mood, making you healthier inside and out. Those are the facts. But, there are also many myths surrounding exercise, both prenatal and postpartum. Connie Marshall, a certified personal trainer, is this week's PregTASTIC expert.


29 Nov 2010

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Ep010 Prenatal Exercise: What's Healthy For You?

We’re talking prenatal fitness as our bellies and bodies grow. Julie Feldman our fitness expert is here to discuss prenatal exercise. Julie breaks down pre pregnancy activity levels and discusses what’s healthy and not for each. Kegels? How do mom and baby benefit? What exercises can women do at the gym and at home? What are the warning signs to stop? What exercises are good or bad? Hydration and food consumption? These questions and more will be answered in this information packed PregTASTIC Pregnancy Podcast.

25 Jul 2006

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Ep108 First Week After Birth

What warrants your worry and what doesn’t during those first weeks with your newborn? Caring for the umbilical cord stump, whites of the eyes and jaundice and a tip for diaper duty. How often should your baby dirty his/her diaper? What can you do to lessen the chance of SIDS? What is colic, and the rule of twos? What should factor in when choosing a formula? Is organic really better? Pediatrician, Dr. William Hitchcock is this week's guest.

2 Sep 2008

Rank #20